Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black Ops 2: Now with friends!

Or friend rather.

Last night I was playing some Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Kev logged on and has the game. SWEET!

I like playing with people I know because it is much more fun and we can strategize a bit to watch each others back.

We ended up playing a bunch of Hardcore TDM and did pretty decently. I had a K/D ratio over 1 for the day and have a .84 overall now. Kev started off much better than I did and has a .7something KD ratio currently.

As I said earlier, watching each other's back is what makes it so much fun. We can grab a room with a couple of good vantage points and lock it down for long periods of time.

I am also glad I unlocked claymores. They are so much better than bouncing betties and I have gotten a decent number of kills with them.

I look forward to more multiplayer with Fett just needs to get it *nudge* *nudge*.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Gaming

I did a fair amount of gaming over the Holiday, and most of it was done in WoW or Black Ops 2.

In WoW, I have been making quite a bit of progress on dailies. I finally hit exalted with the Golden Lotus and I am now exalted with Operation Shieldwall as well.

Next up for me will be to finish Klaxxi. This has been going on for far too long.

I also ran a regular instance with out group of friends. We decided on a regular so that everyone could get used to their rotations again and that Fett could practive his healing on his Monk.

Much of my gaming time was spent in BO2.

I started the campaign and have been having a good time playing it as a change of pace. The story so far is quite good just like the MW games.

Mostly, I pew pewed in multiplayed and have been improving by quite a bit. My K/D ratio is now up to .78 and moving up slowly but surely. I have been mostly playing Domination or Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Kill Confirmed.

I like the Harcore game style because it is generally a more conservative play style, and sometimes I just want to play a bit slower. When I wanted a faster paced game, I switch over the Kill Confirmed.

Overall, I had a great Holliday which included going to see The Hobbit, which was quite awesome.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hollidays!

I hope everyone has a Happy and safe Holliday Season.

Enjoy the time with your family and other loved ones.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The WarZ: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The internet is buzzing with news about the fraud that is WarZ. Rhino Crunch pointed it out on his youtube channel some time ago. They just keep on proving him right.

Fettsbounty would be a better person to do this article, and if he does one, I will link it to this one. In the meantime, I will post some of what I have read online or he has told me.

The WarZ is a liar: They put their game up on steam promising a ton of features....most of which are not there. When people complained on their steam blog, they started banning people. Steam took away their moderator priveledges and gave anyone who wanted one a refund. They also said that they started developement on this game before DayZ. No. You didnt. You took the game you were perhaps already making and changed it to a zombie MMO to capitalize on DayZ's success.

They are a Thief: They apparently tried to ninja edit their terms of service to state that you could never get a refund no matter what. Customer satisfaction guaranteed indeed! They apparently also took their terms of service from League of Legends (including a link to League of Legends apparently).

Sergei Titov has been an asshole: Beside all of the crap above, he has been rude to his customers. He offered a backhanded apology saying people "Misread the features". No motherfucker. You put features up that were not in the game. Dont try to shuck the responsibility.

The game is not good: According to what I read before all of this shit happened, the game was just not good. It was barren, zombies were no threat, maps were small, and it was just generally buggy and boring. I have not played for myself and never plan to.

My advice: Do not by this piece of crap. You will most likely be incredibly disapointed, and the developers have already showed that they are in this for a quick money grab. Wait for the Day Z standalone and play the real deal. Not this piece of garbage made by liars and thieves.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black Ops 2: I are suck

I am quite bad. Like .40 K/D ratio bad. This generally happens every time that I get a new CoD game. I am like a system QB that gets put in a different system. I will start out quiet bad, and eventually over time get better. Then I get the rug pulled out with the next game.

I dont know if it is a lag issue, but it seems like I get killed in a couple of hit even though the kill cam shows several more hits. It also seems like I can hit another player 4-5 times and nothing happens while they turn around and one shot me.

It really gets quite frustrating dying over and over again.

Last night I started playing some of the Hardcore game modes, and I think they are a bit easier for me. It doesnt take much to take down an opposing player and I dont feel like I am constantly getting gibbed without seeing the other player.

It may also just be that I suck at aiming. It feels like I have to be perfect with my aim to get a hit while other players are getting all kinds of hit markers.

Overall, I am having fun, but being bad is a pain in the ass.

Monday, December 17, 2012

WoW Weekend

This weekend, I spent very little time in D3. Just as I felt it was good to take some time off from WoW, I think it will be equally good to take a bit of time off from D3. I did hit Paragon 52 over the weekend however.

In WoW, I did quite a bit. Most of that bit was dailies, but I did a few other things as well.

I got to exalted with the Anglers and up to Revered with the Klaxxi.

I basically did dailies for every faction over the weekend except for the dragon guys over in Jade Forrest and the Tillers (both of whom I am already exalted with). We also did the Greench dailies and I got another Clockwork Rocket bot, which I gave to my wifey.

We ran BWL again and my wife did not get her antlers. The funny thing was that we didnt realize she was on the wrong druid until just before the last boss. It would not have mattered as it turns out, but she would have been very sad had the Antlers dropped and she wasnt there to get it.

Then we decided that we should run Onyxia to give her another chance at her Antlers. They did not drop there either, but we did get a bunch of acheivements for taking her down.

Then for some reason we decided to do both AQ instances, which we had never done before. We cake walked through AQ 20, but the 40 man version had a few surprises. We didnt wipe, but both my wife and I died at different points. I got killed during that MC phase of the first boss, and my wife died on C'Thun.

All three of us got every one of the AQ mounts including the red one. Why? Because it is red.

In other gaming news, my wife got my Black Ops 2 for Christmas, and it is pretty good so far. I have only played multi player, and REALLY suck at the moment. It feels like it takes a lot more hit markers to kill someone in multi player than it did in MW3. My K/D ration is terrible, but I finally had a postive game with a shotgun of all weapons. I think part of my trouble is that I rush around a lot and have trouble seeing other players. That and it feels like I hit them 5 times and they kill me in one shot.

Gaming variety is the spice of life....or something like that.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My newest D3 farming strategy

Last night after doing my dailies, I decided to play some D3 and ended up getting a half of a paragon level before logging off for bed. It was not boring in any way. There are a couple of reasons for this farming going so smoothly for me.

1) I only pick up certain rares now. Instead of picking up every single rare, I have started picking up specific rares instead. One handed weapons, gloves, bracers, and all jewelry is what I have been picking up. Could I be missing something on the pieces I am not picking up? Sure I could. I also dont care. I want to get through each run quickly and dont really care to identify 2-3 tabs of rares each run.

2) I started playing in windowed mode and watching Star Trek: TNG. This is awesome because I get to make progress watching the shows I want to watch AND play D3 at the same time. Doing Act 3 inferno runs is pretty much muscle memory now. I can vaguely pay attention to both at the same time. I mostly make sure to look out for legendaries although I have turned the sound off. I wish they had a sound slider for legendary drop sounds so you could turn the rest off and still have that one off all the way. Even better would be something flashing up on the screen when a legendary comes up. Maybe something like NPC scan in WoW where it pops up which rare spawn you passed by and makes a loud ass horn sounds that startles the shit out of you.

Overall, I think this will be good for Paragon leveling. Paragon 51 now and moving on up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday I was apparently motivated to actually do some dailies. I ended up doing three sets including the new Shieldwall dailes, the Angler dailies, and the Klaxxi dailies.

I do the dailies mostly for the gear upgrades that wil come, but I also do it for the vanity items. I really like the Scorpion mount and look forward to getting it from the Klaxxi.

I am also digging the commendation that increases the rep of a faction by 100 percent on you account after you hit revered with one character. Unfortunately, you still have to get revered.

In Diablo, I decided to do a full act 3 inferno clear instead of the modified alkaizer run. One postive thing about doing an entire act is that it seems like there is a point to what you are doing....defend the keep and kill Azmodan in the case of Act 3.

I does take quite some time, but I ended up getting almost half of a paragon level out of it. Sadly, no legendaries were to be had.

I have been finding a bit more motivation to play WoW, and I think that I will be getting back into that a bit. It is always nice to take somewhat of a break to not get burned out, and boy did the dailies have me burning out.

