Sunday, May 31, 2009

Money Tip: Don't Piss Off Your Server

If you are planning on making some money, you can do it in two ways. Lay low and put your things on the AH, or you can make it a business and advertise in trade chat. The first way is just fine and the second way can add a bit of spice to your methods.

The way not to sell things are:

a) Post stuff on the AH and advertise that you posted them in chat. If people are going to buy something, they will buy it regardless of you spamming trade. You are just being annoying.

b) Ignore people in trade chat and gloat about it after they told you to stfu.

A new glyph seller on my server has been undercutting glyphs by 50 percent or more and only putting one up at a time. He spams trade chat that they are on the AH like people would not think to look there.

When called out on it, he ignores people and then gloats in trade chat how he loves the ignore function. I am now noticing my higher priced glpyhs selling before his lower priced one. Act like a douchebag and people will take note.

Treat your WoW business like you would a real business. In a professional manner.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How do you know if you are a "bad".

Everyone has played with someone that they thought was horrible. On my server (and probably on most), these people are know as "bads". You will see people in LFG saying, "LFM for Emalon, no bads please". How does someone know that they are bad?

I think that the people who are bad are probably oblivious to the fact that they arent very good. Not to say that these people are dumb. They are usually just lacking something. Sometimes they are dumb. Or little kids. But that is a whole different issue. Here are some ways to tell if you (or someone else) is a bad. One of these does not make a bad. All of them together most likely will.

1) You dont have addons or dont even know what addons are: This problem is very easily fixable through a little bit of education. Addons are a core part of the game at this point and can do just about anything for you. If you dont use Auctioneer, you are a financial "bad". You probably vendor everything rather than looking at the AH or you put things up for such a low price that you are kicking yourself in the ass. There are plenty of bads who do have addons. Bads with the correct addons are just plain bad. They know better.

2) You gear completly wrong or using dumb methods: Bads that make this mistake are often lacking the knowledge to make it right. A hunter with spellpower gear, a warrior with spirit gear, and the person who prefers their items to match rather than be effective are all bads. Wearing armor that is "outside" your class, does not make a dumb. If cloth casting gear is an upgrade for a Paladin, they are not "bad" for taking it. They are actually smart. People that only gear based on armor class are "bads" AKA the Paladin who will let a piece of mail get sharded because it is not plate despite it being a clear upgrade. By the same token, tanks that wear leather (besides Druids), mail, or cloth are epic fail.

3) You don't understand basic game mechanics (or your skills and abilities): If you have no idea what someone is talking about when they talk about aggro, dps, or CC, then you may infact be a "bad". If you do not know a what a damage rotation is, you may be a bad. If you use taunt as part of your damage rotation as dps, or keep growl on no matter how many times people tell you not to, you are a bad. All of these things can be learned. All it takes is a bit of motivation. If you never figured out how to put your abilities on action bars, and cast out of your spellbook, you are a bad (how did you even install the game?).

4) You can't seem to help it when you stand in the bad stuff: You go into every fight just knowing you are going to die. When you do die, you make no effort to figure out why, continuing the cycle of bad. This can be the Heigan dance or riding a drake in EoE. You figure that despite your shortcomings, the rest should be able to pick up your slack. This make you not only a "bad", but dead weight. People resent you. Get out of out raids and go run stockades or something. Everyone dies to the bad stuff sometimes. Just...not....every....single...time. There are legit excuses for dying to bad stuff. Being from Australian and playing on a US server is one. Because "you always die on this fight" is not an acceptable excuse.

5) YOU ARE NOT PREPARED: Illidan apprently knew that there are tons of baddies around. You show up for instances/raids with broken gear, no reagents, no ammo, no buff food, unenchanted, and ungemmed gear. I did a VoA 25 the other night where a "bad" enhancement shaman got kicked. He was doing 1200 dps and wearing 41 stamina gems in his gear......WTF? There are reasons to not have SOME enchantments. If you are going to be replacing an item shortly or are leveling are good reasons. There is never a reason to have gear with no gems. Green quality gems are so damn cheap that there is really no excuse.

6) You get kicked from groups...repeatedly: If you are contantly getting booted from groups, it is not the group that failed....look in the is you. When people do an instance or raid, they expect a certain level of competence. You face rolling your way to epics with 800 dps is not going to make you any friends. Pulling groups if you are not the tank will not make you friends. Mis-directing on the healer will not make you friends. They will all get you kicked. Because you are bad. Do yourself a favor and figure out how not to be bad.

Obviously, this list is not going to help the bads. This is a list for the rest of you to show the bads to the light. There are so many resources available to up your game. If you are too lazy to look at some of them, I can only imagine what you are like in real life. I hereby declare June 1, NATIONAL HELP A BAD DAY.

If you know a bad in WoW, this is a day to try and help them out. Instead of immediately booting the bad, try to help them out. If they are not receptive, they are habitually bad and dont deserve your time. If they hear what you have to say, you may well be on your way to rehabilitating a bad into a decent player.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

PuGs: Ignorance and AFKs kill

I am writing this on the heels of getting out of a Naxx 10 run on my Druid. I overgear the instance and dont really need anything. I decided to go as something fun to do before work. It was actually mostly a guild run by a guild that is pretty decent. 

They must have had their B-Squad in. 

My guild's raid leader was there on his DK tank as well.

We got through the Arachnid Quarter just fine as any mostly retarded group can do. DPS seemed a bit low besided a Rogue who was killin it. Then the fail started to creep in during Plague Quarter. First, we were getting a few people that were getting killed by the slimes because they would not move. These are ranged DPS mind you. Not melee.

Then on one of the gargoyle pulls DPS had their head up their ass and didnt kill a single one of them somehow. 28 stacks of the debuff later, we had us a wipe. They could not follow a simple instruction like "kill the skull". This guild is deep into Ulduar.....and cant focus fire on a target in NAXX!!! 

Then we get to Noth. It goes fine despite dps seeming to be a bit on the low side. After we down him, we notice that the hunter is not there. HE HAS BEEN AFK IN SW FOR THE LAST 15 MINUTES!!!!! And of course they allowed him to continue in the run. He of the 15 minute afk and dps below BOTH tanks.

We clear all the way to Heigan, and then there is another afk....followed by another afk...followed by my playing 80s tunes in vent....followed by an announced 20 minute afk before a boss!!! WHO DOES THAT?

