Friday, January 30, 2009

WoW vs. Real Life.

This is not about how you should go out and do other things instead of playing WoW. There are quite enough of those, and probably a good portion :

a) dont even play WoW
b) used to be addicted to WoW and are now on the freedom bandwagon

This is more about the things that you would do in WoW that you would never do in real life. There are some things that maybe some people would do, but many more that nobody would do. Let me go down the rundown and compare real life.

Questing: This is possibly the largest part of WoW. You talk to someone who looks like they need help (as noted by the exclamation point over their head) and get a task from them. Most of these consist of one of two types: Kill a bunch of this or gather a bunch of this. Now look at this in a real life perspective. You are walking down the street and some lady with a small dog stops you. She says "Pardon me sir....I was walking along and my dog crapped all down the street. If you clean it up I will give you 5 dollars, your choice of a used hankerchief, a stick of gum, half a snickers bar, and you will gain valuable life experience." I know that most people would probably reply with "Fvck off".

As for the second part. A man comes up to you in a diner and tells you the story about how his family was killed by gang members. He says he will give you some gold and some valuable life experience for the heads of 10 gang members. First thing is that despite the idea that the guy may be right, there are laws and you would go to jail. Also, where would you carry all of the heads? Most people arent carrying around 5 large dufflebags which leads me to......

Inventory: In WoW, not only do we kill stuff because someone asked us to, but we usually rob what ever we killed. This does not just include their personal belongings. It may include an eyeball from time to time, or a smashed snout. Would we find a dog on the side of the road and take its tail? Not unless you are a psychopath. Have you ever looked at the completly random things in your inventory? Pirate head x 4, rock fragments, moss, holy water, rusty sword, titanium ore, misc. gems, etc. etc. etc. In real life we would never carry around this kind of stuff (and even if we could, where would we fit it?) We cant put our car in our pocket when we are done driving it.

Raiding: We get all of our best gear together and we fight a big tough enemy to gain something that we desire. A real life example may be: There is a 6th grader who easily one shots any 3rd grader that comes near him and take his lunch money (aka repair bills). The 3rd grader gathers up 24 of his closest friends and beats up the 6th grader, taking back their milk money. In addition to the milk money, they take the 6th grader's Scooby Doo Lunch box and roll some dice to see who gets it. They come back to school the next day (after the 6th grader as reset) and do it again. Only this time, several of the 3rd graders have moved on to hang out with a group of 5th graders who beat up 8th graders. The 3rd graders bring in several kindergarten replacements who just cant hold their own. They get beat up by the 6th grader several times and all lose their lunch money. Afterwards, the 3rd graders blame the kindergarten kids and vice versa. They all then leave and are not friends anymore.

Food and Bodily Functions and needs: In real life, everyone needs to eat and drink or we die. In WoW, you need to eat to get big and strong....kinda like popeye. In real life, we have to go to the bathroom. In WoW, I have gone to the bathroom one time in four years.....and then they put the nuts back (ewwwwww). I real life, you dont have to take a shower, but nobody is going to want to be around you. In WoW, you just swim thru rivers and lakes and apparently that is good enough.

Professions: This is the part of WoW that usually most mirrors our own world. People make or gather items to sell and sustain their daily lives in WoW using the profits. The big difference is that beside the AH, there really is not big brother to police commerce. There is nothing stopping someone from starting a monopoly on a certain thing. There is no GM that comes down and says "You did not pay your taxes this year....we will be charging you triple. Pay or go to WoW jail (aka running Gnomeregan over and over with a bad pug).

Taking all of these things into account, you would have to be pretty messed up to legitimately get a video game confused with real life. Kids kill people and there are times when video games are blamed. This is simply not true. They are no more responsible than television, music, advertising, etc, etc, etc. Has anyone ever blamed the Opera for someone's death? That shit is depressing and people have probably commited suicide after one. The reason people bash video games is that most of them are middle aged and older people who never played a video game in their lives. They dont understand it and it is easier to blame something than to take the time to understand something. There will come a day when we are those middle aged people. We will know the difference between real life and a game.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tanking: Masochism at its best :)

Tanking is just that. Masochism.....not to be confused with Nachochism, which sounds like something Ratshag would call Nachos (and I almost typed 0_0).

Tanks run in, gather up all the baddies, and piss them all off enough to beat on us (kinda like the guys from Oasis). We do this over and over again, and for what reason?

I dont know what the reason is for a lot of people, but I dout because I enjoy it. I have a lot of fun tanking things (a.k.a staring at a bosses crotch for 5 plus minutes). I also enjoy being part of a group that is working towards a common goal. Everyone working in perfect synergy to get a boss down. I personally love new gear. It is one of the reasons I play (not gonna lie), but the main reason I play is that I love playing the game with friends.

Tanking is a personal choice. Some people think it is because of EGO. In some cases it may be. I have seem my fair share of egotistical everything in this game. I endure the 100 gold repair bills, getting beat on, and being blamed for things because I love to tank. You either love it or you dont. You are either good at it or you arent. It is possible to be one without the other, but easier to be one if you are the other (sorry for that Bilbo like sentence).

So, for all of you non tanks out there.....give it a try sometime. It may seem like just getting or hard skulls pounded on, but you are always in the thick of things having a great time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Bad" Tanks are not always bad

Everyone has been in a group with a "bad tank". This is usually a guy who cant hold aggro. I challenge that this "bad" tank may not be the problem. It may be traced to "bad" DPS.

Since patch 3.0, WoW has been an AOE fest. AOE here there and everywhere. This is due to the fact that tank multi target tanking has become much easier (for Warrior especially).

This doesnt mean that every single pull should be an AOE pull. Not all tanks are created equal, but that doesnt make them "bad". I rarely have trouble keeping aggro on multiple mobs, but there are overzealous DPS that make is extremly difficult sometimes. The Ret Pally who judges on a mob after is was gun pulled. Heres your sign. The Warlock/Mage who uses SoC/Rain of Fire/Blizzard on a gun pull. Heres you sign.

Once a tank gets aggro, it is much harder to rip it off. If you pull it before he can get any kind of rotation down, it is much more difficult to get back (especially if it is multiple mobs). Holy Priest who purposely pulls with SwP or body pull on accident when the Warrior has not rage. Heres your sign.

