Thursday, August 30, 2012

WoW: Real First Impressions

Well, things are obviously quite a bit different. The account bound mounts, pets, and acheivements are pretty cool.

The new talent trees are kinda meh. They are the same for every single spec from what I have seen. No different choices one way or another. There are some fun ones, but overall it seemed pretty meh.

I have only played my Rogue in a run through BWL. It was about the same playstyle except I now get combo points from using fan of knives. FRICKIN SWEET.

I also find that the new glyphs are quite fun. I am also selling a lot of them. One douchebag who has been in the market a long time pushed them all down to 50 gold on the second day after the patch. He is a little bitch.

My wife had fun with some of her Druid Shenanigans such as turning into an Orca and actually being able to ride mounts in Boomkin form. A Boomkin looks hilarious on some of the mounts.....well, make that all of the mounts.

I wont be able to play as much over the next few weeks (or be posting as much for that matter unless I decided to pre-write some) due to having friends come up to visit.

On an unrelated note.....I got into a game of MW3 yesterday where there were a couple of blatant ass hackers. They didnt just aimbot, they had godmode. You could not kill them. I dont know what the point of that is. How can that possibly be fun? Running around and quick scoping (terribly might I add) while being unable to die. We still beat their ass in drop zone 7500-2500. Kills dont mean shit and I always play the objective. It made for a pretty weak K/D game, but it is always satisfying beating dumb ass hackers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WoW: Patch Impressions

Haha. I dont have any yet. NEENER NEENER.

I had company yesterday, so I did not really get to do anything besides a quick posting of glyphs. A crap ton of glyphs.

I am however excited to log onto all of my characters and get all of my mounts and pets consolidated.

I am also interested in starting up some pet battles and collecting different pets.

I will get more in depth when I can actually play a bit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diablo 3: Still Somewhat of a Gear check

Last night I played a bit of D3 with my buddy. We did some of act 2 since that is where he was stuck pre-patch.

He had a lot less resist all than me and was using a two hander (we are both Barbarinos). I died about two times and he died probably close to a dozen.

What usually ended up happening is that he would have to kite one of the elite mobs around while I was killing the other 2 or 3.

I suppose that the Paragon levels will help out, but there will be a lot of dying before now and then. We cleared up through Magdha, which was further than he had gotten before.

I will most likely continue to help him through the act. He prefers to use a two hander, but the one he has does not have the most ideal stats due to it being rolled under the old system. And it is incredibly slow.

When it comes down to it, Diablo 3 is still a big ole gear check. Kinda sucks, but it is what it is.

I am about 4-5 bubbles into my first Paragon level. Woohoo!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Gaming

Well, the weekend gaming was pretty one sided in favor of Modern Warfare 3.

I have been trying for some time to get back to a 1.0 K/D ratio. I am getting quite close.

The problem was that when I first started, I was not very good. I had a .65 k/d ration as I got used to weapons as well as learning how to actually shoot instead of noob tubing.

Since then, I have become significantly better and my overall ration is now at .985. I am around 200 kills way from getting back to 1.0 and I am about 30 wins from getting back to 1.0 on that as well.

I only really play dropzone because I find it incredibly fun, and am also quite good at it.

This week my KD ratio was around 1.25 and my W/L was at 45-17. Almost every game that I played, I ended up with the top score win or lose. The only times I actually usually lose is if I get some horrendous teammates who do not know how to properly play the objective. I even lost a game where I scored over 5500 points. The next closest was around 1200 and it went down from there.

I love to run and gun.

My loadout is the P-90 with rapid fire and extended mags, Javellin Rocket, C-4, Trophy System, with the two perks that make you basically invisible and Steady Aim Pro. I will switch to other weapons sometimes it is required for the daily XP challenge.

My plan is to stick to my guns (pun intended) until I get to the last prestige then work on everything else. I think that I will use my prestige token to make it so that I can use the Trophy System from the get go. It really is very awesome for dropzone.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Diablo 3: Paragon Levels

Well, this at least seems like a nice little something to get people to continue to play at max level. It is a great idea, and over time people with a bit lesser gear should be strong enough to continue to advance.

I really like the idea....but I have not yet tried it out.

