Monday, August 6, 2012

Diablo 3: Yes, I actually played it!

I actually logged onto Diablo 3 and played for more than 5 minutes. I decided that I would try to make a bit of progress through inferno on my Barbarian and then perhaps do a quick farm run. Well, I did not make a whole lot of progress on Inferno unfortunately.

The first group I got into just wiped constantly. The second was quite good for the most part (it was 3 monks and me on my Barbarian), but it got to a point where we were just getting chain killed.

At that point, I left the game and decided to do a quick farm run in Act 1. I actually got a nice items that I think I may be able to sell for a decent amount of real money.

It is a staff with over 1100 dps, over 140 intellect, and over 160 vitality. Usually, nothing worth a crap drops, and generally if it is lower than ilvl 61 it gets vendored. If it is a shitty ilvl 61-63, I just blow it up for materials.

In other gaming news, I have been running around on my wife's Day Z account. She has plenty of food and water, and I also picked her up a Winchester and a Makarov. They will do for now. I have a feeling that her account will basically be my second account that I will play around on when nobody else is online.

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