Thursday, August 9, 2012

WoW: Raid Finder is LOL

Well, yesterday was my first real venture into the Raid Finder. I was joined by my wife and a friend. We decided to queue up for the first half first.

I must say that it went incredibly well. My friend got two new pieces, and while I got none, I still got to see the fights. Sweet.

We went through everything with no wipes.

Then we queued up for the second half.....and out came the shortbus.

First, we wiped on the drakes before Ultraxxion. Some douche named Joker talked shit until he left.

We then ended up wiping 3 times on Ultraxxion. DPS was apparently too low. It didnt help that people kept starting the fight without having all of the DPS present.

We vote kicked another tank who was being a complete and total dick.

I don't understand these people. If someone said shit like they did in real life, they would get their fucking skully smacked off.

Anyways, it was pretty much a mixed bag. First half was awesome. Second half was shit. We may try the second half again tonight.

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Talarian said...

The best time to do LFR I've found is the evening after the server reset. All the more competent folks are running LFR to get it out of the way.