Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day Z Standalone

Hello there! Long time no post!

Well, I used to post at work, but unfortunately, there was something weird with the browser that caused it to show up in a giant block of text. Not good!

Then, the website got blocked. Dang it!

I am back! Well, I dont know how often I will post, but here is one about the Day Z standalone, which is currently in alpha and can be purchased on steam.

I have played a decent amount over the last few days, and so far, I like it better than the mod. Things are a bit more scarce, but it makes the items you find that much more important.

I have yet to be killed by another player as I generally avoid them as much as I can. I did group up with some folks from reddit, and ran around until I apparently died of starvation.  They must have patched the food and drink because I am not getting constantly spammed to eat and drink now.

I myself have died several times at the hands of zombies. If you have anything less than an axe, they are quite difficult to kill. I did finally get a fire axe, and I have not died since.

I have also killed two people I must confess. The first was a guy who was in the firehouse in Elektro searching a body. I was taking no chances and axed him some questions. Axed him. Axed. He asked "Why man????" over coms and I felt kind of bad.

The next guy I found running around actually asked for me to kill him for whatever reason. Maybe he did not care for his spawn point or something.

So far, I have been mostly hitting up small towns for supplies. I have plent of food and drink, and ever a med kit. Things are looking decent.

So far so good. Obviously, it is in alpha and has a lot of things they are going to need to iron out. Overall, it is a good start though.