I have logged on twice with the idea of giving it a shot. The first time was patch day, and it was way too laggy.

The second day, I logged on and was just not feeling like Diablo.

I am sure that I will be trying it at some point fairly soon, but I am not sure when. D3 seems to be going to the right direction.

What are your thoughts on the new things in D3 including the buffs to seldom used abilities?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Tuesday

Last night we ran Dragonsoul and brought out biggest group so far. There were six of us total. We had a Warrior, two Paladins, a Druid, a Mage, and I was on my Hunter.

There was an extra level for me wanting to do well for a strange reason. My Hunter is still wearing a Haloween mask from last Haloween. It is the male Goblin mask and it looks ridiculous, however it has been almost a year that my Hunter has gone without dying (thank you feign death).

We ended up doing the second half of the isntance first, and wouldnt you know, we one shot everything.

Then in the first half, we do the same. It went very well. I had a couple of very close calls, but made it through.

Most of our group actually got some loot to show for it too.

My wife got a pair of bracers on her Druid.

I got a new Bow (WOOHOO) and a belt on my Hunter.

Kev got two new spell power trinkets on his mage.

Fett got several upgrades including some tier shoulders.

The only ones who did not get anything were the Paladins. I guess thats just how it goes sometimes.

I am looking forward to doing the LFR raids in MoP.

Speaking of MoP, I decided to start a new little monk just to muck around a bit. It is nice to be able to play without a huge crush of people standing on all of the quest items. I am also happy to see that the Pandaren got the shuffle as their dance, which is what I wanted them to have from the beginning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WoW: What is your "Holy Grail?"

I think I have done a topic like this before, but I can't help but think of mine.

I ran Black Temple again last night, and I have still yet to see the Bulwark of Azzinoth drop. It is rather irritating. I have seen the Cursed Vision of Sargeras at least 4-5 times, and everything else (baring the Warglaives) at least a couple of times.

I want that damn spiked car door.

Back in Vanilla WoW, it was the Dreadnaught set for T3. I knew I would never have it, but it looked so damn badass. I have always prefered the t3 version to either of the t7 versions.

In BC, it was the King's Defender. I have run Karazhan countless times and have only seen it drop a handful of times. I did finally get it, but even when I run Kara now, I rarely see it drop.

In Wrath I went back to coveting the Dreadnaught set, which I did eventually get. I also really wanted the shield from the blue dragon boss. I eventually got that as well.

Another thing I have never seen drop that I have attempted to get for ages is Rivendare's Deathcharger. I hate that fucking thing. Never seen it drop. My sister has two of them.

What items or things have been your WoW Holy Grail? A mount? Pet?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Z: A Weekend of Adventure!

I really did quite a lot of Day Z over the weekend and went all over the place. I have been playing on two accounts, so I will do a recap of one, and a more detailed explanation of the other.

On my main account, I met up with Fett, and we decided to head to Zelenogorsk. We hit a couple of small towns on the way and killed a few zombies. We ended up looting the grocery store in Zelenogorsk, and I provided overwatch of the area while he got a new backpack and some other supplies. After looting, he came up the tree with me and we logged off.

Many of the real adventures recently have been on my second (wife's) account.

First thing first, I was over near Elektro and really needed a weapon after my previous death. I ran to the grocery store, picked up a 1911 and some other supplies, and decided to hit up the power plant. I got there and looted an M-16. As I wasclimbing the stairs, I see another survivor enter the building. I run to the top of the tower and wait with my weapon pointed at the stairs. He comes up with an AK, and I open fire on him. He is injured and manages to miss every shot back. As he is on the ground, and I am trying to finish him, he disconnects. Damn.

About 5 seconds later, he reconnects. I blast him with my pistol and end up taking the AK. I doesnt show up as a murder for whatever reason. The server says it was "friendly fire".

I decide to get the hell out of dodge and meet up with Fett. We run all over the place and end up finding a downed chopper. Fett gets a few items, and I pick up a Bison (unfotunately, it did not have any ammo).

The server is laggy and we decided to try another.We have some difficulties getting in, and I find that I am back on the coast near Elektro, although I have everything still on me.