If you run into a group where the tank is having these kinds of problems, take a step back and look at the big picture. DPS gear is scaling up up and away these days. Just remember, there is nothing wrong with focus firing a target down. That is how it was done since the beginning of WoW. If the tank is having trouble with big group pulls, try single targeting the target of the tank. If you are still pulling aggro, this may well be a "bad" tank.

On the same subject, a "bad" tank can be classified in many ways. Is this tank uncrittable? If the answer is no, he knows better and should not be tanking until he is (the obvious exception was when being 80 was new and they were still working towards gear). Is the tank sporting gear that is not gemmed? The he/she is "bad". Is the tank not paying attention to their surroundings and face pulling multiple mobs and causing wipes multiple times. The tank is probably "bad". A "bad" tanks is easy to spot. Some tanks just need a little help, which isnt bad.....its called team work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreaming about World of Warcraft

You know you are a fan when you start having dreams about the game. I have had my fair share although I usually cant remember them. I am usually told by my fiance the next day that I was rambling on about some kind of fight.

I am proud to say that my fiance had her first WoW dream the other day....and man was it weird. As many of you have read, we got her a mechanostrider (a.k.a the Ridiculous). Later that evening she asked me what other kinds of mounts there were and I told her about the Elekk mount (which will henceforth be know as the Elefoofoo mount). She expressed that she wanted one, to which I replied 'Get to 80 first'.

Anyways, one with the dream. She dreamed that we were doing Quests to obtain rep for her Elefoofoo. Only these weren't regular quest. These were Power Ranger quests. She dreamed that she had to find each of Power Ranger "mounts" and then you could use them. She apparently found the pink pterodactyl and the Red Tyranosaurus before she woke up. And no, we havent started grinding for her Elefoofoo....its kinda like when you are a kid. Finish your dinner and you can have desert. AKA get to 80 and we will get you an Elekk.

Off Topic (from the title, but still about WoW): I played quite a bit yesterday as fiance had class in the evening. I did my Hodir and Kaluak dailies and headed off to Stratholm to try and get that damn mount. I ran thru 6 times with no luck whatsoever. I have started speed running it (skipping as much trash as I can and just killing the bosses). I am usually finishing the instance in roughly 12 minutes. This includes running over to live side real quick to see if I can find Hearthsinger (or whatever his name is) to get the Piccolo. My first two times in, he was there and the rest of the time he wasnt. My question is 'Is he a rare spawn and does he have different spawn points?'

I also finished the last bar and a half getting my druid to level 72. I am really considering speccing back to Boomkin for questing. There dont seem to be as many people pugging at my level, and it seems like it takes for ever to kill stuff. My crits as a Resto are about half of what they are as a Boomkin. Regardless, I will be going back to Resto once I hit 80. I find Druid healing absolutely fun.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Warrior Tanking 101: Leveling

Ok, so this is more a guide to leveling that tanking, but it is in regards to being a tank. Many Warriors got DPS to level. Personally I do not agree with this. Early on, it may be easier, but I think it truely becomes EZ mode to level as Prot as you approach the higher levels (most notably hitting the 60s). So without further ado, here is your guide.

Instances: Yes, instances are your friends for many reasons. They may have a quest in there for you that will net you some nice XP. Upgrades are another huge reason. The better your gear, the easier it will be to level. You get a lot of XP from running and instance and you get the experience of tanking as well. That being said, there arent always people looking for a group in Outlands etc. My suggestion is to put yourself in Looking For Group and go out and quest.

Questing: Questing is awesome for a number of reasons. You make lots of money for one thing. Often times you will find some decent upgrades as well. While out questing, I suggest pieces that are high in Stamina and Strength. Avoidance is also very nice, but high healts and strength generally do the trick. Depending on level and what kind of quest you are doing, you will use different abilities. If you are going to AOE grind the mobs you need for a quest, gather them up, demo shout, thunderclap, and shockwave (given that you are the appropriate level). Use revenge and shield slam every chance you get as they are your two big damage dealers.

Keeping Yourself Healthy: Any Warrior worth their shield should have First Aid as high as you can get it. Always have a lot of bandages on you. You get cloth off of the mobs you kill and can turn these into more bandages. Dont be afraid to use them. bandages can often save a nice chunk of time as opposed to eating, Another helpful proffesion is cooking. If you have cooking on one toon, that is usually sufficient. Save the meat you pick up while questing and have it cooked up for delicious buff food. You would be surprised how much it helps out. Always have some healing potions on you as well. You never no when you are going to bite off more than you can chew and you always want to be prepared.

Leveling as a Warrior is not as bad as it once was. Some will remember how it was to level in Vanilla WoW as a Warrior. If you pulled more than one mob you were usually screwed. That is no longer the case, and leveling as Warrior is pretty simple.

So, the rules are: Get an instance if you can, Quest your ass off, and keep yourself alive. You will have a max level tank in no time and be ready to take Heroics by the throat.

Weekend Update

Once again I had a pretty busy weekend in WoW. First, I got to play with my fiance quite a bit more. Her Druid is now at 63.5 and I hope to start making some real leveling progress next weekend. The reason she only gained about 1.5 levels is due to the fact that we mostly ran thru Strat Dead....over and over and over. We did Strat Live once as well for the achievement and I completed the questline that netted me a Lightsaber lookalike sword lol.

I eventually ended up spending several hundred gold on runecloth as I would rather go and do something else besides run Strat over and over. In short, she got her ridiculous and was VERY excited.

As far as play minus the missus, I did a bit of raiding this weekend. I did a pug Naxx 25 that had already apparently cleared the plague and arachnid wings. We cleared Patchwerk, Grobbulus, and Gluth. This was the first time seeing any of these bosses go down for me. We didnt kill Thaddius, but it was due to people not switching properly and not having the DPS to beat the enrage.

I got the Sand Worn Band, which is a pretty decent tanking upgrade for me. Unfortunately, I did not know the loot rules before I rolled, so I ended up losing out on my 7.5 chest off of Gluth when someone brought up that I had won the ring. On a personal note, I set my new personal DPS record when I did over 2k on Patchwerk!!!

I dont know if it is lag or just being bad, but how do so many people die on some of these encounters. Heigan is incredibly easy, yet it seems like people are constantly dying. HOW DO PEOPLE DIE ON FROGGER????? This Naxx pug was my first time doing it and I ran thru them roughly 5 times without dying once. Same goes for Thaddius. I have plus I go on oneside, minus, I go on the other. I had never done the encounter and only died when he enraged and killed everyone.

