Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patch 4.2 So Far

Ok, well the patch is brand new and I just have a few observations.

1) The new firelands questline was pretty cool. It is nice to have a few new dailies. I am going to need to get some of my other characters up to the regrowth in Hyjal

2) I should have stockpiled more. I actually would have it my materials werent already flying off the shelf every single day. I ran out of Inferno Rubies within two hours of logging on. I am running low on ember topaz. All other gems I am doing ok on. Unforunately, elementium ore is being listed at 75 gold a pop at the moment, which is above what I am actually willing to pay.

3) Gem prices are already starting to slowly creep down. Strike while the Iron is hot.

4) It is nice to be able to pick up some decent epic gear. I grabbed my T11 legs and gloves on Darraxus. I also got the epic quest cloak, so three nice upgrades in a very short time.

What have been your impressions so far?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Much Gold Do You Have?

Pretty easy question.

I ask because while reading WoWInsider, it was stated that most players have under 1k gold.....huh?

That seems incredibly low.

Making gold in WoW is easy no matter what you decide to do. If you like If you like If you like PvP won't make you anything, but as a PvPer you dont really suffer a lot of durability damage.

You can make over 10k JUST LEVELING.

Granted, people are going to spend it on different things. Professions, enchants, gems. There are plenty things to spend gold on and just as many things to make gold from.

So, I ask again. How much gold do you have at any one time?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rep Grinds are Golden

Most everyone complains about rep grinds. They are long and boring for the most part. One thing that nobody seems to bring up is how great they can be for making gold.

Lets take Cenarion rep in Outland. You can get this rep from quests obviously, but I have another great way to do it.

Go to regular Underbog. Kill everything in there. Most importantly, make sure you are picking up the Sanguine Hibiscus. You can get over 30 per run and they sell on my server for 10 gold per item. Besides the Hibiscus, you will get a decent number of boss drops and tons of vendor trash for gold. You will get greens to disenchant. You will get netherweave cloth to send to your tailor and craft bags.

You can run the regular version for rep up until revered.

After that, run the Heroic versions of all three instances. My favorites are Underbog (for the reason listed above) and Steam Vaults. You will get Coilfang Armaments in Steamvaults which you can either use for Rep yourself, or put them on the Auctionhouse for another chunk of change.

Another rep grind that I recently did was the Timbermaw rep. It probably took me an hour total. I did all of the quests available, killed mobs until I was almost revered and then turned in 10 stacks of feathers to hit exalted. In this area there are several mithril nodes if you are a minor. I also managed to pick up 6 stacks of Mageweave cloth which I will turn into shirts later.

You can make very good gold and get these things out of the way at the same time. The gold per hour isnt great, but it is at least a fun way to do it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update

So, what did I do this weekend?

Well I did a few things. First thing is I grabbed a few materials for Patch 4.2. I bought a bunch of ore the prospect tonight and bought out every inferno ruby under 85 gold.

The main thing I did this weekend was playing WoW with my wife. We ran Stratholm a few times to see if I could get Baron Rivendares Deathcharger. Of course it didnt drop. It never will. I have run the instance probably 200 plus times with no drop. I did nab the epic sword recently, and that was the first time I had ever seen it.

My wife started running it on her own too. No mount, but she did pick up an epic neck to sell on the AH.

We also started Honoring/Desecrating fires for the Midsummer festival. I only have two more achivements left to do for the Warden of the Flame title. The first is stealing the flames from the opposing capitals. The other is juggling a bunch of torches.

I am looking forward to making a large amount of gold once 4.2 comes out. What did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Real Azeroth Heroes

Real Azeroth Heroes

Darraxus presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr.Im angry that you also play the AH guy.

(Im a chargin up my fireball!)

You cant handle being undercut....again and again
(Now you are going on a nerd rage!)

Just like you, I enjoy making a gold or two.....

(And I know how the AH works noob!)

You threatened to rape my dog for undercutting all of your auctions.
(And Im pretty sure you would do it!)

So Mr. Im angry that you also play the AH guy, have a bud on me. You are going to either GTFO out of my market soon...or have a brain anneurism and die of rage. Dont worry...your tears are my nourishment.

