Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Z: A Weekend of Adventure!

I really did quite a lot of Day Z over the weekend and went all over the place. I have been playing on two accounts, so I will do a recap of one, and a more detailed explanation of the other.

On my main account, I met up with Fett, and we decided to head to Zelenogorsk. We hit a couple of small towns on the way and killed a few zombies. We ended up looting the grocery store in Zelenogorsk, and I provided overwatch of the area while he got a new backpack and some other supplies. After looting, he came up the tree with me and we logged off.

Many of the real adventures recently have been on my second (wife's) account.

First thing first, I was over near Elektro and really needed a weapon after my previous death. I ran to the grocery store, picked up a 1911 and some other supplies, and decided to hit up the power plant. I got there and looted an M-16. As I wasclimbing the stairs, I see another survivor enter the building. I run to the top of the tower and wait with my weapon pointed at the stairs. He comes up with an AK, and I open fire on him. He is injured and manages to miss every shot back. As he is on the ground, and I am trying to finish him, he disconnects. Damn.

About 5 seconds later, he reconnects. I blast him with my pistol and end up taking the AK. I doesnt show up as a murder for whatever reason. The server says it was "friendly fire".

I decide to get the hell out of dodge and meet up with Fett. We run all over the place and end up finding a downed chopper. Fett gets a few items, and I pick up a Bison (unfotunately, it did not have any ammo).

The server is laggy and we decided to try another.We have some difficulties getting in, and I find that I am back on the coast near Elektro, although I have everything still on me.

I decide to check the powerplant again. As I am running up, I notice a dead player in a Ghille Suite right outside the door. I open the door and say "Friendy" as I am walking in. There are two people in there. I am instantly hit with a round and drop unconscious and am bleeding out.

The person who shot me actually feels bad that they shot a friendly and bandages me up. When I regain consciousness, I eat enough food to get me back over 3k blood, but I am still in pretty bad shape. I decide to hang around with them for a bit. The stairs are blocked by barbed wire, so that is a no go.

We go outside and two of us decide to check the ladder up. As I am climbing the ladder, I get shot in the back. The one who felt bad for shooting me gets killed as well. I am not sure if it was a sniper or if it was the second silent guy that was with us.

Next time I log in, I respawn at Elektro again. I hit the supermarket and get some nice supplies, a backpack, and a pistol. I dont however get a primary immediately. I head out to the power station again, but nothing spawned. I ran back twice with no luck.

I head out into the wilderness and eventually find a barn where I pick up an Enfield.

Then I ran and ran and ran. I ended up somwhere around Stary without really realizing it. I did not know Stary was nearby, so I skipped going there. I eventually found a small town where I was finally able to pick up a map and a pair of binoculars. WOOHOO. As I am heading back South, I see something in the distance....a downed chopper...SWEET!

I make my way over, and it spawns a metric shit ton of zombies. I pick a bunch of them off from distance with master marksmanship and make my way gear.

I crawl away and wait for a bit then head back over. Another huge zombie spawn. They are all over the damn place. I very carefully crawl my way along the the perimeter of the helicopter. I dont find and weapons, but I find something else awesome....Night Vision Goggles.

After this, I decide to make my way to Zelenogorsk so that I can meet up with Fett on this character later.

On the way, I find a barn and decide that perhaps I can find some more Enfield rounds here. I make my way over, and the server seems to be very laggy at this point. I go in the bar and nothing has spawned. Great. As I try to make my way down the stairs, I apparently sprint off the edge, break my leg, and fall unconscious.

As I am laying there on the ground, a zombie spawns on top of me. What the fuck.

So, the zombie eats me from about 9k health down to 3k health before I wake up and shoot him in the face. I then have to shoot the same zombie in the face a minute later as it respawned. I try to bandage, but it is incredibly laggy. I somehow dupe like 5 bandages thanks to the lag. Lovely. After bandaging, I try to use my morphine over and over. I tried both of my morphines. A minute later, it uses both of my damn morphines. AWESOME!!!!

So, I eat all of the cooked meat I have and head back on my way. As I get to the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, I creep through the trees. I get the supermarket in my sights and use the binoculars to check it out. There is a survivor in there. He appears to have a rifle of some sort. Eventually, he is looking out the door and aims it at my direction. I hide behind a tree and decide to fight another day. I am in no condition to fight.

I log onto a night server and use my awesome NVGs. I run down into town and loot the market. I end up with zome extra Enfield bullets and I grab a map for Fett. With that done, I run out of town and log off in the trees where we logged out earlier.

I somehow survived.

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