I like the dailies for the most part, but they should have kept tabards as well. That would have been a nice change of pace for reputation grinding.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ding Paragon 50!

Last night I did a fair amount of grinding and was able to hit paragon 50 on my Barbarian.

While doing the runs, I actually found three legendaries. Unfortunately they were complete crap. I got a ring with no main stats, a WD main hand with 700 dps, and a level 59 polearm. Two brimstones and a vendor.

I got to run around with Bearness for a bit before having to log off to take care of something which was nice. I always prefer playing with someone over playing alone.

After that, I ran my friend through the rest of Act 1 Nightmare on his Barbarian and found two more legendaries including a mighty belt for him.

When I run people through lower difficulties, I find that I like to use my Witchdoctor. The pets are nice and helpful, and I like having nice ranged AOE abilities.

Next up in Paragon 60 I guess. Paragon leveling is going fairly slow at this point, and I can only imagine how slow it is for Bearness, who is at Paragon 75 or 76.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What to do, what to do.

This weekend was spend mostly playing D3 again,  but it was mostly just messing around.

I also did the Operation Shield wall dailies with my wife pretty much every day, and really should get back to doing some of the other dailies. I just cant bring myself to do them alone. Dailies in a group are tolerable. Alone, they are not.

In D3, I spend a good amount of time playing on my Barbarian and got him to Paragon 49. It wouldnt be too hard to level faster, but after a run or two of the same thing that I have been running over and over, I lose motivation. Perhaps I should look at doing some full act runs just to change it up a bit.

Paragon levels are a good way to keep you playing the game, but they really do need something more. I am looking forward to PvP despite not normally being a PvP type of person (well at least in this kind of setting).

I would really like if they added something like an endless waves of monster challenge where tons of mobs just continue to show up and you have to survive for X amount of minutes.

I would also like to see a random generator that just created super random maps with random mobs and random events. Something different every time.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ding 60! Ding 60! Ding 60!

So last night, I ended up playing a bit of WoW before switching over to D3.

I have been doing the new Shieldwall dailies with my wife for the last two or three days and I did the Klaxxi dailies with Fett.

I also recently got one of the invitations for the Brawlers Guild and have done a couple of fights. I have only defeated the first fight so far. I got close on the second one, but he did some bullshit AOE when he was almost dead that killed me.

After that, I logged on to D3 with the intention of leveling my WD to 60 with Kev's Monk. Fett decided that he wanted to come along on his level 56 DH and we killed the Butcher and then headed to Act 2.

At the start of the act, I had to log off for a bit and ended up coming back about 45 minutes or so later. We were running on MP5 and we actually had to be quite careful as we were getting our ass kicked by reflect damage mobs.

As we were doing one of the vaults, Kev dinged 60 on his Monk.

As we were finishing the Shadow Realm just before fighting Kulle, both Fett and I dinged 60 on our toons.

I gave both Kev and Fett some upgrades I had in my stash and then hit the AH. I ended up spending about 10 million on my WD. He ended up with 28k health, 55k dps, and about 750 resist all.

This makes my 5th level 60 and I now have one of each class. This was Kevs second 60 and Fetts first.

I actually quite like the WD and may actually play him a little bit at cap. I really wish they would make Paragon levels shared so that I could play whatever I want at that moment.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Witch Doctor: Final Countdown

I am into the home stretch on my WD. My friend and I were back at leveling last night and got from level 41 or 42 to 51 and 52. We were in Act 3 of Nightmare and thought it would be a good idea to have my sister run us through MP 10 Act 3 in Hell. Yeah, No.

The rough thing about Diablo 3 is that there is not really an aggro table....we got our asses handed to us several times.

The XP was good, but we died way too much. For example, I was taking one hit and being down to 1/3 health. I think we will go back to Nightmare MP10 and just work our way up that way.

I did a bit of Barbarian playing last night as well. I got my main to Paragon 47 and I got my Hardcore Barbarian to level 7. I have a hard time being motivated to play hardcore when one death spells the end.

If everything goes as planned, I should be close to 60 by the end of the day.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Update

As in previous weekends, I did not play much in the way of WoW, and what I did do, I did for my wife.

First I ran through BWL with her and her Antlers did not drop again. She did however get a new pet off of the second to last boss!

Then I helped her out a bit with Battle Pet Leveling as well as getting her the blue antlers from Shadowmoon Valley.

I also logged onto DayZ briefly over the weekend. I went into a town, and while scavenging for gear in an apartment I suddenly died. Didnt hear a gunshot or anything. Dont know if it was a hacker, but I logged off after that bullshit.

As with previous weekends, I spent much of my weekend playing Diablo.

My Barbarian is not Paragon 46 and still moving up slowly, mostly because I cant bring myself to just run the same run 10 times in a row without a break.

My sister got to level 60 on her Barbarian and has been running around in Act 1 as a Tornado Barb. I brought her along on my act 3 farming run, but she was taking a lot of damage and died several times.

My friends Kev and Fett also played over the weekend. Fett has been working on his DH and has it up to 56 currently. Kev and I decided to go on a leveling frenzy, and we got from about level 21 to 41 on our Monk and Witchdoctor. I must say that I have had a great time playing the Witch Doctor. He has a lot of fun spells.

I think that my WD will be to 60 in no time, which will give me a 60 of each class.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Day and Someone Spends a Fortune on a Digital Weapon

Yesterday, I ended up doing quite a decent amount in Diablo.

First I helped my sister with her leveling. Her Barbarian went from 45 to 53 and is in Act 1 of Hell. During this process, I picked up a Puzzle Box Ring which I managed to sell for 2.8 million gold. It apparently has a chance to spawn a treasure goblin when you are hit. I dont know what the proc rate is, but that seems pretty interesting at least.

Then one of my friends who hadnt played much in the last several months logged on. We ended up blitzing through the end of Act 3 and all of Act 4 in Hell. After we finished Hell difficulty, I gave him some upgrades that brought him from 33k dps to about 85k dps. He just needs to get some more resist all to help make him a little bit less squishy.

Another one of my friends who had not played in months logged on and played solo, but also got his DH up to level 55.

In the meantime, I got about 2/3 of a Paragon level after helping the first friend clear all of Act 1 Inferno. No good loot, but it was a nice change of pace from running an Act 3 Alkaizer run.

In other news, some guys apparently sold a very nice Echoing Fury for 12.5k......British Pounds. Seriously. Someone bought a video game mace for that amount of real life money. I can only hope I get one some day.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerleveling and Making Gold

As I previously stated, I have been power leveling my sister on her Barbarian, and we got her from 38 to 45 last night. In the meantime, there are plenty of decent drops to sell!

I find it amazing what people will pay for low level gear....especially jewelry.

I have sold a couple of socketed weapons for 250-500k and I sold a ring last night for 1 million gold. It is really quite ridiculous that I am making a lot more in sales while power leveling a lowby than I do farming Inferno.

Speaking of farming Inferno, I got to Paragon 44 last night and had a 1 day record of 5 legendaries drop including two in one run. Unfortunately, all of them were quite bad.

Overall, the power leveling has gone pretty quickly, and despite getting very little paragon xp, I still make a decent amount of gold (piles drop up to the low 1000 range as far as gold goes).

I figure my sister will be 60 in no time and we will be running around in Inferno.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It has been a bit since a regular post and a lot of that has to do with the Holliday.

I still have not been playing very much WoW at all and have not done dailies in weeks now.

In Diablo 3, I am now up to Paragon level 43 on my Barbarian. He is not at about 120k dps unbuffed in his dps gear and 95k in his XP farming gear.

I also got my Monk up to level 60, and got he and my Wizard to Inferno.

I eventually plan on getting each of my level 60 toons through Inferno for the achievments.

My sister also picked up D3, so I did a fair bit of power leveling and she is at level 30 something (38 I think) at the start of Nightmare Act 2.

I also did a little bit of leveling on my Witch Doctor and got him from 12 to 21.

Most of my game time has been spent on D3 obviously. I am also planning on perhaps starting up DayZ again for a little bit of variety.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your holliday and perhaps some football and gaming like I am!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Making Some Gold

Not in WoW, although I still make about 1-2k per day in WoW while not really playing it.

I have finally started to make a bit of gold in D3.

