Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend That Was

This weekend saw a decent amount of playtime, but in a different capacity than normal.

Obviously we did the Childrens week quests on Sunday. I am now done getting all of the pets. I can do the Northrend one to get the biscuits should I feel like it.

Starting out the weekend in instances did not go incredibly well.

First, three of us headed to a few different pugs that kept falling apart. Horrible, horrible tanks.

Then we decided to do some regular heroics on our former lowbies.....this was as bad an idea as the pugs.

We were really off out game. We wiped three or four times on the first trash pull in Heroic Stoncore.

We ended up going to the floating instance in Uldum to try something different, but by that time, I was not in an instance mood and we left the instance.

We did however do something incredibly fun for the rest of the evening. We played paid hide and seek.

Someone hid. Then everyone else tries to find them. One of the rules is no /targeting for the person.

There were some funny moments where I would see people looking for me several times before they would actually find me. We laughed and had fun. We also got to see Stormwind in a whole different way. I think next time we should try Darnassus.

I also did a lot of random instances with one of my friends for valor and justice points. Most of these were done on my Shaman, Paladin, and Warlock. I still hate Warlock DPS.

The funny part about these randoms is that he ended up taking his Warrior, Hunter, and Shaman. All of them could use some drops. These drops all dropped.....only on the wrong characters lol. Hunter saw tank gear, Warrior and Shaman saw Hunter gear.

That was my weekend.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm)

There are several thing I miss from before Cataclysm.

Number one is the number of online friends that I have lost touch with over the years. They moved on to something different in their lives and sometimes I wonder how they are doing.

There are several players that I would like to hear from again. Lon was a player who really got me into running dungeons. He was the ultimate alt guy when leveling alts to max level was really time consuming. At level 60, he had a max level Druid, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, and Priest. I did not get a second max level character until BC.

I miss the late night runs with Melnoch, Sohlam, Shielofyre, Cicela etc. I still keep in touch of all of those players, but they are mostly playing other games at this point.

I miss the way Dungeons felt in Wrath. I found the chain pull aoe fests to be fun. It was not serious business. It was something to do because you enjoyed it and could do a run in 30 minutes.

There are things that you will always "miss" a little bit about games. The one thing you will miss most of all is the people that disappear forever (often without warning).

Thankfully, I have a great group of friends to run stuff with and hang out on vent with, otherwise, WoW could be a desolate place.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fits Like a Glove and Thinking of Trying Holy (Priest)

Last night I decided that I was going to go heal some of the newer Heroics on my Druid as I had not done so in a while. I was also only 150 VP from getting a shiny new helmet. Well, I ended up getting a nice belt upgrade as well. Woohoo. I transmogged the helmet to the T2 Bullwinkle Helm.

One thing I noticed was just how easy healing as my Druid is. It has long been my favorite healing class, but last night just confirmed it. I love putting HoTs on people rather than spamming big direct heals.

It was a friends first time through the first two new instances (still has not yet done the third one). He had basically not really played much for the better part of a year (if not longer), so he was rocking mostly 333 blue gear.

I bought him a bunch of PvP pieces to help get him into the instances. He got a decent number of other upgrades in those two instances as well.

The ease in which I was able to heal with my Druid made me wonder....why does healing as a Disc Priest seem to take up so much more mana? My sister suggested that is may be because Disc priests are more single target healers and having to spam heals on multiple targets with no real good AOE heals on a short cooldown uses a bunch of mana.

This got me thinking of trying Holy. I have never played Holy before. I dont think it would be terribly hard to learn. Just need to go online and look up healing rotations etc. Holy will replace the Shadow Spec that I have not used since around level 40ish.

Do you have a favorite Priest healing spec? What is it and why?

Day 15 – Your desktop background (on your computer) and why you chose it

My computer background is a picture of my wife from our wedding day.

I chose it because I love my wife and she is the most people person in the world to me.

Sometimes my wife thinks it is funny to put up a ridiculous desktop when I am not paying attention, but it always ends up going back to a picture of my lovely wife.

That is all.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 14 – This upsets you

Well, there are a number of things that upset me in WoW.

People at max level who have done zero research on their characters (this include things such as just reading the talents and tooltips on your characters). Most people in game know someone that can help them out. Just ask them. Please. For your own good and the good of everyone you run with.

