Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Day and Someone Spends a Fortune on a Digital Weapon

Yesterday, I ended up doing quite a decent amount in Diablo.

First I helped my sister with her leveling. Her Barbarian went from 45 to 53 and is in Act 1 of Hell. During this process, I picked up a Puzzle Box Ring which I managed to sell for 2.8 million gold. It apparently has a chance to spawn a treasure goblin when you are hit. I dont know what the proc rate is, but that seems pretty interesting at least.

Then one of my friends who hadnt played much in the last several months logged on. We ended up blitzing through the end of Act 3 and all of Act 4 in Hell. After we finished Hell difficulty, I gave him some upgrades that brought him from 33k dps to about 85k dps. He just needs to get some more resist all to help make him a little bit less squishy.

Another one of my friends who had not played in months logged on and played solo, but also got his DH up to level 55.

In the meantime, I got about 2/3 of a Paragon level after helping the first friend clear all of Act 1 Inferno. No good loot, but it was a nice change of pace from running an Act 3 Alkaizer run.

In other news, some guys apparently sold a very nice Echoing Fury for 12.5k......British Pounds. Seriously. Someone bought a video game mace for that amount of real life money. I can only hope I get one some day.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerleveling and Making Gold

As I previously stated, I have been power leveling my sister on her Barbarian, and we got her from 38 to 45 last night. In the meantime, there are plenty of decent drops to sell!

I find it amazing what people will pay for low level gear....especially jewelry.

I have sold a couple of socketed weapons for 250-500k and I sold a ring last night for 1 million gold. It is really quite ridiculous that I am making a lot more in sales while power leveling a lowby than I do farming Inferno.

Speaking of farming Inferno, I got to Paragon 44 last night and had a 1 day record of 5 legendaries drop including two in one run. Unfortunately, all of them were quite bad.

Overall, the power leveling has gone pretty quickly, and despite getting very little paragon xp, I still make a decent amount of gold (piles drop up to the low 1000 range as far as gold goes).

I figure my sister will be 60 in no time and we will be running around in Inferno.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It has been a bit since a regular post and a lot of that has to do with the Holliday.

I still have not been playing very much WoW at all and have not done dailies in weeks now.

In Diablo 3, I am now up to Paragon level 43 on my Barbarian. He is not at about 120k dps unbuffed in his dps gear and 95k in his XP farming gear.

I also got my Monk up to level 60, and got he and my Wizard to Inferno.

I eventually plan on getting each of my level 60 toons through Inferno for the achievments.

My sister also picked up D3, so I did a fair bit of power leveling and she is at level 30 something (38 I think) at the start of Nightmare Act 2.

I also did a little bit of leveling on my Witch Doctor and got him from 12 to 21.

Most of my game time has been spent on D3 obviously. I am also planning on perhaps starting up DayZ again for a little bit of variety.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your holliday and perhaps some football and gaming like I am!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Making Some Gold

Not in WoW, although I still make about 1-2k per day in WoW while not really playing it.

I have finally started to make a bit of gold in D3.

The thing about making gold in D3 is that it is a lottery. You have to get decently lucky with some drops. I got a DH set cloak that I sold for 19 million and sold a bracer for 10 million. Those are two of my three biggest sales ever over the course of a day.

When you actually sell some of the stuff you farm up, it feels pretty good and makes the grind much better.

I am now Paragon level 39 and should definately be hitting 40 in the next day or so.

I am still waiting for that big ticket item for hundreds of millions of dollars, but this is a pretty nice start.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moving on Up!

I am currently gaining around a Paragon Level per day and am currently at P35.

I have been playing Act 3 over and over again. I get tons of yellow items, but most of them are complete junk and go to the vendor. I am still waiting for that big sale.

One of the plus sides of all of this farming is that my gold is up to around 22 million, which is the most I have ever had at one time. That is still relatively low, but it just takes time.

There havent been many epics dropping for me lately. I am lucky if I find one in a day. Yesterday I got a monk polearm. I told Bearness that I think Blizz is telling me to play my Monk. I got both Monk set fist weapons and that polearm.

My goal for the upcoming weekend is to try and get to Paragon 40 and possibly finish leveling up my Monk.

I also may try to do some Ubers since I havent done those in a while.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

D3: Quick Tip

For many of the people who play D3, this may not be news, but to some it may help.