I decide to check the powerplant again. As I am running up, I notice a dead player in a Ghille Suite right outside the door. I open the door and say "Friendy" as I am walking in. There are two people in there. I am instantly hit with a round and drop unconscious and am bleeding out.

The person who shot me actually feels bad that they shot a friendly and bandages me up. When I regain consciousness, I eat enough food to get me back over 3k blood, but I am still in pretty bad shape. I decide to hang around with them for a bit. The stairs are blocked by barbed wire, so that is a no go.

We go outside and two of us decide to check the ladder up. As I am climbing the ladder, I get shot in the back. The one who felt bad for shooting me gets killed as well. I am not sure if it was a sniper or if it was the second silent guy that was with us.

Next time I log in, I respawn at Elektro again. I hit the supermarket and get some nice supplies, a backpack, and a pistol. I dont however get a primary immediately. I head out to the power station again, but nothing spawned. I ran back twice with no luck.

I head out into the wilderness and eventually find a barn where I pick up an Enfield.

Then I ran and ran and ran. I ended up somwhere around Stary without really realizing it. I did not know Stary was nearby, so I skipped going there. I eventually found a small town where I was finally able to pick up a map and a pair of binoculars. WOOHOO. As I am heading back South, I see something in the distance....a downed chopper...SWEET!

I make my way over, and it spawns a metric shit ton of zombies. I pick a bunch of them off from distance with master marksmanship and make my way gear.

I crawl away and wait for a bit then head back over. Another huge zombie spawn. They are all over the damn place. I very carefully crawl my way along the the perimeter of the helicopter. I dont find and weapons, but I find something else awesome....Night Vision Goggles.

After this, I decide to make my way to Zelenogorsk so that I can meet up with Fett on this character later.

On the way, I find a barn and decide that perhaps I can find some more Enfield rounds here. I make my way over, and the server seems to be very laggy at this point. I go in the bar and nothing has spawned. Great. As I try to make my way down the stairs, I apparently sprint off the edge, break my leg, and fall unconscious.

As I am laying there on the ground, a zombie spawns on top of me. What the fuck.

So, the zombie eats me from about 9k health down to 3k health before I wake up and shoot him in the face. I then have to shoot the same zombie in the face a minute later as it respawned. I try to bandage, but it is incredibly laggy. I somehow dupe like 5 bandages thanks to the lag. Lovely. After bandaging, I try to use my morphine over and over. I tried both of my morphines. A minute later, it uses both of my damn morphines. AWESOME!!!!

So, I eat all of the cooked meat I have and head back on my way. As I get to the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, I creep through the trees. I get the supermarket in my sights and use the binoculars to check it out. There is a survivor in there. He appears to have a rifle of some sort. Eventually, he is looking out the door and aims it at my direction. I hide behind a tree and decide to fight another day. I am in no condition to fight.

I log onto a night server and use my awesome NVGs. I run down into town and loot the market. I end up with zome extra Enfield bullets and I grab a map for Fett. With that done, I run out of town and log off in the trees where we logged out earlier.

I somehow survived.

WoW: A New Healer...and Pug Douchery

So, I have a Day Z post that I am going to be writing shortly, but first I wanted to get to this.

Last night, one of our group decided that she wanted to heal the Twilight Heroics for the first time on her Paladin. We get a group together of four of us. We end up bringing the 3 dps (plus the heals obviously).

We get the third instance to start, and it goes incredibly well. No problems and everything is a one shot. AWESOME!!!! First instance healed was no problem.

Then the assfuckery began. I really should have brought my tank along and we could have avoided it.

We get End Time for the next instance. We take down Baine with a couple of casualties (including the tank) as our healer is still getting the hang of things (aka healing, moving, cleansing at the same time etc.)

Those who died run back in. Tank pulls the first Sylvanas trash mob. Afterwards, our healer is at less that 1/4 mana and sits down to drink. Tank pulls the next group and we end up wiping. Tank immediately says "WTF". What the fuck do you mean WTF? Your dumb ass pulled the group when the healer had no mana and was drinking. He complains that the healer shouldnt have been out of mana before the second pull, however he pulled the first group without letting her get mana either. AND kicked.

