Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

For this Friday you get the Flyest video around.

When you feel like you need a little motivation...pop this bad boy on and
you will be crane kicking the Blood Princes in no time.

This video is good for:

1) Playing to QQers after you ninja their node
2) Playing after you undercut a bunch of people on the AH
3) You are just generally kick ass

So remember.....YOU'RE THE BEST....AROUND.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Worst Person to Hack.......

Got hacked a while back. A bunch of friends on my server have a little podunk guild that we generally keep alts in. Sometimes if we decide to leave a guild on our mains, we will go back to this guild as a placeholder.

We have an Australian friends who is about as quirky as they get. He usually disappears for months on end, reappears for a month or so, then is gone again.

The dude is always broke. He literally has no money on him. When he does get a little bit, he usually spends it on frivolous shit. If he ever has more than 1k on his account, that would be considered rich for him.

Part of his problem was that he is the worst person at looting mobs EVER. We would run through instances back in BC and he would forget to loot ALL OF HIS MOBS.

He is also very AFK prone. He gets easily distracted by girlfirend/televison/pet. Kind of a scatterbrain. He once went for a 5 minute afk in Shadowlabs. That 5 minutes turned into 45, so we decided to kill him.

The priest we ran with stripped naked and ran into Blackhearts room and aggoed EVERYTHING. He then trained it back to our friends and let them eat his face. About an hour later he logged back onto vent with "I hate you guys". Roars of laughter ensued.

So, a couple of months ago, we see he characters logging on and off. He literally doesnt play some of his characters at all. We were surprised to see his level 60 warrior.....who has been 60 since vanilla when that was his main. Then his low level hunter....then it just kept cycling through his toons.

Did we report the hack? Nah. We made fun of the hacker. Every time he logged on, we mocked him mercilessly for hacking the poorest account in WoW. Not only that, but he was the only person to have zero access to the guild bank. None. Nada. Ziltch.

He would log on.....and be greated by "Ni Hao" or "Why cat no eat fruit?" and log back off.

He would log on and be greeted by "Enjoy your 100 gold idiot" and log back off.

The hack didnt take incredibly long. There probably wasnt much to sell. I also imagine that the "care package" was an upgrade for our friend.

So, for those hackers out there. Nice job. You did the impossible. You hacked an account that cost you more money in time than you actually got from the account. Impressive. Most impressive.

I know everyone knows people that have been hacked. And it sucks ass big time. This was possibly the one time it was amusing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do you do while you Blog?

I am sure that most of us are doing something else while we are blogging. For me, it is usually one of two things. I am usually blogging while reposting my auctions in the morning, or occasionally I blog on break at work.

When I am playing WoW, I am playing WoW. I would rather spend the time playing than blogging. Same goes for when I am spending time with my wife. Wife time > Blog Time.

The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with new things on a regular basis. Hence why I talk about fail pugs much of the time. That is what I have been doing lately....well pugs, not really ALL fail pugs. They are generally good, but the bad ones are the ones you remember.

So, I am going to turn this into a meme. HAHA. Got you mutherfuckers.

So, what do you do while you blog.

I choose



Jong the Illest Flypally

and Vordan the Nub

You been tagged bitches.

My Patience Grows Thin

I have become the Darth Vader of pugs. If you piss me off I am going to use the force to choke the shit out of you.

I am generally patient with people who are undergeared. They need to run the Heroics for the gear. That is fine. It is usually the overgeared twats who dont know what they are doing that make me want to punt a puppy.

For example: I got Heroic UP on my tank to pick up my two frost emblems. The group was very well geared with the healer leading the way with a 6k gearscore. He says "If I have more than 5k mana keep pulling". I pull the first group. They go down. I then go into the hallway and pull the next group. I go down. The healer is still in the other fucking room like 30 seconds after I pulled.

I didn't say anything.....I just left group. If you are going to insist on my chain pulling an instance, at least dont AFK or sit on you ass and get me killed.

Maybe I am just becoming a LFG curmudgeon. I don't know. I just want them damn Pugs OFF MY LAWN. Is that too much to ask.

Perhaps this is why I am trying to level up a Horde toon. To make the LFG really mean something to me again. I dont need the emblems bad enough to stick it out with a bunch of retards. I would rather leave and save my time.

My name is Darraxus.....and Im a fucking grump.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nomnomhealz the Mighty

Nomnom the Mighty. Well not really. He is about as resilient as a wet paper bag. And he grabs aggro like nobody's business.

