Friday, August 27, 2010


It is still all over the place especially in LFG. Since hitting 80, I have been trying to get some decent gear for my Hunter. That means running the Icecrown instances ALOT.

I got into Hall of Reflection. Waves go smoothly and we kill the first boss. Then the tank just quits group.

Then shortly after, I get into another Halls of Reflection...with the same douche of a tank. Guess what happens? If you guessed that we killed the first boss and he fled like an asshat, then you are correct.

Seriously, if you are going to run an instance with people you dont know, at least have the courtesy of finishing the instance....or letting them know that you are just farming that one boss.

This fuck you is for you Chumi of Gurubashi. May your loot never drop and your testacles fall off if it does.

In other news, I got into my first raid last night with my Hunter. VOA 10 woohoo. I even put up a respectable 3500 dps for the run. The only disapointment is that nobody ever does anything past the most recent bosses to be added. Oh well.

Peace and chicken grease.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

About time.....

I finally got my Hunter to 80. He was the second character I ever created way back in vanilla. This is the first time he has ever been level cap.

I also finally started leveling his professions......generic Hunter professions 1 and 2......skinning and leatherworking.

My Hunter is no longer the red headed dwarf step child. He is finally a part of the family.

In other news, there are still fucktards running instances.

I have been running the Icecrown instances to gear up while I am leveling my Leatherworking. I have been top dps every time in essentially all blues below ilvl 200.

I was in a Pit of Saron where we kicked a ret paladin for doing 900 dps. I did around 1300 at level 70 on my Ret Paladin.

Then to top it off, he was replaced with a DK.....doing 900 mostly epics.

Another note on my Hunter. I actually tanked half of Hall of Stone as a BM Hunter when the tank decided he didnt want to stay after the first pull. We didnt get a real tank until the bronzebeard event.

Fun times.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late to the Party

So, I was a bit late to the Icecrown Party. I got into my first ICC 10 man this past weekend. And I had some fun. We cleared the first six bosses and may have gotten more had I not had to go to sleep at that point.

For my troubles I got a new tanking ring from the instance and one from the rep I got while in there....Oh, and I fricking love the gunship battle. Rocket packs FTW. I was a Dwarven Boba Fett minus falling into the Sarlac.

I also got to level 79 on my Hunter and will be making that final push to the big 80. I think the rest of my toons will end up no higher than 70 before Cat due to the adjustment in Northrend leveling.

Another happy note for me was that two more of my online buddies came back. I had not seen them for quite some time and was a bit discouraged, but they were doing the same thing as I was. Just kinda waiting for Cataclysm.

Can't wait for the expansion and to replace all of my epics with the first blues I find.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow.....facebook with more action

This is how I think of wow these days. Especially since I will be moving a couple of states from friends and family. For me the greatness of moms is and always will be the ability to play a game with your friend over great distances. Facebook with gnomes. Sounds awesome to me.
I am also very excited about some of the things coming out about catalysm. It makes me wonder...should I continue on with the guild I spent wrath with or start a family and close friends guild. I am leaning towards the second one. That way anything we do will help each other out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I are Huntard here me pew

Huntards. They have been reviled as asshats since the beginning of wow. Now my huntard is 78 and closing in on the cap for the first time ever. Having played one quite alot lately it is easy to see how many huntards can be so fucking terrible. They are so easy even a caveman could level it. Seriously. Easymode. All you need to get to 80 is a pulse. That is probably why there are so many bots that play huntards. My hunter is not incredibly geared and I usually top the dos beast master. Now that leads me to wonder. Which is easier....the original king of the noon classes aka the hunter or the heir apparent to mouth breathers everywhere....the deathtard? What do you think....and which is more boring to play?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Darraxus in da house


So yeah, I have been playing WOW again....still without any of my old friends.

Leveling my Hunter and making some gold has kept me entertained for the time being. Hunter leveling is easy mode. Send pet. Auto shot. Arcane shot if I want some excitement.

Since I started playing again, I have hardly even touched my max level toons.

I ran a random heroic on Darraxus....and I STILL GOT IT. The mad skills that is.

I also did a VOA10 on my Druid.....and got a piece of pvp gear I will likely never even touch.

Oh, and I discovered the joys of REALID on my friends your friends can hide from you in a Blizzard game if they are on your friends list. Makes it easier to plan shit if you have toons on multiple servers as well.

Besides WoW, I have also been getting my ass kicked at Modern Warfare 2. The hacking in that game is retarded. Either that or I am just bad. I think it must be the hax.

Anyways, how are all the other bloggers out there in the blogosphere. It seems like some of the people that left are back....but more or less in the same boat I am.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


I caved and am playing WoW again.

So far it has mostly been a bit of leveling my Hunter and making more I need it.

The sad thing is that there are zero of the people who I have played with for years currently playing.

The social part is lacking at the moment.