Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Tuesday

Last night we ran Dragonsoul and brought out biggest group so far. There were six of us total. We had a Warrior, two Paladins, a Druid, a Mage, and I was on my Hunter.

There was an extra level for me wanting to do well for a strange reason. My Hunter is still wearing a Haloween mask from last Haloween. It is the male Goblin mask and it looks ridiculous, however it has been almost a year that my Hunter has gone without dying (thank you feign death).

We ended up doing the second half of the isntance first, and wouldnt you know, we one shot everything.

Then in the first half, we do the same. It went very well. I had a couple of very close calls, but made it through.

Most of our group actually got some loot to show for it too.

My wife got a pair of bracers on her Druid.

I got a new Bow (WOOHOO) and a belt on my Hunter.

Kev got two new spell power trinkets on his mage.

Fett got several upgrades including some tier shoulders.

The only ones who did not get anything were the Paladins. I guess thats just how it goes sometimes.

I am looking forward to doing the LFR raids in MoP.

Speaking of MoP, I decided to start a new little monk just to muck around a bit. It is nice to be able to play without a huge crush of people standing on all of the quest items. I am also happy to see that the Pandaren got the shuffle as their dance, which is what I wanted them to have from the beginning.

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