For some reason, I also got the questing itch and finished all of Stormpeaks. There are two very epic quest lines out there besides the Hodir line. One of them involves taking down a monstrous Collossus (which I killed minus my worm pet for the last 15 percent of his health), and the other is the one where you find out the wherebouts of Muraden. I wont spoil anything else, but it is completly epic. I actually made close to a thousand gold finishing up the zone. I also did the quest to get myself the new version of the repair bot :)

I have actually started doing my dailies as religiously as I can. The Hodir dailies are a must, and I am about half way thru honored right now. Thank goodness most of the mobs I have to kill drop relics. I am also going to start doing the Kaluak dailies every day as I really want the fishing pole and the little penguin pet.

I got a little bit of time in on my Druid over the weekend as well and logged out around 1.5 bubbles from level 72. I hated logging out that close to dinging, but it was already about 1215 AM and I had to be up for work this morning at 5 AM. I imagine I will get that level tonight after I do the dailies.

I am very torn when It comes to the Holliday achievement. This one does not seem all that difficult, just annoying and time consuming. I have picked up about 10 elder coins without trying or even looking for the elders. I did have fun ganking a few Horde in IF who came in to get the coin though.

Finally, I got into a fail pug if there ever was one. I decided that I wanted to tank Heroic Strat as I had never been in either version of the intance. This was a fail pug all the way thru and ended up with me putting the healer on the ignore list. Basics of the instance include:

Poor DPS: We had a decent mage putting out 1800 DPS. The other two DPS were an Arms Warrior doing 1000 DPS and a Warlock doing 900 DPS. I figured with solid healing and tanking, it wouldnt really matter. Too bad we didnt have solid healing. I was having to blow my tanking cooldowns on trash constantly to survive. The healer was a resto Druid with 13k mana and only doing 1400 HPS. He let me die several times which resulted in wipes. He then had the audacity to ask me what my defense and armor are.

1) I am wearing pretty much full 10/25/Heroic epics. I am defense capped. I am in a respected raiding guild. I know what I am doing.

2) I am not a Druid. WTF does my armor have to do with anything? Im not wearing mail or leather gear......thats how much my fucking armor is.

The crappy fury warrior left the group and they picked up an equally crappy DK. The fury warrior was from the same guild as the Healer who went on my ignore list. After another wipe or two, the healer left group. Just a warning to anybody playing on Scarlet Crusade, do not group with anbody from the guild (Danger Rangers). They are absolutely terrible, and I am pretty sure that they are a bunch of 12 year olds considering that they were posting drops from the instance while I was tanking trash pulls and wondering why we died.

I may try to get a guild run of Strat tonight, so I can actually see the completion of the instance.

Anyways, I hope you guys and gals had fun loot filled weekends!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mission: Ridiculous....Complete

Pretty much all of yesterday was spent running Strat Dead for Runecloth so that my fiance could get her Ridiulous (aka Mechanostrider). With tons of runs thru Strat and a bunch of gold spent on the AH (hey, I have other things I want to do besides run start all day) we finally got ehr the mechanostrider. Right after that, we went to Terrokar where we did the Skywing quest so that she could add another pet to her collection (and mine as well).

I am at 44 pets. 6 more to get the 50 pet achievement and Stinker. 

I will do an update on the rest of thew weekend tommorow including Raiding, Dailies, leveling, and perhaps another Warrior guide.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Coming

With the weekend coming up, I probably wont be posting (as per usual), but I want some feed back from you other bloggers. Is there anything in particular you would like to see on this blog? Would you like more gold making tips, tanking tips, shared experiences?

Any feedback will be appreciated. Feel free to leave your suggestions in comment form or E-Mail me.

I plan on doing some more leveling with the fiance tonight and during the day tommorow. I just got her another pet which makes 25 for her. We also started the Sprite Darter quest line so that she can add that one to the collection. As is stands now, I am at 41 pets and still need 9 more for the 50 pet achievement and the skunk. I have no clue how I would ever be able to get to 75 without VERY luck drops (assuming I would even want to farm for additional pets).

We are currently sitting at 62 and still running around Hellfire. She doesnt like the zone, so we will probably be moving to zangarmarsh VERY shortly. She is making very nice progress on her resto druid despite the fact that she loves Healing Touch a bit too much. She is actually one of the few druids who I have seen make perfect use of tranquility when it was needed. Here is hoping to a swift trip through Outlands so that we can start on the far better content in Northrend.

My plan is to do one of the started zones there with her with my Pally and one with my own resto Druid. Then from there I will decide who gets leveled to 80 next. I am leaning towards the Druid, but have not made an official decision.

Hunter Nerfs

I am currently leveling my Hunter with my fiance. They are both sitting at level 62. I messed around with him a little bit to see how much Beastmastery was nerfed. They whacked us pretty good.

I am not going to go over all of the changes because you can just go anywhere and read the patch notes. I will give some comparisons before and after though.

First, before the patch as Beast mastery, I was doing close to 400 DPS on mobs running around outland. In a single target burst situation (such as the level 60 training dummies), I was doing around 500 DPS.

Now during my leveling, I am doing closer to 300 DPS. I decided to give Survival a go, and it had some very good abilities. I had a much higher DPS on the target dummy. However, in a soloing situation, my DPS was actually significantly less due to the fact that I had to lay off a bit on damage because my pet was not doing near as much. On the target dummies I was doing close to 500 DPS, but in Outlands questing I was only doing around 280 due to pulling back.

It is completly obvious that Beastmastery was nerfed A LOT. However, I believe it is still the most efficient way to level. You dont pull off of your pet near as much, and you pet is much tougher. Once you hit 80, survival will be the way to go. So, if you are still leveling, just stay BM. If you have hit 80, I would strongly suggest Survival as it has a very good damage potential as well as buffs for the raid.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gold making experiment

My normal farming routine right now is to fly around Scholazar Basin and collect ore while using my mote extractor to get eternals. Shadow and Earth are pretty much worthless at the moment and the usually come with the mine.

Last night I decided to do two different areas and test to see what made more money. First I flew around Scholazar Basin for 1 hour. One thing you will notice about the basin is it is severly over farmed. You will run into many other people doing the same exact thing that you are. The only bonus is that most of them arent engineers and are leaving the clouds behind.

After one hour I had the following from the Basin.

