Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First Vote Kick

I guess it was destined to happen sometime. When people are fucking terrible, I tell them. This dude just about took the cake. Paladin tank named Straighttank- Terenas . He could not tank for shit.

As a pretty well geared Paladin, he was doing a whopping 1k dps. The DK and Warrior in the group had aggro more than he did. Among his ass-hattery included pulling all of the mobs in the room with Moorabi as well as the boss himself. I managed to keep everyone alive despite his fucktardery. I asked him if he ever tanked before. No reply.

We get to the jumpy guys just before Eck. He says "Sorry for my low damage, I am leveling my axe skill". What. The. Fuck.

Do that shit on your own tard fuckcakes. I told him as much in a nicer way than I should have. "Maybe you should do that on your own time".

He replies "Maybe you should go fuck yourself"

Me: "Maybe you should learn to fucking tank."

And then I am sitting in Dalaran. Somehow, I got vote kicked. I am guessing that it is player's love of clicking yes on any kind of check.

So, feel free to harass this fuckwit if he is on your server.


Anonymous said...

It's sad that it's harder to find a tank than a healer. I liked your original impolite reply (that you did not say). Next time you should say it... then screenie for us!

Anonymous said...

I always look to see how many in the group are from the same realm. You know that if 3 of them are together the second they perceive that you are messing with one of them they are going to vote and you will lose. Sucks.

They need to have a site like, remember back in the day ... what was it, RatemyFace or am-i-hot-or-not I might have those wrong. You could vote on all these random people if they were "X" or not and rate them. 1-10. We need someone to make a site (not me cuz i suck at HTML) where Tanks, Healers, and DPS can be loaded in (maybe pull from armory) and you can rate them on tanking ability and or any other number of factors.

For the Female BElfs we can just rate if they are hot or not!

Then we need an add on that will pull from that web site and can tell us in game if the tank or healer or whoever is an ass hat!


Ok im done dreaming on your dime.

Darth Solo said...

Heh, there are fucktards and then there are fucktards. Don't feel too bad. Something similar happened to me and I wasn't even trading insults with the person who kicked me. They simply felt like it. After all, it's easy to get another DPS.

Ardent Defender said...

Sucks man! I'm also getting used to people trigger happy to vote kick someone and I often let the vote sit a while to think about it before I vote either way. If it's a idiot vote fir a kick I just don't vote which kills any vote. Then I ask who wanted to kick X player? Everyone else now chimes in that it wasn't them, Imagine that.

LFD has it's share of asses and it's my belief it will get worse! Look not enough tanks or I rather say not enough tanks wanting and willing to throw themselves into LFD. Result is people that don't usually tank or know how are now trying to tank due to the fast que time and acting like idiots in various ways, some are new and trying to learn. But some are idiots and many players now get those players. Sucks when you do.

Remember and screenshot moments of idiocy. It's your evidence when it happens and you can post it later.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't instantly port you so you have a change to vote-to-kick the other person as well...would make for some interesting group destruciton.

Also, blizzard needs to place some undispellable root on the remaining players so it's not just as easy and bye,kick,hello new guy. The group will have to really want to kick someone and sit out the 5 mins of being unable to move...needs to be a consequence for kicking someone. Of course, you know what all of this...blizzard just testing all the new little things they think they might want to add into their next MMO. WoW has moved into R&D test rat mode. "hey, if it what"

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen to me when i was tanking, i was doing fine we just had a wipe because dps didn't want to follow my kill order and aoe everything. I needed to L2tank for having to put up a kill order and not handle the group with casters in them. next thing i know im in SW just 2 pulls from the last boss.

Vordan said...

@ some anonymous person who posted - It automatically ports you out as soon as the vote is majority to remove you. Sometimes you dont even have to have 4 people vote, once there is three it says you have been removed from the group and it ports you out. Its really quick. You dont know its happening because you dont get to vote so you wouldnt have time to vote to kick back at the.

Tam said...

Well....I guess their reasoning was that even a tank who can't tank for shit is better than no tank at all.

What morons.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

I love the L2Tank. Comments warriors get when casters start off attacking shyt you haven’t even pulled and then want to AOE the living hell out of a group a second after you’ve charged in.

Make a macro...
/rw if you’re not my healer and you pull something 3 seconds into a fight you better be really good at kiting or pray we are real close to the exit