At that point, the raid leader from my guild and I were at the end of our fail ropes. I told them I dont have time for this shit and hearthed. The hunter who had AFKed thru the Noth fight told me to learn to be which I replied "LEARN TO DPS HIGHER THAN THE TANKS".

AFKs will kill the flow of any raid. In a pug, it is just going to piss people off and cause them to leave. I dont need much of anything out of Naxx and was spending my time to help. If you are going to be AFK 40 percent of the time, you are going to ruin the raid, or get booted.

On a side note, my raid leader (DK tank in epics with some blues still) was third on the damage meter. The rogue was in first by more than double any of the other dps. I did 40 percent of the healing....with three healers. 

If you are going to run a raid, get your shit together. I dont want to sit through 50 afks and not even finish two wings in two hours. Unacceptable.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lady Luck Shines on Everyone Sometimes

Everyone has those moments in WoW at one time or another. Those times where you are at the right place at the right time. Wheter it be fishing up the giant sewer rat while conventiently doing you fishing daily or getting an epic world drop, we have all had them.

For me, one of these moments happened last night on my warrior. I answered the call for a Heroic VoA asking for now baddies. People were asked to link their achievements and underacheivers were kicked. My role was actually quite odd. I wasnt DPS. I wasnt main tank or off tank. I was a debuffer and a ferry boat apparently.

We had a Paladin main tanking Emalon on one side of the room and a DK on the adds on the opposite side. I would basically sunder Emalon up, thunderclap, demo shout. When the overcharged add came, I would sunder him up for extra damage. Then I would wait for the new minion to pop up, taunt him, and ferry him over to the DK tank.

Well, after downing the big guy, the Conqueror's Siegebreaker Legguards and the Conqueror's Siegebreaker Gauntlets dropped. Did I mention that I was the only Warrior in the raid :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Business In WoW: Adapting

Adaptability is a very important quality to have. The more you are able to adapt to situations, the better off you will be whether it be in the real life business world, home life, or in a video game.

In WoW, it is important to see when something is not working to make money and adapt to it.

Back in BC, I was a farmer to make my gold. My Paladin was a miner/herbalist with epic flight. I got around fast and made tons of gold (for me in BC anyways). It was enough to buy myself two epic flying mounts and never have to worry about money for repairs/consumables/enchants etc. Back then, I was making 45-70 gold a stack off of Terocone and 25-35 gold a stack from adamantite.

Farming is at an all time high (or low depending on how you look at it). Herb and ore prices have crashed through the floor. Farming is no longer the money maker that it once was, even at the beggining of WotLK. Saronite Ore is going for 15 gold a stack. Icethorn is selling for 15 gold, Lichbloom for 18, Adder's Tongue for 12, and the low 70s ones are selling for 10 gold or less a stack. At this point, it is probably more profitable for farmers to do dailies.....but they arent.

This leads me to inscription. I power leveled inscription and JC on my Druid since he had zero professions. These (especially inscription), have made it so that I did not have to farm at all. Of these two, JC is really more random. When prospecting, you have to hope that you get at least 1 blue quality gem from a stack of saronite, and that it is not a forrest emerald. The JC daily is a nice way to make money, especially if you buy a Dragon's Eye with the mark you get. They sell between 75-100 gold on the AH depending on the day.

Farming wasnt making me as much money as it once did, so I adapated. Now inscription is making me around 1k or more per day. I just buy the herbs off of the AH, use the ink of the sea to make glyphs (and purchase inks for other glyphs), and sell a bunch of the Snowfall ink on the AH.

While purchasing Icethorn, I met someone who had not yet adapted. I was buying stacks of Icethorn when I get a tell asking if I wanted more at a price lower than the AH. Of course I do, I told him. The herb farmer flew from SW to IF where I was, and sold me another 5 stacks at 12 gold a stack. He told me that he is trying to make money for his epic flight form. The thing that really blew me away is that he seemed to be so happy to make that 60 gold.

Thanks to me adapting to my market, the farmers are feeding my gold faster than I can make it. That 60 gold worth of herbs got me 31 Ink of the Sea and 6 snowfall ink.

Those 31 ink of the sea were turned into 31 glyphs which sell for an average of 15 gold. 31x15 = 465 gold. Those Snowfall Inks sell for about 20 gold per. 20x6=120 gold. Even if I did not sell a single glyph, I more than doubled what I spent by selling the Snowfall Ink alone. He spent a decent amount of time to farm all of those herbs. I bought them and less than an hour later, I have a tremendous amount of profit potential sitting on the AH.

The better you adapt to the market in WoW, the more money you will make. I was previously making about 200 gold a day on inscription without even really trying. I decided to make a much wider range of glyphs and be more aggressive, which has netted me substantially more gold. Now I can see how Gevlon made so much easy money. Like taking money from a baby.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Last night I was getting ready to run a PuG Naxx 10 on my Paladin when I noticed a long time in-game friend looking for a tank in LFG for EoE 10. I had never been and it was one of the few places I needed still to get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

I got the invite and away we went with a pug EoE. This is normally the time where I tell you about the multiple deaths, afks, etc.

This was my first time in EoE and obviously my first time tanking it. Well, to make this story short, we one shotted it. Malygos ate a few sparks, but I used some cooldowns to get through it. We literally killed him as he enraged.

I must say that this was a wicked fun fight from a tank perspective. You basically tank Maly like any other dragon...with his face and ass away from the raid. Sparks fly down and you usually have a dk to DG them over to help the DPS. There are a few times during this phase that he will cast a spell called vortex which sucks you up and throws you around. After phase 1, malygos takes to the air and a bunch of little guys come down on hoverboards. When they die you get to steal their hoverboards and run around killing other baddies on hoverboards. The whole time you are running from one protective bubble to the next to avoid his Deep Breath ability.

After this, the platform breaks and you end up on a drake. It was really not that hard. 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2, follow the healers, and just like that Maly is down.

My barricade did not drop, but I am omw to doing EoE ten on my Druid as we speak.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Playing Music

A lot of the time you will be on Ventrilo while you are playing. I know that I like to listen to a little bit of music from time to time. Something about music can just get you in that mood to do whatever it is you need to do.

