Friday, May 31, 2013

Warhammer Quest and more Blacklight

Warhammer Quest:

When I was about 12 or so, I got a game called Warhammer Quest. It was a fantasy game based in the Warhammer universe similar to Hero Quest. They discontinued making the game, but I have been able to play it with my wife and friends as an adult. Then something amazing happened.....they released Warhammer Quest for the Apple IoS. Having just gotten and Ipad, this was a must get. I must say that it is GLORIOUS.

It stays very true to the board game and you even get some quests in each small village. The game itself is 4.99, and it was released with an expansion for an additional 4.99. You can also buy three additional characters for 2.99 each I believe. The one that I will be purchasing today is the Trollslayer. I have long loved the Trollslayer as a character and lore wise. They are basically a Dwarf who was shamed for one reason or another, who decides that the only way to redeem themselves is through an honorable death. They tatoo themselves, and make their hair into huge orange mohawks. They do not wear any armor, and wade into the thickest part of battle with the baddest monster they can find. Even though they seek death, they still fight to win. They will only be slain by the most badass of enemies.

If you love Warhammer, give the game a shot. You start with a Marauder, Dwarf Ironbreaker, Elf Ranger, and Grey Wizard. You can purchase the Trollslayer, Warrior Priest, and Archmage as additional characters.


As the title of the thread implies, I have been playing a decent amount of blacklight, and I have my K/D ratio just about back at 1.0 after a rather slow start while getting used to things.

If you like shooters, this one is a ton of fun. It runs well on my not so top of the line computer and has a lot of fun game modes.

I personally like the one called something like "Netcode" is something with Net, but I forget which. You basically have to go capture points and hold them, while trying to grab a flag and bring them back to the base that you are currently holding. Think Eye of the Storm in WoW, only you lose a base over time if you do not have someone there.

You can either purchase items with Zen, which I believe you purchase with real money, or you can gain gp, which you get by playing. So far, I have permanently purchaed and upgraded chest armor and got a seven day rental on a cool SMG.

I just need to look at some of the other controls. I have been doing pretty well winging it, but I still dont even know how to crouch or prone. I also need to figure out how to put attachments on my armor as I have two open slots and no idea what to do with them.

Between the two of these, I have been having quite a lot of fun.

World of Warcraft:

I am not currently subscribed, but my wife still is. She just got her Trycerratops mount. I may end up resubbing to WoW, just so she has someone to play with. Who would have thought a few years back that my wife would be the last man standing in WoW?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blacklight and Master Prestige.

So, I gave Blacklight a shot last night after finally letting it patch all the way. It was quite a bit of fun and looked/played very well, especially for being a free to play shooter.

In my very first game, I was top score which I found to be hilarious. The second map did not turn out as well as I got killed by several snipers and some guys who ended up in a big robot suit.

I had a lot of fun in those two games and plan on playing again soon.

In other news, I got to Master Prestige in BO2. It took quite a long time, but it is finally done. This is the first time I have ever made it to a top prestige in any CoD game.

If you have not tried out Blacklight, give it a shot. It is free and you can download it off of steam.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marvel Heroes

Unfortunately, I have not gotten into the Beta for this, but the one person who I know that has, says it is freaking awesome.

He said that it is basically like D3 meets Superheroes which sorta meets LoL.

The game play is like Diablo. Only with superheroes.

It is actually a free to play game, but you have to buy additional characters/costumes if you want them.

I don't know who you start with, but when i try out the game, the first name on my list will be The Incredible Hulk.

If you get a chance, check out the gameplay trailers and maybe even sign up on their site.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Diablo 3 changes are fun!

I got a chance to play a bit of D3 over the weekend, and had a very good time running public games.

For starters, you get and extra 10 percent XP and MF for each other player in the game up to 30 percent. Also, because it was the one year anniversary of D3, you get an additional 25 percent boost until tomorrow!

The first incredible addition is that they actually added monsters to the other acts. I ran Act 1 a few times and there are now GOBS of monsters. Each run netted me about 4-5 bars of XP. I went from Paragon 55 to nearly Paragon 57 in just about 3-4 runs.

I also grabbed a couple of Legendaries. They were not very good, but it is nice to see that shiny orange stream of light.

Another nice addition is the Tome of Cain that lets you identify all of your rare's in one shot instead of constantly clicking each one to ID it.

Overall, it think it was a pretty good patch.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Warhammer Online

Hs anyone out ther played Warhammer Online recently? It is pretty dead. And by pretty dead, I mean that they only have one NA server and one EU server going.