180 Saronite Ore - Saronite Ore is going for roughly 30 gold a stack, so about 270 gold.

4 Eternal Fire - I break the eternal fires down into Crystallized fires and sell them for 7.25 gold each. This come out to about 290 gold.

5 Eternal Water - I also break these down into crysallized fragments and sell them for about 2.5 gold each. This breaks down to about 125 gold.

4 Titanium Ore - With so many farmers running around, Titanium is hard to get when you do see it. You have to be very lucky to pick it up in this area as some farmers just skip over saronite nodes in search of these. These sell for about 12 gold per ore on my server, so roughly 48 gold here.

I also picked up a few green quality gems and eternal earth and shadow. These are pretty much useless unless you turn the earths into an item to DE thru your favorite Jewelcrafter.

So based on this and what you do with the leftovers (Eternals earths and shadow mainly) you can make between 730-1000 gold per hour in Saronite errrrr Sholazar Basin doing mining.

Next I went to Storm Peaks where I only spent around 30 minutes farming. Nodes are somewhat less abundant in this zone, but despite the population of the zone, most everyone is doing Hodir Dailies and not actually farming. I did not run into a single farmer.

The 30 minutes I was farming, I collected the following.

40 Saronite Ore - About 60 gold right here.

2 Eternal Water - 50 gold if broken into crystallized version.

2 Eternal Fire- Broken down into crytallized comes out to about 150 gold.

4 Eternal Air- Eternal Air goes for over 40 gold each on my server and Crystallized seem to sell for around 6 gold per. So broken into Crystallized, it comes out to about 240 gold.

24 Titanium Ore- Once again, Titanium Ore sells for around 12 gold each, so roughly 288 gold worth.

I also picked up a few more Eternal Earth and Shadow Along with an blue quality Orange Gem which goes for around 50 gold.

So, if you break down the farming of this zone, it comes out to approximately 1500-1675 gold per hour.

In conclusion, if you are mining for money, the Basin may seem like the way to go, but due to overfarming, Storm Peaks is actually a much better option and nets you around 700-800 gold per hour more....unless you are on my server.....then disregard this entire message and go farm somewhere else :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patch Changes and other Random stuff

As far as the patch went, the only real effect it had on my Warrior's tanking was that they increased the range of taunt. Not a big buff really, but I guess it could be useful in some situations.

One of the other things I tried out last night was the one hit mining. I must say that I very much enjoy it. There was a lot of competition out, but I still gathered a decent amount of material from flying in circles around the basin. The breakdown was as follows over the 1.5 hours I farmed.

275 x Saronite Ore
13 x Titanium Ore
10 x eternal fire
5 x eternal water
3 x eternal air
9 x eternal shadow
8 x eternal earth
2 x Scarlet Ruby (I think that is what the blue quality red gem is called)
1 x forrest emerald
and a whole boatload of green quality gems (I think I got about 15 in all).

Not a bad haul for 1.5 hours.

I also did an Archavon 25 last night. Not much to speak of besides the fact that I did 1700 DPS on the trash pulls :) We one shotted him and a bunch of mail and leather crap dropped.

The other main activity that I did last night was farm some rep for my fiance so that she could get her "ridiculous" (for anybody who reads the blog, that is what she calls a Mechanostrider). I did all of the Dun Morogh quests in about an hour and got her roughly 4k rep. She is sitting a little under 2k from revered atm. I read somewhere that you get decent Gnomregan Exile rep from running the quests outside of Exodar. I dont really want to go into Gnomregan and do all those quests, but I think I may have to bite the bullet as it is a very large piece of rep. Anyone have any suggestions.

I think I am going to farm the basin some more when I get home. I kept all of the eternals and titanium this time around, but I think I will go ahead and sell everything I pick up today. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with the green quality gems? I suppose I should just have my buddy cut them and save them for me and the fiance when we get some more gear with sockets.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tanks: The Generals of WoW

Most tanks take a role of responsibility in most runs they participate in. They mark targets, explain strategy, and are often times praised or blamed for the way a run turns out.

Tanking is a big responsibility in-game. Some people do not tank for this very reason. It is much easier to manage a damage rotation and watch pretty numbers fly. DPS may be somewhat complicated (like using a proper rotation), but they dont generally have to worry about other things.

Nobody else usually worries about that stray mob running off towards the healer. It is the tanks job to charge off and taunt it. Sure you get the rare hunter from time to time who will throw and ice trap at the healer's feet, but most DPS dont care to stop pew pewing.

Tanks are the ones who everyone expects to know the boss fight and mark trash mobs for kill orders. They also expect each symbol to be explained. This is not always the case as it may be a tanks first time in. Tanks are the ones who are expected to do the research and do their job right the first time.

With all of this pressure, it is no wonder that there are tank shortages at times. Some people just dont get it. Those of us that do, have tanking in our blood. We love being the meat shield that keeps everyone safe. Healers feel much of the same pains as us tanks. They are expected to keep everyone up despite whatever mistakes are made.

One important lesson for all tanks. If you dont know, then just ask. They may expect you to know it, but if you dont, speak up. Part of being a tank is learning and adapting. Dont be afraid to speak up. Despite the AOE fest that is Wrath, don't be afraid to ask for some CC. Pretty much every class has some form of crowd control they can do.

Everyone want a tank that makes their job easy. Dont be afraid to ask for and expect the same in return.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Over the weekend, I didnt get to do as much raiding as I would have liked, but I had a great weekend in WoW.

As far as raiding goes, I did a 25 man Archavon and a 10 man Naxx pug. In 25 man Archavon, we wiped the first time due to him enraging 0_0. Looking at the damage meters, there was a level 80 mage doing 800 DPS. We downed him the second time, but it still kills me how bad some players can be.

My 10 man Naxx pug went very well. It started very late, so I only did the Arachnid and Plague Quarters. We one shotted every boss except Faerlina because we tried to get the acheivement the first time. I got some Emblems, but there arent really a lot of upgrades for me in 10 man Naxx.

I did not run a lot of instances over the weekend, but I did finally get my bracers upgraded in Heroic Old Kingdom. This group was a pain. We had a couple of wipes on trash towards the beggining when people couldnt figure out how to avoid a pat.