(Mr.Im angry that you also play the AH GUYYYYYYYYYY)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

This is really applies to MMOS.

WoW players are very impatient.

They dont want to wait for queues.

They leave instances after a single wipe because everyone is "fail".

They leave a battleground when the other side gets a slight advantage.

I dont really get this attitude. Obviously, you dont want to waste your time, but as the saying goes....shit happens. You can't just quit every single time something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not going to change. A big reason is the cross realm BGs and instance. If you dont really earn a good or bad reputation with your peers, then who gives a crap if you ditch.

I remember back in vanilla and BC when reputation meant something. It meant you got invited to groups and made new contacts with like minded players. It also made you more patient. These were real people who had friends on the server. If you were a douche, you rep could spread. If you were a ninja, you may as well server trasfer.

Being anonymous has lead to a greater disparity in the friendly/dickhead ratio.

And it is never going to change.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heroics....Not as Bad

Yesterday I ran a few heroics. Three to be exact.

The first one I tanked for a guildy who was unable to get into the other guild group. Yes, I tanked a heroic. It wasnt all that bad. We blew through the instance without any real issues. I marked for cc, but being that it was mostly a pug, the timing on CCing thing was off and often ended with me tanking everything.

After that, I got into a different guild group and went DPS on my warrior. First we got Heroic Shadowfang. I remember how much I despised that instance. We ended up one shotting all bosses but the third one (mainly because the pug mage had a wild fire orb running around the orb pulling bosses and trash.

After that we got heroic Throne of Tides or whatever it is called. This one caused me some headaches in the past thanks to the last boss. This time we had zero problems with any of it. We one shotted all of the bosses.

I am finding that Heroics are much more enjoyable as people are more geared and seem to know what they are doing.

I have also found a new love for interrupting things. I dont know why, but it makes me feel like more of a contributer when I am interrupting things (especially since I know a lot of others dont really care).

I imagine I will be running some more on all of my characters to try and get better gear as well as some getting enough Justice/Valor Points to be at 4k when it rolls over with the next patch. Cheap epics here I come.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Topic: The Badge/JP System

Several people have been talking about the history of the badge system in WoW.



and to an extent

What are my thought on the badge/JP think. I say that the best options are

a) Keep the instances system as is. Reward people who want to run them.
b) Add another way to earn justice points etc.

No every one likes instances. Lots of people like loot.

What if there were a couple of different ways to get what you want?

Some of my ideas are

1) Daily Quests that reward JP: They already had something like this in BC. Lets put it back in the game. Maybe each daily quest is like half the JP that you get from a boss. Or a quarter. It would be something for those that dont like to instance or don't always have the time.

I think it would also help keep some bads out of instances.

2) Make Justice Points a new currency that can be TRADED. You gain justice points in dungeon runs. You have nothing to spend it on except ridiculously overpriced items the blizzard put at a vendor. Trade them to someone who wants them. 1000 JP for 10 stacks of ore? I am sure there are plenty of people out there that would use this system.

3)Consolidate JP/Honor. You earn one currency. You spend it on what you want. Sometimes it is nice to throw in a bit of PVP. It would also give people who have already bought everything something else to spend the points on.

Those are a few of my ideas. What do you think.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking my bit or no?

Man, I was listening to a podcast from the instance the other day and I heard a Real Azeroth Heroes commercial at the end.

I was all like WTF.

That was the first podcast I had listened to from

Was a bit of a shock to me.

Anyways, carry on.

1 Million Gold

Just a quick update. I hit it this weekend.

I promptly gave 50k to my wife. She bought two Mammoths and some pets with it.

What do I do now? Off to the next million I guess.

The Real Azeroth Heroes Archives

For anyone who enjoys them, but couldnt be arsed to go back through my post history (cant say I blame you). Apparently my first Real Azeroth Heroes post was in October 2009. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Real Azeroth Heroes

Real Azeroth Heroes

Darraxus presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. I have no fucking clue how to play guy.

(Boomkin doing the melee!)

Your rotation includes spells that make my brain bleed
(How the hell did you figure out how to log on?!)

Just like you, I enjoy mucking around in instance.....