Another thing that annoys me is random AFKs in pugs without saying something.

I had both of these things come into play with a couple of pugs recently.

First, there was a Hunter who was apparently AFK after the first trashpack. Never said anything. We killed the first boss while the Hunter was not even there. I think he ended up leaving after the first boss (or maybe was kicked, I am not sure).

In another instance, there were too instances of goobertastic awesomeness. And they were both DPS warriors.

The first warrior was not great. Did like 6-8k DPS, which while somewhat low, was fine because the other DPS was well above that. Well, he died on a trash pack. I rez. I rez again. The dude went AFK. VOTE KICK!

So, we get a second DPS warrior as his replacement. He comes in and we start the second boss (we are in the third Twilight Instance). He then proceeds to do 3500 dps. Really. He was also wearing a leather helmet.....VOTE KICK.

Now that I think of it, there are loads of things that annoy me. I wont bother going into all of them, but they also include.

- Tanks who dont let healers get mana
- Tanks who chain pull when it is above the capability of the healer
- Tanks and Healers who have a sense of entitlement

So. Those are some of the things that "upset" me.

You can add to that:

- Spam in trade chat (includes ANAL, Chuck Norris, Murlocks, etc.)
- Racism
- Dead Baby Jokes in my pug (yes, this happened the other day)

Also, people who seam to be standing in the same spot all the time for no particular reason....or people sitting afk showing off their mount or whatever shit they got recently.

There is one guy named Dinec on my server. He sits in front of the AH for hours at a time AFK. Just sitting there on his white plainstrider......AFK. Is he just grinding /played or what? may as well just mark me down for hating everything. There. Now fuck off :p

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Ok, so back to the 20 days of blogging bit.

As far as bloggers I admire, you should just got take a look at my blogroll.

As far as players go, it definately has to go to my close group of friends (and especially my wife).

My wife once upon a time hated WoW. It was one of out biggest fighting points. Now it is something that we can do together.

She used to be afraid to run things on her own. Now she is not. She has gone from complete noob to having three level 85 characters. I admire that she stuck it out and kept on plugging along.

She has become much more comfortable in game with rotations and gearing etc. She does ask me if things are upgrades still, but I think it is just because I am the safety net and can validate what she already knows.

Some day, I will hopefully get her to write a blog post!

Adversity Breeds Unity (Thanks Rohan!)

Last night, we ran a couple of Heroics as a group. The first group was three of out Formerly known as Lowbies group (Thrasos the Warrior, Beathe the Hunter, my Wife on her Rogue Mowglie). There was also me tanking on Darraxus and my sister healing on her Paladin Vordan.

We basically fudged the ilvl requirement by picking up some PvP gear. We figured we would give the first instance (End Time) a shot. It was certainly a team building exercise.

 The first boss we got was Jaina. Most of the problems we had on this boss was that the trash is a real bitch. Our DPS was low (to be expected), but people did not stand in stuff and we took her down in one shot.

The second boss we got was Tyrande. We ended up wiping twice on this boss and taking her down on the third try. The third boss was especially frustrating, but an epic end made up for it. We ended up wiping around 5 times, with a couple of wipes having him at around 200k health. On the final attempt on that boss, we were doing pretty well....except poor Beathe who died before every single hourglass. It had become a bit of a running joke in the group.

Well, we pop the last hour glass and are on the home stretch. In the 500k range, I go down. NOOOOO. GO GO GO DPS!!!!! My wife gets killed on her Rogue. Thrasos (who is now on his Hunter main Grimir for the DPS boost goes down). That leaves Beathe and my sister healing. Beathe who spent much of the fight admiring the ground. Well, she managed to kite around a bit and took down the boss! Good god that was close. My wife got a shiny new dagger. Sadly for Thrasos, the tank chest dropped while he was in there on his Hunter.

After this, we got the entire Lowbie group back together for a regular Heroic and got Throne of Winds or whatever the fuck it is called. These fights once again took the trial and error for us to take them down. On the first boss, we wiped once before taking him down. When he went down, our tank had just died. Whew. Another close one. The AOE damage on that guy is a bitch.

