Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Darraxus in Action!

My sister Vordan put up a video of us running through Heroic UP on our mains.

Here is the link to her post.

It was obviously an easy run. I am the Dwarf sprinting ahead of everyone.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Da Weekend.

Da Bears.


So, a pretty average weekend. Made a decent chunk of cash on my Horde toons though I have found that I am actually playing Darraxus a bit more and trying collecting frost emblems again. 4 more and I will be rocking a nice new pair of gloves.

The thing about Warrior tanking now....we are FUCKING AWESOME. I have yet to do less that 2500 dps in any instance on Darraxus. Only once have I been last in total damage (and not by much). This was an instance where all of the DPS were doing over 3.5 k each.

A few runs with friends I was first in total damage.

On a semi-pug weekly run that I got together, I ended up third in total damage in Naxx.

I am loving Warrior tanking more than ever. I think we are finally on the same level as Paladins for damage output. WOOHOO.

My sister frapsed a run through UP with Darraxus and her main Vordan. She will probably be posting it up before very long. I will link it up when she does.

One thing that I am remembering now is that instance runs are so much more enjoyable when done with a group of people that you actually know. I love isntances with all friends. Even if their damage sucks a bit. As long as they know what they are doing.

My next plans are to help my sister get better as a Warrior tank. She has been having a bunch of problems. This will likely be some of the focus of a future Nubcast.

Anyways, that about covers it for me. What was your weekend like?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Condolences to a Friend

One of my best RL friends and an in-game friend an blogger suffered a terrible loss recently. My condolences to Occeleta.

Show him some comment love if you can. I do not feel that it is my responsibility to speak on his loss, but any nice words would likely be appreciated.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ok, so I lied a little bit.....

I had at least a minor tinge of happiness about the last patch with all of the prot warrior changes. Then I decided to dust of Darraxus.

Yes, I dusted him off and did something instance related for the first time in about a month. I wanted to check out the beautiful new revenge.

And let me just say. I creamed my jeans.

I did a random, which ended up being Heroic UP. Darraxus can still actually use a lot of frost badges.....yes I am a slacker.

After the first several trash pulls leading up to Svala Sorrowgrave, I was rocking about 3k dps. Rocking it like a fucking hurricane. Or a paladin.

That is one of the bad things about the deep wounds spec. It really distorts the mirror when you are standing there trying to measure your epeen.

Sorrowgrave.....flys into the air with deep wounds on her....tick....50 dps.....tick 50 dps....tick 50 dps. Thats how much was being lost. She was dead before she even landed the first time.

This group was pretty much awesome. Two of the DPS were over 4k. The DK was at 4.8k. I out damaged the mage, but he was still pulling around 3k plus dps.

I basically bull rushed the isntance like a fat kid rushes a buffet.

We cleared it in no time flat. In the end even with the boss fights that are terrible for tank dps as a Warrior (Svala, Trophy room, Last Boss), I ended up rocking about 2500 dps.

22 percent of that damage was revenge!!!!

Revenge I love you. I wish I could quit you. And I hope they dont nerf you.

Darraxus is back. Kicking ass and taking names. Or at least just kicking ass.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WoW Lite

That seems to be more what I am playing these days as opposed to actual WoW. I "play" WoW usually about 3 days a week on or around the weekend. Usually it is for 2-3 hours each of those days.

For the rest of the week, I play WoW Lite. I only have about 15 minutes at a time to do anything once or twice a day. My version of WoW Lite is the Auction House.

I log on, gather up my gold and then get to work. I repost anything that happened to expire and then I do a mass cancel on my glyphs (only cancelling the ones that were undercut). This is done using QA 2.

I then go clear out my box and repost all of those glyphs also using QA 2. The longest part is of course clearing out your mail box. I have worked around that a bit by creating a very simple macro.

/console reloadui. Right in the middle of my bank toon's action bar.

It will reload your mailbox immediately, and you dont have to wait the annoying ass 30-60 seconds until the next batch.

If I am feeling REALLY adventurous, and have a bit of extra time, I try to do the JC daily on Warrbringer. Daddy needs him some recipes plox.

Limited time is a major theme for me right now. What is your WoW Lite?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Patch, WHOOPDEE DOO!!!!

As you can tell, I am not all the incredibly excited. I did not see anything that will get me playing my Alliance toons anytimes soon.

