Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WoW: All of your Whiptail are belong to ME!!!!!

The title is exactly as it says. I spent about 13k gold yesterday buying up all of the cheap whiptail which got me about 670 stacks.

I am planning on breaking these down into inks and getting ready for what may well be Glyphmas part 2.

A deal like this is just too good to pass up. Once I have them all milled and turned into inks, I will be making a whole bunch of glyphs.

I plan on selling my glyphs for a very nice amount. Perhaps 500 gold each if the market allows.

There is currently a white list for Glyphs on my server, but I am pretty sure I am just going to ignore it and get what I can.

In other news, I have been running a lot of instances lately, and much of it has been as a healer. I must say that I enjoy my Discipline priest much less than either my Shaman or Druid. Maybe I am just not used to the spells, but I think that I mostly just muddle around when I am on my Priest compared to my other healing characters.

Being Tuesday today, I think we may end up running Dragonsoul. We will also probably be taking a look at BWL as my wife wants to get her "ears" (tier 2 Druid Helmet).

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Kalven said...

I milled over 500 stacks this weekend to fill my bank back up (I raided my MOP stash of Ink of the Sea), but still have 600 more to go. Either Durotan has some busy farmers, or the botters have struck again.