If you reach level 45 and have some extra gold, do yourself a favor.

Go to the auction house and search for a level 45 weapon with a minus 15 level requirement on it. You can find some beastly weapons.

I hit level 45 with my Monk last night and purchased a nice two handed axe with a couple of hundred dexterity and 1300 dps on it. My paper doll dps went from 800ish to 15000. I was one shotting all mobs in Act 2 inferno including a lot of rare or elites.

Once you get your new weapon, you should be able to do MP10 for maximum efficiency.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quality of Life in D3

In D3, for those that dont know, there is a quality of life stat on is called pickup radius.

If you dont have it, you will really want it. I mean REALLY want it.

I have not had it on my Barbarian since he was leveling. It is really quite painful to have to run over each stack of gold. Especially when it seems that you have to run over it multiple times to pick the damn thing up.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I decided to change out a couple of pieces in my farming set. I got a new helmet that had a 7 yard pickup radius. Then I got some shoulders that had the same. My DPS went down, but my happiness went up.

I cannot recommend this highly enough for those of you who farm MP 0 for speed. You NEED to have that pickup radius. I am not having to leave nearly as much behind in the interest of speed.

Now, Witchdoctors are the lucky ones. They have pickup radius built into a lot of their stuff. I think Bearness said his WD had a 72 yard pickup radius or some ridiculous ass number.

The only thing I wish is that they would come out with a new armor slot that did not have any offense stats...just stats like pickup radius, gold find, magic find, plus XP. I think that they could make a trinket slot to fill that.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Stress Free Weekend

I did about the least stressfull gaming possible this weekend. I know that games should not be stressful, but sometimes they reach that level.

Usually it has to do with constant dying in Diablo or constant dailies to keep up in WoW. I did not do a WoW daily all weekend. In fact, I logged in to do some auctions and ran BWL for my wife to get her antlers (which did not drop again).

I Diablo, I mostly ran Act 3 MP 0 on my Barbarian. It is quick, easy, and nets me a bunch of XP. I did grab a few legendaries over the weekend too. I got both of the Monk set fists and two shitty level 58 Wizard hoods. I will likely hold onto the fists for when my Monk his level 60 ( who I got to 41).

My Barbarian is now at Paragon Level 31 and moving up fairly quickly. Every little bit is good.

Drops have been very meh. Almost every single yellow item I have gotten has been a giant piece of crap. Weapons have been terrible as the DPS was usually VERY low.

I look forward to more Act 3 farming and perhaps an uber or two this week.

Friday, November 9, 2012

RNG is so weird sometimes.

Last night I was doing some Act 3 runs when a person who I recently added to my friends list asked if I wanted to do some Ubers on MP5. Since it was MP5 I agreed and joined up with them. I went very well overall and I died less than I have ever died over the 6 total uber fights. This also included soloing both Ghom and Raknaroth down from about 40 percent health each.

One of thd Kulle fights proved to be a pain in the ass when the two DHs did not keep Kulle far enough away from Siegebreaker and I got killed by a couple of fireballs and cave ins.

The interesting part of the night was that I got an organ on every single uber boss we tried. All six dropped an organ. That is some great coin flipping considering that I had previously gotten 1 organ in 9 ubers fights the last time I ran it.....on MP 6 and 7.

Now I have made about 4 Hellfire Rings and they all mostly suck. I have one on my farming set, one on my Barbarian's Templar, one on my level 40 Monk, and one on my level 12 Witch Doctor. The stats for those last two are not great, but the 35 percent xp boost and the fireball are worth it.

I also helped a freshly dinged level 60 Barbarian with some gear. He was wearing either pre-60 gear or gear with reduced level requirement. It was not looking too good.

The pieces I gave him were not the greatest things of all time, but should do him some good. He went from like 20k health and very low DPS to over 30k health and about 33k dps. He also tripled his resists. It felt nice to help someone out, and I think I may start creating noob sets out of some of the stuff I pick up while farming and give them out. It feels good to help someone out.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paragon Leveling: Modified Alkaizer Run

Yesterday I opted to spend some time just doing Paragon leveling. I put it on MP 0 and headed to Act 3 for smashy goodness. I used a modified alkaizer run that I quite liked. I ended up going from 24 to 26.5 last night as well as grabbing a couple of legendary drops.

