Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going Old School

Still running Direbrew and still dont have shit on my Warrior....but I have both the ram and the kodo on my Paladin. GRRRRRRRRR.

That isnt what is old school. This last weekend I grabbed a small group of friends and we decided to do some good ole fashioned smashing of raids...BC style.

Firs we wanted to do Karazhan. This instance took up almost every one of my Saturday evenings during the Burning Crusade. We got a bunch of friends together and blitzed through it. I still enjoy this instance despite how easy it is with a couple of 80s along for the ride. We blew away the instance in short time and decided to continue on.....to Gruul.

We wiped on the first attempt at Maulgar because nobody had run it since who knows when. It still wasnt the easiest of fights with 6 toons. Gruul went down easy peasy and dropped the item the personified guild loot drama in BC....the Dragonspine trophy. My guild ran that instance into the ground to get that for whoever needed it.

After taking down the big ugly Gron we decided to head over to Magtheridon. We wiped on the first attempt after not clearing all of the trash and there being way too much healing of bad guys. We took him down on the second try no problem.

After that we decided to do one more for old times sake. We headed over the Zul'Aman. I never cleared it during BC, so it was all new content for me. We blew through in no time at all and that completed our old school evening.

Sometimes the most fun things are just to hang with some friends and blast through some content you had never seen.

A good weekend despite Direbrew being a twat.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brewfest Loots

I love the new way. So far, I have gotten a remote on my Hunter, a Kodo on my Druid, and a ram on my Paladin. Of course I havent gotten shit on my main. WTB BOA rewards.

I cant complain though. I have already gotten two mounts and I imagine there are plenty who have gotten none.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That is my normal greeting to friends in WoW. I have no idea why.

So much for updating my blog more often I guess. Not to say I havent been playing WoW. In fact, I have been doing a decent amount in game.

Mostly, it has been reliving the good ole days and playing with friends. Not even really much as far as Wrath content. Mostly just beating the crap out of old instances.

I got achievements for Dire Maul, BRD, and Molten Core. I also got my Keymaster achievement. You can not call me Zuul.

Gear grinding is done for me. Cataclysm is only a few weeks off and there is no point. I am cleaning out my banks before it rolls around and everything becomes vendor trash.

Thats how Ive been rollin. How bout you?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Luck of the Dwarvish

Decided to get in on a Sarth 3D zerg on Darraxus since I had never done it. And what do you know? I won the black drake.


That is all.

Been busy moving but should be posting a bit more.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Save Gnomeregan

Gnomeregan needs you. Get out there, smash some dirty trogs and get your gnome on.

It is about time we get those dirty little squaters their house back.

For the Alliance! And for getting Gnomes out of our home towns!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Packing up my house getting ready to move....have some free time for WoW....and maintenance strikes.

Oh well.

I have gotten a few more friends to rejoin WoW, which means I can actually hang around with people I know.

Recently, I have been running some instances on my Hunter and even on my Deathknight. I would like to get each a litte better geared before Cataclysm.

Speaking of gear, I got into a VoA10 pug on my Hunter. We didnt down a boss because DPS was low. Now my Hunter isnt very geared at all. Somehow, I was still the third highest DPS in the raid.....and the Raid Leader had the nerve to complain about my gear level when I was beating several better geared DPS on the meters. That is just retarded.

I also completed Zul Gurub for the first time on Darraxus. Since they are going to be getting rid of the instance, I wanted to get the achivement....and maybe a shot at the mounts. Well, the mounts didnt drop, but we did take down Hakkar for the achievement. Myself and Occeleta died twice before we called in a healer to give us a hand.

Just counting down the days to Cataclysm.