Monday, August 20, 2012

WoW: A New Healer...and Pug Douchery

So, I have a Day Z post that I am going to be writing shortly, but first I wanted to get to this.

Last night, one of our group decided that she wanted to heal the Twilight Heroics for the first time on her Paladin. We get a group together of four of us. We end up bringing the 3 dps (plus the heals obviously).

We get the third instance to start, and it goes incredibly well. No problems and everything is a one shot. AWESOME!!!! First instance healed was no problem.

Then the assfuckery began. I really should have brought my tank along and we could have avoided it.

We get End Time for the next instance. We take down Baine with a couple of casualties (including the tank) as our healer is still getting the hang of things (aka healing, moving, cleansing at the same time etc.)

Those who died run back in. Tank pulls the first Sylvanas trash mob. Afterwards, our healer is at less that 1/4 mana and sits down to drink. Tank pulls the next group and we end up wiping. Tank immediately says "WTF". What the fuck do you mean WTF? Your dumb ass pulled the group when the healer had no mana and was drinking. He complains that the healer shouldnt have been out of mana before the second pull, however he pulled the first group without letting her get mana either. AND kicked.

We get the next tank, and clear that trash and then kill Sylvanas.

Then we get more dumbfuckery on Murozond. Tank pulls. Still has the dragon facing the hourglass. Fucking idiot. Then turns him so that the dragons tail is right on the hour glass. Fucking idiot. Then continues turning the boss around in circles, making us not only dodge yellow shit all over the place, but making us dodge breath weapons and tail swipes. Fucking idiot. Then with two hour glasses left, we hit the hourglass. We start pew pewing again, and the tank hits the hourglass about 3 second later. Fucking idiot. Why are you hitting the glass as the tank, and why the fuck are you tanking the  boss next to the hour glass.

After the fight, I ask the tank if he had ever tanked that fight. He responds that we are shit DPS....huh?

You are the fucking retard who doesnt know how to position a boss. I then kindly told him that it is quite unfortunate that it is probably too late for his mom to get a late term abortion of him.

By this point, I am fucking sick of these dumb ass pug tanks, but we decide to do one more. Oh how lovely it went.......

We ended up running the third instance two other times. The first of those included a tank who was purposely fucking with us on the second boss getting us silenced constantly. Then the healing cloak dropped, and the dipshit rolled need, won it, and dropped the instance. We finished that instance without any problems.

The third time we got it took the cake though.

We had a pretty decent tank and cleared the first boss no problem. He DCed right on the second boss and we wiped. He came back and we took down the boss.

We ended up wiping on the third trash pack on the way to Benedictus as the tank was tanking with his back down the hill. He got knocked way the fuck down the hill and behind a small fence where he got killed leading us to the wipe. He left the group. Then we got some real lovely fucking idiots.

Next tank comes in and has around 180k healt completely buffed including his 20 percent extra from being in a random. We clear the trash and take to the boss. Our healer is having a bit of trouble with the boss this time, and we end up wiping. Our healer explains that she is new at healing, and the tank was fairly first.

We end up wiping again at sub 10 percent on the boss, and the tank tells us that are shitty dps. We are all around 13-15k, which is plenty for these instances. I explain that I am also wearing PvP gear and he calls me a scrub.

World War 3 ensues. My wife asks "Dont you notice we are all in the same guild dipshit?"

He replies by saying we are a "Bunch of fags and must be in a guild because we dont know how to play our characters."

Being as classy as I am, I tell him "No, that is why your Dad's anus is so stretched. BYE!!!"

And he is vote kicked. We end up getting another 180k health tank and having a 3 percent wipe before we decide that we have had enough for the evening.

I have gone full on intolerant for pugs. Pug tanks are the fucking worst. We had a couple of decent ones, but for the most part they were absolute dick faces.

So ends my swear word laden rant. We will probably give it another shot today. This time, I will probably bring my tank.

Edit: And with all my anger for this, I forgot to mention that a friend who had not been on since mid Wrath returned to the game. I always really enjoy catching up with people I have talked to in a long time. Good times.


Arioch said...

If you want something tanked right, you got to tank it yourself. - Ancient proverb

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: Aint that the truth. Apparently, our groupd feels spoiled because they usually havent had to deal with this tank douchebaggery since I normally do it.

Bearness said...

The stories sound awful. At the same time, it almost makes me want to jump back in WOW just so I could have witnessed the full version of the conversations that took place between the tank and your group. Haha.

Arioch said...

I still haven't run the last of the new 3 dungeons since no one in my guild runs them.

Can you RealID dungeons yet?

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: Indeed you can!

You can run cross server if yo have real id.