Perhaps his aggro prowess is due to the fact that he is a troll in Zul'Farrak. He is walking along minding his own business when all the other trolls are like "Hey Mon, have you heard the new Bob Marley.....wait, you are not one of us." They then proceed to eat his face. I should have named him Nomnomaggro.

I thought that maybe the problem was that he was a bit low for the instance originally. It turned out that they just loved his not so pretty face. And to eat it.

On the bright side, Nomnom only managed to scare the shit out of me a few times when I though I aggroed a troll. It probably helped that he was able to equip the Whitemane Berret of Fruitiness. He looked too fabulous to scare the shit out of me.

Then I got the Voodoo Mask. Which means he looks like a fucking voodoo troll.

He still managed to die at least twice....which is a decent amount for Nomnom. His aggro whoring knows no bounds. He would keep aggro despite my Warrior hitting the mobs. He would get aggro despite my Warrior walking by the mobs first. He would get aggro if he farted in their general direction.

On a related note, I got my Warrior and Nomnomhealz to 45. Next stop will be Strat dead. I fully expect tons of deaths from Nomnom. I am thinking perhaps I should just take off his gear to make it slightly less painful.

He will probably find every Eye of Naxxramas in the instance. At the same time. While my sister is nowhere near me.

I know one thing is for sure.....don't expect to see his ass running around Zul'Aman.......ever.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prot Warrior Buffs/Nerfs

They have already announced that they are going to be changing Warbringer a bit and changing Shield slam.....again. They also say that they are going to buff Prot Warrior's sustainable dps.....they havent said how yet, but I have an idea to help.

Buff Heroic Strike and Cleave damage by 50 percent. That will help out both our single target and multi-target dps. It also shouldnt cause much trouble for PvP where those abilities are likely viewed as mana hogs better used on other abilities.

A buff to Thunderclap would not hurt either.

I really don't mind the nerf parts that much as they will not affect me. I have dont nearly zero pvp in Wrath on my warrior.

I do hope that they make the damage increase worthwhile though.....and dont keep just buffing devastate.

Warrior tanking has come a long way since sunder spam. It would be nice to have the original tanks able to put up the same kinds of numbers as the other tanking classes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


People do not know how to handle a wipe anymore. I suspect many of these people are Wrath Children and didnt play when wiping was common place and classes were not overpowered.

I am running a 25 man ToC currently. We wiped on Icehowl with like 10 percent health left. He got enraged when someone failed to move. Then several people dropped group. After one fucking wipe. Seriously. Not everything is going to be a loot blitz. Occasionally you have to work for shit. People need to either remember to old days....or learn from their elders. So, I am going to give you my most wipetastic instances of yesteryear.

1) Stratholme. Live or dead. Either was a bitch. Tons of mobs closely packed, patrolling gargoyles, and Eye of Naxxramas made this place rough. Not to mention that the bosses werent really a cakewalk. Getting mind controlled by one of the bosses sucked. The slaughterhouse could be brutal at times as well.

2) Scholomance. Also tons of mobs closely packed together. Mobs, mobs, everywhere. Mobs that summoned more mobs. Bosses that would punt your fucking face in. Pysical damage immune mobs. You name it, that instance threw it at you. Lets not forget kiting explody zombies all of the place.

3) Shadowlabs. This place was a giant piece of shit. Tough pulls with tons of mobs when you had to CC and there was no such thing as Warrior AOE tanking. LOS was the name of the game. No to mention that the bosses could be a major pain in the ass. 17 wipes on the first time I completed this instance at 70. This place was the biggest pain in the ass.

4) Shattered Halls: The gauntlet. That is all I need to say. I was a prot warrior. Doing the gauntlet. With no Shockwave or Thunderclap. Tab targeting ftl. Seriously. This place was wonderful for prot paladins. And a giant fuckfest for Warrior tanks.

What were some of you most wipetastic dungeons.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy friday everyone!

Today starts my WoW weekend which means I will be pwning some faces with some Muthafvcking Uppercuts. Or maybe not so much.

Probably more of my sister pwning faces while I loot everything to powerlevel my Horde warrior.

I will certainly have to get in my weekly raid on as many toons as possible. Thankfully that is usually as short as a Heroic.

I actually have not logged on to "play" since Monday. I have been doing auctions of course, but I have that most automated at this point. I am doing auctions while I am writing this actually.

