Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black Ops 2: Now with friends!

Or friend rather.

Last night I was playing some Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Kev logged on and has the game. SWEET!

I like playing with people I know because it is much more fun and we can strategize a bit to watch each others back.

We ended up playing a bunch of Hardcore TDM and did pretty decently. I had a K/D ratio over 1 for the day and have a .84 overall now. Kev started off much better than I did and has a .7something KD ratio currently.

As I said earlier, watching each other's back is what makes it so much fun. We can grab a room with a couple of good vantage points and lock it down for long periods of time.

I am also glad I unlocked claymores. They are so much better than bouncing betties and I have gotten a decent number of kills with them.

I look forward to more multiplayer with Fett just needs to get it *nudge* *nudge*.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Gaming

I did a fair amount of gaming over the Holiday, and most of it was done in WoW or Black Ops 2.

In WoW, I have been making quite a bit of progress on dailies. I finally hit exalted with the Golden Lotus and I am now exalted with Operation Shieldwall as well.

Next up for me will be to finish Klaxxi. This has been going on for far too long.

I also ran a regular instance with out group of friends. We decided on a regular so that everyone could get used to their rotations again and that Fett could practive his healing on his Monk.

Much of my gaming time was spent in BO2.

I started the campaign and have been having a good time playing it as a change of pace. The story so far is quite good just like the MW games.

Mostly, I pew pewed in multiplayed and have been improving by quite a bit. My K/D ratio is now up to .78 and moving up slowly but surely. I have been mostly playing Domination or Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Kill Confirmed.

I like the Harcore game style because it is generally a more conservative play style, and sometimes I just want to play a bit slower. When I wanted a faster paced game, I switch over the Kill Confirmed.

Overall, I had a great Holliday which included going to see The Hobbit, which was quite awesome.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hollidays!

I hope everyone has a Happy and safe Holliday Season.

Enjoy the time with your family and other loved ones.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The WarZ: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The internet is buzzing with news about the fraud that is WarZ. Rhino Crunch pointed it out on his youtube channel some time ago. They just keep on proving him right.

Fettsbounty would be a better person to do this article, and if he does one, I will link it to this one. In the meantime, I will post some of what I have read online or he has told me.

The WarZ is a liar: They put their game up on steam promising a ton of features....most of which are not there. When people complained on their steam blog, they started banning people. Steam took away their moderator priveledges and gave anyone who wanted one a refund. They also said that they started developement on this game before DayZ. No. You didnt. You took the game you were perhaps already making and changed it to a zombie MMO to capitalize on DayZ's success.

They are a Thief: They apparently tried to ninja edit their terms of service to state that you could never get a refund no matter what. Customer satisfaction guaranteed indeed! They apparently also took their terms of service from League of Legends (including a link to League of Legends apparently).

Sergei Titov has been an asshole: Beside all of the crap above, he has been rude to his customers. He offered a backhanded apology saying people "Misread the features". No motherfucker. You put features up that were not in the game. Dont try to shuck the responsibility.

The game is not good: According to what I read before all of this shit happened, the game was just not good. It was barren, zombies were no threat, maps were small, and it was just generally buggy and boring. I have not played for myself and never plan to.

My advice: Do not by this piece of crap. You will most likely be incredibly disapointed, and the developers have already showed that they are in this for a quick money grab. Wait for the Day Z standalone and play the real deal. Not this piece of garbage made by liars and thieves.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black Ops 2: I are suck

I am quite bad. Like .40 K/D ratio bad. This generally happens every time that I get a new CoD game. I am like a system QB that gets put in a different system. I will start out quiet bad, and eventually over time get better. Then I get the rug pulled out with the next game.

I dont know if it is a lag issue, but it seems like I get killed in a couple of hit even though the kill cam shows several more hits. It also seems like I can hit another player 4-5 times and nothing happens while they turn around and one shot me.

It really gets quite frustrating dying over and over again.

Last night I started playing some of the Hardcore game modes, and I think they are a bit easier for me. It doesnt take much to take down an opposing player and I dont feel like I am constantly getting gibbed without seeing the other player.

It may also just be that I suck at aiming. It feels like I have to be perfect with my aim to get a hit while other players are getting all kinds of hit markers.

Overall, I am having fun, but being bad is a pain in the ass.

Monday, December 17, 2012

WoW Weekend

This weekend, I spent very little time in D3. Just as I felt it was good to take some time off from WoW, I think it will be equally good to take a bit of time off from D3. I did hit Paragon 52 over the weekend however.

