Thursday, August 30, 2012

WoW: Real First Impressions

Well, things are obviously quite a bit different. The account bound mounts, pets, and acheivements are pretty cool.

The new talent trees are kinda meh. They are the same for every single spec from what I have seen. No different choices one way or another. There are some fun ones, but overall it seemed pretty meh.

I have only played my Rogue in a run through BWL. It was about the same playstyle except I now get combo points from using fan of knives. FRICKIN SWEET.

I also find that the new glyphs are quite fun. I am also selling a lot of them. One douchebag who has been in the market a long time pushed them all down to 50 gold on the second day after the patch. He is a little bitch.

My wife had fun with some of her Druid Shenanigans such as turning into an Orca and actually being able to ride mounts in Boomkin form. A Boomkin looks hilarious on some of the mounts.....well, make that all of the mounts.

I wont be able to play as much over the next few weeks (or be posting as much for that matter unless I decided to pre-write some) due to having friends come up to visit.

On an unrelated note.....I got into a game of MW3 yesterday where there were a couple of blatant ass hackers. They didnt just aimbot, they had godmode. You could not kill them. I dont know what the point of that is. How can that possibly be fun? Running around and quick scoping (terribly might I add) while being unable to die. We still beat their ass in drop zone 7500-2500. Kills dont mean shit and I always play the objective. It made for a pretty weak K/D game, but it is always satisfying beating dumb ass hackers.


SirFWALGMan said...

dude some moron on our server pushed them down to 19g a Glyph!

Darraxus said...

People are dumb. I will still make a nice profit on mine, but not nearly as much as I could have.