We get the next tank, and clear that trash and then kill Sylvanas.

Then we get more dumbfuckery on Murozond. Tank pulls. Still has the dragon facing the hourglass. Fucking idiot. Then turns him so that the dragons tail is right on the hour glass. Fucking idiot. Then continues turning the boss around in circles, making us not only dodge yellow shit all over the place, but making us dodge breath weapons and tail swipes. Fucking idiot. Then with two hour glasses left, we hit the hourglass. We start pew pewing again, and the tank hits the hourglass about 3 second later. Fucking idiot. Why are you hitting the glass as the tank, and why the fuck are you tanking the  boss next to the hour glass.

After the fight, I ask the tank if he had ever tanked that fight. He responds that we are shit DPS....huh?

You are the fucking retard who doesnt know how to position a boss. I then kindly told him that it is quite unfortunate that it is probably too late for his mom to get a late term abortion of him.

By this point, I am fucking sick of these dumb ass pug tanks, but we decide to do one more. Oh how lovely it went.......

We ended up running the third instance two other times. The first of those included a tank who was purposely fucking with us on the second boss getting us silenced constantly. Then the healing cloak dropped, and the dipshit rolled need, won it, and dropped the instance. We finished that instance without any problems.

The third time we got it took the cake though.

We had a pretty decent tank and cleared the first boss no problem. He DCed right on the second boss and we wiped. He came back and we took down the boss.

We ended up wiping on the third trash pack on the way to Benedictus as the tank was tanking with his back down the hill. He got knocked way the fuck down the hill and behind a small fence where he got killed leading us to the wipe. He left the group. Then we got some real lovely fucking idiots.

Next tank comes in and has around 180k healt completely buffed including his 20 percent extra from being in a random. We clear the trash and take to the boss. Our healer is having a bit of trouble with the boss this time, and we end up wiping. Our healer explains that she is new at healing, and the tank was fairly first.

We end up wiping again at sub 10 percent on the boss, and the tank tells us that are shitty dps. We are all around 13-15k, which is plenty for these instances. I explain that I am also wearing PvP gear and he calls me a scrub.

World War 3 ensues. My wife asks "Dont you notice we are all in the same guild dipshit?"

He replies by saying we are a "Bunch of fags and must be in a guild because we dont know how to play our characters."

Being as classy as I am, I tell him "No, that is why your Dad's anus is so stretched. BYE!!!"

And he is vote kicked. We end up getting another 180k health tank and having a 3 percent wipe before we decide that we have had enough for the evening.

I have gone full on intolerant for pugs. Pug tanks are the fucking worst. We had a couple of decent ones, but for the most part they were absolute dick faces.

So ends my swear word laden rant. We will probably give it another shot today. This time, I will probably bring my tank.

Edit: And with all my anger for this, I forgot to mention that a friend who had not been on since mid Wrath returned to the game. I always really enjoy catching up with people I have talked to in a long time. Good times.

Friday, August 17, 2012

WoW: Transmog Thursday

Yesterday ended up being all about transmog runs.

We started out with BWL. That run went as expected with no problems with 4 of us clearing it. I brought my rogue along, so the annoying slow room was not much of an issue. It seemed like a lot tier stuff dropped for other classes. Not the luckiest of runs.

After that, we decided that we would run the T5 raids. We figured we would run the Eye first. We went in and one shotted the first three bosses without any issues. We did have a few issues on Kael'thas.

That guy can still be a little bitch. On our first try, we didnt even quite get him down to 50 percent before we wiped. There was just way too much fearing, cc, and MC going on. It sucked ass.

The second time, we kicked the living shit out of him. I didnt really need anything on my warrior except the achivement.

Then we headed over to SSC to complete the t5 raids. That one went quite well also. We one shotted everything, but had some annoyance with Lady Vashj as the tainted elementals seemed to depawn many times before we could get to them. The fight ended up lasting more than ten minutes because of that.

I ended up getting a Pally t5 lookalike helm and nothing else, but I still enjoyed the run.

I am hoping that we will be able to do the T6 ones today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Part 2

Last night we decided to hit up the Dragonsoul raid again. First, I just wanted to say thanks for the tip on pausing recount. It made a great deal of difference. Once again, there was little issue with the first half of the raid.