In WoW, I did quite a bit. Most of that bit was dailies, but I did a few other things as well.

I got to exalted with the Anglers and up to Revered with the Klaxxi.

I basically did dailies for every faction over the weekend except for the dragon guys over in Jade Forrest and the Tillers (both of whom I am already exalted with). We also did the Greench dailies and I got another Clockwork Rocket bot, which I gave to my wifey.

We ran BWL again and my wife did not get her antlers. The funny thing was that we didnt realize she was on the wrong druid until just before the last boss. It would not have mattered as it turns out, but she would have been very sad had the Antlers dropped and she wasnt there to get it.

Then we decided that we should run Onyxia to give her another chance at her Antlers. They did not drop there either, but we did get a bunch of acheivements for taking her down.

Then for some reason we decided to do both AQ instances, which we had never done before. We cake walked through AQ 20, but the 40 man version had a few surprises. We didnt wipe, but both my wife and I died at different points. I got killed during that MC phase of the first boss, and my wife died on C'Thun.

All three of us got every one of the AQ mounts including the red one. Why? Because it is red.

In other gaming news, my wife got my Black Ops 2 for Christmas, and it is pretty good so far. I have only played multi player, and REALLY suck at the moment. It feels like it takes a lot more hit markers to kill someone in multi player than it did in MW3. My K/D ration is terrible, but I finally had a postive game with a shotgun of all weapons. I think part of my trouble is that I rush around a lot and have trouble seeing other players. That and it feels like I hit them 5 times and they kill me in one shot.

Gaming variety is the spice of life....or something like that.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My newest D3 farming strategy

Last night after doing my dailies, I decided to play some D3 and ended up getting a half of a paragon level before logging off for bed. It was not boring in any way. There are a couple of reasons for this farming going so smoothly for me.

1) I only pick up certain rares now. Instead of picking up every single rare, I have started picking up specific rares instead. One handed weapons, gloves, bracers, and all jewelry is what I have been picking up. Could I be missing something on the pieces I am not picking up? Sure I could. I also dont care. I want to get through each run quickly and dont really care to identify 2-3 tabs of rares each run.

2) I started playing in windowed mode and watching Star Trek: TNG. This is awesome because I get to make progress watching the shows I want to watch AND play D3 at the same time. Doing Act 3 inferno runs is pretty much muscle memory now. I can vaguely pay attention to both at the same time. I mostly make sure to look out for legendaries although I have turned the sound off. I wish they had a sound slider for legendary drop sounds so you could turn the rest off and still have that one off all the way. Even better would be something flashing up on the screen when a legendary comes up. Maybe something like NPC scan in WoW where it pops up which rare spawn you passed by and makes a loud ass horn sounds that startles the shit out of you.

Overall, I think this will be good for Paragon leveling. Paragon 51 now and moving on up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday I was apparently motivated to actually do some dailies. I ended up doing three sets including the new Shieldwall dailes, the Angler dailies, and the Klaxxi dailies.

I do the dailies mostly for the gear upgrades that wil come, but I also do it for the vanity items. I really like the Scorpion mount and look forward to getting it from the Klaxxi.

I am also digging the commendation that increases the rep of a faction by 100 percent on you account after you hit revered with one character. Unfortunately, you still have to get revered.

In Diablo, I decided to do a full act 3 inferno clear instead of the modified alkaizer run. One postive thing about doing an entire act is that it seems like there is a point to what you are doing....defend the keep and kill Azmodan in the case of Act 3.

I does take quite some time, but I ended up getting almost half of a paragon level out of it. Sadly, no legendaries were to be had.

I have been finding a bit more motivation to play WoW, and I think that I will be getting back into that a bit. It is always nice to take somewhat of a break to not get burned out, and boy did the dailies have me burning out.

I like the dailies for the most part, but they should have kept tabards as well. That would have been a nice change of pace for reputation grinding.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ding Paragon 50!

Last night I did a fair amount of grinding and was able to hit paragon 50 on my Barbarian.

While doing the runs, I actually found three legendaries. Unfortunately they were complete crap. I got a ring with no main stats, a WD main hand with 700 dps, and a level 59 polearm. Two brimstones and a vendor.

I got to run around with Bearness for a bit before having to log off to take care of something which was nice. I always prefer playing with someone over playing alone.

After that, I ran my friend through the rest of Act 1 Nightmare on his Barbarian and found two more legendaries including a mighty belt for him.

When I run people through lower difficulties, I find that I like to use my Witchdoctor. The pets are nice and helpful, and I like having nice ranged AOE abilities.

