Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Healing Heroics

Last night started with us running a Heroic where I tanked and my sister healed. It was one of the Scarlet Instances, and went well. After that, my sister had to go to bed to be up very early. We decided to continue on in the Heroics, but I did not feel like tanking as I can get mostly minimal uprades out of Heroics on my Warrior.

I decided to give my Druid a shot at healing went surprisingly well.

I think we ran 3 more Heroics, and we only had one wipe due to me dying to explody stuff and my wife having her battle rez on cooldown.

I have enjoyed the Pandaria heroics much more than the Cata Heroics is that they are much more doable with a lower gear level.

My gear is not that good. It is a combination of quest/lower instance blues, quest greens, and a lovely level 85 epic shoulder piece. I healed through all of our Heroics with crap for gear, and while it was very rough on mana, it was quite doable.

Unfortunately, I didnt get any damn upgrades.

In other news, my wife of all people because the first of our normal instance group to kill a raid boss. She killed Sha of Anger twice yesterday.....on her two level 90 Druids. She got the quest boots on both, and also got the tier pants on her main druid. Never thought I would see the day, but was quite proud of her.

My next projects in WoW are to do some dailies on my Druid (ugh), finish the reps on my Warrior (double ugh), and then level my Paladin.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Weekend of Double XP...and Monk Leveling

A large part of my weekend was spend getting double xp on BO2. Since it only comes seemingly every couple of months, I wanted to make the most of it.

I ended up going from prestige 3 level 32 to prestige 4 level 44 (or something like that). Not too shabby.

I had a lot of very good games over the weekend and even had a luck game when it game to care packages. I got the K-9 unit in one after I rerolled using my Engineer perk, then got a Warthog with the other care package I called in. I think I went 38-16 that game which is pretty decent for me.

I also go around to leveling my Monk with my wife. He Monk was at 59 and mine was sitting at 54. She mentioned questing with me, so I started blasting through levels. I was 58 in no time and we headed to outland. We did a few quests, and then Kev was nice enought to run us through some BC dungeons. I think we are both at 62 currently. Once we hit Northrend, we will probably be joining up with Kev on his Monk.

Overall, it was a fun weekend.

Friday, January 25, 2013

BO2: Double XP Weekend

Just letting all of you who play BO2 know that it is a double xp weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heroic Running Machines!

That is what we were last night. We ran four total Heroics with a group of 4 (with a switch of one person on the last one where my sister came in to heal).

Overall it was a pretty decent experience and we only ended up with one douchy healer (the first healer who was gone before the end of the instance. We were in the first part of the new Scarlet Monastery Cathedral and I am completely new there. A couple of mobs here and there would run off and hit he healer (all non elites). He told me "Tank, can you hold aggro." to which I replied...."Fuck you".

Obviously I am working on picking up all of the bazillion mobs that spawn at the start of the instance.

Then he asks my wife why she is still using a level 85 intellect trinket. Why the fuck do you think? Because she has not found a better one yet unfortunately although I may get her one of those dragonling trinkets.

He eventually "DCed" right before the second to last boss while in a trash pack. We still killed the pack and then kicked him. We finished the rest of the instance with no issues.

We also ended up running Gate of the Red Sun, Stormstout Brewery, and the one with the Mogu guy at the end who has all of the stupid ass weapons flying around.

We didnt have any wipes and mostly had minimal deaths. I much prefer the Heroics in this expansion to the ones from Cataclysm. They are significantly easier and much more accessible for people with lower gear levels.

I should probably start doing some Dailies again, but they are such a fucking pain in the ass.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Transmog and even a Heroic!

Thats right, I actually played some WoW. I have been a bit down on WoW recently as I did not feel like doing dailies, which is unfortunately what the game has mostly become.

Last week, my friend and his wife ran BWL.....and the Antlers that my wife had been trying to get on her second Druid dropped. She was sad, but we decided to run it the next day and guess what? The antlers actually dropped. She was a happy camper.

Last night we did a couple of transmog runs. We did BWL (I got my Warlock's T2 chest and Kev completed his Wrath set by getting the chest). For about the gazzillionth time, the Paladin shoulders dropped and my sister was not present at the run. That is the piece that she still need for her set.

After that, we decided to do a Molten core for some transmog pieces and specifically for the T2 pants off of Ragnaros. I think I got a piece on my Warrior.

After that, we ended up running our first random Heroic of the expansion as a (semi) group. We had four of our regular group as Fett was busy playing either Minecraft or LoL. I am decently geared as a tank and Kev has got some very good gear on his Hunter as well, doing 45-55k dps for the instance.

We got Heroic Stratholme and had quite a lot of fun. It was the first time doing the new version in either regular or Heroic and it proved quite interesting. We had a pug healer, who was a good healer with bad attention span. He died in several boss fights. Thankfully, my wife is a druid and was able to battle rez him most of the times.

There are no overly complicated fight there, and we got through it in good time. I am actually looking forward to running some more Heroics with our little group.

My wife ended up purchasing an epic ring with valor and a blue cloak with justice to add to her upgrades. I also payed 9k for a new chest piece for her.

Friday, January 18, 2013

DayZ: Namalsk

So, I downloaded a couple of the newer maps for DayZ last night and logged on briefly to give Namalsk a shot.

I didnt play for long, but I did have a terrifying game experience that I did not expect.

First of all, the server I started on gave me a rifle and a pistol as well as some other supplies.