We moved on, and despite some teeth clenching moments with the trash that drops hurricanes everywhere, we made it to the second boss. We ended up wiping once before taking him down. Poor wife died both times as I was in triage mode trying to conserve a bit of mana and was in the damn debuff zone both times.

Lastly, we got to our old nemesis. The static cling boss. He was a real son of a bitch for us back in the day. We ended up wiping once before taking him down. The second time felt fairly easy with nobody dying. At out current overall gear levels, the old Heroics actually feel somewhat challenging....which I dont really mind. I had more fun doing those intstances last night than I do just face rolling through them. We worked on good CC and playing out classes properly. Adversity breeds unity.

On a side note....what the fuck is wrong with blogger. All of my posts show up in giant blobs now instead on split up like I type it (THANKS TO ROHAN, THIS HAS BEEN FIXED!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, there was quite a lot of stuff going on this weekend. First, there was the Diablo 3 open Beta, which meant that my wife and another friend got the chance to try out the game. So far so good. Smashing and looting is a game that almost anyone can enjoy. I am super pumped for the release of D3. Second, we got our Toons Formerly Know as Lowbies up to level 85. While most everyone was busy, I purchased some PvP gear and a few epics to get into the new Heroics. A few hours later, I was nearly decked out in Epics. So easy. Then, the cherry on top for the group was that we got to run our first Heroic together....and man am I glad I got that gear. We got Heroic Throne of Tides, which went very well. We only had two wipes (one on the explody purple guys, which out mage discovered he could spell steal), and one on the last boss. T The last boss of that instance is still a bitch. No me gusta. I had so many bad memories of that fight from the beginning of Cataclysm. On another note, I got new graphic cards for mine and my wife's computer this weekend. My wife is amazed at all of the fancy graphics in WoW that she never got a chance to see. She was particularly impressed at the rain falling on a body of water in Stranglethorn. I noticed a huge difference in D3 on my computer. Everything looks so much more Crisp. I actually noticed that blood splatters across your body as you hack shit up/ Overall, it was a pretty good weekend.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Diablo 3 OPEN DEMO...errrr....BETA this weeked

You can play the demo this weekend. I mean the Beta. Damn it. You can try out all of the classes, but can only play part of the first act and up to level 13. YIPEE! Give it a shot. It is loads of fun.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Adventures of the Toons Formerly Known as Lowbies

Well, we are almost there.

Out group of formerly lowbies is in the home stretch to 85.

My wife and I spent a bit of time yesterday getting out toons to 84 so that we could do the upper level Cata regular dungeons. We are sick of running Throne of Tides etc.

Next up on our agenda is the unfortunately named CoC. Or Crucible of Carnage if you will.

It is one of those dirty inside jokes for out little group.

"Pretty soon we will be doing thr CoC"
"I cant wait for the CoC"

You get the picture.

The other inside joke is about our mage's mana strudles. It has to do with the fact that he appears to summon them from his crotch. DICK CHEESE MANA STRUDLES ANYONE?

Yeah, I never said we were classy.

Soon we will be 85 and probably doing a few heroics. The only problem is that I dont have any more slots for low level characters.

I have 7 85s, an 84, an 82, and a 77. WAHHHHHHH. WTB MORE CHARACTER SLOTS!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diablo Beta (Now with Starter Addition)

Apparently, even if you were not able to get into the Beta, you can still play a starter addition of the beta....whatever that means.

All characters were deleted in the most recent patch.

I have one huge issues with the Beta at this point. The fact that it is more like the D3 demo. Sure you can try out all of the classes, but you can only get to level 13 and you can only play the first part of the first act.

Being that the beta is going to be ending soon, shouldnt you be able to test more? Does Blizzard get what they need in this small sample size? Is this just a generic beta to appease the masses while other are getting to play the real beta?

I am excited for the game to come out, and the beta has given me a very good idea of what to expect, but why are they calling it a beta when it plays like a damn demo?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wifey Makes Me Proud. Sticking Up for Yourself.

As I have let it be known before, my wife was always very nervous to play with other people in WoW. Especially in an instance setting.

She was scared that she would not be good enough and that people would be mean to her. The second part was definately a valid point.

So, I was proud to see her doing instances all by herself on her new low level character (another Druid).