I would really like to try and get into an ICC 10 or something. Preferably on my tank. I love seeing new shit. Oddly enough, I am most excited about the gunship battle. I know it is easy, but it just seems ridiculously fun as well.

Maybe this weekend will be the weekend I get wifey to play. The hard part is just convincing her to log on. I did a DPS test on the dummy and it was encouraging. With her fairly low gear, I was able to do over 2k dps single target and she is not even hit capped. AOE will be much better I think.

In case I didnt let it be wife is awesome. She is always good for random laughs in game and out. A bit ago she sent me an ingame email. It had a smiley face in the subject line. When opened, it said "You just lost the game." I have taught her so well..../tear.

I hope all of you blog lovers have a wonderful weekend of picking of fat loots.....and maybe even a nice juicy fail pug to write about. Have a good one!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teaching the Wife

So, my wife has a level 80 boomkin that doesnt really get played unless she is farming some herbs or something. I really want her to do instances and such with me. The problem is that she feels like she doesnt know what she is doing.

She doesnt have great gear, but in the instances that we have done, she has felt lost. Like she is just mashing buttons. Despite this, she still does around 1800 dps......and that is with still worrying about getting ever shiny.

In order to help her out, I made her a little guide. It is very simple. It basically shows stat priority for Boomkins and a single target rotation. That is all.

I am hoping that this will clarify things for her a bit and make her enjoy running high level content. The other thing she is worried about can't really be helped. She doesnt want people to think she sucks. This already puts her a level above the kind of players I have gotten into pugs with.

So, she has her little binder paper guide to fall back on if she forgets. Then it will become second nature. My hopes are that the guide, plus the incentive to get the pug pet will get her into 5 mans, which are one of my favorite things in the game.

Gogo gadget team!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Almost like RP without trying

As I said previously, I am leveling a Warrior and a throwaway priest on Alextraza. Now, I am not really one to roleplay in WoW. I loved the pen and paper games growing up, but I could never get into the RP aspect in video games.

Somehow, my throwaway priest has developed his own personality. His name is Nomnomhealz.....and he is a troll.

Not only is he a troll, but he is fucking ugly. Like pretty much as ugly as I could make him. He has some ugly blonde braided top knot thing going kinda looks like a turd. That and he is a troll. Fugly.

The two main things that kind have fleshed out this toon are:

1) Dying. He somehow finds a way to die in almost every instance. I just laugh about it now. He has that knack for pulling that extra patrol when everyone else is clear of the area.

2) Scaring the shit out of me. I dont know how many times that he has literally made me jump a little bit thinking he was a mob. It especially doesnt help when I am running ZF.

So yeah. I created the world's ugliest and most unlucky troll.

On a side note, they are both 39 now. Gained 9 more levels last night. I am leveling less than 30 minutes per level thus far.

Monday, January 18, 2010

One grind down, one to go

I did not play a whole lot of WoW this weekend as most of it was spent hanging with the wifey. The bit that I did play was with her naturally.

We continued to run Strat dead for a few reasons.

1) It is good XP.
2) My priest only had vanilla WoW for an account
3) Runecloth. My wife is trying to get her "Ridiculous". Which is her word for Mechanostriders. So yeah. A fun grind.
4)Rivendare's fucking fuck fuck deathcharger fuck fuck. Did I mention fuck.

So. We managed to get my priest and her hunter to 60. My priest is either going to rot on it's current account or be transfered to my wife's main account. We ran Strat dead about 15 times to get from level 45 to 60. Not too shabby.

Goal 3 was met on our last run. My wife hearthed back to Ironforge and turned in the rest of her cloth to get the Mechanostrider mounts. She loves those damn things for some reason.

I granted the free 30 levels to her bank toon. Thankfully he is a Gnome. She got her "Ridiculous" on his as well.

That fucking mount WILL NEVER DROP.

I have run strat dead about 56 times since it started tracking it on the achievements pane. I ran it about 100 times pre bc. I have never seen the son of a bitch drop. My sister has it....on her Alliance and her Horde pally. She got them in about 3 combined runs I think.

With that 60 level grind done, I have 30 levels left to get my Horde Warrior to 60. My sister is going to be running me through shit up until that point. Which is sweet. I dont think I could ever level another toon the standard old fashioned way. My wife says she would like to try it sometimes to see the other zones......I dont know if I can bring myself to do it though. And it would have to be on a different server. I have all of my slots filled up on Scarlet Crusade.