One legendary drop was a 1300 plus DPS Skorn with a socket and over 300 int (and over 200 Str). The second was a 900 plus DPS one handed cross bow with a socket, Dex, and IAS. Much better than some of the garbage I have seen recently.

Anyways, my run goes like this.

I do Fields of Slaughter First. Clear everything. Make sure to go into the Ice Cave for the 2-4 elite packs and the Resplendent Chest.

Next I go to the Core of Arreat and quickly clear that.

Teleport to Tower of the Damned 1 and clear the circle. Check near the exit for a goblin.

Go to Arreat Crater 2 and clear out that area.

I then choose to go to Keep Depths three as it is very short, usually has 2-3 elite packs, and high mob density.

After that, you will go to Keep Depths 3 and clear it out.

I finish my run on Stonefort and clear up until I find the Key Warden. Even thoughit is MP0, he will still drop several yellow items and has a 5 percent chance to drop a key. I actually got a key on my first try. As the Templar would was "GLORIOUS".

I like seeing the level progress and the legendaries, so I will continue to run this route.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is how I felt after running two sets of Ubers last night and getting one very terrible Hellfire Ring made.

Seriously it was quite frustrating. I think that we may have been about 1 MP level too high for me. Teknique and Bearness seemed to be doing fine at that MP level, but I felt like I spent much of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Somehow, I saved the day in Magdha-Leoric. In this bizarro universe, I was the last one standing and rezzed my fallen comrades and we ended up taking down the bosses.

I died twice on Ghom and Raknaroth. It was Rak was kept insta gibbing me while I was whirlwinding my merry ass off.

Then there is Kulle and Siegebreaker....oh god the humanity. I fucking hate that fight. I fortunately figured out how to survive.....stay the hell away from Kulle.

After a couple of full wipes (not just me getting splattered on the floor 5-6 times), we separated the two bosses on opposite sides of the room. Bearness got on Kulle while Teknique and I got on Siegebreaker. After a while, Teknique headed over to Kulle, and it was just me on siegebreaker....and I survived. My strategy was to run at him using my Run Like the Wind and then whirlwinding thru him. I then sprint out the other side and let my tornados do the damage. Rinse and repeat. I really didnt even take much damage.

The best part......Kulle didnt kill me once....not a single time. Not with a bullshit fireball...not with a fucking cave in....not once. That was nice.

On a side note, I will probably take a break from Ubers until at least the weekend. I think I will just do some low MP Paragon level grinding in Act 3. I LOVE the mob density there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Building Infernal Machines...Easy Farm routes

Yesterday I build a couple of infernal machines and was planning on doing an Uber, but Bearness had to log off and I wanted to save it for when he is on since he has allowed me to mooch off of some of his Machines.

I ended up doing MP3 which was incredibly easy and I had decent luck with drops on keys. I also ran a couple of MP6 key runs which overall went well including one epic battle where we took on the Act 2 Key Warden and two elite packs at the same time. Anyways, here is my route.

Act 1: I usually do a combination of Cemetery of the Forsaken followed by Festering Woods. You can do which one you like. I sometimes get all 5 stacks in the Cemetery, or get 4 stacks of NV and head to Fields of Misery for the Key Warden.

Kill the Key Warden and move on.

Act 2: Go to Desolate Sands and find the Vault of the Assassin. Go inside and get your 5 stacks. Go to Dalgur Oasis and kill the Key Warden.

Act 3: I like to do Keep Depths 3 and 2 to gather my stacks of NV and then head to Stonefort to take on the Warden

Overall, the routes are quite quick and easy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

WoW Transmogs and D3 Uber Weekend

I actually spent very little time in WoW this weekend and did not do a single daily. I am kind of burnt out on dailies at the moment.

What we did do however was some Transmog runs. We started out in black temple because we were one reputation away from getting United Nations in Meet the Spockers.

We got the achievment on Illidari council and proceeded to Illidan who did not drop my fucking Bulwark once again.

After that we decided to hit up BWL and try to get my wife her Antlers. Which also did not drop. Again.

After that, it was off to Molten Core since we were still in the area. My sister picked up a piece or two of mage gear, but overall it was quite lackluster.