I was even more proud that she stuck it out in a shitty group and stood up for herself when dipshits lashed out.

First of all, it was a Wailing Caverns run.....that took over an hour. This is not the Vanilla version of WC. It should not be taking more than 30 or so minutes to clear on average.

The tank got lost a bunch of times (which can happen). The Healer fell off of a ledge and got lost. No complaints from my wife.

As they ran thru the dungeon, my wife actually ended up passing on several upgrades so that the healer could have it.

When they got to one of the bosses, she rolled need on a huge upgrade that happened to have some spirit on it. The tank and healer threw a fit over it, calling her "Dumb Druid".

Instead of quitting in tears (which may well have happened a year or two ago), she just brought up the fact that it was a big upgrade and that the Healer had already received 4 upgrades in the instance. When they persisted, she LOLed at them for complaining over low level loot and left the dungeon.

She passed her first test of rude pugs with flying colors. It makes me quite proud.

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

Well, this varies from day to day, but is mostly the same.

After work, I get home and usually log onto WoW.

I repost any expired auctions as well as cancelling and reposting my gems.

Then I decided what I want to do from there. If all of my friends are online, we will run something together. Often times it is an instance, but last night we went into Uldum.

Lately, I have also been playing a decent amount of Diablo 3. While I am doing that, my wife will usually be playing on one of her varios WoW characters.

Sometimes I get the first shooter bug and play some MW3.

It really depends on my mood, but I think around 80 percent of my gaming time is spent in WoW.

Diablo 3 Auction House: First Impressions

Well, so far I have only used the Auctionhouse one time.

So far, not great.

It is actually quite clunky at this point, and unless they change some things before release, the lack of addons is going to make things extra rough.

You can search by specific item type and by strength level (rare etc.), but the sorting is not great. I had a hard time doing an individual search for items.

I was also annoyed that you could not sort the auctions you were searching by bid price or time left on the auction. Only by DPS (on weapons) and buyout amount.

Another odd thing is that it shows a bunch of expired auctions. I am not sure what the purpose of this is.

Anyways, the AH seems will not stop me from using it, but there it is.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Diablo 3 Beta!

Before I get to talk about D3, I wanted to link to my buddies post.

Indecisive Gamer

Something we often do before or during instances in our group of friends is a dance party. They are nice and colorful now thanks to marker flags.

Now, on to Diablo 3.

I would like to say it is good, but I wont. It is fucking awesome.

I loved Diablo, but never go around to D2. It has really been that long since I got in some good hack n slash action. This game is outstanding. It makes no is all about loot and causing zombies and demons to die a grizzly death.

The only gripe I really had so far was that it feels like more of a demo as you can only do Act 1 and get to level 13 on any given character.

So far, I have played the Barbarian to 10, the Monk to 8, and the Wizard and Demon Hunter to 3 and 2 respectively.

The locals are awesome, the randon generated mini dungeons are awesome, and frantically clicking everything is awesome.

So far, all of the classes seem pretty cool. I know I am going to be a Barbarian at release, though I will likely play all of the classes.

The crafting system is incredibly easy and I like it that way.

I did not bother with the AH, but will probably check it out at some point.

Those are my first impressions. Lots and lots of fun.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

Hmmm. Everyone has bad habits and flaws I suppose.

I guess my biggest bad habit in WoW is that I can be incredibly impatient with people who I dont know (pugs).

Due to the many craptastic pugs I have been in, I am quite quick with the vote kick button.

I do not discriminate against who I will kick. Tank cant keep aggro....kicked. Healer cant keep up the tank due to him being a bot....kicked. DPS doing half the dps of the second to last DPS....kicked.

I honestly just dont have patience for it. Now if someone comes into the dungeon and says they are new or whatever, then I will be more patient with them.

If they are an asshat....kicked. If they cant spell for shit.....kicked.

Like I patience is low in Pugs. Big whoop wanna fight about it?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites

Well, if we are including all websites and blogs then I have a few.

Obviously, many of the WoW blogs I really enjoy are on the right hand side of my page.

One is a RL friend who has recently gotten back into blogging for the third time:

An old school Paladin Blog:

Blessing of Kings

The Ancient Gaming Noob, who is not really posting about WoW, but is a very fun writer and makes me want to play Eve.