The mage left shortly after this and we picked up a DK buddy of mine. We went and beat up the first boss with no problems and moved on. We wiped a few more times on trash from the priest healer body pulling mobs. I mean WTF. We downed all of the bosses on one shot, but ended up wiping about 6-7 times due to people not paying attention. We ended up skipping the Heroic only boss after this sequence. I skip a pat and pull one of the fungal guys in the tunnel leading to the boss. Priest disregard patrol that comes up behind her and kills her. We release. Priest runs back and dies again on the way to where we were. Priest gets back again and rezzes the lazy ret pally who never released. Priest somehow aggros the pat again and dies. We kill the patrol, but I immediately hearth out. There were also a few times during the instance where the priest purposely pulled mobs. A little advice to healers and DPS. Let the tank pull.

This weekend I played a TON with my fiance. My mage and her Druid were in the mid 40s on Friday morning, but by last night we had climbed all the way to 61 and were plugging away in outland. At 58, I switched from my mage to my level 59 Hunter. She is still getting used to some aspects of the game, but is having fun. We went into Ramparts and Blood Furnace with my buddy tanking it on his level 76 DK. They were very quick and easy runs with no deaths. We got tons of gear upgrades and I ponied up the dough for her and I to get our epic mounts. She is having a great time healing and AOEing. I think she likes all the numbers that fly up when she hurricanes. Current strategy is send in my pet Gorilla and gather several mobs. I volley, she hurricanes and heals my monkey. Works like a charm so far.

The Quest for the "Ridiculous": My fiance plays a NE Druid. She calls the Gnome Mechanostriders a "Ridiculous"......and she wants one. Which means lots of runecloth. Since I dont feel like spending tons of money on runecloth, when I havent been questing with her, I will go into Strat and gather runecloth. Strat is perfect because I get plenty of other stuff to sell and hope to get myself a Baron mount. She is about half way thru honored with Gnomregan so we have a long way to go.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Woot off today, so playing some WoW

Off from work today so I got to play some WoW with the fiance. We are at 47 atm and hopefully headed to Outlands soon. I still absolutely love playing with her. She always finds entertaining things to do like new and creative ways to get stuck in the items found around the world.

We were running thru badlands to get a few quests done earlier and she got a buzzard trailing her. I lok back and she is running in circle around the buzzard. I say "What are you doing" to which she replied "You said to run and the vulture would go away!"

I love WoW, and it is going to be even better if she keeps on playing with me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melee Huntard

At one point or another, everyone has met that special WoW player that just warms your heart with their absolute retardedness. They may seem like normal people, and seem to be well geared. This is just a thin fascade for the terrible that lies beneath. Below are some examples of these wonderful, wonderful players.

Melee Hunter: At one time or another, everybody has probably known one. Instead of sending in their pet and blasting away, they send in their pet and charge after with Mongoose Strikes flying. These people are most often seen at lower levels, but a few slip thru the cracks and actually make it to 80. How this happens I dont know. Some of them may not even have their pet out. They think that they are polearm wielding, spirit mail wearing, arms warriors. When you try to suggest that they use a ranged weapon, they scoff and call you a noob. These are the same people who roll on axes with strength on them.

The Tank?: This is the toon that you dont know exactly what they do. They are geared like a tank, often wear a two hander, and put out 300 dps. Their attacks mainly consist of auto attack. Quick story about this one. I knew a warrior "tank" who rolled need over a Druid on the staff at the end of Hellfire Ramparts. He justified it by saying "I need to get my staff skill up". Warriors using staves are fail. This was actually the same guy who I out dpsed with my prot warrior in blues (right at the beggining of 70 level raiding) while he was playing on his fire mage. I think his rotation consisted of Pyroblast.

The Lollock: Warlocks were considered overpowered at one point. I read a story of someone who was questing in Burning Steppes Pre BC and got a whisper from a Lock who was questing out there. He had heard that a Warlock was easy mode, and wondering why it was so hard to kill things. The other toon asked the Lock his spec to which he replied "Whats a spec?" Apparently, the lock had leveled completly without putting a single skill point anywhere. He didnt even know what a skill point was.

The Retardin: Ret used to be bad. Like really bad. I had a buddy who was an amazing ret paladin when they werent very good. I knew another guy who wansnt so good. He was dressed half in prot gear and DPSed with a shield on. His damage rotation did not include Crusader Strike. Needless to say, he was fail on so many levels. Oddly enough he went on to become quite a decent healbot.

The Lazy Rogue: You know the one. He wont sap, barely pays attention, and jumps around constantly while you are explaining things. During BC, I had one such Rogue who I ran with on a fairly regular basis. This rogue was pretty much in full epics. While running our farm kara, I noticed that he was putting out around 400 dps. I later found out that he was playing in windowed mode and watching youtube. I told him next time he did that shit, he would never be back in one of my runs. The next week he did double DPS (and payed attention for the most part).

What kind of ridiculous players have you run into?

Last Night

As always, my carefully crafted plans goy shot down. As soon as I logged in, one of our healers wanted to run some heroics for rep. I was the only tank who was not in Naxx.....yay me. First we ran UK heroic which was easy as always. I ended up coming in second in damage done behind our raid leader. The other two DPS were apparently fresh 80s (a Boomkin and Huntard). The Hunter had a green bow 0_0.

Anyways, we cleared the instance with no problem and our Raid leader (uber fury warrior) had to leave. We picked up another fresh 80 (also a fury warrior) and headed up to UP. The fury warrior was still wearing several level 70 items including Stormherald.

Add to this excitement that this was the first time in for all three DPS. Add in that I ended up leading the run in damage. If you add it all up, it had fail written all over it. Actually, it was a pretty good run. Despite the low DPS, we only had 2 wipes. Once on the Gauntlet (after Skadi was already down) and once on the last boss (stay away from the orb noob). I guess it goes to show that good players can make up for a lack of gear by knowing what the hell they should be doing.

After those two heroics, I went and farmed a few stacks of Dragonfin to make into Dragonfin filet and put on the AH. I was in LFG for Archavon, but nothing was happening there unfortunately.

Eventually I decided I was going to go and run Strat for the mount. When I got to EPL, I decided I didnt feel like it and hearted back to Shatt. I tried fishing for the giant sewer rat for about 20 minutes before getting bored. I was bored to the point where I actually went and did my Hodir dailies. BTW, how many dailies are there? I have the shining the helm one, the anvil one, and the horn one. Do more unlock at honored?

So that was my exciting evening.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weds Night is Money Night

I play WoW every Weds night, and it is usually the night I make my coffers fat. I have everything planned out.

First hour, I plan on farming fish to make food to sell on the AH. I have been making a killing off of the strength food (yay for all the DKs, Warriors, and Paladins).