Now I just have to figure out who to level through outlands with her. My Rogue (who I am leaning towards) or my Mage (who she loves playing with). Decisions decisions.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I get all the best DPS..../sarcasm

So. People really don't care that they are bad. I ran with Dgsyr-Skywall. He was pretty terrible. The worst part is that he got into a Heroic FoS. I am guessing that he had his DK guildie queue them up. If your gear is bad, you are not supposed to be able to get in. And do 1100 dps. And generally not know what is going on. So, lets break down his amazingness shall we?

1) 1130 dps in Heroic FoS. Well below what you should be at in there.
2) 71 points in destruction without even having Chaos Bolt.
3) Second highest dps ability used? Hellfire......yes HELLFIRE.
4) Glyph of Syphon Life.....HE IS NOT AFFLICTION.
5) An melee DPS cloak....with Agility enchanted on it.
6) Two gems in all of his gear......1 mp5 gem, and 1 resilience gem
7) Upgraded his melee DPS neck with an mp5 neck.
8)Spirit and MP5 trinkets
9) One enchant on any of his gear.....on the melee cloak
10) He used pretty much every single spell he has as part of his rotation. Even used his wand.
11) He has the Patient title....which means many many pugs have been subjected to this.

I don't know what it is. I seem to be a magnet for bads.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First Vote Kick

I guess it was destined to happen sometime. When people are fucking terrible, I tell them. This dude just about took the cake. Paladin tank named Straighttank- Terenas . He could not tank for shit.

As a pretty well geared Paladin, he was doing a whopping 1k dps. The DK and Warrior in the group had aggro more than he did. Among his ass-hattery included pulling all of the mobs in the room with Moorabi as well as the boss himself. I managed to keep everyone alive despite his fucktardery. I asked him if he ever tanked before. No reply.

We get to the jumpy guys just before Eck. He says "Sorry for my low damage, I am leveling my axe skill". What. The. Fuck.

Do that shit on your own tard fuckcakes. I told him as much in a nicer way than I should have. "Maybe you should do that on your own time".

He replies "Maybe you should go fuck yourself"

Me: "Maybe you should learn to fucking tank."

And then I am sitting in Dalaran. Somehow, I got vote kicked. I am guessing that it is player's love of clicking yes on any kind of check.

So, feel free to harass this fuckwit if he is on your server.

Being a Noob again

One thing I have come to realize since leveling a new Warrior. I can once again be a terribad nubcake. I did not level prot on Darraxus. He was my first toon. I pretty much leveled in Noob spec. That would be a strange spattering of Arms and Fury with no rhyme or reason. Because of that (and the fact that I heroic striked my way to 60) I did not actually know what levels I got cool tanking shit.

Little did I know (\facepalm) That I had sunder for a few levels when I went into my lowbie instance to tank. I also forgot that you get Defensive Stance from a quest. I really can't believe I forgot Sunder. Perhaps it is because it really hasnt been used since BC came out with Devastate. I should remember.....remember my days back in Strat Dead when the "3 Sunder Rule" was in effect. Basically, DPS waits for three Sunders or dies a horrible death.

With raf and my sister running me through shit, I have been progressing very very quickly. I am sitting at level 30 at the moment and have been gaining roughly 10 levels a day. Once I hit 60, it will be the ole instance grind up to 80. I like instances, and this is now more viable than ever since you dont have to do any of the grunt work to get into a dungeon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Low Level Tanking = Fail

I have been leveling an Orc Warrior on the Alexstraza server with my sister. Well, she is basically running me through shit. Now I remember why. Tanking at that level (22) is terrible. Rage generation is bad, and you dont have taunt yet. Or anything else that is fun.

I got into a run in BFD, an istance that I am not at all familiar with. Tanking was non existent for the most part. I was pretty much an aggro merry-g0-round. And you know what? It didnt really matter. Nobody was in serious danger of dying until we pulled the entire room on the Murloc boss.

At level 22, there is no such thing as spamming something. I heroic strike once, and my rage is gone, gone, gone. If you are going to tank anything below level 40ish, I would suggest just going DPS and whacking stuff with a two hander. I dont even have defensive stance yet.

I love tanking. I LOVE warrior tanking. I just hate tanking as a lowbie.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can haz rambles?

