Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WoW: Hyjal Run, and DayZ: Running in Circles

So, last night we decided to do Mt. Hyjal for some transmog goodies. While we were waiting for one of our members (who was on the phone), we dueled a bit outside the Caverns of Time. I was on my Rogue. I won three out of four duels while hanging out.

Once we all got together, we head to the instance and one shot everything inside without too much problem.

After we finished, we wanted to go get out new tier pieces. So we looked for the exit. And we looked for the exit some more. Finally, I decided to look it up and learned that you can only hearth out. Doh.

I ended up getting my T6 helm and gloves as well as the look-alike shoulders. My wife got a shiny new staff off of Archimonde. It was quite fun, but was getting late by the time we finished and we called it a night.

In DayZ news, I have been running around on my wife's account. I have literally been running in circles without realizing how I ended up doing that. Four times I have left Zelenogorsk. Four times, I have come back to Zelenogorsk. The biggest plus to that is that I have gotten some extra gear out of there. The bad thing is that I still dont have a bigger backpack. There was a bigger backpack in the building last night and I could not pick it up.

I ended up switching out my Makarov for an M1911 and picked up the Enfield again (after it disappeared after my last logout). I ended up leaving quite quickly as I heard gunshots much closer than I would like.

On this account, I have been killing many more Zombies than previously. I am up to around 30 where I have never gotten double digits before. This is mainly because when I see a red roofed barn, I sprint to it to loot it. I run up the stairs and dispatch whatever zombies follow me inside. It works out pretty nicely I think.

So, I suppose my next adventure should be to find somehwere else. I have seen Green Mountain in the difference, but did not really feel the need to go there.


Bearness said...

Good news for Day Z fans.


I think I might try it if they fix things like inventory issues and have some sort of "end game". The game sounds great, but it also sounds like there isn't much to do once you get some food and weapons, unless you want to go PvP or something. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: That is essentially it. It is fun running around and finding stuff, but at some point it becomes more PvP as the zombies are only a minor danger.

Never had a game get my heart going like this one during a firefight though. Death and you lose everything.

Bearness said...

Darraxus, I believe you when you say it gets your heart going. I usually have moments like that when I start new games and get into a big fight. But, I also assume that at some point death just becomes a matter of inconvenience once the thrill wears off (I'll have my buddy loot my corpse or I'll just go to place XYZ and get gear again). This is why I really hope they'll make some type of an end game goal and/or long term objectives. If they did, I'd probably pick it up in a heartbeat. The whole setting and gameplay sounds really cool, but not enough for me to shell out cold, hard cash yet. =) I guess I'll keep playing L4D2 for now...