The thing about making gold in D3 is that it is a lottery. You have to get decently lucky with some drops. I got a DH set cloak that I sold for 19 million and sold a bracer for 10 million. Those are two of my three biggest sales ever over the course of a day.

When you actually sell some of the stuff you farm up, it feels pretty good and makes the grind much better.

I am now Paragon level 39 and should definately be hitting 40 in the next day or so.

I am still waiting for that big ticket item for hundreds of millions of dollars, but this is a pretty nice start.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moving on Up!

I am currently gaining around a Paragon Level per day and am currently at P35.

I have been playing Act 3 over and over again. I get tons of yellow items, but most of them are complete junk and go to the vendor. I am still waiting for that big sale.

One of the plus sides of all of this farming is that my gold is up to around 22 million, which is the most I have ever had at one time. That is still relatively low, but it just takes time.

There havent been many epics dropping for me lately. I am lucky if I find one in a day. Yesterday I got a monk polearm. I told Bearness that I think Blizz is telling me to play my Monk. I got both Monk set fist weapons and that polearm.

My goal for the upcoming weekend is to try and get to Paragon 40 and possibly finish leveling up my Monk.

I also may try to do some Ubers since I havent done those in a while.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

D3: Quick Tip

For many of the people who play D3, this may not be news, but to some it may help.

If you reach level 45 and have some extra gold, do yourself a favor.

Go to the auction house and search for a level 45 weapon with a minus 15 level requirement on it. You can find some beastly weapons.

I hit level 45 with my Monk last night and purchased a nice two handed axe with a couple of hundred dexterity and 1300 dps on it. My paper doll dps went from 800ish to 15000. I was one shotting all mobs in Act 2 inferno including a lot of rare or elites.

Once you get your new weapon, you should be able to do MP10 for maximum efficiency.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quality of Life in D3

In D3, for those that dont know, there is a quality of life stat on is called pickup radius.

If you dont have it, you will really want it. I mean REALLY want it.

I have not had it on my Barbarian since he was leveling. It is really quite painful to have to run over each stack of gold. Especially when it seems that you have to run over it multiple times to pick the damn thing up.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I decided to change out a couple of pieces in my farming set. I got a new helmet that had a 7 yard pickup radius. Then I got some shoulders that had the same. My DPS went down, but my happiness went up.

I cannot recommend this highly enough for those of you who farm MP 0 for speed. You NEED to have that pickup radius. I am not having to leave nearly as much behind in the interest of speed.

Now, Witchdoctors are the lucky ones. They have pickup radius built into a lot of their stuff. I think Bearness said his WD had a 72 yard pickup radius or some ridiculous ass number.

The only thing I wish is that they would come out with a new armor slot that did not have any offense stats...just stats like pickup radius, gold find, magic find, plus XP. I think that they could make a trinket slot to fill that.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Stress Free Weekend

I did about the least stressfull gaming possible this weekend. I know that games should not be stressful, but sometimes they reach that level.

Usually it has to do with constant dying in Diablo or constant dailies to keep up in WoW. I did not do a WoW daily all weekend. In fact, I logged in to do some auctions and ran BWL for my wife to get her antlers (which did not drop again).

I Diablo, I mostly ran Act 3 MP 0 on my Barbarian. It is quick, easy, and nets me a bunch of XP. I did grab a few legendaries over the weekend too. I got both of the Monk set fists and two shitty level 58 Wizard hoods. I will likely hold onto the fists for when my Monk his level 60 ( who I got to 41).

My Barbarian is now at Paragon Level 31 and moving up fairly quickly. Every little bit is good.

Drops have been very meh. Almost every single yellow item I have gotten has been a giant piece of crap. Weapons have been terrible as the DPS was usually VERY low.

I look forward to more Act 3 farming and perhaps an uber or two this week.

Friday, November 9, 2012

RNG is so weird sometimes.

Last night I was doing some Act 3 runs when a person who I recently added to my friends list asked if I wanted to do some Ubers on MP5. Since it was MP5 I agreed and joined up with them. I went very well overall and I died less than I have ever died over the 6 total uber fights. This also included soloing both Ghom and Raknaroth down from about 40 percent health each.

One of thd Kulle fights proved to be a pain in the ass when the two DHs did not keep Kulle far enough away from Siegebreaker and I got killed by a couple of fireballs and cave ins.

The interesting part of the night was that I got an organ on every single uber boss we tried. All six dropped an organ. That is some great coin flipping considering that I had previously gotten 1 organ in 9 ubers fights the last time I ran it.....on MP 6 and 7.

Now I have made about 4 Hellfire Rings and they all mostly suck. I have one on my farming set, one on my Barbarian's Templar, one on my level 40 Monk, and one on my level 12 Witch Doctor. The stats for those last two are not great, but the 35 percent xp boost and the fireball are worth it.

I also helped a freshly dinged level 60 Barbarian with some gear. He was wearing either pre-60 gear or gear with reduced level requirement. It was not looking too good.

The pieces I gave him were not the greatest things of all time, but should do him some good. He went from like 20k health and very low DPS to over 30k health and about 33k dps. He also tripled his resists. It felt nice to help someone out, and I think I may start creating noob sets out of some of the stuff I pick up while farming and give them out. It feels good to help someone out.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paragon Leveling: Modified Alkaizer Run

Yesterday I opted to spend some time just doing Paragon leveling. I put it on MP 0 and headed to Act 3 for smashy goodness. I used a modified alkaizer run that I quite liked. I ended up going from 24 to 26.5 last night as well as grabbing a couple of legendary drops.

One legendary drop was a 1300 plus DPS Skorn with a socket and over 300 int (and over 200 Str). The second was a 900 plus DPS one handed cross bow with a socket, Dex, and IAS. Much better than some of the garbage I have seen recently.

Anyways, my run goes like this.

I do Fields of Slaughter First. Clear everything. Make sure to go into the Ice Cave for the 2-4 elite packs and the Resplendent Chest.

Next I go to the Core of Arreat and quickly clear that.

Teleport to Tower of the Damned 1 and clear the circle. Check near the exit for a goblin.

Go to Arreat Crater 2 and clear out that area.

I then choose to go to Keep Depths three as it is very short, usually has 2-3 elite packs, and high mob density.

After that, you will go to Keep Depths 3 and clear it out.

I finish my run on Stonefort and clear up until I find the Key Warden. Even thoughit is MP0, he will still drop several yellow items and has a 5 percent chance to drop a key. I actually got a key on my first try. As the Templar would was "GLORIOUS".

I like seeing the level progress and the legendaries, so I will continue to run this route.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is how I felt after running two sets of Ubers last night and getting one very terrible Hellfire Ring made.

Seriously it was quite frustrating. I think that we may have been about 1 MP level too high for me. Teknique and Bearness seemed to be doing fine at that MP level, but I felt like I spent much of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Somehow, I saved the day in Magdha-Leoric. In this bizarro universe, I was the last one standing and rezzed my fallen comrades and we ended up taking down the bosses.

I died twice on Ghom and Raknaroth. It was Rak was kept insta gibbing me while I was whirlwinding my merry ass off.

Then there is Kulle and Siegebreaker....oh god the humanity. I fucking hate that fight. I fortunately figured out how to survive.....stay the hell away from Kulle.

After a couple of full wipes (not just me getting splattered on the floor 5-6 times), we separated the two bosses on opposite sides of the room. Bearness got on Kulle while Teknique and I got on Siegebreaker. After a while, Teknique headed over to Kulle, and it was just me on siegebreaker....and I survived. My strategy was to run at him using my Run Like the Wind and then whirlwinding thru him. I then sprint out the other side and let my tornados do the damage. Rinse and repeat. I really didnt even take much damage.

The best part......Kulle didnt kill me once....not a single time. Not with a bullshit fireball...not with a fucking cave in....not once. That was nice.

On a side note, I will probably take a break from Ubers until at least the weekend. I think I will just do some low MP Paragon level grinding in Act 3. I LOVE the mob density there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Building Infernal Machines...Easy Farm routes

Yesterday I build a couple of infernal machines and was planning on doing an Uber, but Bearness had to log off and I wanted to save it for when he is on since he has allowed me to mooch off of some of his Machines.