I will be posting links, but will try to post an imbed if possible. (Edit: I suck at embeds so links for you only).

First, I will do my PvP list. I havent done much PvP lately, but there was a time that it took up much of my time. Arenas were addicting. I would play 50 in a night no problem.

AC/DC: "If you want Blood, you've got it"

AC/DC is my absolute favorite band of all time. This is a bad ass song that will get you pumped to smash someone elses pixels in. I do a mean AC/DC karaoke as well :)

Drowning Pool: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Another fight type anthem that will get the blood pumpin nicely. May not be everyones cup of tea, but it is loud and obnoxious....kinda like PvPers :)

Elton John: "Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting".

I could have went with the the Nickelback remake, but you cant beat the original. Obviously, it is even better if you are actually PvPing on a Saturday....weekend warriors rejoice!

To me, Raids feel pretty Heroic and you can have music for not only general raiding, but specific fights as well. Here are some of my favorites.


Megadeth: "Blood of Heroes"

This song is absolutely amazing for almost any type of combat game. And yes, Heroes never die...especially in WoW....we just corpse run.

The Four Horsemen encounter

Metaliica: "The Four Horsemen"

Do I really need to explain why I chose this one? Seriously?

Heigan the Unclean

Men Without Hats: "Safety Dance"

Its all about the dance. You can dance if you want to...but if you dont you will die. Play this in vent to piss off you raid leader for maximum effect.

XT Deconstructor

Styx: "Mr. Roboto"

Domo Origato Mr. Loot Pinata. Thank you very much for all the phat loots.

Anyways, that is just a few songs I like while playing. What do you listen to?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inscription: Still my Cash Cow

There were people who figured that inscription would pretty much die out by the time that the dual spec thing died down after 3.1. In my case, it has not been true at all. I still make at least a few hundred gold per day selling glyphs.

You can sell all kinds of glyphs, but the ones that sell the best seem to be Pally, DK, and even Hunter glyphs. I sell glyphs for all classes, but these are often times my big sellers.

Despite having an herbalist with epic flight, I choose to buy my herbs to mill. I have been getting many, many stacks of icethorn for under 17 gold per stack. I mill it and usually get at least one snowfall ink and 4-6 Ink of the Sea from a single stack. I use the ink of the sea to make glyphs and usually sell some of the snowfall ink on the AH for 25 gold each. It is not rare for me to end up with two snowfall ink out of a single stack.

With my Ink of the Sea, I browse through my glyphs and see what is selling well. I exchange Inks of the Sea for whatever ink is needed for the glyph and Im in business.

I have been trying to keep around 250 or so glyphs on the AH at any given time. I always undercut, but never go below 8ish gold on any glyph. If the prices are getting too low, I hold onto them for a few days until the prices go back up.

A nice little niche seems to be the minor glyph market. There usually seems to be a lot less of them flooding the AH and many will sell for over 20 gold each.

Stay away from the Glyphs that people use to level. They will be worthless. People sell glyphs such as Glyph of Sunder for under a gold. I dont get it. You may as well just vendor the damn things and be done with it.

Inscription is still going strong, and if you really try, there is no profession that wont make you a bit of cash.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leading Pugs (Part 1): Loot Rules

There are more puggable raids in WoW than there have ever been. Everything was puggable before 3.1 came around, and with a decent group there are still puggable bosses in at least Ulduar 10 (25 may be a different matter).

If you are leading these PuG runs, you will want to institute a fair loot system that is going to be easy to keep track of. This is a PuG, and trying to use systems such as DKP are just going to make it so that people are not going to run with you. DKP is for guild runs, not PuGs.

There are many different methods you can use, and none of them are right or wrong. It is just a matter of preference.

Method 1: One need, One Tier, Rest Greed: This seems to be one of the most common methods in any pug raid you will go to. The raid leader will set it to master looter. You can win one "need" roll until the people you share gear with also win a "need" roll. After that, you will have hope that it falls into the greed category.

Tier Items works the same way. You can win one until everyone else has won one. Then it starts over.

Overall, this seems like a very fair method. The only thing that may cause discontent is that people can attempt to abuse the system by passing and taking their chances on a greed roll.

Method 2: One Need, One Tier, One Greed: This method is more or less the same as the above method with one big change. It makes it more difficult for people to save their need rolls as they only get one greed as well. If this were a guild method, the problem would be that people would pass on upgrades because they would rather pick up another upgrade, therefore making the raid weaker. In a pug, this can just mean extra nexus crystals for your bank. If you are the leader, keep the shards. People will be more hesitant to see it not used.

Method 3: No master looter. Need or Pass: This method is not nearly common, and is more likely to be seen in a Naxx 10 type PuG were everyone already overgears the instance. The premise is pretty simple. If you can use it for either of you two main spec, need it. If not, pass. The Raid leader will shard whatever is not taken. It is up to you to decide if you want to pass out crystals or just keep them. Whatever you decide, make sure you make it clear before you start the run.

Method 4: Free Roll, Use discretion and do not be greedy: All loot for your dual specs are up for grabs. As the Raid Leader, you will have to use discretion on who gets items. This method has fail written all over it and is very hard to enforce. It could look like favortism if something looks unfair. You are probably better off going with a standard Loot Council type system if you are looking to do this.

Method 5, Free Roll, No limits: If you are using this system, it is basically up to the loot gods and the RNG. Make sure that you keep it on Master Looter to keep players from needing every single item in the instance. Just because it is free roll, is not an excuse for people to be retarded (aka a warrior tanking caster gear).

Method 6, Join A Guild: Not really a Loot Method, but certainly saves you from the hassle of having to choose from a different loot system and herding the cats through an instance :)

I will be coming out with more rules for Leading Pugs soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loot Etiquette

There are many different kinds of loot rules. I am a pugger and therefore dont have to deal with many of them. DKP is not in my vocabulary. Most PuGs seem to have a standard system. It is usually something along the lines of X Need Roll Wins (usually 1 or 2), One Tier piece win, and the rest are greed. I have also been in runs where they dont even turn master looter on and if you need it they just give it to you. The rolls are usually for main spec first followed by offspec.

Loot etiquette is very important to decrease loot drama and nerd rage. If something drops and is a side grade for you, but a big upgrade for someone else, it is standard to pass on the item. This can activate your good kara regen and give you a nice chance at something else that you can really need.