(But I did some research to not look like a tool yeah!)

You somehow added conjure mana biscuit to your rotation.
(Decurse isnt for offense!)

So Mr. I have no fucking clue how to play guy, have a bud on me. You are somehow making human extinction look better every day. One keyboard turn at a time.(Mr. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE HOW TO PLAY GUYYYYYYY!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Failpug of the Week

I havent had a failpug for quite some time. This is mainly due to the facts that:

A) I havent been running many instances
B) I certainly havent been running pugs.

Well, I decided to do a random dungeon on my Shaman while I was questing in Terrokar. I get in to Underbog and away we go. Me, DK tank, Resto Druid, Mage, and Ret Pally.

Everything is going very well. No problems at all. We are killing bosses at a ridiculous pace. The first boss dies before he can do the thing where he heals himself. We breeze through.

We get to the Hunter boss and smash him up pretty good. The plate legs drop. The DK tank and the Ret Pally roll. The ret pally wins the pants.

This is when the fail comes in. The DK, whose name was Leetdk (no I am not kidding) orders the pally to give him the pants. I LOL as does the Paladin. The DK is not kidding. THOSE ARE NOT PALADIN PANTS....says the idiot.

The Paladin responds that "These are the stats I need".

The DK votes to kick him. I vote no. There is one other guildy from the DKs guild with us, so I guess it goes through.

The DK then goes on to complain that he couldnt roll on the intellect plate earlier that was "better" than what he had.

Having leveled a DK, I know that most of the started blue gear lasts you until around Northrend. How would an intellect piece be an upgrade?

It is fucking idiots like this that make the game annoying. I tried explaining that Ret pallys and warriors also use the same gear. I dont think he understood.

He should be eliminated from the gene pool immediately. That is all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Into the Breach/Couple of Gold Tips

So, not only have I started a Priest once again....I actually ran a Heroic on Darraxus. Not just any of the new Zandalar heroics.

Granted I ran it as DPS, but it was a mostly guild run with our Heroic tank extrodinaire Drunkencrono. The guy runs Heroics just because he likes running them. He doesnt really need the gear or anything.

It is always nice to have someone like that in the guild.

Overall, it felt pretty good to get out there and see some new content. I did a respectable 10.5k dps with my crap gear (mostly blue items including a PvP piece or two).

Since the above doesnt really make a post, I had a couple of things to say about low level crafting and gold making. There is certainly gold to be made.

I have been making a nice chunk of change selling the engineering pets. You get the schematics from Gnomeregan. The bombling is a drop off of the last boss in the instance, and Lil Smokey has a chance to drop off the the Arcane Nullifiers (IIRC).

Low level tailoring has also been good to me. I have sold a bunch of the low level blue items for 4-10 times the mat cost. I also make a very decent amount of gold off of selling shirts. Black Swashbuckler shirts seem to sell the best. I have sold a few of pretty much every piece of vanity clothes you can make. I think it especially helps that I am on an RP server.

Do you know when you are getting to your competition? When they say something to you. I mentioned that I have a guildy who competes with me in the gem market. Yesterday, as I was finishing undercutting him yet again, I see in guild chat "I dont even know why you are still in the guild". To which I replied with....NOTHING!!! Let him be angry. I will keep on keeping on. I may not raid with the guild, but it is not a requirement. I do contribute some gems to the guild bank.

Anyways, I am just glad to have gotten back into doing a Heroic....even if it was only as a DPS.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Priest....Take 4 (clack)

I went ahead and rolled a new priest. Of course, to start this off, I had to erase my Horde toon.

This involved a few things. First, I put pretty much everything I had of value in the guild bank for the guild I joined. They were a very friendly RP guild. Several of the items I put in their bank were very rare items.

Once I did that, I was on a mission to try and give my gold away (1800ish after buying a Tsunami deck for 9k and transfering it over to Alliance). So, I started the process of looking for a character that is new to the game and may actually need it.

I asked in trade chat. Nobody responded directly, and they just asked why I was looking for a new player. I didnt want to tell them because I didnt want some veteran player getting my gold. Nothing there, so then I went to Durotar to find a new player. Asked in general chat and sent tells to some of the low levels. No response....hmmmm. Head over to the Barrens. Get one response from a newish player....GREAT. Ask what his highest level is....not answer.