We wiped once on Zonozz or whatever his name is because we lost some dps and could not kill the slimes in an appropriate amount of time. Other than that, we one shotted all of the bosses in the first half. Continuing the general trend, I did not get anything. Kev got some gloves or something on his Hunter. His wife got a healy Paladin shield later. My wife got a pair of healy shoes.

After finishing the first half, we decided to queue up for the second half. That one went pretty well too! Well, for the most part.

We one shotted the first boss, who had given us a load of problems on our first ventures into the raid. We then ended up two shotting the Shaman boss. Apparently everyone forgot how to kill the totems with lightning after doing it previously and we ended up wiping at that point. After taking the Shaman down, we did the boat boss (I think that it the order it went). He was a one shot.

Then we had a bit of trouble on Deathwing's Spine. On the first attempt, there was just a bunch of general fuckery going on. Tanks not bring bloods to the Amalgation. Then the other tank holding the amalgation too far away from the plate, then having to start that part over. After that, the plate closed again before we could kill the tendon. We ended up wiping on the second plate when somehow both tanks died. On our next attempt, we had the worst wipe of the night. We were at the third plate killing the final tendon. Apparently there were too many people standing on Deathwing's right side. He rolled. We wiped. That one sucked balls. We took it down on the next run through and ended up one shotting the final boss.

 Like I said, I didnt get anything, but I did roll on about 20 items throughout the run. Not great odds on my part.

Overall, it was quite fun.

On a side note, the next big patch will be on 08/28 apparently. Make sure you are ready. My wife has been milling my Herbs and I am already over 4k ink. Once that is done I will turn them into glyphs. Looking forward to making a killing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WoW: Videos of our group in action (with Audio!)

So, this was the very first Heroic that my wife healed. It was quite fun. The one who is always saying "Oh jeeze" is my wife. I am the one that sounds like he smoke a bunch of cigarettes (despite not being a smoker lol).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WoW: All of your Whiptail are belong to ME!!!!!

The title is exactly as it says. I spent about 13k gold yesterday buying up all of the cheap whiptail which got me about 670 stacks.

I am planning on breaking these down into inks and getting ready for what may well be Glyphmas part 2.

A deal like this is just too good to pass up. Once I have them all milled and turned into inks, I will be making a whole bunch of glyphs.

I plan on selling my glyphs for a very nice amount. Perhaps 500 gold each if the market allows.

There is currently a white list for Glyphs on my server, but I am pretty sure I am just going to ignore it and get what I can.

In other news, I have been running a lot of instances lately, and much of it has been as a healer. I must say that I enjoy my Discipline priest much less than either my Shaman or Druid. Maybe I am just not used to the spells, but I think that I mostly just muddle around when I am on my Priest compared to my other healing characters.

Being Tuesday today, I think we may end up running Dragonsoul. We will also probably be taking a look at BWL as my wife wants to get her "ears" (tier 2 Druid Helmet).

Monday, August 13, 2012

WoW and D3: The Weekend that Was!

Well, it was a pretty busy weekend in gaming with a couple of significant events involved.

First thing was that I actually played D3 (with Bearness), and he helped me get through Act 2. I guess having someone else this good DPS helps out quite a bit. My Barbarian has good survivability and shit DPS. It was nice to get over that hump. Eventually, I will get to Act 3.

In WoW, there was a decent amount that happened.

First thing was that I finally got my final toon to level 85. That means that I have 10 level 85s, one of each class. My mage was the final one to make it to cap. I basically quested the last 5 bubbles of 83 in Uldum, and hit Twilight Highlands as soon as I hit 84. After CoC, we decided that we would run a Cata regular....which would be my wife's first even instance healing.

The run went perfectly fine and we decided that perhaps she could try out healing one of the original Cata Heroics.

That also went very well. There were a few deaths, but there were no wipes, and a good time was had by all.

One funny moment was on Rajh. Our Hunter got killed by the leap smash thing. After a minute, my wife got the chance to rebirth. Immediately after the rebirth, Rajh did the same leap smash on the same hunter. Dead again lol.