Sometimes, people just don't get it. If they system is abusable, they will abuse it. A great example happened over the weekend. An alt warrior, in the run as a DPS was rolling on (and winning) not only DPS pieces, but most of the tanking drops as well. Myself and another tank could only really use a few of the pieces that dropped. Probably a good 10 tanking items dropped and the only upgrades for us were a helmet and Broken Promise. The DPS warrior rolled and won both items. The Paladin tank G-Quit in disgust.

Now, most people would say that the DPS warrior was wrong in this scenario for being a loot whore and not adhering to Loot Etiquette. In this case, the Raid Leader/Master Looter is just as much at fault.

The RL made the rules as follows from the beggining of the run "Free Roll, Main Spec First. Please be considerate and dont be greedy." He did not follow his own looting etiquette in two ways:

1) The DPS Warrior was in the run as a DPS (and on an alt). He had not tanked any Heroics yet and had pretty much been DPS since turning 80. Although he said Tanking is is main spec, he had not yet purchased Dual Spec. He should have been given items according to what spec he was unless it was not needed by the other tanks.

2) He let people be greedy without doing anything about it. He got frustrated with the Warrior constantly rolling on tank gear, but would give it to him anyways. They he told him that he would only be able to get DPS gear. Then a few bosses later, he gave him more tank gear over the real tanks.

A VERY important part of loot etiquette is sticking to your loot rules. If you go switching the rules in the middle of the run, it shows favortism and is going to piss a lot of people off. If you stick to your rules from the get go, nobody can accuse you of being unfair when you are distributing loot. It will lead to a lot less hostility and a much more relaxed run.

If you make a run free-roll, but also instruct people not to be greedy, it is your responsibilty to follow up on it. You should be the person saying, "Warrior X, you have won three pieces and Paladin Z has won zero. I am going to pass it to him to be fair. Remember not to be greedy."

Be a team player and eventually the loot gods will look favorably upon you. Be a loot whore and eventually nobody will want to run with you. You only get one reputation. Use it wisely.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend is over and I am a sad panda. I did a bit in WoW over that time, so here is my update.

Raids: THere was a decenet amount of raiding for me over the last week. This weekend I got into a Naxx 25 with several members of my guild (and a decent number of PuGs). It was going very well except for the fact that the raid leader kept switching back and forth on loot rules. Basically, an alt warrior from out guild went and mopped up on pretty much every tanking piece....he was dps for the run. The drama of him continually rolling and winning tank loot from mains caused a lot of issues including a pretty well geared Paladin tank to leave the guild. I only rolled on two pieces....the helmet off of the second boss in the DK quarter and Broken Promise from 4-Horsemen.

All in all, I got a bunch of emblems, but had to leave just before Gluth due to my fiancee being on her way home from took about 5 hours to get to that point 0_0

I also did several raids on my Ret Paladin as DPS seems to be much more in demand that tanks. I got the achievements for 25 man and 10 man less is more for Sartharion. I also managed to pick up my T7 gloves and the Dragonhide Bag.

Today, I was lucky enough to make my first trip into Ulduar. There was a group looking for one more I took my Paladin. We three shotted flame leviathan, two shotted Razorscale, two shotted Deconstructor, and left off on Ignis when several people had to go. I got a nice DPS neck out of it and would be glad to go back again (especially for the two hander off of Flame Leviathan).

Questing: The only questing I have been doing is the Argent Tourney Dailies and my fishing daily on Darraxus. I cant really bring myself to do the Hodir dailies all that often on my Paladin. I am only about 2k away from Exalted with Exodar which will give me the Ambassador title. I am already a champion with all of the factions and have picked up two pets for myself (mechanopeep and sapling). I have not been lucky enough on the fishing daily to pick up the crab pet yet.

Misc: As far as making money goes, I am still making most of my cash from Glyphs. I am generally selling a few hunder gold worth a day, but never have more than 200 or so auctions up at a time. 

I did not get time to play with my fiancee this weekend as we had a Birthday party to go to on Saturday. I hope we get some play time together soon. This night shift I am working is absolute shit. I really cant wait to be back on days.

My play time over the weekend has dwindled significantly so that I can spend more time with my lady...maybe I should do a weekday update lol.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blizzcon Tickets

They are on sale in less than 10 minutes. Make sure you have set up your account. Hopefully I get mine. Grunty the Murloc Marine will be mine.

Update: Got mah tickets....looks like Occeleta will have to wait for the next one :(

Friday, May 15, 2009

How To: Get your Significant Other to Play (Re-run edition)

I just wanted to repost these for the people who may not have seen them yet. There was a time no so long ago that my fiance absolutely despised WoW. Now she has a level 75 Druid and we play together on the weekends. She even plays on her own picking flowers and making tons of gold.

Recently she suggested going to Blizzcon.....of course I jumped at the chance. Hopefully we will be getting the tickets tommorow. Remember to set up your account.

How To: Get your Significant Other to Play, Part 1

How to: Get your Significant Other to Play, Part 2

These are obviously not the only ways to get them to play, and sometimes they just plain won't do it. I hope these help.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dream Pugs

During the last week I have gotten into a few of these "dream pugs". These are pugs that go better than you could have possibly imagined. One of these was on my Warrior (where I DPSed 0_0) and the other was on my Ret Pally last night.

The first run started as a PuG Vault of Archavon. We went in and and went after Emalon first. DPS was good, and after a few wipes for various reasons, we got him down. We then headed over to ole Archavon and wiped the floor with him no sweat.

Afterwards we decided to head over to OS 25. A few people had to leave so we ended up replacing them with new people. At some point during the run (after we had downed the first drake), they decided to go for it with one drake up. We left Tenebron up. We pulled Sartharion and one shotted Sarth plus 1. Did I mention that we only had like 4 healers? Our DPS was ridiculously good for a PuG. It was just one of those very good nights where everything seems to go right.

Then there was last night. I saw a group LFM for Naxx 10. I grabbed my Pally and got a spot in the group. The group consisted of a lot of people from some of the top raiding guilds on my server. Top DPS was a Ret Pally from my guild pulling over 4k DPS over the course of the whole run.

We were basically in and out in less than three hours. We one shotted every single boss in the instance and only had two deaths on bosses total. One was a mage who got kicked right after Heigan....he didnt even run up on the stage and let the green slime kill him. The other was due to a DC on Thaddius. Yes, a PuG was two deaths short of getting "The Undying".

