Wednesday, June 20, 2012

QQ in the D3 Community: Haters Gonna Hate

I do not agree with every change that they made with the last patch. I think the repair bills are now a bit excessive. I died once on a Butcher run last night and my repair bill was 13k gold.

I have not tried Act 2 since the nerf, but the amount of QQ by some players is just ridiculous. There are people complaining that it is now too easy, AKA, they feel a little less special because their millions of gold worth of gear is not as needed as before.

People will whine just for the sake of whining. Most of the whiners are ranged classes. They were completely OP before, cruising through the game with 10k health because of broken OP glass cannon builds. Melee was incredibly broken. I was struggling through act 2 with 67k health and 450 plus resist all while buffed on my Barbarian. I am hoping that the changes alleviated this problem. The Demon Hunters are crying the most...WAHHHH you took away my attack speed...WAHHHH you nerfed Nether Tentacles. Shut the fuck up. Everyone knew those changes were coming. When a stat or an ability makes content trivial to certain classes, it is going to get the nerf bat. The smart ones have already moved on and found the next OP ability.

I will be glad to advance through Inferno. It is a nice change. Now they just need to fix the apparently broken Witch Doctor, which is a ranged class that still sucks ass.

Things are going to change a million times. Deal with it. What was nerfed today will be buffed tommorow.


Arioch said...

The two biggest changes for me were:

1 - Mobs that run away do so less frequently, run short distances, and come back faster. This means I can kill those stupid flappy things without playing cat and mouse for 20 minutes per pack.

2 - No more goodies from the jars and other destructible objects. This one sucks donkey dong and really lowered my fun.

Bearness said...

Blizzard is very good at fine-tuning their games. I wish they'd done some of this stuff earlier, but I guess it's at least good to have a developer who cares after releasing.

I think the nerfs made sense, especially IAS nerf. It felt weird to stack that instead of prime attribute.

What is starting to bother me is how non-random and small the maps are. Diablo 2 always felt like I was exploring and the waypoints meant a lot because each region took some time to go through. Doing runs didn't get stale so fast and I enjoyed trying to figure out where to go (trying to find Tal Rasha's tomb was always fun). With Diablo 3, just going through each difficulty for the first time already made me felt grindy because it's so repetitive. I don't know if they can "patch" this, but I really hope they can.

Anonymous said...

The D3 forums have set a new standard for uselessness. I find it funny that there are still people complaining about the servers being down all the time. Blizzard deserved the backlash against the launch, but the servers are fine now.

Agreed with Arioch though...I've been ransacking bodies and maybe 2/3 of them drop some gold. Weapon racks not only not always give a weapon, they often give nothing. This is depressing and unneeded. I know people were abusing vase runs or whatever but I don't care what other people are doing--don't mess up my game to mess up theirs. I hope for a reversion.

Bearness I don't think anything can be done about the maps. D3 has a lot of set pieces, scenic settings, and such that are just impossible to procedurally generate. In D2, all of the impressive and scripted locations were constant as well, there just weren't as many of them. I hope they take a step back on this with the expansion.

Bearness said...

@Anon, that's the price of immersion. It's great the first time, but heavily scripted areas usually get old real fast. But, I understand this and am actually fine with it.

What's bothering me is that the in-between areas that must be explored to reach next scripted zone is so small and predictable (LOL "Act" 4). I seriously doubt they can or will do anything about it. But, for me, it would greatly enhance replay value.