The prot Warrior changes looked plenty sexy. More stamina. HELLS YEAHS. More damage for Revenge....CAN I GET A WHUT WHUT. Improved Revenge is no longer a stun, but now hits a second target. WOOT. AOE IN DA HOUSE.

Speaking of Warriors, my Horde Warrior is now up to level 74 and sitting at 22 emblems of Heroism. I will be able to get my first sexy piece of gear by the time I hit level 80. I am still noticing that I am usually still first or second in damage in any given instance. DPS must just really be that bad. I picked up the tanking weapon from the Ragemane's flipper quest and whacked away at some Scarlet Onslaught dudes. Your weapon skill is now at 2 LOL. I ended up getting it up to about 300 or so before calling it a night.

Next level I will be able to use those delicious socketable JC trinkets....and I will be able to put delicious Stamina Dragoneyes in them. MMMMMM OP Warrior tank.

I have also been making a decent amount of coin with my inscription and jewelcrafting. I havent been selling a whole lot of rare quality gems because I don't have the proper cuts, but the uncommon ones have been selling nicely. Plus, I have stepped up my inscription on this server. Sitting at about 2k gold on my bank toon after starting at about 200. Progress is progress.

Real life is still incredibly busy. Hope all is well with you blogtastic sumofabitches.

Friday, March 19, 2010

F@#K this I am out.....

For the weekend!

Ha bet you thought I was quitting.

Me and blogging are like Brokeback Mountain....only not gay cowboys......"I wish I could quit you". Except I dont. So I guess we are nothing alike.

Fuck it.

Also, this is my 500th post. I probably should have put a bit more thought into it....but fuck it.

Not promising anything, because I was too tired to do the damn Nubcast last weekend, but perhaps this weekend. We should have a decent number of topics to cover that include:

1) Why am I so delicious

That is a topic that could take at least an hour. So yeah. Party like its 1999 and have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finding a money maker and HAX!!!!!!

As I previously posted, I spent a ton of money (3k to be exact) to get to the Northrend Jewelcrafting level on my Warrior. Now that I have got there, it is time to recoup some of that money!

On my Alliance server, green gems are not worth shit. I have found that on my Horde server you can make a nice chunk of change selling them....like selling one for the price of an entire stack of saronite good.

I was down to 250 gold yesterday. I am back up to about 750 as we speak. Most of that came from selling off my surplus that I had from leveling the profession, the items that were disenchanted for me by my sister, and of course the green gems.

On my Alliance server, I have noticed that green gem prices are super low. They really arent worth shit. Well, apparently there arent a whole lot of Jewelcrafters on my server, so the normal way of things are completly out of whack. I wanted to buy a chaceldony to do the JC Daily yesterday......not a single one on the AH. Nor was there a single stack of Cobalt Ore. This morning...still no chaceldony.....and there was a single stack of Cobalt ore for 45 gold. 22 more points in JC and I won't have to use Cobalt anymore and can switch to the much cheaper Saronite.

On a shitty note, Moparman apparently got hacked somehow. I am not sure how. He probably got key logged. Who knows. His characters got stripped and they stole everything they could. This is another instance where you wonder WTF was a hacker thinking. Moparman never has shit for gold....ever. He spends it. As soons as he can. If you want to hack someone, it probably isnt really worth all of the time to hack someone that doesnt have anything.

Hacking seems to be on the rise. Be extra careful with your accounts!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Not blocked at work...means I can post a blog. Even if it is redonculous.

So, just an update on my WoW happenings.

At this point, I have been exclusively leveling my Horde Warrior. He is currently up to level 73 and slowly getting up there.

Moparman has leveled his Horde DK to Northrend range, so we have actually been able to do some instances with three of us. Our first instance in Northrend, he did a paltry 500 dps. A few days later he was up to 800....but still not doing as much as the tank.../FLEX.

I am noticing that many of the instances seem to be getting easier for my sister to heal as well. Whether she is just more familiar with the healing style of a priest or picking up new gear, he mana pool it thanking her.

On a side note, I just power leveled Jewelcrafting on my Horde Warrior. Holy Crap on Toast there is never gems on the AH seemingly. The bad thing is that the damn thing costed me nearly 3k to power level up to the Northrend level. The last few levels before I could cut green Northrend gems were absolutely brutal.

At least the cost to level it should be made up with the gems I will be selling. And I get to equip some sextastic monster stamina gems. AHHHHH YEEAHHHHHH. That was my porno voice btw.