So, this post is just a bit of an update on whats going on in the life of Darraxus the Hung....errr Warrior.

I stepped foot into a ToC25 attempted full clear for the first time DPS on my Paladin. I must say that I got terribly embarrased by most of the DPS. I outdid a few, but overall I was getting smoked by Rogues and DKs. Part of it may have been that I am not terribly (read: at all) familiar with most of the encounters.

We went in and one shotted the Beasts encounter. Piece of cake. I got a pair of sexy DPS bracers woot woot. The fights really arent that hard as long as people are not dumb.

Next up was Jarraxus which took us until the third try. Basically, we just needed to get the melee DPS to kill the damn Succubus bitches before the sodomized the healers. Once we did that, it was cake. We then one shotted the Faction Champions. That fight seems to be very chaotic overall, but a good amount of fun.

Next up, we two shotted the Valkyrie sluts. Dark meat and White Meat, I think they were called. They were impressed by my Judgement of Sexual Chocolate, which turned out the be the game changer.

Last, but not least we two shotted Anub. Overall, this run was ridiculously easy. I finished 9th in damage on the Anub fight, which was significantly better than most of the other fights (dying a bunch probably didn't help).

I got my second piece of loot off of Anub. It was a trophy. Now I just need to gather up some more emblems and figure out what I want to buy with it. A Druid from the raid wanted to buy it from me for 500 gold. That is like offering to buy Donald Trump's hairpiece for pocket change. It just aint worth it.

As I said previously, I have got the STD known as Altaholism. A burning desire to level other toons......thankfully the burning is not in the nether regions.

I have talked my sister into Power Leveling a Horde Warrior/Priest combo thru instances. I am still using the refer a friend so it is going very quickly. I was at 13 last night and after a few quests this morning I hit 15. I must say that I don't care for some of the Horde zones for questing. I don't like running up and down the map here there and everywhere. I also dont like Dalaran mages that can only be pulled in groups of three or more apparently. I died once and had to pull off all the stops to get that stupid quest done. WTB Heroic Throw.

I love playing a Warrior. I named this one Warrbringer. He is joined by his Priest sidekick Nomnomhealz. Together they are an unstobbable force. One of the reason I don't care to level the old fashioned way is that I loathe going back to the old days without devastate, warbringer, shield slam, and revenge. I am not keen on rend tanking I must say.

Once I hit 60, it will be off to the outlands instances where I will grind, grind, grind. I grabbed Herbalism and Inscription on my Warrior. This should help fund my new Horde on the server. Thankfully my sister gave me 200 gold and some bags....which seem to fill up incredibly fast when you are looting everything in the instance.

On a side note......I hate Ragefire Chasm. That really is a craptastic instance. Not nearly as cool as Deadmines and the whole Goonies vibe. I am currently looting the crap out of Shadowfang of my favorite instances. I hope to be moving on the SM before too long. You can get tons of level in there. Basically, SM followed by ZF, and then Strat Dead at 45 will get you to 60.

Yes, I have done this a time or two with RAF active.

My rambling is done. Back to doing something useful.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Althaholism Flaring Up.

Its like its a disease. I can go into remission for a bit, but it always seems to come back. Recently, I have found myself a little bit burned out on running Heroics. This makes my patience for said Heroics almost zero. Fucktards will cause me to leave 100 percent of the time. Shitty instances that I dont feel like running will make me abandon group and log onto something else.

So, to combat this, I have been playing alts a bit. Today, my wife and I got out Hunter/Priest combo to level 56/55 respectively. I am still wondering what to do with the priest once he hits 60. In all likelyhood, he will just never be played again. Once my wife hits 60 (and gets exalted with Gnomeregan as a Night Elf, shudder), I will begin leveling either my mage or Rogue with her.

I also started a Horde Warrior/Priest combo on my sister's Horde server. I got them to level 7 in very limited play time and an going to do my best to bribe my sister into power leveling me to 60. I dont mind the climb after that, but 1-60 is an annoying pain in the ass.

Has anyone else started to get sick of running around on your 80s and started playing with your lowbies?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Fail of the Day

Seriously, what is it with Heroic Old Kingdom and short bus DPS being put into my group?

Today.s fucktarded offender is Wickedkitty-Skywall.

One of the first things they did in the instance was face pull a mob. Nice one. Then they proceeded to pretty much be sucktastic.

