Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WoW: PUGs still suck

So, I got into several partial pugs yesterday. My wife, buddy, and I decided to run some Heroics to gear up a couple of toons. I went on my Rogue wearing all blue PvP gear, my wife on Boomkin #2 (which will be a healer), and my friend on his mage. We had some very interesting tanks or heal to say the least.

It was mostly dumb tanks though.

First tank stated as soon as we got into the instance "I have never tanked this before". Well, that is fine, you have to start somewhere and he apparently knew the fights at least. Did I mention he was wearing PvP gear? Yeah. Tank is the worst role to have PvP on.

Well, we end up wiping a couple of times on the first boss, which is Sylvanas. On the first attempt, the tank ran outside the ring and died. The second attempt, he was attacking a different target than everyone else and the healer died before getting out of the ring. Then he asked if we knew how to do the fight.....despite the fact that I had marked the spot on the ground for which ghould to kill. Each fight would have been fine if either the tank or the healer had stayed out of bad.

So, we take it down on the third try. Next up is Baine.

We head over to Baine where 3 out of 5 of our group die after my wife accidentally aggros trash while following the tank who was not really paying attention.

Tank asks if we know the fight. Healer says know. Tank pulls immediately. FACEPALM. At least we took it down in a single try.

The we get to Murozond. As soon as we get there, the tank runs in and does his damn best to not get aggro. Our mage friend dies. Healer goes through all of his mana as we were down a DPS and the PvP tank did not give us time to CC anything. As soon as our friend is rezzed, the tank charges in. Healer has very little mana. Mage at half health. Nothing CCed. We end up wiping on the trash.

We come back in, clear the trash and one shot the boss. Bleh. Not a very fun start to our night.

Second instance, we get Well of Eternity.

Paladin tank this time with almost 250k health. Apparently he does not care for the mechanics of the instance. He tried to chain pull as much as possible without letting the shadow walk stacks build up. It took too long to kill shit. Immediately after killing the second felguard, he pulls the next group with 5 stacks of shadow walk and a couple stacks of the damage debuff on him. DERPADERP.

I honestly cant remember if we one shotted the first boss or not. We may have. Anyways, we head up to Azshara. We start the fight. Tank is not holding aggro. Healer gets his face smashed in. We wipe.

We start again. Tank stands near Azshara until after the mobs show up and run around smacking everyone around. We wipe again. Healer leaves and we get another.

We end up finishing the rest of that instance with no issues.

Third instance. Dumb tank, bad healer.

We actually kill the first two bosses with little issues besides a near wipe at the first boss due to the AOE at the end. We then wipe.....on the trash leading to Benedictus.

Dumb tank "Damn dat was shit. Knocked me off da hill yo." That was how he talked. I think it is harder to type like a retard than to type normal.

We end up clearning the trash next time and get to Benedictus.
We wipe because we didnt know his shitty ground bad stuff was inside the protective bubble. Good one Thrall!

We go back in. We wipe again because the healer does not cleanse the sheer attacks on his.

We go back in. Tank leaves and we get a DK tank, who is not dumb.

At the beggining of the fight, the dumb ass healer dies. My wife battle rezzes him. He still doesnt cleanse the shears. Two of our DPS die. We squeak out victory after the healer dies.....again.

We ended up doing one more instance, but I dont remember having as many issues.

I got two new daggers and a ring out of all of this. The daggers were what I most wanted to replace, so overall, I guess it was a success.

Pugs still suck.


Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that a lot of healers don't think to dispel the Shear.

I had one who was willing to heal me through it, TWICE, without even bothering to look at the debuff.

Okay, maybe hilarious isn't the word to use.

Anonymous said...

Why does nobody want to kill the trash on Baine - I've wiped so damned many times on that. Is there some People for the Ethical Treatment of Trash society that I'm not aware of?

Darraxus said...

@ Puppy: It would be so much easier. Dispelling shit makes healing a piece of cake.

@Anon: To me, it is so easy to avoid and people stand in the bad on the trash, using resulting in a wipe anyways.