Two new blogs that I really enjoy are Brave Tank and Aresenic and Old Mooncloth

The Consortium Forums are a go to for gold making (I am also a wind trader over there).

Other than that, I enjoy an assortment of sports sites.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 09 – Your first blog post

Well, my first post was just an introduction.

Well, this is my first ever blog. I will be mostly posting on WoW topics but I may throw in some real life stuff at the same time. I play on the Scarlet Crusade Server (RP server FTW) as a Dwarf Warrior (Darraxus), Human Warlock (Theladon), and a Dranei Pally (Zurlock).

I dont really know how to explain my guild, which is called Reborn. We are kinda a casual hardcore raiding guild lol. We are 5/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, and have the first two down in Hyjal. The reason I say casual hardcore is that we generally raid 6 days a week (including a kara and ZA), but we usually set a 3 hour limit for out raids due to people having a real life, not to mention significant others who probably hate this game.

I raid on my warrior, generally in an offtank role. I dont really raid as much as I would like, but I have more or less gotten back into it since the GF has night time summer classes at the college. She hates WoW with a passion (although it has relented a little bit since I started her a Night Elf Huntard).

Her Huntard is named Snuglewugle. She pushed really hard to get to level 10 so that she could get her first pet. She tamed a crab and named him Ohnoheididnt. She also claps for her crab every time it kills something and is usually overfeeding it because she doesnt want it mad at her.

Anyways, this is my blog about WoW as I usually have some free time at work. I will be talking about Raiding, PVP, and all that other fun stuff. I decided to start this blog after reading all the wonderful blogs from people like BRK and TJ. It is nice to share you WoW adventures

So, that is my first post. I will go over some of the differences now and then.

1) I still play on Scarlet Crusade. Darraxus, Theladon, and Zurlock are all level 85. Darraxus is still my main, Theladon is basically and Enchanter rather than my PvP toon, and Zurlock is Ret/Prot instead of Holy. Since then I have added 85 Druid (Rootmender), 85 Hunter (Durothos), 85 Shaman (Jaegrmeister), 85 DK (Deathgorger), 82 Priest (Schenker), 82 Mage (Crispee), and 75 Rogue (Woogle, who doubles as my main banker).

2) I am no longer in Reborn, and I no longer raid. Reborn dissolved at the beginning of Wrath due to not enough people at cap to start raiding. I raided part time thru Wrath with my current guild Meleestorm. I have not done a single raid this expansion outside of Tol Barad.

3) My then GF has since become my wife and she no longer hates WoW. She actually really enjoys it now. This took a significant amount of work, but it has certainly been worth it. She will even play and level characters on her own. She deleted Snuglewugle long ago and now has an 85 Boomkin and 85 Ret Pally. She also has an 82ish Rogue and a level 67 Hunter (her third hunter, and second to reach the 60s). She mainly loves collecting pets and running instances with out friends.

The two blogs I mentioned at the end are a)defunct or b) not blogging about WoW anymore. I have since found many other enjoyable blogs to follow.

So that is my first post, and what has changed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Level Flurry!

No...not fury. Flurry. As in a lot of it very quickly.

I have been helping my wife try to get to 60 on her mage before the end of Noblegarden. It should not be a problem at all considering she has gained 16 levels over the last two days and is about a bubble from 46.

My friends and I have been questing together on my wife's mage and his Warlock.

This is being done through a combo of questing and dungeons. I queue us up for a dungeon that still has quests available and then we run around doing quests. Pretty simple.

The bad part is that we have gotten a couple of terrible groups in instances.

Paladin tanks at low levels are super OP. They also dont pay any attention to what the healer or anyone else is doing. Healer out of mana...PULL MORE. Healer sitting and drinking....PULL MORE. Healer afk on the phone...PULL MOBS AND A BOSS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!

Seriously. I know these dungeons are easy, but tanks really need to judge if what they are doing is sustainable by the entire group.

Speaking of bad tanks.....I got into a swearing match with one over the weekend. We were the last two in an instance and I found a chest. I opened it up and there was some gold ore and a green item. I roll greed and the dumb ass tank rolls need. I asked "WTF why did you roll need". He says "Because I can". I then berated him and called him pretty much every name in the book. People dont give a shit about dungeon etiquette these days. You dont need on shit you dont need. You dont need on off spec if someone can use it on their main spec. You wouldnt act like that in real life. Dont do it in a game.