Next up in Paragon 60 I guess. Paragon leveling is going fairly slow at this point, and I can only imagine how slow it is for Bearness, who is at Paragon 75 or 76.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What to do, what to do.

This weekend was spend mostly playing D3 again,  but it was mostly just messing around.

I also did the Operation Shield wall dailies with my wife pretty much every day, and really should get back to doing some of the other dailies. I just cant bring myself to do them alone. Dailies in a group are tolerable. Alone, they are not.

In D3, I spend a good amount of time playing on my Barbarian and got him to Paragon 49. It wouldnt be too hard to level faster, but after a run or two of the same thing that I have been running over and over, I lose motivation. Perhaps I should look at doing some full act runs just to change it up a bit.

Paragon levels are a good way to keep you playing the game, but they really do need something more. I am looking forward to PvP despite not normally being a PvP type of person (well at least in this kind of setting).

I would really like if they added something like an endless waves of monster challenge where tons of mobs just continue to show up and you have to survive for X amount of minutes.

I would also like to see a random generator that just created super random maps with random mobs and random events. Something different every time.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ding 60! Ding 60! Ding 60!

So last night, I ended up playing a bit of WoW before switching over to D3.

I have been doing the new Shieldwall dailies with my wife for the last two or three days and I did the Klaxxi dailies with Fett.

I also recently got one of the invitations for the Brawlers Guild and have done a couple of fights. I have only defeated the first fight so far. I got close on the second one, but he did some bullshit AOE when he was almost dead that killed me.

After that, I logged on to D3 with the intention of leveling my WD to 60 with Kev's Monk. Fett decided that he wanted to come along on his level 56 DH and we killed the Butcher and then headed to Act 2.

At the start of the act, I had to log off for a bit and ended up coming back about 45 minutes or so later. We were running on MP5 and we actually had to be quite careful as we were getting our ass kicked by reflect damage mobs.

As we were doing one of the vaults, Kev dinged 60 on his Monk.

As we were finishing the Shadow Realm just before fighting Kulle, both Fett and I dinged 60 on our toons.

I gave both Kev and Fett some upgrades I had in my stash and then hit the AH. I ended up spending about 10 million on my WD. He ended up with 28k health, 55k dps, and about 750 resist all.

This makes my 5th level 60 and I now have one of each class. This was Kevs second 60 and Fetts first.

I actually quite like the WD and may actually play him a little bit at cap. I really wish they would make Paragon levels shared so that I could play whatever I want at that moment.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Witch Doctor: Final Countdown

I am into the home stretch on my WD. My friend and I were back at leveling last night and got from level 41 or 42 to 51 and 52. We were in Act 3 of Nightmare and thought it would be a good idea to have my sister run us through MP 10 Act 3 in Hell. Yeah, No.

The rough thing about Diablo 3 is that there is not really an aggro table....we got our asses handed to us several times.

The XP was good, but we died way too much. For example, I was taking one hit and being down to 1/3 health. I think we will go back to Nightmare MP10 and just work our way up that way.

I did a bit of Barbarian playing last night as well. I got my main to Paragon 47 and I got my Hardcore Barbarian to level 7. I have a hard time being motivated to play hardcore when one death spells the end.

If everything goes as planned, I should be close to 60 by the end of the day.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Update

As in previous weekends, I did not play much in the way of WoW, and what I did do, I did for my wife.

First I ran through BWL with her and her Antlers did not drop again. She did however get a new pet off of the second to last boss!

Then I helped her out a bit with Battle Pet Leveling as well as getting her the blue antlers from Shadowmoon Valley.

I also logged onto DayZ briefly over the weekend. I went into a town, and while scavenging for gear in an apartment I suddenly died. Didnt hear a gunshot or anything. Dont know if it was a hacker, but I logged off after that bullshit.

As with previous weekends, I spent much of my weekend playing Diablo.

My Barbarian is not Paragon 46 and still moving up slowly, mostly because I cant bring myself to just run the same run 10 times in a row without a break.

My sister got to level 60 on her Barbarian and has been running around in Act 1 as a Tornado Barb. I brought her along on my act 3 farming run, but she was taking a lot of damage and died several times.

My friends Kev and Fett also played over the weekend. Fett has been working on his DH and has it up to 56 currently. Kev and I decided to go on a leveling frenzy, and we got from about level 21 to 41 on our Monk and Witchdoctor. I must say that I have had a great time playing the Witch Doctor. He has a lot of fun spells.

I think that my WD will be to 60 in no time, which will give me a 60 of each class.