I got several nice upgrades for both of my sets. Basically, the Raid Leader left the standard need greed option master looter. If you need it, hit need. If not, pass. He sharded what nobody needed for his guild bank. I got three new pieces of ret gear (T 7 shoulders, Pants, and neck) and about 4 or 5 Holy Pieces.

Overall, I finished 5th in damage done and did 2500 dps for the instance. I would have done more, but I put up seal of light while tanking the back on the 4 Horsemen and forgot about it. I used it all the way through the end of the instance :(

Anyways, there us hope for PuGs. My extraordinary good luck is proof of that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Class Defining Skills

Every class has at least one thing that absolutely distinguishes them from other classes. I am going to give my take on what each classes defining abilities are.

Warrior: The Warrior is near and dear to my heart. It was my very first toon and the namesake of this blog. To me, there are two abilities that stand out to me for Warriors. The first is Charge. The ability to zoom acroos the field at high speed and stun your enemy is a powerful tool. With the advent of Warbringer and Juggernaught, the ability has become that much more awesome. Not only do we have charge, but we also have intervene and intercept at our disposal. Zoom Zoom.

The second ability is one that was hated by opposing PvPers for a LONG time. Of course I am talking about Mortal Strike. Mortal Strike did a decent chunk of damage, but the biggest thing it did was reduce all healing to the target by 50 percent. Eventually, Hunters got a version of Mortal Strike as well, but the original struck fear in PvPers in Battlegrounds and Arenas across Azeroth.

Paladin: Paladins are the Knights in Shining armor of WoW. The Holy Defenders. The Righteous Warriors of Light. Which is why the old Bubble/Hearth is so ironic. Divine Shield (or bubble as it is know around WoW) makes the Paladin immune to pretty much everything. Many people have been frustrated to no end when victory was in their grasp, only to have it snatched away with a timely Divine Shield/Holy Light combination.

Another ironic ability for Paladins that defines their class is the Seal of Blood/Martyr. It is the highest damage seal for a Paladin, but deal damage to them based on how much damage they deal themselves. Should be know as Seal of EMO QQ Cut my Wrists just enought for some Attention.

Honorable mention to Flash of Light for all of those healbots out there. There was nothing more fun *cough* than spamming one button several hundred times in a row.

Druid: To me, the thing that defines a Druid more than anything is their shape shifting. The ability to turn into a tree, cat, bear, seal, or Lazer Chicken is pretty damn cool. You can instantly tell what spec of Druid someone is by the form they choose while in combat. Each of these forms gives some the Druid nice advantages when filling a particular role.

The second ability that I think defines the Druid is the HoT or Heal over Time. A Druid can nuke heal with the best, but they are really in their element when when they can spread HoTs all over the raid. Lifebloom used to be the defining HoT, but has been nerfed pretty good over the last few years and has probably given way to rejuvenation on Wild Growth.

Warlock: To me, the one defining ability over the history of Warlocks has been fear. Everyone hates fear and QQs about it no matter how many times it is nerfed. Everyone has wanted to punch their screen in as they were feared around while DoTs ticked away the last 50 percent of their health.

Which brings me to the Warlock's second defining ability.....DoTs. Corruption, Siphon Life (formerly), Curse of Agony, and Immolation are all Warlock DoTs and are all frustrating. Being feared to death with DoTs is never fun. Killing a Warlock and dying from his/her dots 10 seconds later is equally painful.

Deathknight: Deathknights are still fairly new, but they have at least one ability that everyone will recongnize. Deathgrip. The ability to pull your opponent across the room like Scorpion from Mortal Combat is AWESOME. Unless of course you are on the receiving end. Then it sucks...bad.

Although it is minor, the second ability that really sticks out for me is Path of Frost. The fact that they can ride their mount across the water is awesome. The fact that you can kill unsuspecting party members on the jump in Utgarrde Keep is just priceless.

Hunter: Hunters, or Huntards, as they are affectionately known have long been the whipping boys of the WoW community. Besides being linked to "terribad", I think they are well known for their traps. If you meet a Hunter who can chain trap, you will always remember that Hunter. Chain traps are useful in both PvE and PVP.

I think that the second defining ability may be Aspect of the Dazed...I mean pack. It boosts the runspeed of all party members and also allows Hunters to get their tanks stunned when they forget to turn it off 0_0.

Mages: When I think of a mage I think of two things. Polymorph and PoM Pyro. They first is what made a mage a must have for every group up until Wrath. They had the most reliable crowd control in the game...and it was cute.

PoM Pyro stands for Presence of Mind and Pyro Blast. Presence of Mind makes your next spell and instant cast. Pyro Blast does an assload of damage. pwned. It could actually one shot people pre-BC in battlegrounds.

Honorable mention to the mage buffet table. We eagerly eat your strudels and drink your tears :)

Rogues: The stunlock is what makes a rogue a rogue. It doesnt matter what kind of stun it is, all you know is that you cant move and there is a little undead or gnome stabbing your guts out. Nothing is more frustrating for many clothies (and non clothies alike) then going from 100 percent health to dead at the hand of a skilled rogue without even getting a shot off.

The other defining ability of the Rogue is what makes the stun lock possible. Stealth. You cant see them, but they can sure as hell see you. And they are about to eat your lunch (especially if they are female dwarves.....fattys).

Shaman: When you think of the Shaman you have to think of totems. They are all of the little tools in the Shaman toolbox that can be pulled out as needed. Totems make the Shaman the jack of all trades when it comes to buffs.

The second ability that makes a Shaman is Chain anything. Chain lightning or Chain Heal. It looks cool and it bounces from target to target.

Honorable mention to Heroism which was what caused many end game raiding guilds to stack them in Sunwell during BC.

Priest: Priests are a jack of all trades as it comes to healing and awesome dps to boot. Power Word:Shield is one of their most unique and awesome spells. 

Lets not forget Shadow Word:Pain......and the melting faces that is causes (thanks for reminding me, I dont know how I left priests out lol).

Let me know if I left anything out. What abilities do you think define the classes?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skill is GREATER than Gear (to a point at least)

Obviously, if you ask any player who they would rather play with between an undergeared player who knows how to play and a well geared moron, they will choose the skill over the gear. Unfortunately this line can be blurred along the way. Unless you have previously run with the person, you will not really know what you are getting until you run with them.