Monday, April 9, 2012


This weekend became a Noblegarden weekend. It also became a weekend where I basically played my wife's toons almost exclusively.

First, she did not want to do the Easter Eggs, but she really wanted to mount. Joy. I ended up getting 380 chocolate eggs before the mount ended up dropping out of an egg.

One of our friends got it on her 130ish egg. My sister got two mounts on two different characters within 30 eggs total. Girl luck I say.

After that, I figured I would get enough chocolates for my wife's mage (level 29) to at least pick up the Rabbit Polymorph Tome since she really likes it. Well, turns out it will not even let you purchase the damn thing unless you are level 60. Previously, you could purchase it and save it until you hit 60 (which is what I did on my mage). Well I guess there is next year.....nope, time to level up to 60.

I spent much of the day leveling up that damn mage. She now sits at level 40. 11 levels in one day with only two heirlooms seems like a pretty decent jump. I dont think we will have any issues getting the mage to 60 before Sunday.

I do not want to see another Colorful Easter Egg. Ever.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Darkmoon Faire: Grisly Trophies

Today's tip is brought to you by my wifes great idea.

This tip is for level 85 characters only. You must have unlocked the Fireland Dailes up to and including the Forlorn Spire or whatever it is called. After you do your second set of dailies, you get a quest to go into a cave and stamp out some blue runes. When you stamp out a rune, it kills a bunch of elementals that are attacking you. These will give you Grisly Trophies.

While you are standing in the rune, you take very little damage. You can stand there and build up your pile of guys until you are ready to blow it up. Continue on to each rune and do the same thing. After the final rune, abandon the quest if you do not have all 250 grisly trophies. Pick it back up, rinse and repeat until you have them all. It took us about 15 minutes with three of us in a group.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

So...this should be an interesting one.....there are several things I could put in here I suppose. Alrighty then.

1) I was once briefly homeless as a child
2) I used to be a Police Officer
3) I can be incredibly impatient. It is something that I am working on.
4) I love potatoes.....just not mashed potatoes. Something about the texture really bothers me.
5)I have sisters who are twins (not twins with me thank god).
6) I am not a fan of religion and politics. They always seem to bring around the worst in people. I follow neither.
7) I have quite a collection of pen and paper roleplaying game books that I cannot play with anybody. I still refuse to get rid of them.
8) I am a sports buff. I follow Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, and MMA. I hate soccer.
9)I am a pretty good artist despite the fact that I have not drawn much over the years. As a kid, it was one of my favorite things to do.
10) I prefer cartoons to other television. I find cartoons for the most part to be much more creative and much less annoying. I will take Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Spongebob over reality TV anytime.

Anyways, those are my things about me. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Thoughts on Mists of Pandaria Beta

So, I got into the Beta.

I did not however play that much. I will give you the impressions I got from the small amount that I did play.

I started out by creating a Pandaren Monk. Of course.

I got into the game and there were so many people in the starting area that you could not target the damn quest giver.

I logged off.

I logged on later and actually played a bit (until level 5 or so). So far I am enjoying the story and the starting area for the Pandaren.

Monk seems like it will be a fun class, but as the moment, it just seems very basic (at lower levels). I mostly just jabbed the crap out of baddies until they fell down.

I really like the roll ability. It is good fun.

Second, I copied over Darraxus and took him for a spin. I did a few quests at the beginning of Jade Forrest, and they seemed ok. Nothing ground breaking or anything.

The greatest joy I got was the talent choices you get and the new minor glyphs. The glyph of Thunderclap calls down a lightning strike!

There were two different shout glyphs that allowed me to levitate shortly after a shout and fear all critters in the area. These seem like they are going to be great.

I have now figured what I will stockpile for the patch before Pandaria as well....glyphs. There is going to be a killing made on glyphs one the changes go through.

Also, Area LOOT is awesome. I didnt even realize it was happening at first lol.

Pet Battles are not up yet. That is one of the top things I was looking forward to testing.

I dont plan on doing much in the beta outside of trying a few different things out.

What are your first thoughts?