Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Gaming

Well, the weekend gaming was pretty one sided in favor of Modern Warfare 3.

I have been trying for some time to get back to a 1.0 K/D ratio. I am getting quite close.

The problem was that when I first started, I was not very good. I had a .65 k/d ration as I got used to weapons as well as learning how to actually shoot instead of noob tubing.

Since then, I have become significantly better and my overall ration is now at .985. I am around 200 kills way from getting back to 1.0 and I am about 30 wins from getting back to 1.0 on that as well.

I only really play dropzone because I find it incredibly fun, and am also quite good at it.

This week my KD ratio was around 1.25 and my W/L was at 45-17. Almost every game that I played, I ended up with the top score win or lose. The only times I actually usually lose is if I get some horrendous teammates who do not know how to properly play the objective. I even lost a game where I scored over 5500 points. The next closest was around 1200 and it went down from there.

I love to run and gun.

My loadout is the P-90 with rapid fire and extended mags, Javellin Rocket, C-4, Trophy System, with the two perks that make you basically invisible and Steady Aim Pro. I will switch to other weapons sometimes it is required for the daily XP challenge.

My plan is to stick to my guns (pun intended) until I get to the last prestige then work on everything else. I think that I will use my prestige token to make it so that I can use the Trophy System from the get go. It really is very awesome for dropzone.

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