I am quite proud of my wife doing a non DPS role. She was incredibly nervous, but did a great job and wants to try it again.

My sister frapsed the run, and will probably be posting it soon. I will put it up in a post when it is done.

Friday, August 10, 2012

WoW: They must have read my last two posts!

Well, my last two posts (besides the Sprinkles one) were about LFR being filled with douches and LFG being filled with incompetent everything.

Yesterday appeared to dispute that.

First, we decided to do the second half of Dragonsoul in Raid Finder. It started out much the same as the previous day. We wiped once on the drakes. We then wiped three times on Ultraxxion. Yay.

However, something happened. Despite the tanks being quite bad (and later getting kicked), they actually started to follow the mechanics of the fight. We took Ultraxxion down and got to move on. WOOHOO.

We ended up one shotting the Shaman boss, and then one shotting the Tauren Guy as well. No problemo. We took the spine out in one shot as well.

The group wiped at the last boss, but after kicking both tanks, it was a one shot. Overall, it ended up being a good experience.

Funny thing about Ultraxxion. It was too much for my computer apparently. I badly need a new processor. I was at 1 frame per second for about 50 percent of Ultraxxion. I still did not end up last in DPS. It literally looked like a Polaroid picture of a fight with Ultraxxion.

After that, we decided to run some Heroics. We ended up doing three of them in less than an hour, with two of them with pug tanks. The pug tanks were pretty awesome this time instead of terribly bad. One of the few mistakes that the first tank made (which didnt cause anyone to die, but caused some stress on my healing), he admitted to. He didnt go and blame anyone else. That is refreshing.

Overall, it was a good day and the pug players were not nearly as shitty. We are looking forward to possibly hitting Dragonsoul again next week.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WoW: Raid Finder is LOL

Well, yesterday was my first real venture into the Raid Finder. I was joined by my wife and a friend. We decided to queue up for the first half first.

I must say that it went incredibly well. My friend got two new pieces, and while I got none, I still got to see the fights. Sweet.

We went through everything with no wipes.

Then we queued up for the second half.....and out came the shortbus.

First, we wiped on the drakes before Ultraxxion. Some douche named Joker talked shit until he left.

We then ended up wiping 3 times on Ultraxxion. DPS was apparently too low. It didnt help that people kept starting the fight without having all of the DPS present.

We vote kicked another tank who was being a complete and total dick.

I don't understand these people. If someone said shit like they did in real life, they would get their fucking skully smacked off.

Anyways, it was pretty much a mixed bag. First half was awesome. Second half was shit. We may try the second half again tonight.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


That is all.

WoW: PUGs still suck

So, I got into several partial pugs yesterday. My wife, buddy, and I decided to run some Heroics to gear up a couple of toons. I went on my Rogue wearing all blue PvP gear, my wife on Boomkin #2 (which will be a healer), and my friend on his mage. We had some very interesting tanks or heal to say the least.

It was mostly dumb tanks though.

First tank stated as soon as we got into the instance "I have never tanked this before". Well, that is fine, you have to start somewhere and he apparently knew the fights at least. Did I mention he was wearing PvP gear? Yeah. Tank is the worst role to have PvP on.

Well, we end up wiping a couple of times on the first boss, which is Sylvanas. On the first attempt, the tank ran outside the ring and died. The second attempt, he was attacking a different target than everyone else and the healer died before getting out of the ring. Then he asked if we knew how to do the fight.....despite the fact that I had marked the spot on the ground for which ghould to kill. Each fight would have been fine if either the tank or the healer had stayed out of bad.

So, we take it down on the third try. Next up is Baine.

We head over to Baine where 3 out of 5 of our group die after my wife accidentally aggros trash while following the tank who was not really paying attention.

Tank asks if we know the fight. Healer says know. Tank pulls immediately. FACEPALM. At least we took it down in a single try.

The we get to Murozond. As soon as we get there, the tank runs in and does his damn best to not get aggro. Our mage friend dies. Healer goes through all of his mana as we were down a DPS and the PvP tank did not give us time to CC anything. As soon as our friend is rezzed, the tank charges in. Healer has very little mana. Mage at half health. Nothing CCed. We end up wiping on the trash.