So, I ended up giving the gold to a super friendly guildy. Did a Bilbo Baggins and my Tauren Paladin went bye bye.

Then I created my new Worgen Priest. Worgen and Priest were the only race or class I didnt have a toon for. I wanted to name him Holydiver...which was taken. So I went with Holydio in honor of Ronnie James Dio....the best metal vocalist of all time.

I bought the two cloth heirlooms from the guild vendor and sent them over to my priest along with the robes, shoulders, and staff I already had.

The Worgen starting zone seemed to take forever even though I blew thru it pretty fast. I outleveled the zone by the end and stepped into the nightelf area having already outleveled the next zone (I was level 16).

I decided that I was going to head over to Stormwind so that I could quest in Redridge. I did a few quests and queued up for my first Dungeon. Being a Disc priest, I decided to heal it.

Deadmines popped up and away I went. Nobody died or was really in any danger of dieing. I kept everyone up even when DPSing sometimes and when our two handed weapon wielding tank accidentally pulled about a dozen guys on the boat. I love throwing up Power Word Shield.

By the time I was done, I was level 19. WOOHOO. Moving on along.

Since I grabbed herbalism and mining, I now need to go back to Westfall and catch my Herbalism skill up so that I can supplement my awesome leveling skills with more XP.

I plan on saving the herbs and converting this guy to another Alchemist when he get to 85 (if he does).

So far so good. I am enjoying it so far. The biggest question is what to do when he gets into Outlands. Continue leveling the Priest...or go back to leveling my Shaman. Time will tell I guess.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why Can't I Do it?

This is not a quitting post by the way. This is about something that I have never been able to do in the game......level a priest.


I guess that there are a few reasons why I have rolled about 5 of the damn guys and deleted every single one.

They are incredibly boring. Killing stuff as a priest kinda sucks. It just does. I remember how terrible it was trying to level a priest before Heirlooms etc.

I just don't have a real attachment to the priest class. They seem so vanilla to me.

I know they are quite powereful healers, however I find that I enjoy the healing of a Druid or Shaman to be much more fun.

I always found Priests to be like squishy Paladins.

I do kinda like Discipline. The whole shield aspect is something that I find to be really cool. Preventing damage rather than healing it back up.

Why am I even talking about this? I am considering rolling a new priest.

I deleted a level twenty something priest a couple of months ago because I wasnted to roll a Horde toon. Said Horde toon is sitting at 20 and I have no compulsion to level him. The only thing I have done is make a bit of gold on the Horde side. And by the way, the Horde side of Scarlet Crusade has a really shitty economy. I imagine it has to do with the smaller Horde population. it to giving Priestness another shot. This one is for Nomnomhealz.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Left Stormwind!

Thats right, I actually did something that involved me getting out of Stormwind. The last couple of months have been mostly spent making gold. I was originally going to do a Heroic, but decided not to.

First I figured I would hit up Heroic Setthek to punch Anzu in the face for the chance at a mount. No luck, but there is always next time.

Then I decided that I was going to finish my Cenarion Expedition Rep in Outlands and knock out a few achiements while I was at it.

Even though I have done all of the BC Heroics (back in BC), it did not give me credit for all of them when the Achievement system came out. I did not have any of the Coilfang Heroic instances for some reason, but I was about 7k rep from getting to Exalted.

I went to Heroic Underbog first and took a leisurely 35 minute stroll through the instance killing pretty much everything. I also made sure to stop and pick any Sanguine Hibiscus. I later posted them on the AH for around 9 gold each.

After that, I decided to go do Steamvaults. The instance was quick and painless. Afterwards, I was pretty close to exalted and had a nice pile of coilfang armaments.

After the rep turn ins I was still just a bit short, so I did a couple of quests and BAM. Exalted. Then I spent a little of my hard earned gold on a Hippogriff.

After that last quest, I decided to do the final quest I needed to get teh Zangarmarsh quest achievement.