Overall for the run.....672 DPS. DPS on Nadox......521. I can do that much on my level 63 rogue who doesnt even have AOE spells. Seriously. We didnt get past the first boss as we wiped. Yes wiped. Nobody apparently knows how to switch to the Guardians. Too many little adds spawned and killed the healer while they were immune to damage.

Lets break down all the ways that Wickedkitty here is a winner!

a) 63/7/1 Assasination spec.
b) Using a mace!!!
c) Tanking neck and cloak

Seriously. These are the kind of tards I end up with. How can you be so oblivious to how bad you are doing.

Me: "Nice tank neck Kitty"
Retard: "Thanks"


Now where did I put that muthafucking uppercut?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fail of the Day

I just had a failed pug on my Warlock. Not because of bad tanking or healing. Once again, it was about craptastic dps. I was in first.....with the tank coming in second. The DK was about 1300 dps behind me.....and my fail player of the day was a whopping 2k behind me.....and I was only doing 2600 dps 0_0.

Who is this half man/half amazing player you ask. It is Pointyhead-Arathor. 636 DPS for the run. And 451 on Nadox. A level 80 doing 451 dps on a boss. That is just fucking terrible. The sad thing is that he is almost in full epics. Granted they are PvP epics, but they should be good enought for 2k at least.

Oh, and the normal way to spot a fucking fail player. Every point in Arms. And a dual spec of prot that doesnt make sense. I hope he never trys to tank someting....4/0/67 spec is not the new in tanking spec.

I mean seriously. I am not picky about who I pug with....but COME ON. How fucking bad can you be. I just dont get it. Breaking down his damage on Nadox...... a whopping 42 percent white melee. 19 percent Heroic strike, 14 percent thunderclap, and a measly 10 percent whirlwind. And 1 fucking overpower. How bad can you be....seriously.

Good Pugs are like a good dump.

They can be somewhat painful at times, but once it is done, you find yourself very satisfied.

Pugs are the hot topic these days. Especially in the blogosphere. Good pugs, bad pugs, ugly pugs (queue Good, Bad, and Ugly theme song). For the most part I have generally had good experiences to be honest.....but who gives a shit about the nice competent group that cleared in 15 minutes. It is more interesting to talk about the fucktard how face pulled mobs and managed 900 dps.

I have an in-game friend. He is a very competent player. He has an 80 Warrior tank (very decent), Shammy healer (also very decent), Arcane Mage (The mad deeps yo) and his Rogue. His rogue is the guy that you end up kicking out of pugs. He is rocking all blues and a single epic. He also doesnt have a single gem in his gear or a single enchant. He is also combat spec and does 900 dps.

The group of friends I run with know how terribad he is on the rogue....but we dont really care. People dont really mind carrying a friend. It may be hypocritical, but who gives a shit. If people like you, they will put up with your suck. It probably doesnt help that he usually gets the the mobs we are killing right as they die if there are things to be skinned in the instance.

Which brings me back to actual pugs. The leveling group scene is much different than the scene at level 80. I have run into some amazingly bad nubcakes while running shit with my Rogue. DKs running around in frost presence while not tanking. Hunters sending their pet in before the tank and wondering why it died. Yeah. They have been awful for the most part.

Off on another tangent, I will now run Occulus if ever I get it as a random. Two extra emblems and a chance at the Blue Drake is sweet. I was in a group of friends in my first random Occulus after the extra loot bag was added and two of them got the drakes.

Speaking of Occulus, I left in middle of one on my Warlock because the Pally tank was terribad. First, he was not using Righteous Fury. Even thought I told him about 5 times to put it on. Second, he was using seal of command. WTF. Command is great for trash as a ret pally. Not so much for a prot pally.

Speaking of Pugs.....I got a dog IRL. It is a the most macho dog know to man. A miniature red poodle. Thats right. A fucking poodle. And it is awesome. At least it will never get shaven in completly ridiculous ways.

That is enough of my ranting and raving. Back to my normal incoherrent train of thought.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

100,000 visits!

It took quite a while, but I passed the 100k visit mark. Woohoo.

Also, if anyone want me to plug their blog, send me something witty and I will put it up here.

Sorry for the short post today, I have been very busy recently.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 8)

Thanks to Vordan for making this photo look a little bit better. Also thanks to Occeleta for the idea for this Real Azeroth Heroes.

arraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. Undergeared Overconfident Tank
(Mr. Undergeared Overconfident Tank here!)

