Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WoW: What is your "Holy Grail?"

I think I have done a topic like this before, but I can't help but think of mine.

I ran Black Temple again last night, and I have still yet to see the Bulwark of Azzinoth drop. It is rather irritating. I have seen the Cursed Vision of Sargeras at least 4-5 times, and everything else (baring the Warglaives) at least a couple of times.

I want that damn spiked car door.

Back in Vanilla WoW, it was the Dreadnaught set for T3. I knew I would never have it, but it looked so damn badass. I have always prefered the t3 version to either of the t7 versions.

In BC, it was the King's Defender. I have run Karazhan countless times and have only seen it drop a handful of times. I did finally get it, but even when I run Kara now, I rarely see it drop.

In Wrath I went back to coveting the Dreadnaught set, which I did eventually get. I also really wanted the shield from the blue dragon boss. I eventually got that as well.

Another thing I have never seen drop that I have attempted to get for ages is Rivendare's Deathcharger. I hate that fucking thing. Never seen it drop. My sister has two of them.

What items or things have been your WoW Holy Grail? A mount? Pet?


Bearness said...

I don't have a "Holy Grail" because whenever I saw something cool and try to farm it, I got sick of running the same instance and gave up after 4-5 runs. =(

But, this does remind me about the one time I was trying to get a heroic tanking shoulder upgrade relatively early in Cata for my warrior from Drahga in Grim Batol. After like 1-2 week of running pugs every day, it finally dropped when I was tanking. I'm like "YES!" and others in group were saying "Grats!" Then, DPS warrior in the pug proceeds to roll need and wins it. He says he has dual spec so he "needed" it. Other people in the group were like "WTF? Kick him!" I try to reason with him for a while because I really wanted it. But, it quickly became obvious that he wasn't going to give it to me. We kicked him and finished the instance. But, I never did get those damn shoulders for my warrior. =(

Falrei said...

I wish I could give you my bulwark! I don't play the game anymore but I have one even though I don't tank (it's pretty spiffy looking!)

My Holy Grail was the T6 healing boots from that same instance. I've only ever seen them twice - once when they were a relevant, actual upgrade (that accounts for about two dozen + runs of the instance with all of one drop), and once after running BT like two dozen MORE times (when it wasn't a relevant upgrade). It's awesome to be stuck in a run after killing the first boss knowing what you came for didn't drop but being a bro and helping everyone else out to finish the entire thing.

At least I eventually DID get my boots!

SirFWALGMan said...

The bulwark is really cool.. I saw a few people with it on my server this weekend and now I want one even though my main can not even use a shield... have to put it on an alt.

I was coveting the damn Fox Kit in Tol Bar but then they said it would cost 200TB points for one next expansions so I was like "damn, just farm up 60 points".. and then it dropped this freaking weekend! XD.

I have never seen the Deepholm Dragon. I mean he must be very shy. I would love to even see him.. along with the Proto Drake from K3...

I was coveting doing all the raids I see everyone doing.. I have always been kind of a Solo guy so I figured I had no shot at those achievements.. well in the lull BigBearButt setup ICC runs which I have joined, some guys from my server had an impromtu Ulduar run which got me that drake in one run... I really was just there to see all the content.. I have done all the recent content at least in LFR mode..

So it has been fun seeing new things.. I will have to figure out how to do some of the older Cata raids next..

.. I kind of covet the stupid Panda Pet but I refuse to pay for a pet in game.. I had one that I paid for in gold, but it turned out to be some dude stealing credit card numbers so I got it taken away along with my 6K gold. /cry ..

I would LOVE to have the LEGENDARY rogue daggers.. I may try and buy some runs or something since my scrub Rogue is never going to do that... I have it up to the point of collecting the drops from the bosses..

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: That shit pisses me off. People who have no consideration for main spec are complete dicks.

@ Falrei: At least it had a happy ending (and not the kind you get at a massage parlor....OR WAS IT!)

@Sir: Seeing content I never got to see is one of my favorite things. We did ICC somewhat recently for the first time, and we have done several other older raids we never got to see.

Hollers said...

I have two Rivendare Deathcharger and a Bulwark of Azzinoth...

Anonymous said...

The Ashbringer.

I know, it was never *really* in game, just the Corrupted version, and I never even set foot in Old Naxx.

But damn, I wanted that.

Arvash said...

The Bulwark was also something I coverted and after a million runs, I finally got one.

Wall of Terror was another shield that I've been wanting for a long time and I just recently got it in a Naxx run a couple weeks ago. Now it's been my transmog of choice, lol.