There is not much of anything going on at the lower levels. There seems to still be some PvP at the top levels, but jeeze. This game was supposed to be a WoW Killer, and now it is just about done.

The reason I bring this up is two fold. I cancelled my WoW subscription being the first. I was not playing it and saw no reason to continue to pay if I would not play. Second is that I resubbed to Warhammer Online to give it another shot (mainly because I love the Warhammer universe, and especially Trollslayers).

So far, I have a Troll Slayer up to level 15, renown 10 thanks to some potion that auto levels you to that point.

I will give it close to two weeks to see if it is worth actually paying for, then decide if I want to continue.

I really have game ADD right now and am in desperate need of something fun to play. About the most fun I have been having recently involves FPS games.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I did not know about Neverwinter. I am not incredibly in touch with games that are coming out, so I did not realize that this was a thing. I love D&D and really enjoyed the single player RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate etc.

So far, Neverwinter is pretty fun. The crafting is a bit confusing to me so far, but I imagine that I will get it eventually. What I find fun is the combat. It is a lot more active than just standing in one place and clicking. You have to time blocks, dodges, etc. It is kind of a mix between WoW combat and Diablo combat.

The quests are pretty standard much like any MMO, but the coolest feature in this game is the Foundry. Basically, you get to do quests that were created by other players and give them a review on their quest. I cannot make one yet as I am only level 12 (it requires level 15 to create foundry quests), but it will be something that I certainly give a try.

There seems to be a decent selection of classes and races to choose from with a chance to expand later on.

Overall, it is a nice bit of fun for being a free MMO. I did not feel at all hampered by not having a pay account, which is good.

Give it a shot if you are bored with your other MMOs. It should at least keep you entertained for a little bit.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diablo 3 Patch Notes


  • Players can now identify all items in their inventory by speaking to Deckard Cain or by using the Book of Cain that can be found near the shared stash in all Acts
  • The cooldown incurred by changing skills outside of town on Inferno difficulty has been reduced to 30 seconds (down from 60 seconds)
  • The bonus experience granted by Enlightened shrines is now also calculated multiplicatively
  • The Magic and Gold Find granted by Fortune shrines can now exceed the 300% cap
  • There is now an option in Video Settings to lock the cursor to the window when in fullscreen windowed mode, if Diablo III is the active window
  • Multiplayer Co-Op
    • Players now receive a 10% bonus to Magic Find, Gold Find, and Experience per additional player in a multiplayer game, up to a maximum of 30% in a four-player game
      • The Magic Find and Gold Find bonuses can exceed their respective 300% caps
      • The Experience bonus can stack with other bonuses from items and Monster Power (the bonuses will stack multiplicatively)
    • A notification is now sent to all players in a multiplayer game whenever a party member engages an Elite monster or Treasure Goblin in combat, and their location will be shown on the mini-map
      • In addition to this, an icon will also appear over player banners in town to indicate if they're in combat with a monster, Elite monster, or Treasure Goblin


  • Bug Fixes
    • The "Massive Blow" achievement should once again be obtainable
    • The "Fallen Angel" achievement now only requires the player to kill Izual within 120 seconds
    • The "Bashanishu" achievement no longer requires the player to use Basic Attack to complete it
    • The "Hero's New Clothes" achievement no longer requires the player to deliver the fatal blow to meet the criteria
    • Fixed a bug that prevented monsters killed by a follower or pet, before being attacked by a player, from counting toward achievement criteria


  • General
    • The stack size for gold sales on the auction house has been increased from 1 million to 10 million
  • User Interface
    • Tooltips in the Auction House will now show an item comparison for a player's currently selected character


