Monday, June 4, 2012

WoW and Diablo 3: The Weekend that Was

Well, most of my weekend was taken up with Diablo 3, but I did actually play a bit of WoW as well.

Last night we did two transmog runs (BWL and Black Temple). As per usual, I did not really get anything of use.

We had a Shaman in each run (two different friends), and they each pretty much cleaned house in both instances. In the second instance, the same Shaman from BWL also got a bunch of pieces on his Priest.

Black Temple was a bit strange for the fact that every boss that dropped tier pieces dropped zero duplicates which meant more people got loot. Still no Bulwark of Azzinoth for me, but my wife got the staff from Illidan that look slike a Zergling/Fel Puppy had a child.

I played quite a lot of Diablo 3 over the weekend, but it was spread out amongst my characters. I finished act one of Inferno on my Barbarian. What a pain in the ass some of those rare and elite mobs are. We ended up zerg rushing the next zone to get away from one pack of baddies lol. We had no problems with both the Warden and the Butcher. That is probably the part I will be farming until I start adding more resistance to my gear. Resistance is apparently one of the most important stats for Barbarians in Inferno and most suggestions I have seen range from 500 to 900 resist all. Which will be expensive.

I also helped out friends who made it through Nightmare and are getting started on Hell difficulty. I dont mind, because I still get tons of drops and gold, and I get to play with my friends. A win/win in my opinion.

One of my friends also had the staff to get to Pony Land. It is hilarious destroying ponies, teddy bears, and flowers in a bloody whirlwind.

As far as alts go, I got my Monk to about level 24 and the start of act three. I love the monk and his Kung Fu badassness. The only problem is that he is melee....and melee is rough once you get to Inferno. I also got my Demon Hunter up to around level 23 and he is currently towards the end of act two.

I plan on saving my level 9 Witch Doctor to level with my wife. She has not been playing any Diablo 3 due to being incredibly busy with school, but that should change soon. I am looking forward to playing the game with her.

My buddy and I also found a rare level in Act 1 of Hell called Developement Hell. Read his post for more The Indecisive Gamer: Developement Hell

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