Thursday, August 22, 2013

D3 Expansion Announced!

Diablo 3 has announced their next expansion, and it looks good! It will be called Reaper of Souls and the main boss looks to be a fallen Angel (I think from D2). There will be a new class (The Crusader) who will be a mid ranged melee class with a shield and one hander. It will apparently be similar to the Paladin class in D2. The level cap will be raised to 70. I am not incredibly happy about a cap raise, but hey, I deal with it in WoW. Paragon levels are going to be shared, and there will no longer be a cap on paragon levels. You will also get to allocate stat points based on your Paragon level. There will also be enchanting of gear and transmog. WOOT. Another favorite is that they will have smart loot. Loot has a greated chance to drop for the class you are actually playing, and the stats should be better too. They are looking to have less drops, but more useful drops. I for one, cannot wait as D3 has been mostly stale for me. You can check out the video on youtube!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Adventures of Musashi and Splody

So, first of all, I am sorry for the format. For some reason, I am unable to write anything under the compose side and have to write everything on the HTML side. Sorry for the block of text. So, my wife and I have been leveling my Monk (Musashi) with her Mage (Splody). I am not sure how that name was even available for her, but it is awesome. Unfortunately, leveling is not very even considering that I get and extra 50 percent to quest and kill XP. Over the last two days, we have managed to go from 80 up to 84. I am currently aout 80 percent to 85 while she is just starting the level. We plan on doing Twilight Highlands tonight to make that final push into Pandaria content. I has been quite nice and very quick. I love having a leveling partner when I can. I have been playing in tank spec and my wife is in frost spec. I have a bunch of 85 characters to level, but my wife only has one other one that she does not seem incredibly keen to level, and that is her Rogue. I wonder what she will choose next. I am actually surprised that she has not really ever played much as a Warlock before. I imagine that she will make one, although she cant make a Pandaren Warlock if I remember correctly.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

EA Humble Bundle has an amazing deal going on right now to get a ton of great EA titles for super cheap. Head on over and check it out. I got 9 games for 5 dollars.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New WoW Expansion?

Apparently, Blizzard trademarked "The Dark Below", which I think will be the next WoW expansion. Perhaps this one is going to be another battle with the Old Gods and we need the help of the Titans to defeat them?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Leveling Up the Other Toons

With the news that they are going to be taking reputation requirements off of gear, moving old epics to justice points, and reducing the number of JP needed for blue items by 75 percent, I have decided to start leveling up some of my other characters. A few days back, I got my Shaman to level 90 and I am currently working on my Hunter. He is at 87 and I plan to level him with my friend's Druid. One of the few things that has held me back from really wanting to level other toons is the dumb ass reputation grind. I already did it on my Warrior. I dont want to do it on other characters just so that I can get gear. That is the reason why only two of my characters can even run LFR raids. Leveling the rest of my characters will also be nice to see what classes I really enjoy during this expansion. My Pandaren Monk is at level 80, and I will be waiting for my wife's mage to reach level 80 to level with her the rest of the way. She is at 72 or so currently. We have been slacking off on our Horde characters lately because unfortunately we only have one working computer until a bit later this week. The power supply burned out on my wife's computer, which caused the hard drive to go out. Unforunately, that meant that we had to buy a new HD and a new OS for her computer. And the fan went out on my graphics card, so I had to get a new one of those. When it rains, it fricking poors. I think that I may get into exploding some stuff on Diablo 3 soon as well. I like to play that game for a bit, then take a good amount of time off from it. It is fun for smashing stuff up, but it get quite frustrating when they dont come out with any new or exciting content....ever. So, that is what I have been up to for the most part.