I ended up doing MP3 which was incredibly easy and I had decent luck with drops on keys. I also ran a couple of MP6 key runs which overall went well including one epic battle where we took on the Act 2 Key Warden and two elite packs at the same time. Anyways, here is my route.

Act 1: I usually do a combination of Cemetery of the Forsaken followed by Festering Woods. You can do which one you like. I sometimes get all 5 stacks in the Cemetery, or get 4 stacks of NV and head to Fields of Misery for the Key Warden.

Kill the Key Warden and move on.

Act 2: Go to Desolate Sands and find the Vault of the Assassin. Go inside and get your 5 stacks. Go to Dalgur Oasis and kill the Key Warden.

Act 3: I like to do Keep Depths 3 and 2 to gather my stacks of NV and then head to Stonefort to take on the Warden

Overall, the routes are quite quick and easy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

WoW Transmogs and D3 Uber Weekend

I actually spent very little time in WoW this weekend and did not do a single daily. I am kind of burnt out on dailies at the moment.

What we did do however was some Transmog runs. We started out in black temple because we were one reputation away from getting United Nations in Meet the Spockers.

We got the achievment on Illidari council and proceeded to Illidan who did not drop my fucking Bulwark once again.

After that we decided to hit up BWL and try to get my wife her Antlers. Which also did not drop. Again.

After that, it was off to Molten Core since we were still in the area. My sister picked up a piece or two of mage gear, but overall it was quite lackluster.

Transmog runs are difficult for my wife for one reason. She hates having dresses on her toons. She just doesnt like it. She has passed on every set chest or legs she has found for her Druids because they dont have pants.

In D3, I killed a crap ton of Ubers over the weekend and made my first hellfire ring. It was ok, but it has been great while leveling on my Monk. It was one shotting elite mobs on MP10 in nightmare. Pretty damn nice.

There is not way I would have gotten that ring without Bearness, so here is a huge thank you.

He let me come along and spotted me some Infernal Machines as well. He even constantly rezzed me when I died yet again. On Sunday I had horrible luck with Ubers. I got a single organ over 9 uber fights despite a 50 or 60 percent chance for one to drop. RNG hates me.

Oh, and as a side note, thank to me every time Bearness hears the Barb say "How tastes your fear?", he now hears "How tastes your beer?". Now you will too. HA.

I also did quite a bit of leveling over the weekend. I got my Wizard to level 60 and my Monk up to level 40. I am still very hopefull that they will do account bound Paragon levels so that I can play some of my other toons at the upper levels.

Friday, November 2, 2012

D3: More Ubers and Leveling my Wizard

Last night I decided that I was going to try and at least level my Wizard to level 45 so that he could use the -15 level requirement staff I grabbed for him. I hit level 45 and equipped it, which brought my DPS from about 1k to 11k.....while I was still in Nightmare. I jacked the difficulty up to MP 10 and started face rolling my way through.

I did die a few times thanks to still being incredibly squishy, but overall it was quite easy with that much DPS. By the end of the evening, I was level 51 and just starting Act 4 of Nightmare. I got killed by Raknaroth a couple of times and decided to call it a night. Whatever the ability he has that teleports him to you was an instant death for me on MP10 and I could not figure out how to tell when he was doing it.

I then got a whisper from Bearness to see if I wanted to do some more Ubers. He let me tag along and we grabbed the mage we had previously run with as well as Teknique on his DH.

Well, there was a lot of dying going on for the most part. Bearness was a master at resurrection.

The Wizard with the insane gear was trying out some weird spec and kept dying. I kept dying just because my gear level is low for MP6-7 ubers.

I died multiple times on each uber. The worst for me is probably Maghda as her stupid fucking butterfly attack takes over half of my life in one hit.

On the third portal, with Raknaroth and Ghom, three of us died leaving Bearness all by his lonesome. He beasted that shit. He soloed both of them down from about 50 percent health each.

Unfortunately, I did not get any of the organs, but I was quite happy for Bearness as he got all three organs and got to make a ring. The ring rolled mostly crap however, which left that ring viable for a follower only.

Despite all the dying, I do find Ubers to be kinda fun. I think instead of just farming Act 1, I am going to start farming whatever act I need keys from to make some infernal machines.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

D3: Key Farming and Ubers

Let me first say that I am not a badass super geared ass kicking player. I do alright.

I have gone key farming a couple of times with Bearness to go along with my many act 1 runs (which netted me a total of three act 1 keys). I had at least one of each which meant that I had enough to make an infernal machine to face the uber bosses.

We went in to act 4 and killed the key warden there who actually dropped the plan...WOOHOO.

Bearness found a wizard to do the ubers with and off we went. I am easily the least geared of the three of us. I do "ok" dps, but my survivability is a step lower for sure. The wizard was insanely geared. He was super happy to get a witching hour belt for 100 million. I have never had more than 14 million.

So, we started out on Magdha and Skeleton King.....and I died at least twice. I think that the biggest problem was Magdha and he stupid ass butterfly attack. I did not happen to get an organ on this fight.

Next we did Raknaroth and Ghom. We wiped once on this where I died about 25 percent through. The wizard died as well because he was watching a stream and trying to win some item. Bearness almost took it down, but died in gas trying to rez us.

We took it down easily the next time and I picked up the fang organ. 1/3 of the way to a hellfire ring. WOOHOO.

Lastly, we faced Zoltun Kulle and Siege Breaker which seamed to be pretty easy. Kulle had an annoying time bubble, but otherwise seemed mostly straight forward.

We did this on MP4, and they could have done MP7 with me laying dead on the floor most likely. It just sucks dying all the time. Unfortunately, I feel like I am at a point where the upgrades I need are way out of my budget. I am however looking forward to possibly doing the ubers a few more times and getting my first hellfire ring.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

D3: Idea for Paragon leveling

First thing I want to say is that I think that Paragon leveling added a nice touch to D3. On the other hand, I think that there is a nice amount of room for improvement.

Each character has to Paragon level which means you generally just choose one. I love my Barbarian and he is going to be my Paragon toon, but sometimes it would be nice to switch it up a bit and not feel like you are being penalized for it.

I have a level 60 DH and am also working on my Mage. I cannot really play them at max level because it makes me feel guilty since I should be working on my Paragon level. Well guilty isnt really the word. More annoyed.

I think that there is a simple solution to this. Account bound Paragon levels. As you hit 60 on other toons, the Paragon levels match up and gain XP on the account, not just the character. That way if you feel like playing a different toon, you can without thinking about the paragon level xp you are missing out on with your main.

I would probably sample a bit of every class at max level if this were the case. I really hope Blizzard thinks about this sometime soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diablo 3: Legendaries Fall

One of the greatest features of the most recent major patch is that you can actually get legendaries.

Last night I had two drop for me. Granted, both of them were mostly crap, but I am happy that they are dropping. There is little more statisfying that seeing those orange letters and that beam of light.

I got a 600 and something dps one handed crossbow that I turned into crafting materials. It was bad. The stats were ok, but the dps was god awful.

The second piece I got was a one handed mace. It will be a nice item for one of my followers as it had 42 percent magic find on it. I need to build up a follower magic find set. I am thinking that I will put it on my Templar.

This is one of the things that keeps me coming back to D3 for more.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

It was quite a busy gaming weekend. In WoW, I actually did a bunch of dailies each day of the weekend. I had been going very slowly on them, but decided I should do them just to get the out of the way.

On Sunday I was in uber quest mode apparently. I did Tillers, Anglers, and Golden Lotus dailies. Then for good measure, I went and polished off the Dreadwastes for the most part (I left one quest up with no rep gains).

Our little group is also moving on up. I gained a level on my Paladin and almost a level on my Priest. My wife got ger Paladin to 90. Fettsbounty got his Monk to level 90. Kev and Jody got their Paladins to 90 (I think Kev did, may have been 89). Now we just need to get our group together and do some Heroics and such.

I am looking forward to revered with the Klaxxis so that I can grab those sweet ass tanking pants.

In Diablo news, I got my Demon Hunter to level 60 and have been trying out a new spec on my Barbarian.

