Thursday, August 16, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Part 2

Last night we decided to hit up the Dragonsoul raid again. First, I just wanted to say thanks for the tip on pausing recount. It made a great deal of difference. Once again, there was little issue with the first half of the raid.

We wiped once on Zonozz or whatever his name is because we lost some dps and could not kill the slimes in an appropriate amount of time. Other than that, we one shotted all of the bosses in the first half. Continuing the general trend, I did not get anything. Kev got some gloves or something on his Hunter. His wife got a healy Paladin shield later. My wife got a pair of healy shoes.

After finishing the first half, we decided to queue up for the second half. That one went pretty well too! Well, for the most part.

We one shotted the first boss, who had given us a load of problems on our first ventures into the raid. We then ended up two shotting the Shaman boss. Apparently everyone forgot how to kill the totems with lightning after doing it previously and we ended up wiping at that point. After taking the Shaman down, we did the boat boss (I think that it the order it went). He was a one shot.

Then we had a bit of trouble on Deathwing's Spine. On the first attempt, there was just a bunch of general fuckery going on. Tanks not bring bloods to the Amalgation. Then the other tank holding the amalgation too far away from the plate, then having to start that part over. After that, the plate closed again before we could kill the tendon. We ended up wiping on the second plate when somehow both tanks died. On our next attempt, we had the worst wipe of the night. We were at the third plate killing the final tendon. Apparently there were too many people standing on Deathwing's right side. He rolled. We wiped. That one sucked balls. We took it down on the next run through and ended up one shotting the final boss.

 Like I said, I didnt get anything, but I did roll on about 20 items throughout the run. Not great odds on my part.

Overall, it was quite fun.

On a side note, the next big patch will be on 08/28 apparently. Make sure you are ready. My wife has been milling my Herbs and I am already over 4k ink. Once that is done I will turn them into glyphs. Looking forward to making a killing.

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