Overall, it was very nice to actually go and do something that wasnt staring at an Auctioneer's crotch.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PvE Anxiety

This is something that is rather weird for me when it comes to WoW. I have always been an avid instance runner. I love tanking and healing. I just enjoy the dynamic of running with a group.

However, the longer I stay away from instances, I find that I build a higher anxiety towards grouping up. This obviously doesnt apply to playing with friends.....none of which are really even playing at this time. This goes mostly for those good ole pugs.

I dont know what it is. I havent run them in a while an have likely forgotten some of the mechanics in the instances. Not to mention that most of the pugs seemed to have been filled with assholes at the beginning of Cataclysm.

Perhaps I am being certainly feels weird. I may decide...Hey, I think im gonna run an instance! Then after I queue, I decide I dont wont to afterall.

I refuse to join as a tank or healer. My two favorite roles. Because I dont want the responsibility of guiding a bunch of people I dont know through some content I dont really care about.

I want to want to play. I can bring myself to make gold. Thats about it. Maybe I should run some old content and pick up some achievements. It would be quite east to run alot of the old stuff and probably net me a bit of extra crap to sell.

I keep meaning to run Karazhan on my Warlock to get the BC enchants. I should go ahead and get my rep up on Darraxus with those old factions that have been waiting.

Maybe that is what my next aim in the game will be. Just to run around and enjoy the things I used to enjoy in a solo setting.

I think much of this has to do with the lack of friends playing this game. It seems that everyone has been trying out LOTRO (including me).

I enjoy LOTRO, but I doubt it is a long term investment. WoW seems to have a lot more to offer, and I think WoW also looks much better.

What do you do when you need a change of pace within WoW. I enjoy making I guess it is time to find some other creative ways to do it. Soloing Karazhan maybe? Molten Core? Other old world content?

What do you guys think?

No ETA on Old Republic Online.

Oh, and I think I will be hitting 1 million gold within the next two weeks. Gold is flowing easily in. Next will be two million. I dont really have anything to spend it on with my wife not currently playing.

Building gold houses on a Ghost Island.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Darr's Guide to Jewelcrafting.

First thing is first. If you dont have money to spend, I dont know that I would level jewelcrafting until you do. You will want to be at least level 75 if you are going to power level it. That way you can get to the real meat and potatoes.

It can be quite expensive depending on your server, so unless you are keen to hours of farming, it may not be the best thing to do.

This guide is meant for making money once it is already leveled. You have to spend gold to make gold.

So, once you get to the point that you can do the JC them. Even do the Northrend dailies before you are able to do the Cata daily. Many of the gems are never on the auction house, so you can pretty much make your own market for them. They are needed for leveling characters.

Now, I am going to go over some of the better selling gems. Obviously everyone will tell you that the red ones sell best. And that is the truth for the most part. Not all gems are created equal.

On my server in particular, yellow, green, and blue gems are not very profitable. Blue and Yellow seem to sell the least in my experience.

When you are ready to get that first JC pattern, your best bet is probably the Brilliant Inferno Ruby cut. I sell more of those than any other gem. You may be tempted to go for another red cut next....DONT. Unless you have a large number of stockpiled reds, I would wait.

Next, I would look at the red and purple cuts on Undermine Journal. Pick the one who best combines sell price and volume. For me, it is Reckless Ember Topaz.

After you have picked up either an orange or purple cut, spend the next on another red. Either Delicate or Bold. Then an orange or purple. Then the last of the three reds I listed.

I would take red or purple cuts for the most part until you start to find more profitable green, blue or yellows. I do sell quite a few Puissant Dream Emeralds, however they onyl usually go between 15-25 gold per gem depending on the day.

Dont forget Meta Gems. Unfotunately on my server, they dont sell in much volume, and the often times go for less than an inferno ruby.

Now, what do you do with your uncommon gems? With the upcoming changes in 4.2, vendoring will be out of the question. Zephyrite will probably still unfortunately vendored unless they come out with something to use them on.

If you have an alchemist, I transmute most of my Carnelians into Inferno Rubys. There is also the option of Meta Gems, or making Carnelian Spikes to disenchant into Greater Celestial Essences.