  • Matchmaking
    • Players will now be able to search for games that were started on any quest once they have reached level cap
    • Matchmaking "Tags" have been added
      • In addition to selecting your Difficulty, Monster Power, and Quest, players will also be able to choose from the following tags when searching for Public Games: Monster Slaying, Brawling, and Key Warden
        • Note: When the Brawling tag is selected, your Monster Power selection will not be taken into account
  • Social
    • Players can now add a note about a friend by right-clicking the name in their Friends List
    • Players can now enter a message that will be broadcast to their friends
    • Players can now create multi-user conversations
      • There are multiple ways to start a conversation or invite other players to an existing conversation:
        • To start a conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends > Start Conversation or use the "Start a Conversation" option in the Social window by right-clicking on a friend's name
        • To invite or add friends to an existing conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends or use the "Invite to a Conversation" option in the Social window by right clicking a friend's name and selecting the desired conversation
      • Similar to public channels, private conversations can support up to 99 players
    • A new section has been added to the friends list called "Players Near You"
      • Any player who is on your local network will be displayed here (even if they're not currently your friend)
      • If needed, this feature can be disabled from the Social Options of the Game menu
    • Players may now be marked as a "Party Guide"
      • The Party Guide is assigned to the first person who joins a Public Game
      • If multiple characters join a Public Game at the same time, the game will choose the hero with the highest level or Paragon level to be Party Guide
      • When a Party Guide leaves the Public Game, a new one will be chosen automatically
      • Alternatively, the Party Guide can right click on a party member's portrait and pass them the Party Guide title
      • The Party Guide will have a unique icon that will appear on the mini-map
    • Names in your "Recent Players" list will now expire if they become older than a month
    • Blocked players will no longer appear in your "Recent Players" list


  • Bug Fixes
    • Skeleton King
      • The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead will now play an animation when performing their Whirlwind attack


  • Barbarian
    • Active Skills
      • War Cry
        • Skill Rune – Invigorate
          • Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)
    • Passive Skills
    • Bug Fixes
      • The sound that plays whenever a Barbarian's Overpower ability comes off cooldown is no longer similar to a Legendary item dropping
      • Male barbarians no longer run faster than the other heroes while feared.
  • Demon Hunter
    • Active Skills
      • Companion
        • Skill Rune – Boar Companion
          • Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)
      • Rapid Fire
        • Base weapon damage increased from 276% to 438%
        • Hatred cost while channeling has been reduced from to 6 (down from 10)
        • Skill Rune - Bombardment
          • Weapon damage increased from 345% to 414%
          • Explosion radius increased to 8 yards (up from 4)
        • Skill Rune - Fire Support
          • Weapon damage of Homing Rockets increased from 35% to 145%
        • Skill Rune - Withering Fire
          • Now reduces the initial Hatred cost to 10 (up from 5)
      • Sentry
        • Skill Rune – Aid Station
          • Now heals nearby allies for 2% of max life per second (up from 1%)
    • Passive Skills
      • Brooding
        • Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)
  • Monk
    • Active Skills
      • Mantra of Healing
        • Now causes party members to regenerate 620 life per second (up from 310)
          • Skill Rune – Sustenance
            • Now increases Mantra of Healing’s life regeneration to 1240 per second (up from 620)
    • Passive Skills
  • Witch Doctor
    • Active Skills
      • Firebats
        • Now has a larger initial cost but a much lower continual cost while channeling
          • Base weapon damage increased from 180% to 385%
          • Skill Rune – Cloud of Bats
            • Initial damage increased from 234% to 500% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune – Plague Bats
            • Maximum damage increased from 270% to 578% weapon damage
    • Passive Skills
      • Blood Ritual
        • Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)
  • Wizard
    • Active Skills
      • Arcane Torrent
        • Base weapon damage increased from 210% to 285%
        • Skill Rune - Arcane Mines
          • Weapon damage increased from 180% to 340%
        • Skill Rune - Cascade
          • Weapon damage of bonus missiles increased from 210% to 285%
      • Archon
        • The duration of Archon should now be extended by assists from players in multiplayer games, in addition to kills
      • Disintegrate
        • Base weapon damage increased from 170% to 220%
        • Skill Rune - Entropy
          • Weapon damage increased from 196% to 253%
        • Skill Rune - Intensify
          • Maximum damage increased from 221% to 286% weapon damage
      • Familiar
        • Skill Rune – Vigoron
          • Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)
      • Ray of Frost
        • Base weapon damage increased from 215% to 280%
        • Skill Rune – Black Ice
          • Ice patch weapon damage increased from 387% to 504%
        • Skill Rune – Sleet Storm
          • Weapon damage increased from 280% to 364%
        • Skill Rune – Snow Blast
          • Maximum damage increased from 280% to 364% weapon damage
      • Teleport
        • Players may now Teleport to any location within range, as long as a path is available
    • Passive Skills
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug causing Teleport – Safe Passage to only reduce damage from physical attacks


  • General
    • Players can now queue up multiple items and gems at a time within the same tier to be crafted, so long as they possess the necessary materials
    • Players can now craft items using materials located in the shared stash
  • Blacksmith
    • Salvaged item information will no longer be displayed in the chat log
    • Players can now disable the confirmation dialog when salvaging items of Rare quality
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from salvaging an item by dragging it onto the Blacksmith's anvil icon