We come back in, clear the trash and one shot the boss. Bleh. Not a very fun start to our night.

Second instance, we get Well of Eternity.

Paladin tank this time with almost 250k health. Apparently he does not care for the mechanics of the instance. He tried to chain pull as much as possible without letting the shadow walk stacks build up. It took too long to kill shit. Immediately after killing the second felguard, he pulls the next group with 5 stacks of shadow walk and a couple stacks of the damage debuff on him. DERPADERP.

I honestly cant remember if we one shotted the first boss or not. We may have. Anyways, we head up to Azshara. We start the fight. Tank is not holding aggro. Healer gets his face smashed in. We wipe.

We start again. Tank stands near Azshara until after the mobs show up and run around smacking everyone around. We wipe again. Healer leaves and we get another.

We end up finishing the rest of that instance with no issues.

Third instance. Dumb tank, bad healer.

We actually kill the first two bosses with little issues besides a near wipe at the first boss due to the AOE at the end. We then wipe.....on the trash leading to Benedictus.

Dumb tank "Damn dat was shit. Knocked me off da hill yo." That was how he talked. I think it is harder to type like a retard than to type normal.

We end up clearning the trash next time and get to Benedictus.
We wipe because we didnt know his shitty ground bad stuff was inside the protective bubble. Good one Thrall!

We go back in. We wipe again because the healer does not cleanse the sheer attacks on his.

We go back in. Tank leaves and we get a DK tank, who is not dumb.

At the beggining of the fight, the dumb ass healer dies. My wife battle rezzes him. He still doesnt cleanse the shears. Two of our DPS die. We squeak out victory after the healer dies.....again.

We ended up doing one more instance, but I dont remember having as many issues.

I got two new daggers and a ring out of all of this. The daggers were what I most wanted to replace, so overall, I guess it was a success.

Pugs still suck.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WoW: Hyjal Run, and DayZ: Running in Circles

So, last night we decided to do Mt. Hyjal for some transmog goodies. While we were waiting for one of our members (who was on the phone), we dueled a bit outside the Caverns of Time. I was on my Rogue. I won three out of four duels while hanging out.

Once we all got together, we head to the instance and one shot everything inside without too much problem.

After we finished, we wanted to go get out new tier pieces. So we looked for the exit. And we looked for the exit some more. Finally, I decided to look it up and learned that you can only hearth out. Doh.

I ended up getting my T6 helm and gloves as well as the look-alike shoulders. My wife got a shiny new staff off of Archimonde. It was quite fun, but was getting late by the time we finished and we called it a night.

In DayZ news, I have been running around on my wife's account. I have literally been running in circles without realizing how I ended up doing that. Four times I have left Zelenogorsk. Four times, I have come back to Zelenogorsk. The biggest plus to that is that I have gotten some extra gear out of there. The bad thing is that I still dont have a bigger backpack. There was a bigger backpack in the building last night and I could not pick it up.

I ended up switching out my Makarov for an M1911 and picked up the Enfield again (after it disappeared after my last logout). I ended up leaving quite quickly as I heard gunshots much closer than I would like.

On this account, I have been killing many more Zombies than previously. I am up to around 30 where I have never gotten double digits before. This is mainly because when I see a red roofed barn, I sprint to it to loot it. I run up the stairs and dispatch whatever zombies follow me inside. It works out pretty nicely I think.

So, I suppose my next adventure should be to find somehwere else. I have seen Green Mountain in the difference, but did not really feel the need to go there.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Diablo 3: Yes, I actually played it!

I actually logged onto Diablo 3 and played for more than 5 minutes. I decided that I would try to make a bit of progress through inferno on my Barbarian and then perhaps do a quick farm run. Well, I did not make a whole lot of progress on Inferno unfortunately.

The first group I got into just wiped constantly. The second was quite good for the most part (it was 3 monks and me on my Barbarian), but it got to a point where we were just getting chain killed.

At that point, I left the game and decided to do a quick farm run in Act 1. I actually got a nice items that I think I may be able to sell for a decent amount of real money.

It is a staff with over 1100 dps, over 140 intellect, and over 160 vitality. Usually, nothing worth a crap drops, and generally if it is lower than ilvl 61 it gets vendored. If it is a shitty ilvl 61-63, I just blow it up for materials.