You love the challenge of making your healer going OOM. Pulling a whole room with 24k unbuffed health is the way to go.

(This is how the big boys roll yeah!)

And just like you, I enjoy tanking it up in some randoms

(But I have about double your health man!)

So, keep chain pulling and taking ridiculous amounts of damage. You also shouldnt interrupt the Shadowcasters in OK.

( LOL Nub healer better heal me!)

So Mr. Undergeared Overconfident tank, have a Bud on me and enjoy stressing out your healers. I know when that once you have your T9, you won't look like quite a fucktard afterall.

(MR. Undergeared Overgonfident tanking GUYYYYYYYY!!!!!!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Weekend that was

I did this weekend what I have been doing for the last few weekends....instancing my ass off. Im gonna break it down old school style with some muthafucking bullet points. Because Darraxus is far to busy being delicious to have regular bullet points.

Instancing: This is the bread and butter of what I have been doing. I generally do the Frost daily and FoS on Darraxus then go about doing whatever random crap I feel like doing on my other toons. I have gotten incredibly bored with my DK and he has been mostly sitting on the back burned. I need to start gearing my Warlock again as he is still rocking several blue items and some ilvl 200 epics.

Despite the the gear, my lock ended up first in DPS and damage (damage by about 100k) in the Patchwerk weekly. Sadly, that was the only weekly this week where we did not get the "Make quick werk of him" achivement.

I have been doing a bunch of tanking on my pally as well. It really is pretty easy. I enjoy it just because I enjoy tanking, but it is still not quite as fun as my Warrior. The only difference is that I often times seem to end up first in damage in any given heroic instance. That includes beating out my sister when she went ret on her pally.

Leveling: Recently, the only leveling I have done is on my Rogue. I must say that Combat sucks ass so far. I am always towards the bottom of the damage meters in the instances and got out dpsed by my sisters little prot warrior in Slave Pens. That, and it is incredibly boring. Sinister Strike spam, slice and dice, blah blah BORING. It probably doesnt help that I have absolutely no AOE on my Rogue. WTB fan of knives plox. Once I get him to 70, I think I will level my Hunter and Rogue through instances while they are rested.

Bling Bling: I am actually making more than I am spending despite the market being pretty bare recently for purchasing herbs and ink of the sea. I am making a good chunk off of glyphs, but have also been selling the tomes recently. I have been selling at least 4 a day for 160-200 gold each. Considering the mats are about 50 gold, that is not a bad chunk of profit. I am back up to the "gold cap" over all of my toons and plan to keep on going up. I don't have anything that I "MUST" have at the moment.

And I still think LFG is one of the best things ever. Great groups are wonderful, and shitty ones make for great blog material. How was your New Years weekend?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Idiot of the Day

This award goes to Darkenhannar- Silvermoon. He rolled on and won the only thing I have been running FoS for the last two weeks for. The fucking tanking boots.

Not only did he outroll me. He also did 1300 dps for the instance. He along with his too fucktard guildies Mavras and Kaylakula the stupid ass Boomkin who stood in Melee range and added LOL after every single sentence. I actually asked him if he has an addon that adds lol at the end.

The first boss took two and a half fucking minutes. Because the fucktards didnt kill the damn souls. He was at 75 percent health when he started his fucking whirlwind thing. I couldnt make this shit up.

Back to Darkenfail. I basically called him every name in the book and told him to learn to play his fucking class. He was offended. Good. Maybe he will learn to be less of a fuckwit. Oh....and to top it off, he has 71 points in the frost tree as his off-spec. What a wonderful waste of life.

Fuck these fucking pug fucks.

Work Smarter, Not Harder


This post is a bit about my glyph selling. As most who sell glyphs know, MMO Champion crashed much of the glyph market. However, I have figured out that working smarter is better than harder. Instead of making all of the glyphs and posting them, I just look for the ones that arent currently on the AH. Then I sell them for 50 gold. Simple.

Vordan has been playing mostly on her Horde server. She says the glyphs there go from 45 gold to 300 gold...WTF? That is one jacked up economy.

On the work smarter, not harder note. Being patient is a virtue as they say. If you are selling things such as frostweave bags, dont just throw them up for 30 gold. Wait a bit and the prices will go back up during the week. Then you can make more beautiful profits.

Short post is short. Posting auctions then having lunch with Wifey. Peace out Blogsville.