  • Templar
    • Skills
      • Loyalty
        • Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)


  • General
    • Players should now encounter more monsters in Acts I, II, and IV in Inferno difficulty when playing at Monster Power 1 or greater
    • In multiplayer games, the increase in monster hit points per additional player has been reduced to 50% (down from 70%)
    • The damage dealt by the fire pool left by Blazing Guardian attacks has been reduced by 50%, but it's minimum damage has been increased
    • Poison damage dealt by Brood Hatchlings has been reduced by 40%
    • Damage dealt by Tormented Stingers has been reduced by 75%
    • The health of normal Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately 68%
    • The health of Elite Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately:
      • 4.5% for Champions
      • 3% for Rares
      • 9% for Rare minions
    • The following monsters have their experience and chance to drop loot modified to better align with their hit points:
      • Accursed, Betrayed, Bile Crawlers, Blazing Guardians, Blazing Ghouls Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Charged Constructs, Chilling Constructs, Crazed Cultists, Crazed Summoners, Dark Conjurers, Dark Cultists, Dark Moon Clan Impalers, Dark Summoners, Dark Zealots, Deranged Cultists, Doom Wraiths, Dust Shamblers, Enraged Zealots, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Foul Conjurers , Frost Guardians, Ghouls, Hungry Corpses, Moon Clan Impalers, Murderous Fiends, Noxious Guardians, Ravenous Dead, Retching Cadavers, Reviled, Savage Fiends, Spiderlings, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Shock Guardians, Skeletal Crawlers, Smoldering Constructs, Spine Lashers Stygian Crawlers, Tormented Stingers, Toxic Constructs, and Vicious Ghouls
    • Keywardens
      • Nekarat the Keywarden now has a chance to drop a random Key (of Destruction, Hate, or Terror) in addition to the Infernal Machine plans
      • All Keywardens will now only appear in Inferno difficulty
    • Bug Fixes
      • Monsters with the Avenger affix now correctly gain +25% damage each time a monster in their pack dies
      • Monsters with the Vampiric affix now correctly heal for 200% of their damage done in all difficulties


  • General
    • Experience earned by completing a quest is now granted to players that have reached the level cap


  • General
    • A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI
      • The maximum number of debuffs that will be displayed is three
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug preventing damage numbers from being displayed if a monster was affected by a spell such as Hex

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Call to Gaming Friends!

One of my biggest problems recently has been finding people to play online with.

If anyone would like to play any of the following games with me, give me a shout. My Battletag is Bigjuicyhog#1956 I believe.

World of Warcraft
Diablo 3
Black Ops 2
Torchlight 2
MW 2
MW 3

If anyone wants to play a game, hit me up. The most fun part about gaming is playing a game you enjoy with other people. Lets get er done.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holy Sporadic Posting Batman!!!!

I have been incredibly busy in real life, and in the meantime, have not had a lot of opportunities for games.

The one game I have played almost none of is WoW. I dont know why, but I just cant bring myself to log on for anything more than reposting auctions before 30 days in the mailbox is up. Maybe one of these days I will just feel the need to level some more toons, but currently, I am spending my play time elsewhere.

I have cooled off on Diablo a bit until the newest patch comes out (which I think will be today if what I am reading is correct).

In the meantime, I have been playing a decent chunk of Black Ops 2 by myself.

I have also been playing MW 2 and Torchlight 2 with my sister, which is always fun. My sister is certainly getting better at MW2 after several games where she was like 1-15 or 0-13. Still not a 1 KD player yet, but she is getting there.

I have not been keeping up on gaming news all that much being so busy, so I dont really even know what will be coming out.

I had a previous comment asking me if I will be playing Neverwinter. I am assuming that this will be a Neverwinter MMO, in which case the answer is....maybe? I really enjoyed the NWN games on the PC and would enjoy a world based on it, but I dont know if an MMO could capture the feeling that the stories in those games generate. It would be like trying to do a Baldur's Gate MMO. Speaking of Baldur's Gate, I heard that they were going to redo the game with updated graphics. That would be something to play. I would be even happier if they decided to do it with Planescape: Torment.

In other life stuff, I have finished the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and really enjoyed it. I have also been watching the GoT show each week and loving every minute of it. My wife and friends are all non readers, so they get to be shocked just like I was when some of the crazy stuff goes down. I have also been watching a new Sci Fi series called Defiance. It is pretty decent overall, but a bit cheesy.

Anyways, what have the rest of you been up to in the meantime?