Thursday, August 6, 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion

So, WoW just announced its next expansion.....and I have to admit that I am pretty hyped!

To me, there were a couple of major problems with WoD as an expansion. The first is that I am no longer really a raider, and that really felt like the only content available. Ashran was completetly broken, and nobody even goes there anymore. I liked Garrisons, but they feel a bit like you have to do them every day, and then there is the issue that it is instanced. It would be nice to see other players wandering around in the garrison from time to time.

I am excited for some of the stuff coming out.

As an avid Dwarf fan, the new that Magni Bronzebeard will be back is awesome.

The Demon Hunter class will be pretty cool. Apparently it will have a double jump to get to even further away areas.

New level cap will be 110. Meh, I dont care about level caps, just the content that gets us there.

The artifact system looks promising. Being able to customize and level your weapon will be pretty good. Plus you can wield Ashbringer!

PvP will also be doing some kind of prestige system much in the same way as Call of Duty. This will give the pvpers a lot more content to grind over time.

There was a lot of other things announced, but I will post more about them when I know more.

I actually resubbed to WoW last night and got my Dock up and running as well as getting to Tanaan for the first time. Guess I will be spending a bit more time in WoW than I have been recently.