My Demon Hunter had about 4 levels to go to 60, so I decided to grind them out. I hit level 60 somewhere in Act 3 of Hell. I ran MP10 through act 1 and dropped it down to MP5 for act 3 and 4. Once I hit 60, I went to the AH for some upgrades. I got legendary two handed crossbow and a Dead Man's hand as well as several other pieces. I have about 69k dps on my DH now, which is ok, but not spectacular for a Demon Hunter.

On my Barbarian, I decided to try out a two handed rend build. I grabbed a Skorn for about 1.5 million and went to work. My paper DPS is up to 114k with my Battle Rage up (which is always up). The build is not nearly as mobile as the double tornado build, but if you crit with Rend, you can literally watch the monster health melt away. The one bad thing is that if leap is on cooldown, you do not have a good escape ability. I have gotten better at using this spec and die less than I did at the beginning.

During my travels, I also picked up two legendary items and a set piece. It is nice to see that kind of stuff drop. It really gives you incentive to keep plugging away other than just grinding out paragon levels.

Friday, October 26, 2012

On to the next class....

Well, since having gotten my Druid to 90, I am going to start working on my Paladin. These are the same three I have leveled in order since Wrath.

I do my warrior first because I love tanking as a warrior, and he is and always will be my main. I level my Druid second because I have long loved Druid healing. My Paladin comes third to round out the holy trinity and give me a dps.

I choose the Paladin because I really enjoy the feel of Retribution. It is nice and involving. I like when stuff procs and you have to decide what to use. It is also nice having some decent healing skills.

My questions is........what should I level after my Paladin?

Resto/Elemental Shaman
Destro Warlock
Blood DK
BM/MM Hunter
Disc Priest
Frost Mage
Assassination Rogue
Monk Brewmaster

I am currently leaning towards doing the Shaman next...after that, it is pretty much up for grabs. What do you guys/gals think?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ding level 90...again

Last night I decided that I should go the rest of the way getting my Druid to level 90. I had about half of a level to go and decided to head out to the Dread Wastes. That is my first venture into that zone, and it was very good XP.

Now that I have two level 90 characters, my next goal is to go for the third. I am thinking that I will make my Ret Paladin the next to reach level cap as I have in the past. Since Wrath, this has been my order for leveling toons. After that it will be a free for all, but I think my Shaman may be next in line.

In Diablo 3 news, I did a key run last night with both Bearness and Teknique who read my blog. It went fairly least for them. I kept getting caught in bad situations that called me many deaths. The worst is when you come back into a fight having zero rage and get gibbed nearly instantly. Most of my deaths came from the Act 4 key warden....that guy is a fucking asshole. He didnt even drop the plans for me. Something about reduced healing plus having the jailer affix to go along with his bullshit nuke spell than basically insta kills you.

I like doing the stuff with the key wardens because it gives me a sense of advancement. I dislike it because of the number of deaths.

I think the next couple of times I play will be just random mindless farming, but who knows?

Diablo 3 classes if they were from movies.....

Barbarian: Gotta go with Arnold from Conan the Barbarian....he looks like he want to whirlwind some shit.

Demon Hunter: Gotta go with Orlando Bloom as Legolas from Lotr. He seems emo enough plus the bow work.

Wizard: This one is a bit difficult for me to figure out....the Wizard looks fairly young in D3. How about Julian Sands from Warlock.

Witch Doctor: For the Witch Doctor, I thought the main bad guy from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom would be perfect.

The Monk: I found that this one was quite hard to come up with a good one. I ended up going with the version of Chuck Norris from Way of the Dragon

What would be your choices to play the character classes from D3?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What draws you to a class?

Most people I know have a preference for what kind of class they like to play and usually the first character they create in any game will show that preference. For me, I am a beefy melee lover.

My first character in WoW was a warrior. My first character in D3 was a Barbarian. As time goes on, you try out other classes to see what else you like. In WoW, I found out that I really enjoy both tanking and healing. Especially healing on a druid or shaman. In Diablo, I really enjoy sprinting around and whirlwinding shit to death on my Barbarian. Both my Warrior and Barbarian are beefy (I feel like Cartman lol, BEEFCAKE!!!).

My wife prefers ranged DPS. She doesnt like being in middle of all of the mobs if she doesnt have to, especially in instances.

Every person has a much difference preference. What are yours?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diablo 3: Key Farming and Incoming MP nerf

Last night I had a good time trying to farm up some Infernal Machine keys with Bearness. We played on MP 4, and generally did not have too many problems....well besides the Act 3 key master. That guy is a fucking asshole.

Edit: Fucking Asshole has been nerfed. He no longer cast illusions, and the frozen body attack hits for less damage. Woohoo!

I got the key from Act 1 and Act 2, but will have to continue working on 3 (and then whatever I need from Act 4).

The good news is that they are nerfing the damage done by monsters in MP1-10. It becomes much more pronounced at the higher levels, so here is a chart of how it is going to look.

•MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
•MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
•MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
•MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
•MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
•MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
•MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
•MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
•MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
•MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)

This essentially means that if you were doing MP7 before, you can probably safely do MP 10 (although it would probably be slow with the hitpoints each mob has.

This patch has made D3 so much better at max level. I did not find any legendaries last night (Bearness found two Wizard Strength pieces lol), but I feel like every thing I log on, there is a chance I find something amazing.

I also got my Barbarian to Paragon 16 last night. Moving on up.....slowly but surely.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update

The weekend was filled with a large serving of D3 and a side of WoW.

As for WoW, I basically would log on, do some dailies and log back off. I am now exalted with the tillers as well, and have started going at the Golden Lotus dailies. I have just not been in a WoW mood for the most part.

I did a bit of leveling on my Druid and am about a half of a level from 90. I also got him one of the healing rings during the Headless Horseman event.

On the other side of things, I have been playing quite a lot of D3.

I have been seeing a decent number of legendary drops, and even sold the legs to Inna's set for 11 million gold which is more than I have ever had.

My Barbarian is currently Paragon level 15 and working his way up slowly but surely.

I also went and started leveling up my Demon Hunter. He started yesterday at 40 and is now level 54. I think he will be 60 shortly, but I do not know how often I will use him at max level until they link Paragon leveling amongst all of your characters. I grabbed him a grossbow with about 850 dps on it and a reduced level requirement. I am owning baddies.

I went through the rest of Nightmare and have been going through Hell at Monster Power 10. I am still demolishing everything in my path. I just have to make sure not to get hit with any big attacks.

I enjoy the Demon Hunter, but do not find it nearly as fun as my Barbarian.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Legendary Drops and my wife, the machine

First things first for some WoW news.

Last night I got exalted with the Wind Serpends. I no longer have to do those dailies. WOOHOO. Now I can concentrate on some other dailies in the short amount of time I spend doing that.

Golden Lotus is next up, and I had been mostly skipping it because I dont feel like doing 30 plus dailies per day total.

My wife....the leveling machine. When she found out that Hallows End was coming, she decided that she absolutely NEEDED to get to 89 for the chance to get the Horseman helm as well as two chances to get the mount. She ended up getting from 87 to 89 yesterday and actually got her helmet. She was devastated when I found her a huge upgrade for her 85 Horseman helm. Now she can continue on with her Horseman laughter.

I D3, I have been having a great ole time. I got to Paragon level 12 last night and saw more Legendary drops than I had seen in the entire time I had played D3. I ended up getting three different legendaries, which makes 4 since the recent patch. I got a Demon Hunter cloak, a Monk fist weapon, and a Witch Doctor knife. None of them were awesome, but I love getting that beautiful orange text. It gives me hope to find my own upgrades and that I wont have to buy every single one.

I want to level some of my other characters, but I enjoy the Barbarian so much more than other classes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inferno: Complete

With patch 1.05 out, I decided that it was about time I tried to get through Act 4 in Inferno on my Barbarian.

Last night I did just that.

I started the evening running Act 1 on MP1 and had a mostly successful run. One mob in particular killed me five times. My god was I getting pissed. It had firewalking, electrified, and jailer from what I could remember. The electrified one seems to be the worst for me these days. It used to not even be noticeable. Now it kicks the shit out of me.

That brings me to Act 4. I did it on MP 0 and it was really quite easy. I died a couple of times including once to Diablo of phase three, but stuff died incredibly fast.

If you have been struggling with Act 3 and 4 on inferno, I would suggest trying it out.