After stocking up on a decent number of green and purple gems for the dailies, I generally turn anything I can into Jewelry.

Once I have turned those uncommons into Jewelry, I post the rare procs on the AH for 100-300 gold each and disenchant the rest.

Obviously, having more professions will give you a better chance at making gold.

Nothing revolutionary here, but that is how I do it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Darr's Guide to Flipping

I make a ton of gold from my professions like most people. I also make a huge amount for flipping items that are listed cheap on the AH for higher prices. This is a very simple way to get insane profits with little work.

First thing you need is Auctioneer or a similar addon. If you already have this and run scans on a regular basis....GREAT! If not, start running scans. For auctioneer, the best way to run scans is the quickscan function. It will be a little double arrow that looks kind of like >> at the top of your screen. Run them at least once a day.

The second thing is to go to the Consortium Forums and look up how to set up a snatch list and what items to put on it. This can take quite a bit of time.

Next thing you want to do is go to the search function on the bottom tabs. Then click on Snatch and then click the search button.

This will bring up all available items on the snatch list that are below your threshold.

Make a determination if these are worth buying and reselling based on your server.

After the snatch search, I then go to the Resale tab and search again. I first sort it by profit. I then check the percentage of the normal price of that item. I generally like to buy items that are a very low percentage (generally under 20 percent of the normal value).

My favorite items to buy for resale are recipes and low level blue items. I buy tons of blue items in the 1-10 gold area and flip them for 50-200 gold each.

Recipes is by far the best. After I am done doing a resale search, I go into the regular auction tab and do a manual search of the recipes. I will generally buy out anything in the single digit for a percentage. I buy a ton of recipes for between 1-5 gold and sell them for 25-150 each.

Sometimes you get really good deals. I have flipped around 5 of the Cata bracer enchants for probably 20k profit. I picked up one last night for 15 gold.

This is a no brainer way to make gold and take almost no effort.

Hope this helps.


Monday, June 6, 2011

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up about a website that can be a nice supplement for making gold.

This website can be used to find the profitability of different items for different professions. It breaks each crafted item down by materials.

The website is very easy to navigate.

Step 1: Choose which profession you want to look at. The tabs are up top. I chose Jewel Crafting.

Step 2: Search for the item. You can sort by skill level or just by typing in the name in the search box.

Step 3: Click "Full Cost with Tree". Enter the prices of each item on your server. You can save these prices for future searches.

Step 4: Once you have the total crafting cost, see what the finished item is going for on your server (or do it first, whichever.....Im not your Dad, you can figure it out).

This can especially be a big help for people over in Europe who dont currently have a version of The Undermine Journal.

Check it out. This was made by Darth Solo was is a long time reader of this blog.

Check it out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How being less Goblin can make you MORE Goblin

So, being a Goblin is generally all about making gold. Many people also seem to think it is about being a ruthless asshole. This can actually be counterproductive to making gold, which makes you less of a Goblin.

I have a pretty healthy competition on my server with the JC market. I generally dont talk to my competitors at all. I just post, cancel, and repost.

I got a tell from one of my competitors (A) the other day making a comment about one of the other guys in the market (B). This douchebag comes in every couple of days and deeply undercuts with a wall of gems. For the most part, it is with walls of blue, green, and yellow gems with a few smatterings of the other colors.

This apparently really upsets A. I know exactly what B is doing. He only posts every couple of days, so he wants to post low because he knows he will be undercut otherwise.

Did I tell A to fuck off? Of course not. I just explained what B was doing and that it he will probably go away once his stock runs out. A wants to get a coalition to force him out of the market.

I dont really care as long as my gems keep selling. I am going to let them buy out his auctions and resell them. Then I will undercut their higher prices. It is a win-win for me.

Another advantage is that A doesnt log back on to undercut me as soon as I log off. I can generally log on an hour or two later and just replenish rather than cancel and repost. Maybe this is a time thing, but then again maybe it is a courtesy thing.

Unfortunately one of my guildies is competition. Fortunately he raids and does instances, so I just wait for him to go somewhere else and then undercut him. I can also see all of his alts (as they are in my main guild) while he can't see mine (several in other guilds).