Transmog runs are difficult for my wife for one reason. She hates having dresses on her toons. She just doesnt like it. She has passed on every set chest or legs she has found for her Druids because they dont have pants.

In D3, I killed a crap ton of Ubers over the weekend and made my first hellfire ring. It was ok, but it has been great while leveling on my Monk. It was one shotting elite mobs on MP10 in nightmare. Pretty damn nice.

There is not way I would have gotten that ring without Bearness, so here is a huge thank you.

He let me come along and spotted me some Infernal Machines as well. He even constantly rezzed me when I died yet again. On Sunday I had horrible luck with Ubers. I got a single organ over 9 uber fights despite a 50 or 60 percent chance for one to drop. RNG hates me.

Oh, and as a side note, thank to me every time Bearness hears the Barb say "How tastes your fear?", he now hears "How tastes your beer?". Now you will too. HA.

I also did quite a bit of leveling over the weekend. I got my Wizard to level 60 and my Monk up to level 40. I am still very hopefull that they will do account bound Paragon levels so that I can play some of my other toons at the upper levels.

Friday, November 2, 2012

D3: More Ubers and Leveling my Wizard

Last night I decided that I was going to try and at least level my Wizard to level 45 so that he could use the -15 level requirement staff I grabbed for him. I hit level 45 and equipped it, which brought my DPS from about 1k to 11k.....while I was still in Nightmare. I jacked the difficulty up to MP 10 and started face rolling my way through.

I did die a few times thanks to still being incredibly squishy, but overall it was quite easy with that much DPS. By the end of the evening, I was level 51 and just starting Act 4 of Nightmare. I got killed by Raknaroth a couple of times and decided to call it a night. Whatever the ability he has that teleports him to you was an instant death for me on MP10 and I could not figure out how to tell when he was doing it.

I then got a whisper from Bearness to see if I wanted to do some more Ubers. He let me tag along and we grabbed the mage we had previously run with as well as Teknique on his DH.

Well, there was a lot of dying going on for the most part. Bearness was a master at resurrection.

The Wizard with the insane gear was trying out some weird spec and kept dying. I kept dying just because my gear level is low for MP6-7 ubers.

I died multiple times on each uber. The worst for me is probably Maghda as her stupid fucking butterfly attack takes over half of my life in one hit.

On the third portal, with Raknaroth and Ghom, three of us died leaving Bearness all by his lonesome. He beasted that shit. He soloed both of them down from about 50 percent health each.

Unfortunately, I did not get any of the organs, but I was quite happy for Bearness as he got all three organs and got to make a ring. The ring rolled mostly crap however, which left that ring viable for a follower only.

Despite all the dying, I do find Ubers to be kinda fun. I think instead of just farming Act 1, I am going to start farming whatever act I need keys from to make some infernal machines.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

D3: Key Farming and Ubers

Let me first say that I am not a badass super geared ass kicking player. I do alright.

I have gone key farming a couple of times with Bearness to go along with my many act 1 runs (which netted me a total of three act 1 keys). I had at least one of each which meant that I had enough to make an infernal machine to face the uber bosses.

We went in to act 4 and killed the key warden there who actually dropped the plan...WOOHOO.

Bearness found a wizard to do the ubers with and off we went. I am easily the least geared of the three of us. I do "ok" dps, but my survivability is a step lower for sure. The wizard was insanely geared. He was super happy to get a witching hour belt for 100 million. I have never had more than 14 million.

So, we started out on Magdha and Skeleton King.....and I died at least twice. I think that the biggest problem was Magdha and he stupid ass butterfly attack. I did not happen to get an organ on this fight.

Next we did Raknaroth and Ghom. We wiped once on this where I died about 25 percent through. The wizard died as well because he was watching a stream and trying to win some item. Bearness almost took it down, but died in gas trying to rez us.

We took it down easily the next time and I picked up the fang organ. 1/3 of the way to a hellfire ring. WOOHOO.

Lastly, we faced Zoltun Kulle and Siege Breaker which seamed to be pretty easy. Kulle had an annoying time bubble, but otherwise seemed mostly straight forward.

We did this on MP4, and they could have done MP7 with me laying dead on the floor most likely. It just sucks dying all the time. Unfortunately, I feel like I am at a point where the upgrades I need are way out of my budget. I am however looking forward to possibly doing the ubers a few more times and getting my first hellfire ring.