I also had the idea to level my wizard a bit, but kept getting my squishy ass kicked. I really need to work on a more survivable build. I have had a harder time with my Wizard while leveling than I did with my Barbarian.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diablo 3: First Impressions of Patch 1.05

So far so good!

Yesterday, I spent much more time in D3 than I did in WoW. This was for a couple of reasons. The first one was because of the new patch. The second was because I just really didnt feel like spending 2 plus hours on dailies.

The new patch in Diablo made things seemingly much better. I am quite happy about it. They introduced monster power which gives you higher magic find, gold find, and XP.

The default is MP 0. I ran MP 1 by myself and with another friend. I also got to run some MP 2 with Bearness, who has much better gear than I do.

I do Act 1 because I like the atmosphere. I also like that there are many less annoying mobs than act 3.

The drops so far have been SOOOO much better. I got a legendary for the first time in forever (an Ivory Tower) and several other useful drops  including an upgrade for my Barbarian. I got an 1100 dps wizard wand that I will probably save for my Wizard. I also sold a couple of things for 250k gold, which is not a lot by most people's standards, but was quite nice considering I hadnt sold anything over 75k in quite some time.

The reason for the good drops is that they made it that the same loot drops in all four acts. Woohoo.

I will certainly be spending more time in D3. I hit Paragon 10 last night and am about 1.5 bubble from Paragon 11. I also plan on doing a MP 0 run of Act 4 so that I can officially finish Inferno.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One remains....and some Monk tips

We are now down to one of our group who is not yet level 90. My wife hit level 90 last night and I had her go get a few pieces of justice point gear. I was looking to get her some upgrades on the AH, but the only leather gear was PvP gear. Not wonderful.

She immidiately went off on her way and started doing Pet Battles, which she quite enjoys. She said something that I found incredibly true..."At least the made sure that there is not a lack of things to do in MoP".

Isnt that the truth. On top of dailies, there are heroics, AH stuff, scenarios, PvP, and Pet Battles.

It should keep us busy for quite some time.

I am actually happy to still enjoy Diablo 3 for one reason. It gives me a little change of pace. Bored after doing a round of dailies? Smash the crap out of some skeletons and elite packs.

Last night was basically a daily night. I did my dailies on Darraxus then did a few quests on my Druid. I was bored with it, so I decided to play with my monk and gained a few levels.

A couple of fun things I have learned on my Monk that may help you guys out a bit.

1) If you use the mediatation portal to the Monk training area but still need to do some things in SW, then you can hearth back to SW. After you are done there, click the portal again and it will put you back in the zone you were questing in.

2) Monks can get a daily buff where they get an hour of plus 50 percent XP gain. A nice little tip is to let the time run down to about 10 minutes. Go do the daily. Now you have a two hour buff.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Forced to do Dailies

Until yesterday, I thought that the extra dailies were cool enough. You got to do as many or as few as you like and got to get some nice things.

That was until I visited the Valor Point Vendor yesterday. This is when I noticed that you need certain reputation levels with certain factions to even get it. What the fuck?

So, I have to get my golden lotus rep up so that I can even get a stiff of valor point gear. Whoopee. I was enjoying the dailies for the most part, but this really chapped my hide.

I was not doing Golden Lotus every day. Now I am behind. Fucking awesome.

In other news, my wife is nearly level 90 on her Druid. That will leave one of our 5 person group who is not yet at level cap.

I also have my Druid up to level 89 now. I am not looking forward to the 89-90 slog.

My monk is now level 43 as well. I love the xp buff you can get from the dailies. It really adds up and you can fly through.

I am still playing Diablo mostly every day. I just find something satisfying about destroying monsters in a giant whirlwind of doom. I also like getting loot (despite 99.9 percent of it being shit) and gaining Paragon levels.

I believe that the new Diablo patch will be coming out soon and I will attempt to finish inferno.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Do You do with your WoW time?

This though occured to me last night while doing some dailies.

There are a shit ton of dailies in MoP. If you do them all, you may be spending all of your time doing dailies. I made a decision that I am going to focus on three factions first (Tillers, Anglers, and Windserpents) before doing the Golden Lotus and Krikknik(?) dailies.

Even just doing those dailies, I find myself spending more time doing that than I would care for.

I also ended up running a heroic with my guild last night which went very quickly.

I was going to tank the new Raid Finder, but my gear was two ilvl short. I will probably run some more heroics to get my gear up to par.

I also wonder how the difficulty on the Raid Finder raids are. How quickly are they being cleared out?

I also spend a fair amount of times leveling. I am trying to get my Druid to at least 87 for now and am about 3 bubble short.

How are you spending your time in WoW?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nostalgia: Best Left in the Past?

Recently, Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob started playing on a Vanilla WoW private server. He seemed to be really enjoying himself.

For me, I would rather leave Vanilla WoW as a fond memory. The quality of living in WoW has gotten so much better over the years that it is ridiculous.

Vanilla WoW was great back then because we were all new to it. It was a huge new world to explore, and we were all making our way through at our own pace.

Vanilla WoW was far from perfect. I even stopped playing it for a couple of months as I became frustrated with some of the issues I was having. Granted, I was a noob, but thing could be quite difficult and unforgiving.

Here are some of my issues with Vanilla WoW that have since been addressed.

1) My Warrior sucked. Perhaps I was just bad, but I seemingly had to eat after every single mob I killed. If I accidentally aggroed more that one mob, I was more than likely going to die. I had no AOE. I am pretty sure I could Heroic strike....and that was about it. I also went through a lot of potions.

2) Mounts were fucking expensive: Not only did you not get your first mount until level 40, it was also very expensive. I seem to remember the level 40 mount costing around 100g and the level 60 epic riding costing around 600g. That may not seem like much these days, but that is a metric shit ton of gold in Vanilla terms. I think that the most gold I ever had during Vanilla was around 300. I was perpetually broke.

3) Quests sucked to find: These days, you can see quests on the map and mini map, there is a quest helper to quickly guide you along, and there are nice little bread crumbs to send you on to the next area. Back then, there was none of that. You did not know where quests were the first time through. You did not know what hub to go to next. You did not even know what zone to go to next. It made for a lot of exploring, which was cool at the time. I think I would find it to be annoying now.

4) You had to run to instances: There was no group finder function. I think that there was a time where you had no summoning stone either. You had to run your ass to whatever instance, and that caused a lot of content (especially on Kalimdor) to go unused.

5) Ground Mounts Only and no free flight points: You could not fly. There were no flying mounts until BC. You also had to discover all of the flight points. They did not unlock as you leveled. That is a recent developement, but it has been a very welcome one. It saves on time.

5) Leveling was slow....fucking slow: It took forever to level back in Vanilla. I had a friend with 5 level 60s and I dont know how the hell he did it. It took me 16 days /played to get to level 60. These days it will take half of that or less to get to level 90. There were no heirlooms.

To me, the game has gotten so much better than Vanilla WoW. I loved my time in Vanilla, but I could never even imagine wanting to go back to it. Broken classes and poor questing were just a couple of the issues that would drive people crazy these days. Back then, Paladins were so bad that people did not want them in the raid group except to be a buff bot. Paladin buffs lasted 5 minutes and you had to put each one on individually. Paladin seals lasted under a minute if I remember correctly.

I would never want to go back.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Weekend In WoW

I had an awesome weekend in WoW as the title says.

Dailies. Oh man are there dailies. I did a metric crap ton of them. I havent even unlocked each faction's dailies because I don't want to be tempted to do them all. I  have never really been a big fan of dailies, but I am actually enjoying these (minus the Wind Serpent dailies to be honest).

I also ran several new Heroics. I have noticed that Heroics are essentially the same as regulars only with more health on the bad guys. They are nice and easy and that is just the way I like it.

I got to try out the new Scarlet Monastery which was quite cool. It is nice seeing new versions of classics, but it also make me a sad panda (pun intended).

The best part of the weekend is that we had some awesome friends help my wife get MoP. We celebrated with out first MoP instance group together. It went perfectly and we had a bunch of fun and our first MoP instance group dance party.

My Druid is now about 86.5 and my Warlock is 85.75. I want to get several of my toons to 87 so that they are able to get the other recipes for their professions.