In other gaming news, I have been running around on my wife's Day Z account. She has plenty of food and water, and I also picked her up a Winchester and a Makarov. They will do for now. I have a feeling that her account will basically be my second account that I will play around on when nobody else is online.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day Z: Hiking Simulator 2012

That was the basic experience yesterday.

I met up with Fett, and we decided to hit up deer stands.

We ran all over the place. No loot was spawning at the deer stands. Sometimes there werent even zombies.

We ran to a pond to fill up our water. Super lag refused to let us.

We headed into the town nearby and ended up filling up at a pump. Still no zombies spawning. I think the server was borked or something.

The entire time we played, I killed one zombie which aggroed from quite a ways away. One three round burst from my M-16.

That was pretty much my entire play session. Not exactly epic, but at least there is always that parnoia, knowing that a player could be right around the corner.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

WoW: Is it worth gearing up for MoP

So, we are still running Heroics as a group, gearing up some of our less geared alts (except for me for the most part as I am mostly tanking or healing with my two best geared toons).

The idea behind this is to make the MoP content easier once we get there. It usually means that we will actually keep our gear a level or two instead of replacing it with the first thing we get as a quest reward.

I actually quite like getting upgrades at the start of a new expansion, and dont mind losing my "hard earned" epics. Then again, I did not do any raiding in Cata. I went to Tol Barad to do bosses there a couple of times and that was the extent of it.

That brings up another question. Do you feel like all of that raiding time was wasted because you upgrade your gear in two seconds?

I imagine if you only raid for new gear, that would be the case. If you raid because you enjoy it, that may not be the case.

I will continue helping everyone get the gear they need for a couple of reasons.

1) It will help them level easier and we will be able to do max level group content sooner.

2) Some of the group are actually gearing for roles they have not traditionally done. Fett is starting to tank on his warrior, my wife wants to try healing on her druid, and another of our has already started to heal on her Paladin.

The new roles are nice, because it opens up some options down the road. If I dont want to bring Darraxus, I wont have to.

My main goals prior to Mists is to level my 83 Mage the rest of the way, finish leveling the two alchemists I have that are not maxed out, and sell a crap ton of glyphs when the last pre-expansion patch comes out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SW:TOR going F2P

About time. Now I can actually play it a bit. I liked the game, but found that there was a lack of things to do at end game. Now that it has received some additional polish, I will certainly give it another shot and purchase it for my wife as well.

I know there will be limitations on Flashpoints and Battlegrounds, but I will only be playing it occasionally anyways.

Anyone who has not tried it out, should give it a shot when it goes F2P. It is a nice game, and leveling through the first time is outstanding.

Day Z: Northwest Airfield

Well, I ended up logging onto my wife's account last night to try and continue on to the NW airfield. I logged on and realized that I had been going the wrong way (West instead of East) when I hit the edge of the map. I turned around and hoofed it back.

As I was running along, I saw another survivor running around a building in the distance. I kept an eye on him from the trees, and he ran off towards the airfield. I creeped into the area to see if maybe this was a camp or something. It was not, however there was something much different. The building I could barely make out behind the trees was actually a bus. And it was functional.

I hopped in and drove off of course. I decided that I still wanted to go check out the NW airfield and headed that way. I should have just driven south to meet up with friends.

I parked in the wood to the S/E of the Airfield and creeped my way in. I checked several hangars with no good results. I aggroed one zombie and had to kill it unfortunately, which would have alerted anyone in the area that someone else was there.

I finally approached one of the barracks. As I got closer, zombies spawned inside the building. I checked a tent just outside the building and found just a shotgun. As I crawled towards the barracks, I came under fire. Unfortunately, when you are prone, you are pretty much screwed as it takes forever to stand up. I got killed immediately after getting to my feet. It was some guy in a ghilli suit.

I let my friends know where the bus was and joined up with them on my account down south. They were going to try and scavenge some gas and a tire to bring up to the bus. We rolled around a town for a bit before I had to log off to do some transmog runs in WoW.

I will most likely be avoiding the NW airfield going forward.