Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Update: Act 2 in D3 and Transmog in WoW

As it says, I played a bit of both this weekend and made a little bit of progress in ACT 2 of Inferno. One thing of note....some of the other players in Inferno are terrible. How are these ranged classes dying so damn much....and when they arent dying, their damage output is pitiful. I ended up killing Magda, but I needed to solo it instead of doing a group. People in groups are just not reliable enough. That said, ACT 2 still sucks. The mobs hit pretty hard, and it seem near impossible to kill rares (especially in groups).

In WoW news, we did a few transmogs yesterday. We started off with the customary BWL run where a few people got pieces, and a Warlock would have been happy to be there.

Then we decided to do something we had never done before. Take on ICC.

I had previously done up to the Blood Council, but we had several people in the Raid who had never been there before. We cleared all the way to the Lich King with minimal wipes. We had one on Gunship (I know, embarrasing), one while healing the Dragon, and one on Blood Queen.

We wiped twice on the LK at the end due to having never done the fight and we called it a night because it was 1230 in the morning. We plan on taking his ass down today. I got a couple of place pieces and a pair of two handed weapons out of the instance.

I am hoping that we will be able to do Ulduar soon as well. IMO that was the best raid in Wrath, and I have yet to see the end.

In other Diablo News, a bunch of farming spots we nerfed. That sucks.

In non game news, the Pacquiao loss was complete Bullshit. That fight was not even close.


Bearness said...

Yeah, Act 2 Inferno is a steep step up from Act 1. People can breeze through Act 1 so a lot of them will make it to Act 2. But once they're there, it'll be obvious if they are bad. I'm up to Belial, and had to go through many people leaving before I got a decent group. Even then, the fight was hard and we couldn't finish it. That being said, having a good group is definitely easier than soloing for a boss fight, mainly due to resurrection.

By the way, although most ranged are dying because they are just not good enough for Inferno, I will say that ranged in Inferno is very unforgiving. In fact, I think it 's a little ridiculously tuned, considering this is an online game with lag and Blizzard servers haven't been that great. Starting Act 2, everything 1 shots you like 90% of the time and 2 shots you if you're lucky. So, any time you're out of defensive abilities, or get a little lag, you're very likely dead. A huge difference than playing as Barb/Monk, especially since they patched coop damage reduction now.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: The only reason why ranged is so unforgiving is that they are all going for a glass cannon build. Monks and Barbs are required to stack up so resist and stamina to be viable.

I actually dont mind glass cannons as long as they are glass cannons and not glass squirt guns.

Lag was a big problem for me yesterday as well. While making the escape from the palace, I died twice due to lag problems.

Bearness said...

Darraxus, in my opinion, ranged has no choice but to go glass cannon in Inferno. From my personal experience, my DH gets routinely hit for 50~70K in Act 2. My total hp is 40K (very low resists) with decent, not amazing, gear. I'd have to give up a lot of DPS to get extra HP and resists. But, for what? To take 1 more hit, which lets me live maybe extra 2 seconds? Going all-in for DPS and doing my best to avoid 1-shots seem to work better.

My monk has about same gear as my DH, but he can trade blows with champions in Act 2 and kill some. In fact, I feel he could kill most champions if he had a better weapon. Although one big advantage my monk has over DH is resists (one with everything), passive 30% damage reduction is also huge. Since ranged doesn't get that damage reduction, I think Inferno damage is just too much try to gear for it. If you are able to make a ranged who can take a few hits in Act 2 and beyond, let me know. I actually wish this wasn't the case because I find constantly getting 1-shotted very frustrating, especially when it's due to lag issues.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: I understand that. Seems weird that Ranged gets hit for so much, and I think that you actually have a pretty decent health pool for a ranged character. I have seen many of them around 20k HP, which I guess doesnt matter if you get one shotted at 20 or 40k.

I think one thing they could have done to helped ranged is make the Templar a little better tank.

Arvash said...

Pacquiao got robbed, boxing is such a joke. Good luck on trying to get that Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on the card....