Monday, June 28, 2010

Real Azeroth Heroes

Darraxus presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. Taking a break from WoW guy.

(Taking a break from WoW guy!)

You have played for many years. You have helped make Blizzard a small fortune.

(Now they aint getting mah money!)

Just like you, I enjoy WoW.....

(And want something besides the same recycled crap yeah!)

So, stay alt tabbed out looking at porn. Without you, the random LFG experience would not be complete.

(Guess you don't want your random emblems!)

So Mr. Taking a break from WoW guy, keep on enjoying your life outside the confines as Azeroth. We know you will be back and ready to go one day/

(Mr. Taking a break from WoW Guyyyyyyyyyyy!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It has been done....

I have cancelled my account. I have been incredibly bored with WoW as of late and see no reason to keep paying for it monthly when I have scarcely logged on for more than a minute over the last several weeks.

There just isnt really a lot for me right now in game.

I am sure I will be back for Cataclysm, but for now, this is the end.

Thank you everyone for reading. This is not the final end, but the an end nonetheless.

Peace out bitches and Ill see you later.