My plans for tonight also include (hopefully) both Archavon raids. I am hoping for a wonderful 7.5 Dreadnaught chest in the 25 man version. Probably try to bring a pally or druid tank so I dont have any competition.

All of the aside, I think I am going to far Strat dead some more for the Baron's mount. It is quite easy and I always make a good chunk of change. If I clear most of the mobs, I usually make about 50 gold vendoring items off of bosses and trash, 50 or so gold from Runecloth sold on the AH, 25 or so gold on the BoE blues, and usually around 100 gold for the stuff I disenchant to sell. I also make a decent chunk of change from the Crypt Crawler Parts and the Bone Fragments. I also picked up an epic on one of my last runs which sold on the AH for about 250 gold.

I dont mind the grind for the Baron's mount because I am making tons of money in the process.

Edit: I had to install a new Sitemeter as my old one seemed to mess up. Last I checked I had over 100 plus views yesterday, then this morning it said I had 23 all of yesterday. Anyone know anything about a problem like that?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun PvP opportunities

Being on an RP server, I dont have a lot of chances for World PVP. Random PVP is probably the most fun in the game. A few Arena seasons back when the queues were ridiculously long, a friend and I would run out and try to find flagged horde to give a good kicking too. I would go out and farm on my Warlock flagged for the chance of a sneaky rogue coming to get me.

One such instance was pre Wrath on my Warlock. The PvP Auchendoun towers daily was almost up so I was waiting flagged on top of a tower to get my daily done. I come back and find myself dead. Ganked by a little rogue. I come back fly to the top, kill the Rogue and take my place atop the throne. He came back 4 more times and I wiped the floor with him each time despite the small area we had to fight. Ah such fun.

Which brings me to my next story. I was in Bootybay checking to Neutral AH for pets when I notice a whole bunch of Horde killing the Bruisers and such for their "Bloodsail Admiral" title. Amongst them was a flagged level 80 priest. After much debate, I decided to kill him :) I charge in and destroy the priest. He doesnt even get a cast off thanks to concussion blow and heroic throw. The other three managed to take me down (73 Warrior who I almost killed as well, 80 BE DK, and some other class. For that one HK, I got 63 honor.

Sometimes I am glad to be on a carbare server, but occasionally......I get that PVP itch. So beware Horde on Scarlet Crusade. If you are running around flagged, you may find a Dwarf Warrior with 30k health barreling down on you :)

More Pet Scrounging

I had very little play time last night, so I decided to scrounge up a few more vanity pets. I knew that I would certainly have time to go get the pets out in Netherstorm....which I did after grabbing a few moths off the AH (I know I could have gotten them for cheaper, but I was helping out a fellow entrepreneur). I head out to Netherstorm, gather too sets of the pets (fiance will want the too) and mail half of them to my fiance.

I then decide that Im going to head to Black Rock Spire to grab the spider pet and the Worg pet. At 80, this is incredibly easy as I was able to basically skip most mobs. All told, it took me about 5-10 minutes to get both pets.

That puts me at 38 pets last I checked. Still need 12 more for the free pet skunk so I am going to have to plan accordingly.

When fiance checked her mailbox, she was very excited for all of her new pets. I asked her which one she liked best. Was it the exotic dragonhawk? The nastly little cockroach? The expensive Mana Wyrmling? No, as she put it, it was the "Siamese kitty". Face palm! Anyways, after opening her pet laden mail, she got the 15 pets achievement.

Does anybody know when kids weeks is so that I can do the two yearly pet quests?

Anyways, that it for now. Keep tanking and....errrrrr.... pet collecting and stuff?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Raiding and Misc. Fun

I ran Naxx 25 this week with my guild instead of a pug (well it ended up being partially pugged) and we cleared two wings with no wipes. Again we were having trouble with the healing on Patchwerk. I think having two Holy Pallys for this fight with Beacons on opposing hateful strike tanks would be perfect to be honest. We probably would have done millitary wing, but there has been a lot of difficulty finding shadowpriests (as I think that they all rolled DKs along with Rogues after Wrath).

I picked up the tanking neck that randomly drops off of any of the bosses called Heritage. It was a nice upgrade for my Chained Millitary Gorget. I hope to nab some new bracers when I got in there this week. Yep, still rocking the level 70 badge bracers. 0_0

My fiance and I played again this weekend, I was leveling up my Gnome mage Crispee (with the huge pink mohawk), and she was leveling her little Druid Gurrtrude. We headed out to Theramore where we started questing. Over the weekend we went from 36-41. I hope to get in some more play time with her this week. I found out a few things.

a) She seems to like doing quests to kill things (no matter how irritating the drop rate on stuff we need), but hates the ones where you have to gather X number of plants. She actually enjoyed killing the Mudrock turtles for thir tongues. She enjoyed one shotting the little frogs for their legs even more!

b) She sees the game much differently than I do. She giggle when she sees a long line of mobs chasing me and gets upset at random little things. She felt "bad" that she moved while her little pet Ancona chicken was pecking at the ground.Is it going to get mad at me and leave because I interrupted it eating." I absolutely LOVE playing with her. Especially since all of this is new and fun.

Speaking of pets, I went on a pet whoring extravaganza this weekend. I got the 15 and 25 pet achievements and did the quest line to get the sprite darter pet. I have been buying my fiance pets as well as she seems to enjoy them. Much the same way that I had to buy her all three Saber mounts because she didnt want the other ones to feel left out. I have still had 0 luck catching that damn sewer rat pet. I probably spent about 3 hours over the weekend trying to catch that little SOB.

This weekend, I farmed Strat Dead some more to try and get the elusive Baron Mount. Still no luck. I did make a good chunk of gold from the instance and had my first epic drop from there. The good ole Brain Hacker. Too bad it never dropped in the 100 times I went in there pre BC. Usually I got and kill the mobs as well just so I can get the cash and items involved, but the last few time I just wanted to get in and get out. If I skipped everything I could, I would down the Baron in roughly 15 minutes. I would skip by everything but the bosses and the guys inside the ziggurats, then when I got to the abomination room I would pull the entire room and kill them in a giant pile.

I will probably continue fishing for the rat and running for the mount. Not really for good reason. It just gives me something to do between raiding and playing with my fiance.

Hope you all had a great Loot filled weekend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Warrior Tanking 101: The Pull

There are many different way to pull as a warrior. I am going to go over a few of the here and talk about their advantages and disadvantages. This guide is for pulling trash specifically.

