Monday, August 13, 2012

WoW and D3: The Weekend that Was!

Well, it was a pretty busy weekend in gaming with a couple of significant events involved.

First thing was that I actually played D3 (with Bearness), and he helped me get through Act 2. I guess having someone else this good DPS helps out quite a bit. My Barbarian has good survivability and shit DPS. It was nice to get over that hump. Eventually, I will get to Act 3.

In WoW, there was a decent amount that happened.

First thing was that I finally got my final toon to level 85. That means that I have 10 level 85s, one of each class. My mage was the final one to make it to cap. I basically quested the last 5 bubbles of 83 in Uldum, and hit Twilight Highlands as soon as I hit 84. After CoC, we decided that we would run a Cata regular....which would be my wife's first even instance healing.

The run went perfectly fine and we decided that perhaps she could try out healing one of the original Cata Heroics.

That also went very well. There were a few deaths, but there were no wipes, and a good time was had by all.

One funny moment was on Rajh. Our Hunter got killed by the leap smash thing. After a minute, my wife got the chance to rebirth. Immediately after the rebirth, Rajh did the same leap smash on the same hunter. Dead again lol.

I am quite proud of my wife doing a non DPS role. She was incredibly nervous, but did a great job and wants to try it again.

My sister frapsed the run, and will probably be posting it soon. I will put it up in a post when it is done.

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