Friday, August 24, 2012

Diablo 3: Paragon Levels

Well, this at least seems like a nice little something to get people to continue to play at max level. It is a great idea, and over time people with a bit lesser gear should be strong enough to continue to advance.

I really like the idea....but I have not yet tried it out.

I have logged on twice with the idea of giving it a shot. The first time was patch day, and it was way too laggy.

The second day, I logged on and was just not feeling like Diablo.

I am sure that I will be trying it at some point fairly soon, but I am not sure when. D3 seems to be going to the right direction.

What are your thoughts on the new things in D3 including the buffs to seldom used abilities?

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Bearness said...

Darraxus, I love patch 1.04. Game isn't perfect (is it ever?), but definitely a huge improvement in many ways.

1. Co-op is more desirable now. Monster HP scales only 75% per player. I actually join public games again. Solo farming is sooo boring, even if it might be more efficient.

2. Although it's a little hard to explain, drops seem better somehow. Most items are still crap. But, I feel like amulets and rings drop more often. And affixes seem to be rolling a little better.

3. Champs no longer regen or enrage, and nerfed in general. I rarely had an issue with enrage (I just skipped them if it was way too impossible). And I'm not sure if they had to be nerfed. But, no more regen is really welcome. I love no more invulnerable minions. What the hell was that anyway?

4. I personally don't like gearing for MF. I prefer something like Nephalem Valor. So, I love the Paragon levels, not to mention it feels like I'm getting a mini reward at each level up. Only downside is that it really discourages me from playing more than 1 character. Oh well. Barb was my favorite anyway. Double tornado is pretty fun.

Now, if they'll just make the maps random, I'll be all set...