Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing with people is more fun

Last night while watching the NBA finals (congrats to the Heat and Lebron James), I was playing some D3. I got a few levels on my Demonhunter while running through Act 2 on Nightmare.

After the game was over, I ended up joining up with one of the readers of my blog (Bearly) to run some Inferno Act 1 on my Barbarian with his Wizard.

I must say that I have much more fun running around with people than I do playing solo. I would even rather run through Hell difficulty with friends than through Inferno by myself.

Last nights game sessions made me realize something.....I really need to level my Wizard. Some of the abilitites look awesome, and they appear to have a very nice amount of crowd control.

Another thing I have been decently impressed with is the drops in Inferno. Instead of every drop being completly worthless vendor trash, now only MOST of it is vendor trash. I actually picked up a couple of pieces that should sell on the AH including a 960 dps Monk two hander and a 730 dps one hand crossbow with dexterity, vitality, and IAS.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Bearness said...

Hey, thanks for dropping in my game last night! I was soloing because it was getting tough to progress in a public 4 player game. 1 was AFK and 2 others were dying constantly to champions without doing much damage. Typical public Inferno game. =)

I agree Diablo is waaaay more fun in coop. I solo usually out of necessity (read: progression), but it's mind numbing. And those 1-liners from followers get old pretty fast. So, yesterday game was a lot more fun after you jumped in.

And yes, Wizard has awesome skills. I think Blizzard with increase AOE (I forget the rune name) is the hands down the best CC ability in the game right now, not to mention it deals good damage.

Teknique said...

If you ever want more company I wouldn't mind playing with you guys.

I'm a Monk that can farm Act 1, but Act 2 has been slow going :(
Teknique# one one zero three.