The undergeared person could be that way because they are terrible and cause PuG groups to fall apart with their bad. They could also just be fresh level 80 characters for a player who may already have 2-3 other 80s.

The geared person could be a very good player. They could also be terribad and carried by their "family" guild as they have been there since the beginning.

Obviously a well geared moron is going to outperform an undergeared but skilled player on the DPS meters if the "skilled" player is wearing level 62 outland blues. Of course, if this is the case, how skilled (or smart) can that player be. There are other ways to measure a player's worth besides the damage meters. Do they know when to use aggro reducing cooldowns? Do they know how to properly use their CC? Do they not die in the fire? These things will make a player skilled despite any gear deficiencies they may have. Pretty purple pixels are absolutely worthless if the person wearing them is dead or just flat out bad.

The other day I got into a 25 man Emalon PuG. There was another Ret Paladin in there wearing full epics including a few pieces of 7.5 and the Jawbone for his weapon. By comparison, my Pally had a few crafted epics, one Naxx 10 epic, the Mirror of Truth, and an assortment of blue and green items left over from leveling. I ended up doing about 2500 dps to the other paladin's 1750 DPS. One of the big differences? He was using Seal of Command which is really not any good outside of questing. Smarts will out-do gear any day. Kinda like the old brains over brawn argument.

If you have a choice, choose wisely. Dead (dumb) DPS does zero DPS. Remember, always PuG responsibly :)

BlizzCon Ticks on Sale this Weekend

The first round of Blizzcon tickets go on sale this weekend. MMO champion revealed what the in-game prize is going to be.....a fricking Murlock Space Marine...AWESOME!!!!

Anyways, I planning on getting tickets for myself and my fiance, and Occeleta should be going as well.

Should be fun. Anyone else out in the blogosphere planning on going?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Heroic Culling of Stratholme: Timed Run for the Drake

The timed run is probably old news for some players, but surprisingly there are still quite a few who do not have it yet. I am going to write a quick guide on how to accomplish this. It will be from a Warrior tank's perspective but should help out classes of all types.

This instance can be a bit stressful if either the tank or the healer is undergeared. The following is a rating of importance, on a scale of 1 to 10, for each type of class (and the corresponding difficulty ratings).

Tanking: 9 out of 10.

Bad tanking is one of the things that can make the timed run go down hill in a hurry. It takes skillful chain pulling while keeping a close eye on your healer's mana bar (as any good tank should be doing anyways). You also need to make sure that all elite mobs are beating on you. The little mobs respawn very quickly and will keep putting you in combat, making ressurecting difficult at times. Keep the mobs off of your healer and dps. Time rezzing is time better spent killing.

Healing: 7 to 9 out of 10.

Regardless of the tank, this instance is not usually a cakewalk. With a well geared tank who knows their job, you will have to be on your toes, but should not be going out of mana. An undergeared tank plus overgeared DPS can make you job much harder as they will probably be yanking aggro.

DPS: 5 to 6 out of 10.

Despite needing at least decent DPS, the timed run can be completed with fairly mediocre dps. 1500 is probably the minimum for each DPS, which is pretty easily achieved. I ran one earlier in the week with all three DPS hovering around this number and finished with a minute to spare. I did it again with all three dps doing over 2k and finished with 6 minutes to spare. Dead DPS does no DPS. Staying alive is the most important thing.

The Instance: The instance starts with you revealing a bunch of plague crates and heading up the road where you see Jaina, Uther, and Arthas having an arguement. Arthas wants to destroy everyone, Jaina and Uther QQ and leave. You talk to Arthas to start the instance. Once you talk to him, run all the way to the T - intersection straight ahead of you. Eventually, the first elite mob will pop up to the east of you (or right if you are facing the the end of the T - intersection).

You will be AOE tanking all of these mobs. Choose the most dangerous mob and make sure to focus on them. I mark my first target with a skull when I charge in. After the first elite mobs, they spawn at random spots along the streets in Stratholme. There will be an arrow on your mini map pointing you where to go. Each time you down a group of elites it will pop up to point the way. Be quick about it. As soon as a group is done you should be on your way to the next.

As I get to each mob, I will charge in and thunderclap to get initial aggro. I will then take a step back and shockwave the mobs. All of the elite non-boss mobs are stunnable. This stun should allow you healer time to get into position. You should thunderclap and cleave constantly along with your normal rotation. Throw in a demo-shout as well to make healing a bit easier. After 5 waves, you will be greeted by the first boss of the instance, the abomination Meathook.

Now is a good time to let your healer drink briefly if they need to. To maximize your time, you should probably be needing or greeding everything which means not passing. Meathook is basically a tank and spank fight. I believe he puts a dot or something on a party member which incapacitates them and does significant damage. It is not a terribly difficult fight. From a tank perspective it is tank and spank. Once he is down you will have a moment to regroup, drink, sort loot if needed before the next pulls.

You will do several more gauntlet type pulls until the next boss. On the trash mobs, I prefer to kill in order, Abominations, Crypt Lords, Caster mobs, then the Ghouls. The next boss will be Salramm the Fleshcrafter who looks pretty much like Heigan the unclean. From a tank perspective, it is basically tank and spank. He will be tossing shadowbolts that can be reflected back at him. He will also remove flesh or something like that which I am not completely sure about. Look it up.

Once he is down, Arthas should run to the Inn where you will have to talk to him again. Run ahead of him and mana up before he gets there. When he arrived, talk to him again to start the next gauntlet. It will start with a group of 3 Inifinite Dragonflight. In pretty much every pack of infinite dragonflight there will be caster. Heroic Throw at them to get them in range. After the first pack, you will run up stairs and be met by three more backs of about 4 infinite dragonflight before the next boss.

Chrono-Lord Epoch from a tanking point of view is pretty much tank and spank. He will stun you from time to time and will do a "time warp" where he will charge random party members. Burn him down and Arthas will reveal a hidden doorway that will take you down to the street.

Once you get to the street, you will need to talk to Arthas to start the next part of the gauntlet. You want to pull quickly, but try not to overwhelm you healer. Keep a look out for patrols wandering closer to your location. If they do, be quick to taunt and start a rotation on them to keep them off of your healer and dps.