Overall, it was a great weekend.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ding level 90 and My First Heroic

As the title says, I have dinged level 90. WOOHOO! Daily time!

Yesterday after hitting 90 I decided that I would start on said dailies. I ended up banging out the Anglers, Tillers, and Windserpent dailies in a decent amount of time. So far, they have been pretty decent, and I really liked the marmot stomping quest.

I also had my first Black Market AH purchase yesterday.....I got the helmet for my Dreadnaught set. WOOHOO. Now I just need another 7 pieces I think. I grabbed it for 17.5k.

I then went and spent another 18k upgrading all of my gear on the AH. Once I was done with that, I decided that it was time to check out the new Heroics. I must say that it was very enjoyable.

I died a couple of times including one wipe, but overall we pretty much blitzed it.

We got the new version of Scholomance. It is much shorter than the old version and has many less bosses. My favorite part is the difficulty level. It feels more like Wrath than Cata. I want to have a quick enjoyable run. Not a session of punching myself in the dick.

I will surely do more Heroics and also need to get into a scenario.

Last night, I also played my Monk and found something that was very interesting. Every day you can get a one hour buff that gives you plus 50 percent XP for quests and monster kills. You use the little meditation portal and fight one of the trainers. Bam, poor man's refer a friend.

I am liking the Monk and have been running him as a tank. The only annoying thing so far is a lack of self heals and that I actually have to eat from time to time.

Overall, I am enjoying the expansion like a lot more than Cata.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plugging Along

Not quite 90 yet, but I am getting there. My warrior is at 89.5 and I have been taking it fairly easy.

I will usually level on him for a bit then switch and do something else to not get leveling burn out. Leveling is fun, but sometimes you just want to get to the finish line.

I completed Kun-Lai and have moved on to the next zone. I also found out that Karasang Wilds is it's own zone and I thought for some reason that it was attached to the zone north of it. I only have one quest line left there to complete the zone.

Another thing I have been doing is checking out the Black Market AH. So far, I have not purchased anything, but I do plan on putting in a bid on the Dreadnaught helmet that is currently on the AH. It is my all time favorite set, and I will definately be getting it.

I am also looking forward to some of the mounts and pets on the AH. Most of the stuff has been pretty underwhelming, but I will continue to look.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing Excitement

This is one of my favorite things about a new expansion. The excitement to play the game.

As soon as I get home, I find myself wanting to progress. I want to get to 90 and do Heroics. I want to get to 90 and do dailies....WTF. I actually want to do dailies. What is wrong with me?

I also want to level up my little monk.

And level up my professions....which I have been doing.

Yesterday I got my first JC maxed out and one of my alchemists maxed out. I may do the other JC and the other alchemists today.

Pandaria has done a very nice job of getting me to want to play. Now.....if only it were time to go home and play.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pandaria: First bit late

So, Blizz finally finished fucking around with my account this Saturday after I sent them another ticket. I now have Pandaria and have done a good amount of playing. Here are some of my impressions.

Questing: I am really enjoying the questing so far. There are lots of little interesting quests, and many have given me fun items instead of just a weapon or piece of armor.

My favorite quest so far is the one where you punt Marmots off of the farm....and they make it even better as you get an item that lets you punt a marmot. Score.

I also like Chen and Mudmug. Mudmug is essentially a redneck Pandarian who will distill beer out of anything.

Instances: So far the instances are exactly what I wanted. They are short and interesting. One of the more interesting fights is the last boss of Shado-Pan monastery, where you have to mediate when your hatred meter gets too high. So far I have done each available instance once just to get the quests done. I will not mind running them more in the future.

Crafting: Crafting has gone very well for me so far. I have picked up a metric shit ton of Ghost Iron Ore while questing which has nearly leveled up three different professions for me. I have also made some progress in just about every profession I have.

New Stuff: As it stands, I am not level 90. I am currently sitting at level 88. I have however noticed some interesting things. The cooking is definately different. You level up different specialties of cooking within your main cooking. I have also started my Farm, which I guess is WoW's version of Farmville. So far, the things that I have seen are going to make it so that I will be entertained for quite some time.

Overall, I am quite impressed Pandaria. I am having much more fun through the leveling process than I did with Cataclysm.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I still havent had the money deposited to my account. Today is the third business day if you are counting "business hours". If they do not, then this is day 4. This is pissing me off. I have still not been able to play Pandaria and I am considering just not getting it and playing something else. Fuck these guys.

I ended up playing MW3 last night with my sister as it is a free weekend. We played a decent number of drop zone matches and won the majority of them. She is still learning the game and not incredibly accurate with a gun.

That was the problem I had at the beginning. I would get too nervous when aiming and end up getting killed by whoever it was that I saw.

I am going to continue to check throughout the day to see if Blizzard fixes this.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

You are effing up Blizz!

Still no fucking cash in my blizzard account.....even though I put it in there three days ago. WOOHOO. Hopefull I will get to play MoP by this weekend.

In the meantime, I am continuing to play Diablo 3. My Barbarian is up to paragon level 6 and my mage is now level 33.

I am going to try and run more ACT 3 with Bearness because the loot is shittier in ACT 1, and it is more fun to play with someone else.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still No MoP for me, Pet Battles, and D3 Progression

So, as the title says, I still do not have MoP. Hooray. It feels like it is taking forever to load money into my blizzard account. I appreciate that they are being through, but come on! I want to play the new fucking expansion! This is the first one that I have not been able to play on day 1.

What I did get to do in WoW is some Pet Battles. The main two that I have been using is the Clockwork Gnome (Now named SheldonCooper) and the Core Hound Pup (Burny).

They are quite fun, catching the other pets of the World.....of Warcraft. I believe I have captured all of the different pets in Elwynn Forrest, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood. I will need to level up some other pets so that I dont have to rely on just a few.

In Diablo news, I have been making some progress. Last night I decided that I would give the rest of Act 3 inferno a shot solo. It worked out better than expected. I did die several times, but I was able to kill everything and only really had issues with a couple of very bad roles on rare packs.

The bosses seemed to be quite easy in comparison, and I took them all down in one shot. I am not really looking forward to Act 4 because I know some of the bosses there are going to be real sons of bitches.

I also continued to level my Wizard. Everything was going wonderfully....until I got to Diablo. I kept getting killed at the third phase....over and over. I took a break, and came back with the mind set of kiting the crap out of him. I ended up taking him down on the first try with the mind set. He is now in Act 1 of Nightmare and level 32.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MoP: First Day....I still dont have it

I tried to add money to my account last night since I already had 19 dollars from Diablo 3 is apparently going to take 1-3 days to go through. What the fuck Blizzard?

So, I may not be playing all of the thing that Pandaria has to offer today. I am not sure what you can do. Maybe I can create my Monk. Perhaps I can do Pet Battles. I am not sure. It is rather disapointing however.

On a side note, I am still enjoying Diablo 3. I gained about 4 more levels on my Wizard last night and ran a few ACT1 runs on my Barbarian. I basically caused the Butcher to melt. He was dying in around 15-20 seconds each time.

The Wizard will most definately be my second character to level 60. I find the class very enjoyable in comparison to Demon Hunter. I may eventually get them all to level 60.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update: D3 LIVES!!!!

Yes, this weekend was spent mostly either playing MW3....or as mentioned in the above post, D3.

On the WoW front, I did very little once again. A transmog run of BWL, one scenario, and some auctioning. That was it. I am quite glad that MoP is coming out tomorrow.

I ended up playing a lot of D3 this weekend. I went into the weekend not expecting to play any.

It all started with my sister getting into some D3. She had started a new Barbarian, and I figured I would level along with her when she was on. She outleveled several characters, but I got play time on three toons I had not played much recently.

I gained a level on my Witch Doctor (level 12), two levels on my Wizard (level 22) and one level on my Monk (level 30). Next up in progression in my Demon Hunter at level 40.

That led to Bearness inviting me to run along through Act 3 since I had not yet completed it. At this point, Bearness is a whirlwinding machine of death. I am not a whirlwinding machine of death. I did pretty decent in my tanky build, but was not doing well at all in double whirlwind. We played up through destroying the Sin Heart before I had to log off.

Bearness was also nice enough to hook me up with a couple of great pieces of gear (including an super duper awesome Storm Shield).