For my fail stort of the week, I dont really have a good one. We did have our first wipe in a few weeks. Stupid tab targeting Warlock decided to pull another 1-2 groups in the drake room of UK. This made for a crispy fried healer and an ugly wipe. This Warlock had their voidwalker out at the time...../facepalm.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been too busy with taking care of my wife and working out to be able to post as much as I would like. I have also only been playing around 6 or so hours per week, mostly crammed onto the weekend.

Anyways, how have my beatiful fellow bloggers been?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lack of Posting

Sorry folks, my site is now blocked at my job where I do most of my blogging. On top of that, I have been going to the gym and trying to live a healthier life which takes up a lot of time that I would otherwise have for other things....such as blogging.

Hopefully I will have something for you tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Depending on my schedule and my sister's we may do another nubcast tonight. If anyone is interested in hearing it, leave a comment with what you want us to talk about.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Fail is Strong with these ones

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Blocked at work again. Someone needs a Muthafvcking uppercut.

Anyways, I had very limited time yesterday and decided to do a random instance for my two emblems. My sister said she would go along and heal on her 80 to make it quicker. Thank goodness she did. Great googly moogly the dps was bad.

I was top dps. And I was top damage. Tanking.

Recount says:

Warrbringer: 869.7 DPS, 938114 damage
Random DK: 671.7 DPS, 596284 damage
Random Mage: 683.7 DPS, 516041 damage
My Sister's Holy Paladin 472.8 DPS, 405734 damage
Random Feral Druid: 433.9 DPS, 388033 damage

Yes, the tank did nearly 200 more dps and 350k damage more than the next highest DPS.

Ingvar was even better.

I did 772 dps for 36 percent of the damage
DK did 535 dps for 23 percent of the damage
Mage did 310 DPS! for 11 percent of the damage
Druid did 502 for 19 percent of the damage.

I wonder if the fact that I had an 80 along brought out all of the bads to play?

Or is it just me that is a magnet for bads?

Just like a tootsiepop, the world may never know.

That reminds me. Mr. Owl deserves a Muthafvcking uppercut.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Orc and Tauren Warriors look awesome. Possibly the most awesome looking Warriors in the game. This is probably to make up for Blood Elves.

Is it just me or is the radio more obnoxious now than ever before. Between Ludacris and the Chipmunks and Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, it is enough to make you want to put your face in a wood chipper.

Single Abstract Noun is awesome. I just wish that I could go check out the European version so I could get my daily does of Kum......not that you perv.

I wish I took more screen shots. There is not telling what kind of awesome you will pick up randomly. My sister's blog has some funny ones going on.

One of my all time favorite screenshots is of me flying across hellfire on a gryphon. I looked down and saw the Fel Reaver pwning some Mage's face.

One of my other favorites is the one where it looks like Durn the Hungerer in Nagrand is giving it to Banthar doggy style.....we know who the king out there is.

Leveling Horde as opposed to Alliance is so different....and I feel guilt killing Dwarves in the Nexus.

If you have a toon wearing spell power plate and you are not a Holy Paladin....please kill yourself now.

Moparman is a noob. I hope he read this :p

What will happen when WoW ends? As much as I enjoy the game, I don't think I will be too sad.

My milkshake brings all the nubs to mah blog.

Kelis can die in a fire as well....as long as I am not grouped with her in a raid.

Twisters do not walk alone. There is not infact a bathroom on the right....unless you are wrapped up like a douche.

Every Rose has it's Thorn, Bad Moon Rising, and Blinded by the Light all have misunderstood lyrics....see above.

They would also make pretty cool guild names.

I am a cheap bastard and Horde my gold like Scrooge McDuck.

They need to make a money swimming pool so that I can swim in it.

Who wants a MuthaFvcking Uppercut?

Mikey does.....he'll try anything.

That be all. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update

So, as you may or may not have seen, my sister and I did our podcast this weekend. I am the sexy sounding one. She is the one who apparently sounds like a little boy. Nothing incredibly important on there, just testing it out to see how it went.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent as the last several weekends were. Leveling my Horde Warrior.

Thus far, he is level 71 (half to 72, which I will probably get to tonight).

I can officially tell you that DPS can be just as bad at 70 as it is at 80. And I can also tell you that I have yet to get a group that didnt have at least one DK in it. I have also only had one group where I was actually last in DPS and damage.

