Wednesday, June 13, 2012

D3: Quick Gold Tip and a WoW Milestone

I have not made a ton of gold in D3. The main reason is that I keep spending it on upgrades for my Barbarian. In the meantime, I have been farming Warden to Butcher on act one for some extra loot and gold. Now for that gold tip. Blow up all level 60 blue items, do not vendor them. I was selling the essences that drop from level 60 blue items for 2000 gold last night and they were selling instantly.

Overall yesterday, I went from about 800k to 1.5 million on D3. Part of that was the above essence selling, and part of it was a couple of decent flips. Sold a two hander I grabbed for 10k for 75k and sold a chest I purchased. for 5k for 125k. When I log on, I first look for any good deals based on very specific parameters. If I find something, I flip it.

My WoW milestone also has to do with making gold. In the last few days, I hit 3 million gold. The 240 Queen's Garnet that I bought have paid off well. I still have around 100 of them left.

In other D3 gold making news, they made it so you cant start too many games in a short period, which means that many of the farming areas are going to be farmed less. I will probably just continue running the Warden/Butcher run.


Bearness said...

Thanks for the gold tips. I love how Blizzard is like (paraphrased), "Diablo 3 is intended to be farmed. You can even beat Inferno without auction house and by farming your own gear." Yet, they keep limiting farming methods like farming same spot within short time, farming boss exp, etc. So, it's basically, "You can farm, but only in a way we approve." Such a load of crap.

These are basic farming strategies and if they didn't want those methods, they should have took it out before release. It's like they don't test their games and have no clue how people play. Which would be OK except they've been in the gaming industry for years and have tons of money they can spend for play testing? And it's stupid that they're still trying to reduce their server load instead of getting more servers to handle the load. I'm not an accountant, but I'm pretty sure they made a little extra money with D3 sales, enough to cover few extra servers. Sorry for the rant! Somehow my fingers kept typing once I started. LOL.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: Yeah, I find it annoying as well. I can plow through act one Inferno, but act two is brutal and I only do it in small bites. Farming makes gives something to do when unable to progress, but they are taking that away.

Bearness said...

Yeah, Act 2 is BRUTAL compared to Act 1. I tried to solo it, but eventually gave up. So, I joined public games, took very liberal doses of corpse skipping for those ridiculous champions, and got to Belial. Then, tried to solo Belial, which is apparently difficult without amazing gear (surprise!) so I joined public games and tried for 3 days until I finally got a public game with a decked-out barb who carried us through the fight.

I like challenging games to some extent, but D3 just doesn't feel like it was tuned right (not surprising since it seems like game was rushed). D2 had its own crazy moments, but I never felt like I was hopelessly hitting a brick wall (champions or sometimes even regular mobs) one after the other. Maybe I just suck at D3. Who knows.