1) Ole faithful a.k.a the ranged weapon pull: This has been the method of pull for most of WoW. It has changed quite a lot since the expansion with the additions of the Warbringer Talent and the Heroic Throw talent. Some tanks prefer a thrown weapon because of the short throw time on it. I prefer my gun because it has such tankalicious stats on it. I still use my gun for pulling, but it is less than it once was. Usually I use my gun to pull in one of two situations;

a) Heroic Throw is on cooldown
b) I am gonna burn down a melee mob first. In this situation I will gun pull the melee mob followed by a heroic throw on the caster to get him into AOE tanking range.

2) New and Hot a.k.a Heroic Throw: Heroic throw is a beautiful thing. If you are specced into gag order then it will silence a mob and cause casters to come right to you. It also does a decent chunk of damage and gives you a threat boost right at the beggining of the fight. The biggest problem is that it has a 1 minute cooldown which means it may not be ready for the next pull. This leads to my favorite pull method.......

3) ZOOM ZOOM DARRAXUS SMASH pull: This pull is brought to you by the warbringer talent and is my favorite pull method. It consists of me charging into combat and thunderclapping followed by a shockwave. Bam instant AOE threat and your DPS can blast them to smithereens. The one disadvantage to this happens if your healer insnt paying attention and 4 mobs beat you into a pulp.

4) ZOMG I IS TEH UBER pull: This consists of doing all of the above. Fire the gun, heroic throw, charge. Show your mad tanking skills.

As always, when pulling keep in mind your surroundings. Dont be a nub and pull more that you can handle. Make sure to LOS when you need to. Charging in is the most fun (not to mention it generates lots of tasty rage), but sometimes it just may not be practical.

One more small tip. In fights where you get knocked back or thrown (Archavon), you can charge in mid flight and it looks like you are charging in from the heavens. Gotta be quick with it though or you will go out of range.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Warrior Tanking 101:Threat rotation

Warrior tanking has changed since the final patch of BC. Before that patch we were doing 200 DPS and all of our moves just had a bunch of threat mofifiers on them. Now, they have lowered the threat modifiers, but increased our damage significantly. This put a a premium on damage caused. This rotation is for a boss fight, so trash would obvioudly have a different rotations. We are going to assume that this is a medium hitting boss. Hard hitting bosses will obviously need Demo shout and thunderclap applied much quicker.

The threat rotation should look something like Shield Slam, Revenge, Shockwave, Concussion blow, devastate. It is still important to get sunders up to help with overall DPS, but in middle of a fight, you should be looking out for your cooldowns.

Why Shockwave and Concussion Blow when they can't be stunned?
Simply put, they cause a xrap ton of damage and damage=threat. I have had shockwave crits over 7k and concussion blow crits over 5k. That is a big damage boost and threat spike. These are on 20 second and 30 second timers respectively, so you will have to be watching to take advantage of these moves.

Shield Slam is still the King!!!!
Shield slam is still out biggest threat move. It cause very high threat, and hits very hard. When doing your rotation, shield slam is always a priority, so you should be slamming every time the cooldown is up and every single time that sword and board procs.

Revenge every time it procs!
Revenge is an ability that is not always up, and should be taken advantage of when it is. Shield Slam comes first, Revenge comes second. I have had Revenge crits in the 6-7k range from time to time. Revenge becomes even more important if you are glyphed for it and get a free Heroic strike immediately afterwards.

Heroic Strike until you are blue in the face!
You should be heroic striking A LOT. This is a great rage dump and Heroic Stike generates a significant amount of threat and damage. Most of the time on boss fights, rage should not be an issue and you can heroic strike whenever you want (assuming you are still following the other rules of threat generation.

Devastate, still good, but not as good as it once was.
I could be mistaken, but I thought I read that Devastate no longer gets the threat from a sunder. With this in mind, you may think about getting the glyph that puts up two sunders at a time. Devastate is still decent if you dont have other cooldowns as it hits for a decent amount and also gives you a chance to proc Sword and Board. Just because this is lower on the list doesnt mean you can let sunders fall off. Keep them up and keep your threat up.

Follow these bits of advice, and you will soon be embarrasing the low DPS on the totem pole. I hope this proves helpful to some of you warrior tanks out there. Keep on tanking.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Half Hearted Achievement Whore

I find myself very up and down about achivements. First I really want to do it....then I dont. I started on the Merrymaker ones.....then I stopped. I tried fishing for Ole Ironjaw.....then I stopped. Yesterday after Archavon I decided I wanted to try and fish up the Giant Sewer Rat pet in Underbelly. I caught about 250 fish, but still did not get the damn rat. I may try again. I may not.

I think the problem I have is that I like making money in game. I have plenty of it and dont really need for anything.....but i just want MORE. Anything I can do to make some gold. I have used my fishing and cooking skills extensively to make a killing. I can go fish for a few hours and make 1-2k gold on the AH selling the food I make with it.

I have also been constanly checking items on the AH to see what kinds of stuff people are putting up WAY too cheap. I have bought tons of herbs and resold them for profit. I have my bank alt doing this, and he has made about 2k this week just buying and reselling crap for a more appropriate price. It is amazing how that people oftem times just want to dump it off. I was buying stacks of Peacebloom for 20 silver and reselling them for 1.5 gold. Tons of other herbs I was buying stacks for under 1 gold and selling them for 5-10 gold a stack.

So far it has been like taking candy from a baby. I would be well over the 10k gold mark if I didnt find ridiculous reasons to spend money like the 1600 gold I spent on the Wyrmrest mount. I suppose if I ever get into the 50k gold range I will prbably blow some money on the Mammoth. What good is gold if you cant spend it afterall?

Archavon and Loot Drama

Last night, I log on, check my AH sales, repost anything that doest sell then log onto my Druid. Me and my buddy knock out all of the Walrus and Pirate quests over in Howling Fjorde, then while he catches up on other quests that I already completed I log over to my Warrior to check my mail again. When I log over, I notice that we have control of Wintergrasp. I take a gander in LFG and see a group that needs a tank for the 10 man version. I get an invite, we go in and destroy him. Nothing good for me dropped, so I got my two Emblems of Heroism and split.

Then I though, "Self, why dont we start up a Heroic Archavon run?" I then pick up a healer from LFG and within 30 minutes, we are full. This included two people from my friends list (Phaelia the Uber Tree from, Occeleta (my RL buddy and blogger from, and a guildy on his super duper DK.