Once you get to the end of the gauntlet, you will have to race to the timed boss, who I think is called the Infinite Corrupter or something like that. If you have a lot of time left feel free to tank him where he stands. If you are coming down to the wire, pull him with Heroic throw and tank him backing up. You will want to kite him down the way you just came. This will give the DPS that much extra time to burn him down if the timer runs out. He will have to run to a portal where you originally inititated combat with him and can be killed during that time.

Once he is dead, loot him and get your shiny new Bronze Drake!

Then head over to Malganis and give him a nice thrashing and hopefully get your shield (for looks if for nothing else, the thing looks damn cool).

A side note. Make sure you are using your defensive cooldowns. Shield wall has saved my ass on these runs a few times. Dont find yourself dead with all of your coolddowns still up. Be a tank stud, not a tank dud :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Argent Tournament Dailies: How to maximize your rep

If you do the valiant dailies for each faction you get a ton of rep. Some of us were gimped in the rep department due to leveling well before BC. I started out way behind on rep, but I have quickly caught up. Here is what I did.

1) Do the Valiant Dailies at the Same time as you Champion Dailies: They are pretty much the same quests and you get credit for both at the same time. Very easy. The only ones that arent the same are the jousting ones in the Argent Camp and the one to fly off and find a damn sword.

2) After your main faction, pick the one with the lowest rep next: If you are lowest on Exodar rep, pick them. If it is Darnassus or Gnomeregan pick them. You will get 250 rep for them each time you turn in a valiant quest. You will also receive rep towards each of the other factions when you do this.

3) Choose writs instead of gold: You can turn in these writs with any faction you are a champion with. Each writ gets you 250 rep towards that faction and another 75 towards each of the other factions.

4) Once you can turn in the Valiant Quest, DON'T: When you get a enought valiant marks to complete the quest, hold onto it. You can continue to do dailies with that faction to maximize your rep. Keep doing this until you are exalted, then you can move onto the next one. Depending on how close to exalted you were, you may have enough valiant marks to turn complete the next faction champion quest.

Follow these simple steps and you will be an Ambassador in no time flat.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Emalon the Stormwatcher

I finally got into a decent pug to down Emalon on Heroic. The sad part was that it was on my Ret Paladin who is my freshest level 80 and still rocking several mid 70 blues and greens. That said, I ended up 10th on the damage meter when we finally downed him....ahead of a completly epiced out Ret Paladin who was using Seal of Command 0_0. Anyways, I thought I would go over a winning strategy for those of you who are having any problems with the fight. They nerfed the health on the adds which lessens the DPS requirements significantly.

Beating Emalon is all about smart DPS. First, they have to be able to put some hurting on Emalon as he has a six minute berserk timer. Besides his enrage timer, you will also have to kill his adds when he charges them. Once they get about 9 stacks of the buff on them, the entire raid will get wiped out by Emalon's Nova.

You will basically start on Emalon with one tank pulling him to a corner of the room. Usually there will be two other tanks tanking the adds in towards the stairs in front of the room. While you are fighting Emalon, he will basically use two abilities besides his basic melee. He will shoot a chain lighting at a random person, and he will charge up a Lightning Nova. If you are melee, you need to get out of this nova. It WILL KILL YOU. The nova will still deal damage, but not enought to kill you.

At some point, Emalon will emote and supercharge and add. Usually there will be a skull over the add's head if DBM is doing it's job (which does not always happen). If you are having trouble, either tab until you find the one with the debuff, or look for the one that is bigger than the others. You need to DPS it down quickly and get back to work on Emalon. If you are melee DPS, be aware that Emalon does a Nova on what would have been the 10th stack from the add. Make sure to be aware of his cast bar as you are running back into range. Too many dead DPS and you will not make the enrage timer.

This fight is much easier for ranged dps as they can stand in one place and switch back and forth as opposed to melee who have to run about. If would possibly be advisable to stack ranged dps although if the melee DPS is good (and smart) they should certainly come along.

When the add dies, another will spawn and will need to be picked up by the tank. Pretty much rinse and repeat until he is as dead as his loot pinata cousin Archavon.

Remember, you need to have decent DPS for this fight. I someone is holding you back with:

a) Ridiculously low DPS or
b) Dying all the time to Novas,

you will probably have to replace them. We replaced one person on my first kill and got him the very next try. It was a Ret Paladin who was doing 490 DPS. I dont even know how that is possible.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a full clear of Emalon in no time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is in a name?

I really like to see all of the different names in WoW. You can often times tell a lot from a character's name. You can also tell a lot from their guild name if you are familiar with a particular guild. Obviously due to naming rules on RP server, making a determination on a character can be that much more difficult.

It is usually quite easy to find the 10 year old players. They are usually Rogues name Deathlystab or Ipwnasaurus. Sometimes they are NE or BE Huntards called Leogalalas or Leegalas.

The twelve year olds are usually the ones who go by similar names, but with a "clever" guild name like "Your mom is my epic mount" or possibly "It burns when I PvP".

The absolute dorks will name their characters after something completly non-wow related. These names may include Darthjedi, CaptainKirk, or Aragorrne (be careful on this name as it may be a 12 year old dork).

I have a rule with guilds. I would rather run a pug a guildless toon than one in a guild where the name is spelled in all lower case letters. Guild names like "the great dark riders". That is an example from my server. The guild leader is a Huntard named Zapzapper. That pretty much guarantees I will never run with someone from that guild.

You cant always judge a book by its cover, but in WoW, there are a lot of times that you can. When in doubt about a group look at the name or the guild name. If it has fail written all over it, you know what to do. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it is probably a dog.

What names do you guys find irritating? What are the worst guild names and toon names you have seen?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feeling Epic: Why so many people like WoW?

Playing WoW is full of those moments that can potentially make you feel epic. We have all experienced it one way or another. It can be winning a 1 on 3 in arena when it seemed that there was no hope. It could be you duoing a boss down slowly but surely when the rest of your party bit the dust. It could be the first time that you solo and elite mob (perhaps even Hogger!).

I think that this is one of the reasons that we play the game. Sure, there are a million little things that are fun, but everyone want to feel special. People want to be the difference maker. They dont want to be the peons in Warcraft 2 saying "Jobs done". They want to be Lothar, either doing something Heroic or going out on their shields.

