Thursday, June 20, 2013

MW2: Two Nukes in an Evening

Last night, my sister and I played some MW2. She is getting much better by the way. She still has some 5-26 type games, but more often they are along the lines of 12-18 or 15-20, so moving on up. Even got a 5 kill streak!

As the title says, while we were playing last night, I got a pair of Nukes. I love getting a tactical nuke. Everyone goes fucking nuts. Especially the other team when you have been noob tubing the the entire time.

I got one on a map which I forget the name (one of the Favela type maps) where I managed to get the other team trapped in their spawn while I was in a chopper gunner. Great success! I had some dude really pissed off and wanting to play a 1v1 game. Who the fuck wants to play a 1v1 game? Not I!

I got the other one on my first game of the evening, which was quite fun. It was on terminal. I was propped up on top of the building near the stairs and the bookstore defending B and C. They managed to shoot down my chopper gunner after just three kills, but I managed to get 10 more kills to get my nuke.

I always tube. I can beat people in a gun battle, but I find it less fun. Two more nukes and I will get the acheivement for 10 Nukes which I believe give me the Nuke Emblem.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Paragon 60 and other misc. game stuff

Yesterday, I decided to play a bit of D3 and finally pushed up to Paragon 60. It was done almost entirely in Act 2 runs because I set to join random public groups and that is what they gave me. The grind is certainly much less tedious, and the mob density in the sewer areas of Act 2 are insane at some points. I love just whirlwinding across the screen destroying everything in my path. I still dont ever find anything worth a shit as far as drops go.

I have been playing a little bit of Marvel Heroes with my wife and friends. We created a supergroup and have been beating up bad guys on our way through the game. Our group yesterday consisted of Thing (me), Storm (Wifey), Daredevil, Cyclops, and Hawkeye. We tore through pretty much everything. I am at level 15 and everyone else is somewhere around 13 as of logging off last night.

In shooter news, I have been playing MW2, MW3, and BO2. I find that I like the game play in both of the MW games much better than I like the play in BO2. I feel like I can actually be accurate with weapons and not miss constantly. In MW2, I played TDM and DOM with my sister. I got a couple of chopper gunners, but no Nuke unfortunately. My sister had her best game ever going 17-20.

In MW3, I tried out some HC Domination and played my old favorite standbys..Drop Zone and Infected. On Drop Zone, I can often times single handedly help a team win with a score more than double of most of the other people playing.

I am looking forward to the next MW game, and I am hoping that I get a new character drop in Marvel Heroes soon. While I like Thing, I do not like Scarlet Witch as my second hero.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Master Prestige Reset

So, as I said previously, I made it to master prestige in BO2. Unfotunately I found it to be quite I reset all of my stats and prestiges ands started over again. I figured I would try for a higher K/D ratio etc.

So far, it has gone pretty well. My K/D ratio is at 1.17 so far (which I got it up to yesterday after starting out rather slowly at a 0.90 k/d ratio the day before. I was at 1.05 while in Master Prestige. It probably would have been higher, but I spent a bunch of time trying to gold SMGs and I was pretty terrible with them. Anywhere between a .60 and .79 with the.

I have also been playing a good amount of Hardcore Domination. I usually just sit back with a LMG and protect the points from a distance as well as I can. Some of the maps, I feel like I do terribly. The worst by far is Nuketown. I am really growing to hate that map. There are so many people there just randomly wall banging and shit. And then when I do have a good match there and we are just about to win, someone from my team runs in from on my line of fire, gets themselves killed, and I am the one to get booted. Hooray!!

I run with the LSAT as that is my favorite LMG ever. I also have a great love for engineer since I have been using carepackages. So many times already, I have turned an RC or a Hunter Killer Drone into a Drone Escort or a Chopper. Being able to switch your care package is awesome.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marvel Heroes first Impressions

Last night I logged into Marvel Heroes for the first time. I decided to go with Thing as my starting hero. I ended up getting Scarlet Witch as my second random hero.....the one that I least wanted. But that is ok.

The game itself it quite a bit of fun. You get quests, and run around and smash bad guys. Most of the bosses are done in a group, but with enough patience, you can probably solo some of them as well. I ended up soloing "The Hood" last night when the rest of the group bailed before we even got to him.

I also got to play a bit with my friend Kev (who is playing Iron Man currently, but also got Cyclops and Colossus). It was good fun just running around and smashing bad guys. The only part so far that has been a frustration is that my inventory seems to fill up way too fast.

Thing is now level 11 and I will be getting around to buying the Hulk on Friday most likely.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marvel Heroes out today!

For those of you who did not buy any kind of founders pack (myself included), today is the first day of Marvel Heroes!

It is a free to play ARPG much in line with Diablo. You can buy a hero with real money, or you can start with one of 5 free heroes which include Thing, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Storm, and the Scarlet Witch. You get a second random one of the 5 free heroes at the end of the tutorial.

I am planning on at least buying the Incredible Hulk.

I like that both heroes and costumes can drop for you, which makes it so that you dont really have to spend any money at all if you don't want to.

One of my friends bought the Iron Man back which comes with a bunch of costumes. I think another of my friends may end up getting Deadpool if he does in fact play the game. I think I may get my wife to play as well, even though she insists she wants to be Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. I told her she could just stand behind our friend playing Iron Man and make comments about his playing.

Anyways, its a free smash em up. I will be checking is out asap.