We get rolling and to start, one of the other DKs doesnt arrive at Wintergrasp until we have cleared all the trash and sat staring at the boss for 5 minutes. For about 15 minutes while we were filling up, I stated that I was looking for DPS and an off tank so that we have two tanks. I finally fill it up, and a different DK say, "Oh im a tank too". WTF!!!!!!!!?????? I specify before the run starts that loot will be handed out by spec first. We smash Archavon despite the "tank" DK only doing 900 DPS (did I mention he had all 71 points in blood?)

Drops are mail PVP legs which go to a Shaman, Warlock T 7.5 pants who go to a priest because he asked and we had no Warlocks, DK T 7.5 gloves, which go to the DK who was extremly late to the run. The last item was DK T 7.5 DPS pants. I post for rolls, and all the DPS DKs roll and my guild wins the roll. I pass him the loot and then the tank DK rolls afterwards (a roll that would have won). He get all butthurt that he didnt get the pants despite the fact that a) it would be offspec for him, and b) He did not even bother rolling until after I had passed the pants to the winner. Then some of the noobs started saying I ninja looted it to him and that I should be reported.

They can report me all they want. The only thing that the tank DK earned was a trip to my ignore list for being a retard. Afterwards, the Hunter who led the run in DPS whispered to LOL at the DK tank who only did 900 DPS and his crappy spec. For a reference, I did almost 1400 dps despite the times that Archavon goes and picks me up. I looked at the DK's breakdown of attacks. It was 40 percent autoattack. The next highest was like 14 percent Death Coil.

You can just about PUG anything these days. I may not reccomend leading one because of crap like this. Failknights are everywhere, so be on the lookout.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enti's Quenched Sword

For those of you who dont know, this has apparently become the best 19 bracket 2 hander in the game. The item says it does less that 1 dps on the tooltip, but has a hidden damage on it. I have read stories of level 4 Paladins beating level 20 toons in duels with this weapon.

It is a gray item level 200 item that drops off of the big elite Giant outside of Windergarrde Keep in Dragonsblight. This item would be a great idea if you want a twink or even to sell it. It have seen it advertised in trade chat with Crusader on it.

Pick this item up for some easy profit before it goes and gets nerfed. It apparently has a 40 percent chance to drop, so go get it.

How I hate you Dalaran

Not because I actually hate Dalaran. It is more because I sometimes cant log in due to my internet. I know it isnt the computer as it is brand new. I try to log in on Darraxus, who is my only toon in Dalaran. It gets to the end of the loading screen then DCs me from the server....WTF? I could not log into him at all yesterday to check my mail. I could log into all my other non Dalaran toons. Anybody else having this problem?

Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to a RL friend who started blogging about WoW (again). If you have a chance, give him a shout and a comment at

Anyways, happy hunting to you guys.

Edit: I may have foung a solution to my problem. Apparently Quest Helper has caused some problems when trying to log into Dalaran. Hopefully that helps.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Sorry about the long layoff. I had a 5 day vacation and spent much of it playin WoW. I did A LOT, so Im gonna break it down point by point.

Vault of Archavon (10 man): I main tanked my first 10 man vault. Wow was this fight easy. Tank and spank. For my troubles, I got my Hateful Gladiator Gloves as I was the only one who could wear them.

Heroic Obsidian Sanctum (25 Man): I pugged this one and it went very well. We two shotted the boss and I got the hawt tanking legs that he drops! Sartharion is pretty easy with no drakes up. I imagine he would be a pain in the ass with the drakes still up.

Heroic Vault of Archavon (25 man): Once again a pug, and once again easy mode. The only difference seemed to be that you need more people to not be dumb and stand in stuff. Tanks were me and another prot warrior. My T 7.5 gloves dropped and I won the roll!

Heroic Naxxramas (25 man): Once again, you guessed it. A pug. We went in and one shotted the Arachnid Wing. I got the some awesome tanking shoulders off of Anub'Rehkan. I finally got to wipe that achievement off of my list.

Next up was the Plague wing. No problems on Noth, another one shot. Got to Heigan, and 15 retards promptly died in the first flame spout. We 10 manned him the rest of the way and one shotted him in over 13 minutes lol. We finished the wing with another one shot and were off to the Millitary Wing.

The Millitary wing went pretty well. It took the priests a few tries to get the mind control down, but we ended up 3 shotting Instructor Razuvious. We one shotted the next boss and were off to the 4 horsemen. We wiped a few times due to people dying in the back and getting us AOEd to death and called it for the night. We came back the next night and 2 shotted the horsemen.

Next we went and tried Patchwerk, but that was just not happening. The healers just werent able to keep us up during the hateful strikes. I will most likely run with this same pug again next week for all of the loot. I am hoping for a bracers upgrade since I am still wearing my level 70 badge bracers.

In other loot news, I picked up the Emblem of Heroism tanking belt. I ran all of two heroics on my 5 days off. I was too busy raiding and other such stuff!

Fiance now playing WoW!!!!!!: I got my fiance to play again and she is really enjoying it. Our RAF bonus still applied as she had not yet upgraded her account to the full account. First, I ran her thru Deadmines and Stockades a bunch of times. Then I logged onto another account and ran both of us thru stockades a bunch of times. This is where I taught her about aggro. If you get to close you die lol. After several trips thru this, I ran us thru the Scarlet Monastery a bunch of times. She decided she wanted to actually help, so then we went to STV to quest. She is a resto druid, and she healed me when needed and helped DPS when not. It went very smoothly and she had a lot of fun. I also turned her onto herbalism for if she want to play when I am not around.

I absolutely love playing the game with her. It is all very new and she does some of the cutest things. Every time she aggroes something, I here her gasp in surprise. She also get great enjoyment and laughs a lot while playing the game. Like when she sees me running by with a long sting of baddies in tow. I cant help it that my pink gnome mohawk looks so damn delicious to those tigers!

She also gets mad when someone else picks a herb she was heading towards. She asked me if she could report them for stealing her herb and being mean.

Overall, I had a great week in WoW. I made a bunch of money with various little ventures, blew 1600 on the Red Drake from Wyrmrest, and ground the last of my Argent Dawn rep to exalted. I ran Strat roughly 10 times and did not see the Baron Mount. Next up is Argent Crusade rep to get my Argent Champion title.