This is one of the main reason I always come back to WoW (along with the social interactions). Reaching the gold cap can make you feel epic, but that doesnt really show great skill. It shows some common sense and an adundance of time. Kiting two other players around and killing them after losing your partner in an arena match is instant gratification epic.

I started thinking about this yesterday in a Heroic HoL run. We pulled two many mobs which included the whirlwind guys as well as the Vanguards. Several went down, but the tank, healer, and all other dps were pulverized. Being on my Ret Pally, I popped my bubble and proceeded to solo three mobs to death and rez my party. Everyone is cheering in party chat, and it adds some great atmosphere to the game.

I remember another time doing arenas on my Warlock with my Ret Pally buddy at 70. He ended up dying leaving me one on two against a Mage and a Druid. I somehow managed to kite them around and kill the mage while the Druid was trying to pillar hump. I then took out the Druid with relative ease.

What kind of epic experiences have you had? Is it these experiences that keep you coming back to the game after so long?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DPS: Dumber Per Second

I am sure that others have noticed the same things that I have noticed. If you are DPS, you can usually get away with not knowing your asshole from you elbow. The obvious exception is tough progession fights.

This has never been more evident to me than since the time I got my Ret Pally to 80. As a tank, I am always aware of my surroundings. I notice mobs running towards healers or dps and swiftly taunt or intervene. I see all of the bad shit on the ground and easily move myself out of the void zone just waiting to swallow me. I can do the Heigan Dance with no issues walking backwards.

When it comes to DPS, I usually do an ostrich...except instead of sticking my head in the ground, it goes straight up my ass.

I dont know what it is, but taking the burden off of a tank or healer and having them DPS can make them become instant retards (myself included). Put me in a raid as a tank or healer and I will be a superstar. Put me in as DPS and I will probably get myself killed repeatedly.

A Sarth 25 Pug I did last night made me realize just how lazy I get when I am just DPSing. I died to a void zone on the first drake. I NEVER die to void zones. Then on Sarth I died a horrible death after getting hit by a lava wave (/shame) and getting pulverized by a rogue (enraged) elemental.

I really does get embarrasing. Sure I can put out decent DPS for my gear, but give me a two hander instead of a sword and board, and I become a kamikaze goat demon.

I have come to the conclusion that DPSing after tanking or healing for so long makes you so much dumber.....and being dumb never felt so good :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, the weekend is now over as is the weekend of WoW.

Raiding: I did a bit of raiding over the weekend, but not as much as usual. I did the plague wing in Naxx 25 on my Resto Druid. I didnt get any gear, but my sister got her T 7.5 shoulders on her Paladin. I ended up running a Naxx 10 after a couple of false starts and our original raid leader DCed. We wiped on Anub 2-3 times and then he left. After that we cleared spider, Plague, and Millitary pretty easily. This was my first raid on my Ret Paladin. I finished around 2k dps for the instance while Occeleta topped the charts.

I got a new pair of ret shoulders as well as some healing shoulders and healing (leather) pants. I am still needing some major upgrades and have not had a single drop in Heroics. It felt good picking up the tattered remains of a raid and leading them to a respectable showing.

Questing: I continue to do my Argent Tournament Dailies religiously. Tommorow, I should get my second pet, which will immediately go on the Neutral AH. It will be the Mechanopeep. I am thinking of putting it up for between 8-10K. I am also now honored with Hodir on my Paladin. I should be at least that considering that I have faithfully polished his helm, blew his horn, and thrusted his spear. No wonder the entire zone is white 0_0. I also helped my fiancee out with leveling a bit and got her to level 75. We are having great fun and slowly but surely getting her to 80.

Hollidays: We decided to do the Noblegarden events on Saturday morning and knocked all of the achievements out in a few hours. Damn that was a lot of chocolates. It was my fiancee's first ever Holliday Achievement and her first title as well. We decided not to do the Childrens Week one as we did not feel like doing the PvP parts. We did however get out little pets. I got Eggbert and Speedy the turtle. She decided on Eggbert and Mr. Wiggles the little pig. Even though we were not progressing towards end-game content, it was nice to run around doing things with my lady.

Misc: The auctionhouse is still providing a steady stream of income albeit less than I would care for. Glyphs are down most of the time, and I am just trying to get the out of my damn inventory right now. We have a bunch of "that guy" hanging around and undercutting glyphs by 10 gold. The last two weeks I have gotten a proto-drake whelp from my mysterious egg and sold it both times for over 600 gold. Very nice. I am going to night shift for three months which explains my weird post time today. I am hoping I can find a guild doing some late night or early morning raids.

Well, that is it for now. How did your weekend look?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow and Family

It really is great fun when you can enjoy WOW with the ones you love. Yesterday, my fiancee and I spent a large chunk of time doing the Noble Gardener achivements. We both had a great time as I rode across Azeroth with her in my sidecar.  She had not been to most of those areas and enjoyed the trip. As per her usualy custom, she loved just about every creature on the way "just in case".

It took time (and getting lucky finding that last troll female), but we got her the very first title of her WoW career. 

We also managed to help her along to 75 by finishing the Ursoc chain in Grizzly Hills. I will have a full weekend update tommorow, just figured I would share some of my joy today.

Oh yeah, and if you ever have dinner with Occeleta IRL, he is content to let you look like a goober if you get food in your goatee....just an FYI.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Screenshot

Stats from Thaddius last week. A personal best for tanking dps on a boss for me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funny

Now, this is a story all about how the first war got flipped-turned upside down And I liked to take a minute Just hang on, I'll tell you how I became the prince of the Kingdom of Lordaeron

In west Azeroth born and raised On the battlefield was where I spent most of my days Championing out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all frying some scourge outside of the school When a couple of Liches Who were up to no good, Startin poisoning grain in my neighborhood. I wiped out one little Stratholme and my Dad got scared he said 'You're movin' with your Brann Bronzebeard to Northrend.

I whistled for a ship and when it came near The boat name said Fish and it had dice in the mirror If anything I can say this ship is rare But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Northrend!

I pulled up to the shores about 7 or 8 months later And I yelled to the captain 'Yo homes kill ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my frozen throne as the Lich King of Northrend.

Sorry if it is a bit corny :)