While tanking, I generally do around 800-850 dps. Many of the dps I ran with were more in the 500 range. I got in one completly amazing Nexus group that was insane. There was a Paladin and a Mage both doing 1800 dps for the duration of the run. There was also a DK in there doing over 1000. Those kinds of DPS make my runs so much easier.

The bad thing is that I am leveling this Warrior through Northrend without the advantages of having level 70 raid gear. Darraxus was over 18k health unbuffed when he hit Northrend. This toon is just barely at 13k unbuffed.

So far, if my sister has been on we have quested in Borean Tundra. If not, I would head over to Howling Fjorde to do some quests. This is where I learned that the Horde get an extra dungeon quest for Utgarrde Keep.

I also more or less finished Powerleveling my Inscription. I had been sitting at around 255 Inscription for quite some time and decided to move it on up. I got it to 405 in no time flat, so now my shoulders have the shiny delicious shoulder enchant. I am thinking that I will have to powerlevel Jewelcrafting next for the sexy gems as well as the nice trinkets.

Recently, it has felt like I abandoned my Alliance toons. Mostly because I have until there is something interesting for me to do on them. Raiding is nice.....if you have the time. Which I don't. PvP makes me want to pull my hair out. I am tired of running Heroics without having any upgrades available. On top of that, I have no motivation to level my 70 Hunter. I just don't really find the class to be that fun.

Otherwise, most of the weekend was spent with Wifey. How was your weekend?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is the Nubcast

Not the greatest, but you get to hear my sexy voice. Keep in mind I was tired as shit having been up all day etc.

ENjoy. Or dont. I dont give a fuck.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tonight, I'm Gonna Have Myself a Real Good Time

Tonight, I will be doing the Podcast with my sister.

I will answer any questions asked to the best of my knowledge (which is vast and unending :P)

Leave any questions in the comments section.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guild Ethics

There has been a whole lot of talk about guilds and bloggers and said bloggers in guilds this week. It was about people from guild getting offended about being blogged about. Well, you know what I have to say about that?

Fuck em.

Yes. Fuck em. In a figurative way. Not literally. Unless you want to and they are also willing.

My stance on people getting offended by what I write is.....if you dont like it you can either

a) Not read it
b) Go eat a big fat bowl of dick

Personally, I dont blog about my guild much. I dont really run with them a whole bunch or ever socialize with them much anymore. No need to bring them up these days.

You best believe if they were being douchetastic, I would call whoever out on it.

I once had a former female guildie who found a post that refered to a run with her. She found it because she googled fail boat.....my post came up and involved her. Not by name, but she knew who she was. My response...."So?".

The thing about guilds is this. You have no obligation to them. You may like the people in your guild. You may even consider them friends. This doesnt mean you have censor yourself. If they dont like what you have to say, they can kick you.

If what you say is true about them, maybe they will realize that THEY are the ones that look like douchebags and not you.

Blogging is an outlet for many a player and person. If others don't like what you have to say......say it with me......THEY CAN EAT A BIG BOWL OF DICK.

This message brought to you by Darraxus, in support of Tamarind.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For the 5 year Olds

Is this what WoW has come to? 5 year olds.

Let me explain.

I did another pug UK yesterday on my Horde Warrior. This one was going significantly better. Part through the run, the Warlock doing 1400 dps had to leave. He was replaced by a Deathknight.

The Deathknight wasnt really anything special, and his DPS was not as bad as some I had seen, but damn. Several times, the DK would faceroll right into a bunch of mobs. It was annoying. I would grab them, but this kept happening. Then the DK asked if we could turn the loot to free for all. Huh? No. Hell no. We said as much. The DK then says "Com on guys plez?"

Being the smart ass I am, I reply "I can haz free gold ploz?".

We roll through the instance without many problems. I skip a group of mobs and wait on the stairs for the rest of the group, knowing exactly what is going to happen. Boomkin follows closely. Shaman follows closely. Paladin follows closely. Deathknight runs right up to the group we are trying to skip and face pulls. I pick it up and we warn him that one more time and he is going to get kicked.

The the DK says "Sorry guys, I had my 5 year old brother playing. I am playing now though."

Shortly after, he says "And don't talk to my brother like that."

Don't tell him that if he keeps being an idiot we are going to boot him.

To which I reply, in the classiest way possible "I will punch your fucking brother in the face."

We move on and the amazing thing....THE DKS DPS GOES DOWN.

I then ask the Deathtard if he can have his 5 year old brother play again because he does more dps.

