Friday, August 10, 2012

WoW: They must have read my last two posts!

Well, my last two posts (besides the Sprinkles one) were about LFR being filled with douches and LFG being filled with incompetent everything.

Yesterday appeared to dispute that.

First, we decided to do the second half of Dragonsoul in Raid Finder. It started out much the same as the previous day. We wiped once on the drakes. We then wiped three times on Ultraxxion. Yay.

However, something happened. Despite the tanks being quite bad (and later getting kicked), they actually started to follow the mechanics of the fight. We took Ultraxxion down and got to move on. WOOHOO.

We ended up one shotting the Shaman boss, and then one shotting the Tauren Guy as well. No problemo. We took the spine out in one shot as well.

The group wiped at the last boss, but after kicking both tanks, it was a one shot. Overall, it ended up being a good experience.

Funny thing about Ultraxxion. It was too much for my computer apparently. I badly need a new processor. I was at 1 frame per second for about 50 percent of Ultraxxion. I still did not end up last in DPS. It literally looked like a Polaroid picture of a fight with Ultraxxion.

After that, we decided to run some Heroics. We ended up doing three of them in less than an hour, with two of them with pug tanks. The pug tanks were pretty awesome this time instead of terribly bad. One of the few mistakes that the first tank made (which didnt cause anyone to die, but caused some stress on my healing), he admitted to. He didnt go and blame anyone else. That is refreshing.

Overall, it was a good day and the pug players were not nearly as shitty. We are looking forward to possibly hitting Dragonsoul again next week.


dimli said...

The way Ultraxion works is it basically kills your combat log addon. If you have recount you can type "/recount pause" for that fight and I'd bet you will have no problems there-after. Even with a good PC on 25man that fight kills recount/skada. No idea how to pause skada if you use that though but there might be a way.

Darraxus said...

I dont use skada, but I do use recount. Thanks for the tip. That fight was essentially unplayable.

Kalven said...

I had the same problem with Recount, so I switch to TinyDPS for raiding, leaving Recount for testing.

Bearness said...

Sorry to go off topic, but I just read D3 1.04 upcoming changes. Sounds pretty damn good.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: Yeah, I saw that and am excited. I will actually play it!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I find that as long as the raid chat is quiet, things are moving smoothly.