Thursday, June 7, 2012

Upgrading Gear really matters

So, after my resistance post yesterday, I went home and spent about 600k gold on new gear.

I got several pieces that had All Resistance and upgrades for stamina. I did however lose a lot of strength. To counteract this, I paid 200k for a new one handed sword that was over 200 dps higher. It turned out with the new weapon that I had higher DPS than before despite the loss of Strength.

I also ended up with about 13k more health and over 100 more resistance to everything.

The results were quite stunning for me to be honest.

Most of the times I have been in Inferno runs, I have died on almost every rare or elite mob and used tons of potions. I started my Inferno Warden to Butcher run with zero potions. I would normally go through about ten in any given run, and die a ton. After this run, I had died twice (against fire chain mobs) and ended the run with 12 potions that I did not have to purchase.

Grabbing that gear made everything a ton easier. I must also add that I did this in a four person group, so the mobs hit pretty hard overall.

All Resistance does not see like a sexy stat, but it really does kick ass.

I think that I will try to go through act two this weekend.

In other news, on the ALT front, I have not been playing a whole lot on my alt characters. Last night I gained one level to get to 25 on my monk and two levels to get to 13 on my Wizard. I have a feeling that being a Wizard in a group at Max Level is going to be very OP.


Anonymous said...

Having a decent survival spec really mattered to me (followed noxxic). I went from dying repeatedly in ACT 3 Hell to pretty much waltzing through ACT 4 Hell and ACT 1 Inferno. I'm looking forward to seeing how far I get before I have to buy more gear.

Anonymous said...

I got stuck at ACT 2 Inferno. I've quit playing for a while.