We finish the rest of the instance without much difficulty. The fact that the DK died on Ingvar kinda goes without saying.

If you are going to let your 5 year old anything play, please have them quest or something. They generally just want to go beat up some monsters. Don't set them up for failure by putting them in an instance where they may be insulted for bad performance.

Yes, WoW is a game. Yes, kids can play it. Hello Kitty Adventure Island it aint.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Return of the Fail Pug.

Oh fail pug, how I have missed you.

I am now level 70 and in Northrend with Warrbringer the Orc Warrior. I am a tank. I like to tank shit.

Me "Lets do the random dungeon for the Emblems, Gold, and XP!"

Sister: " Great Idea!"

Well. It was not the greatest idea in the word apparently.

I was tank, she was heals. We got two mages and a DK for DPS. The trash packs went down fine. It was the DPS performance on the bosses that was terribad. The two mages were doing over 1k dps for the run......because of Blizzard.

Unfortunately, the boss was something else entirely apparently. Prince Kelleseth must have taken at least 5 minutes. Healer iceblocked 3-4 time. I was iceblocked 3-4 times. The DPS got Iceblocked a few times as well. It....took...for....ever.

I was top damage and second in DPS for that boss fight. In craptastic gear. The bottom was the mage coming in at around 400 dps. Not only did they take forever to kill the boss, they apparently dont know that you are supposed to break the iceblock. I have to continually break the iceblock off of my sister so that I wouldnt get my ass handed to me.

Trash goes by decently once again and we pull up to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. DPS IS SO FUCKING WEAK. Once again, I ended up as top damage and second dps. Once again, the mages in heirloom gear were on bottom of the pile. One was at 500. The other was under 400...again.

Trash, trash, trash. The trash was fine. Then we get to Ingvar. He shouldnt be that difficult. Unless of course DPS DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO!!!!!!

We ended up wiping twice on Ingvar. The first time, he had less than 2k health left. The second time, he had around 20k. The first attempt should have been the last. I dont know what the fuck was going on, but there were two mages still up when I went down with Ingvar at 2k health. It is like they stopped....or werent DPSing to start with. After the second wipe, I just quit group. We had already been in there for close to an hour. I didnt get my shiny emblems. All I got was a craptastic pug story.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Northrend from the Other Side

This weekend I took my Horde Warrior into Northrend for the first time. I have been through both Borean Tundra and Howling Fjorde so many times on my Alliance toons that I pretty much have that shit memorized....this is so very backwards for me.

And by backwards, I dont know which way is up. Funny how the simple relocation of quest hubs can fuck your sense of direction right up.

I got to the point where I would just have my sister lead the way. There are many of the same quests, but there are also plenty that are different.

As Alliance, I always rode by those kobolds and moths and thought......what the hell are they there for? Well, there is a big ass quest chain for the Horde. Finishing up the moth things sends you to get the nice blue weapon and 30k xp. As Alliance, you have to work hard for that weapon by fighting the vampire dude on top of the necropolis.

As Horde, that shit is handed to you on a silver fucking platter. Not that I am complaining (well that much at least).

Many of the quests are very much them same, just from different quest hubs. The Taunka'Li or whatever the buffalo dudes are called are basically the same thing as the Gnomes at Fizzcrank airstrip. They give you almost identical quests with a few different ones thrown in here and there.

One of the quests I enjoyed at the beggining of Borean Tundra was taking the Alliance traitor and giving him back. I got a Gnome....and named him Gnomeageddon. And he just didnt want to leave me apparently. Even after I gave him back and got credit for it. He was still following me around like a little puppy dog. I had to let him know "Hey, I am Darraxus.....I am not Megs. Get lost you ugly little bugger." I was actually sad when he finally got taken down to China Town by one of the shitty little kobolds.

Overall, I am making pretty decent progress through Borean Tundra. I am now about three bubbles from 70 which will be huge for a few reasons. I will get a couple of Emblems for the regular dungeon daily. I will also get all of the more powerful level 70 abilities and be able to wear some of the Cobalt shit that I picked up on the AH.

Once I hit 70, I will be getting back to tanking some instances. I enjoy tanking. I just dont enjoy tanking when there are going to be a bunch of overeager DPS running around in Heirlooms doing big time dps.

I imagine I will probably do all of the Nexus quests before I actually do my first dungeon. Better to have all of those available right at the start.

Anyways, that was pretty much my weekend in a nut shell. How was yours?