I run around for a bit before seeing a town in the distance. For some reason, a bunch of military zombies spawn somewhat near me. I figure there is a tree stand or something.

I take a shot and miss. Meh no biggie. They dont aggro on me. I decide to explore a bit more.

Suddenly, there is some kind of monster I have never seen kicking my ass. I try to kill it, but it keep disapearring. I book it into the woods trying to get away. I keep hearing its roar even though I cannot see it. I end up losing connecting and that is that for the server. Apparently this creature is called a bloodsucker and comes from a different game.

It was certainly a big WTF moment. I wouldnt mind playing Dayz a bit, but I really dont want to do it without my friends.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Aim is bad....and Game of Thrones

We, as the first part of the title says, my aim is bad. That must be it. Whenever I play Core game modes on BO2, I usually do pretty shitty. I will get 3-4 hit markers on a guy and die. I think I am too wild sometimes with my aim. Too excitable. I do very well at Hardcore because I dont need to hit them a ton of times to kill them.

I also seem to suck in a lot of the objective based games at staying alive. I really wish they would add more Hardcore game modes.

As the second part said....GAME OF THRONES!!!!

My wife and I watched both seasons over about a 3 day period and absolutely loved it. Now I just need to pick up the books.

So far my favorite character by far is Tyrion Lannister, even though the rest of his family are a bunch of cunts.

I obviously have not read the books, but I feel like this may be the season that high fantasy really comes into play. Dragons, magic, and the undead White Walkers. Can't wait.

Friday, January 11, 2013

BO2: The FAL is beastly

Last night, I got the FAL to the level it needed to be so that I could use select fire. And it was awesome. The fire rate on it is pretty slow on full auto, but it is much better than trying to spam the left click button on semi auto. The best part is that on Hardcore, it rifle essentally kills in one it. Basically a fully auto sniper rifle.

I ended up having a couple of my best games last night where I had close to 30 kills and around 10ish deaths. I never get near 30 kills in a match usually, especially with the score ending at 75.

Overall, I quite like this weapon. Now I think I am going to have to unlock it with my next prestige so I can use it all the way through the level.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

BO2: Trying Out the FAL

I recently read that the competetive BO2 leagues were banning the use of select fire on the FAL assault rifle. Naturally, this led me to believe that it is way OP, so I decided to go on my merry way and start leveling the FAL.

What they didnt tell you is that it sucks to use in the meantime.

Don't get me wrong, the gun is quite powerful and is usually a one shot kill on Hardcore TDM. Unfortunately for me, I dont have the greatest aim in the world, and would often get killed while spamming my semi auto fire.

I had a few pretty decent games with it, but many more bad games.

I need to get the weapon to level 10 to unlock selective fire.....I am currently at level 7 on that weapon. In the meantime, my KD ratio went down by .02 last night while running around using the damn FAL.

I think that once I unlock selective fire, it will be worth it, but damn if it isnt painful in the meantime.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For those who considered The WarZ...and must read.

This is from my buddie's blog, the Idecisive Gamer. Check it out and hopefully make the right choice when it comes to your zombie shooters. Get DayZ, not The WarZ.

The Abomination that is The War Z

What makes you rage?

I find that depending on the video game, I can be very laid back or very intense. With WoW and Diablo for example, I am pretty laid back. I can get annoyed at things, but nothing really rage worthy.

Call of Duty games are another story. I dont know why, but I find that I can get pretty damn mad over those games. Getting killed, spawining and getting immediately killed again is a giant pain in the ass. No me gusta.

I think that the real reason for the rage is that I get much more competetive playing those games. I am going against other humans, and I want to win. I want to do well.

I will be the first to admit that I get way too mad sometimes while playing. At the same time, you shouldnt say "It is just a video game". If you are competetive, it doesnt matter. You wont be happy go lucky after losing a football game, or watching you favorite sports team lose. You shouldnt be happy getting your ass handed to you even if it is in a video game.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well Hello There!

I have been busy lately and not posting much, but I have been playing games. I have played a little bit of WoW, a tiny bit of D3 and a bunch of Blackops2.

In WoW, we mostly did a few transmog runs. We also did manage to do some new content which consisted of three scenarios. I have not run much of anything in WoW, and it was a bit nice to get into some kind of instance. I have not done any dailies in at least a week.

In D3, I just ran a couple of Alkeizer runs. That was all. I still like Diablo3, but it has gone down on my totem pole of games.

My newest go to game is of course BO2.

I finally finished the single player campaign which was quite good as are most of the CoD games.

I also played a metric crap ton of Multiplayer.

I ended up clearing all of my stats and starting over since it seemed as if it would take forever to get from .85 to 1.00 on my KD ratio considering how many kills I already had.

I am already up to level 30 something of the first presitge again and have a KD ratio of 1.16 currently. At this point, every .01 added on seems like an accomplishment.

I also got to play some BO2 with Kev last night and find that it was much more fun.

I was having some pretty bad games yesterday compared to the previous days, which started to get quite annoying. It seemed like I was getting killed by complete random bullshit constantly, or getting killed when I spawned.

I did end up having a very nice game on my last one of the evening with Kev. I ened up going 17-4 after starting the match 1-3. The 1-3 was particularly annoying because all three deaths happened from lucky grenade throws.

I generally only play HC TDM because I can actually take people out. It seems like I cant take someone down before they get me in regular core game modes.

What have you been playing?