So, what I was basically trying to say is that sometimes not being a douche can make you more gold than being a sterotype of a "goblin".

Work on your people skills and people will work for you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Be a Trade Chat Troll (aka GOD)!!!!

I bet many of you have wondered how to become the best kind of internet person. The kinds that everyone looks up to and wants to be. A troll.

Well look no further than this handy guide to Supertrolldom. You will have people worshipping you as a trade chat demi-god in not time.

Make sure that you type random things that are going to get a reaction.

This is the single greatest rule of trolling! If you dont get a reaction, you are not a very good troll. In fact, you fucking suck. You fucking suck is an appropriate Troll response to anyone saying anything by the way. There are many many ways to troll the shit out of your server. Here are a few good examples.

1) Chuck Norris jokes. People love them and hate them. Regardless, you will get a reaction! Noobs will tell you to eat a bowl of dick. Other trolls will join in and make your Chuck Norris man love a trade chat staple.

2) Murloc Movies. Take a movie. Add Murlock into it. Profit. Spammy spam spam will follow and you will be King of Spamalot.

3) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Just link it in trade chat. You will be able to bait tons of people into your arena of troll combat for a good ole fashioned smackdown.

4) Anal. Just type anal and link a skill or item. Anal (Rupture) or Anal (Devastate) for example. You will see the true troll humor emerge and be the person who started this wonderful chain of events.

If you are not one who likes starting open ended trolling, start an arguement. Make sure you do it in trade chat so that other people respond. When they do, tell them to STFU and get out of your trade chat. You are king troll! You can troll people in many ways with the thinly veiled insults. I will give you classic examples to start.

1) Trade Chat Citizen: WTS X item for 5000 gold PST.
King Troll of the Clan McTroll: WTF...that is worth 70silver you fucking noob.

2) Trade Chat Citizen: How much hit does a Rogue need.
Trollbama Bin Trollin: Over 9000!!!! Or alternatively....learn to internet noob!

There are many ways to be an effective troll. Remember not to show anger when people insult you obviously superior intellect! They are below you. Just laugh at them and insult their mother. If you add a lol, it is not as serious.


Trade Chat Citizen: You are an idiot. Why would you leave X out of the rotation.
Robotroll: Lol, because your mom doesnt like when I use X on her anus lol.

Feel free to spell things wrong as well. It will make your trolling all the more complete and drive these driveling little maggots to cry.

Example: Rofl u r a fcking nube. Get yuor hed out of yor asszs. LOLZ.

People will come at you fast and hard. They are the idiots though! Dont they know that you are Chief Runningtroll of the Trolliqua tribe?

Just remember. Trolling is all about status. You become a legend with the right trolling. Get out there and pwn some fucking noobs.

Disclaimer: This message brought to you by the Tongue in Cheek Federation and sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Blood

Hey Hey Hey (as Fat Albert would say before he died of a massive heart attack).

I am looking to add some new blogs to my blogroll.

If you want on, just leave your blog info in a comment.

Also, if you are interested in getting into blogging and would like to guest post, email me and let me know.

Gold Making Methods that Work Anywhere.

As I said in my last post, I am still playing WoW (exclusively selling things on the AH and playing LOTRO.

So far, I have found one very good method that absolutely works in both games to make gold. The gold ole flip.

In WoW, I make tons of profits off of things that are posted for less than they are worth. Low level blue items and underpriced recipes are my real go to for flipping.

In LOTRO, it has been low level crafting mats. I have bought several items cheap (Light Hides, Copper Ingots etc.) and resold them for very nice profits. I am only level 19, but am able to afford most anything I need at this point in time.

The LOTRO AH is a bit cumbersome (I have been thinking about looking at addons), but just like any game, there is money to be made from the dumb masses.

On a related gold making notes, it looks like uncut uncommon gems will be going from 5 gold vendor price to 50 silver vendor price.

To me, this is a good change. There should end up being an abunance of cheap ore and less people shuffling due to the higher time requirements to make a profit. Make sure that you vendor any stockpiled Zephyrite you have before the next patch just in case.

In other news, I have blown past 800k and will definately be hitting the one million mark sooner rather than later.