Friday, June 8, 2012

Sometimes, Solo is Easier

Last night, I decided that I wanted to try soloing the Warden to Butcher run that I usually do in a group after we got our ass kicked multiple times by an Elite Mob in a group.

Turns out that soloing as a decently geared Barbarian is significantly easier than going through it in a group.

It seems like I got a bit less money (don't know if that has to do with going solo as opposed to grouping or I was just mistaken), but in two or three runs, I only died twice. Once was to a mob of fire chain, walling, arcane enchant, vampiric. The other one was similar, only instead of vampiric, they had mortars.

I did not die on any of the boss mobs, I picked up a large number of yellow items, and a large number of blue items.

What I have started doing with both yellow and blue pieces is DE them if the stats suck and they are level 60 or vendor them if the stats suck and they are below level 60.

I also decided to cut down on the number of yellows I had in storage. I had way too many and I was out of room. That includes a full stash and 5 bank characters with their bags full. I ended up deleting 4 of those bank toons by the time I was done.

I may have been able to sell some of those items on the AH, but I have had great difficulty turning items over until this morning. I started listing any OK rare items at 7-9k and I sold about 5 of them in 10 minutes. This may have to be my permanent sales model. Sell mediocre ones for super cheap (still better than vendoring them) and try to make a nice chunk on items with better stats.


Bearness said...

Not sure if you're aware, but FYI, soloing is far easier as melee at the moment because mobs hit harder in coop. Of course, coop is still good for boss fights so you can potentially get ressed and continue the fight instead of starting over. Blizzard said in their recent Q&A that mobs will no longer hit harder after future patch to encourage (melee) coop.

DSJ said...

They are looking to cut back the coop damage bonus the mobs get in the next patch along with a lot of other balancing changes.

Make sure to take a look at the projected patch changes... they will make a difference in the AH an crafting areas as well.

Darraxus said...

@ Beariness: That is what I was saying about it being easier in Solo. I dont get smashed on so hard. In co-op, it can be pretty difficult when you are the only melee class.

@DSJ: Yeah, I checked out some of the changes. I am happy that Inferno is being nerfed a bit and that I will be able to cancel auctions.