Friday, August 17, 2012

WoW: Transmog Thursday

Yesterday ended up being all about transmog runs.

We started out with BWL. That run went as expected with no problems with 4 of us clearing it. I brought my rogue along, so the annoying slow room was not much of an issue. It seemed like a lot tier stuff dropped for other classes. Not the luckiest of runs.

After that, we decided that we would run the T5 raids. We figured we would run the Eye first. We went in and one shotted the first three bosses without any issues. We did have a few issues on Kael'thas.

That guy can still be a little bitch. On our first try, we didnt even quite get him down to 50 percent before we wiped. There was just way too much fearing, cc, and MC going on. It sucked ass.

The second time, we kicked the living shit out of him. I didnt really need anything on my warrior except the achivement.

Then we headed over to SSC to complete the t5 raids. That one went quite well also. We one shotted everything, but had some annoyance with Lady Vashj as the tainted elementals seemed to depawn many times before we could get to them. The fight ended up lasting more than ten minutes because of that.

I ended up getting a Pally t5 lookalike helm and nothing else, but I still enjoyed the run.

I am hoping that we will be able to do the T6 ones today.

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