With Pandaria coming out, I dont know that I will get a whole lot of playing time in WoW, but I actually enjoyed it and will certainly be logging back onto it.

I am now Paragon level 3 on my Barbarian, which is very unimpressive. At least there is some incentive to continue playing your high level characters.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts on the New Scenario.

Meh. It wasnt really what I expected. The story was pretty blah and I didnt find it to be engaging.

I dont think it is scenarios in general, which I think could be a very good idea (LoTRO does the very well).

This one just did not catch my fancy. Afterwards, I got a tabard in the mail, so that is something cool.

By completing it, you get a theramore bag....I am not sure if there is any kind of loot in it besides fireworks and a few gold. Nobody in my group got any kind of loot. Anyone know if there is other loot in there?

Overall, I am more than ready for Pandaria to already be out. CANT WAIT!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What MMOs would you like to see made?

I often times think of what kinds of games I would like to be made into an MMO of some sort.

There are quite a few universes that I would love to play, be it from an RPG or from a TV show or movie.

The number one game on my list (which I think they actually are making) is Shadowrun. That is my absolute all time favorite pen and paper role playing game. I absolutely love it.

It takes place in the near future where magic has been reintroduced into the world and we have made nice technology strides. You play as a Shadowrunner.....a mercenary who works in the shadows and does the dirty work that the world needs done.

Obviously, there would be the standard fantasy race choices.....human, elf, dwarf, ork, and troll.

Some of the other things that I thought would potentially make a fun MMO are Battlestar Galactica and Stargate.

I absolutely love both of these shows and could see some very good potential.

Stargate would be interesting as there would be an unlimited number of world to explore, and each one would have to be discovered.

What are some of the things you would like to see turned into an MMO?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dragon Soul again and Fallout 3

Last night I ran the first half of dragonsoul again, but this time on my Paladin. My wife had computer issues right when we got into DS the day before and got kicked, so I decided to run with her.

I must say that I really enjoy the new Ret Paladin DPS rotation. It is very active and quite easy. I was also top ten in DPS, so that was nice.

I got a pair of tier pants and a new belt which I am sure will be replaced ten seconds into MoP.

Today I am hoping to get our friends group together to do the new quests which came out last night. They are apparently made for 3, but I think that 5 will be even easier.

In other news, I decided to play through Fallout 3 again. This time, I plan on checking out every single area of the game. Explore everything and do all of the side quests. I think that will be a good amount of fun to do from time to time.

I am itching for MoP to come out.

Monday, September 17, 2012

And I'm back

Vacation is over, and I will be back to my regular posting schedule.

What did I do in the gaming world while I was not posting? Well, not a whole lot to be honest.

On the WoW front, I reposted my auctions daily. Yesterday I ran the first half of dragonsoul on my Hunter and it went well.

I have noticed a nice DPS increase since they changed the talent system. About 5k more dps for my hunter.

I am really looking forward to MoP. Something new is certainly welcome.

In MW3, I finally have more kills than deaths and more wins than losses....which is more than can be said for most of the players that I play against online.

In other gaming news, I actually farted around on a couple of other MMOs. I played a bit of Warhammer online, and was having fun, but it gets a bit difficult to PvE as you level. Everything seems more geared to groups, but there are not nearly enough people online when you get past the starting area. I may play a bit more of it until MoP comes out.

I also played a little bit of LOTRO. I played a couple of scenarios and did a quest in hobbiton where I went to every INN and got drunk. There was a summer festival going on, but it did not seem like much fun.

Going forward, I will be back to my normal posting schedule.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

WoW: Real First Impressions

Well, things are obviously quite a bit different. The account bound mounts, pets, and acheivements are pretty cool.

The new talent trees are kinda meh. They are the same for every single spec from what I have seen. No different choices one way or another. There are some fun ones, but overall it seemed pretty meh.

I have only played my Rogue in a run through BWL. It was about the same playstyle except I now get combo points from using fan of knives. FRICKIN SWEET.

I also find that the new glyphs are quite fun. I am also selling a lot of them. One douchebag who has been in the market a long time pushed them all down to 50 gold on the second day after the patch. He is a little bitch.

My wife had fun with some of her Druid Shenanigans such as turning into an Orca and actually being able to ride mounts in Boomkin form. A Boomkin looks hilarious on some of the mounts.....well, make that all of the mounts.

I wont be able to play as much over the next few weeks (or be posting as much for that matter unless I decided to pre-write some) due to having friends come up to visit.

On an unrelated note.....I got into a game of MW3 yesterday where there were a couple of blatant ass hackers. They didnt just aimbot, they had godmode. You could not kill them. I dont know what the point of that is. How can that possibly be fun? Running around and quick scoping (terribly might I add) while being unable to die. We still beat their ass in drop zone 7500-2500. Kills dont mean shit and I always play the objective. It made for a pretty weak K/D game, but it is always satisfying beating dumb ass hackers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WoW: Patch Impressions

Haha. I dont have any yet. NEENER NEENER.

I had company yesterday, so I did not really get to do anything besides a quick posting of glyphs. A crap ton of glyphs.

I am however excited to log onto all of my characters and get all of my mounts and pets consolidated.

I am also interested in starting up some pet battles and collecting different pets.

I will get more in depth when I can actually play a bit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diablo 3: Still Somewhat of a Gear check

Last night I played a bit of D3 with my buddy. We did some of act 2 since that is where he was stuck pre-patch.

He had a lot less resist all than me and was using a two hander (we are both Barbarinos). I died about two times and he died probably close to a dozen.

What usually ended up happening is that he would have to kite one of the elite mobs around while I was killing the other 2 or 3.

I suppose that the Paragon levels will help out, but there will be a lot of dying before now and then. We cleared up through Magdha, which was further than he had gotten before.

I will most likely continue to help him through the act. He prefers to use a two hander, but the one he has does not have the most ideal stats due to it being rolled under the old system. And it is incredibly slow.

When it comes down to it, Diablo 3 is still a big ole gear check. Kinda sucks, but it is what it is.

I am about 4-5 bubbles into my first Paragon level. Woohoo!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Gaming

Well, the weekend gaming was pretty one sided in favor of Modern Warfare 3.

I have been trying for some time to get back to a 1.0 K/D ratio. I am getting quite close.

The problem was that when I first started, I was not very good. I had a .65 k/d ration as I got used to weapons as well as learning how to actually shoot instead of noob tubing.

Since then, I have become significantly better and my overall ration is now at .985. I am around 200 kills way from getting back to 1.0 and I am about 30 wins from getting back to 1.0 on that as well.

I only really play dropzone because I find it incredibly fun, and am also quite good at it.

This week my KD ratio was around 1.25 and my W/L was at 45-17. Almost every game that I played, I ended up with the top score win or lose. The only times I actually usually lose is if I get some horrendous teammates who do not know how to properly play the objective. I even lost a game where I scored over 5500 points. The next closest was around 1200 and it went down from there.

I love to run and gun.

My loadout is the P-90 with rapid fire and extended mags, Javellin Rocket, C-4, Trophy System, with the two perks that make you basically invisible and Steady Aim Pro. I will switch to other weapons sometimes it is required for the daily XP challenge.

My plan is to stick to my guns (pun intended) until I get to the last prestige then work on everything else. I think that I will use my prestige token to make it so that I can use the Trophy System from the get go. It really is very awesome for dropzone.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Diablo 3: Paragon Levels

Well, this at least seems like a nice little something to get people to continue to play at max level. It is a great idea, and over time people with a bit lesser gear should be strong enough to continue to advance.

I really like the idea....but I have not yet tried it out.

I have logged on twice with the idea of giving it a shot. The first time was patch day, and it was way too laggy.

The second day, I logged on and was just not feeling like Diablo.

I am sure that I will be trying it at some point fairly soon, but I am not sure when. D3 seems to be going to the right direction.

What are your thoughts on the new things in D3 including the buffs to seldom used abilities?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Tuesday

Last night we ran Dragonsoul and brought out biggest group so far. There were six of us total. We had a Warrior, two Paladins, a Druid, a Mage, and I was on my Hunter.

There was an extra level for me wanting to do well for a strange reason. My Hunter is still wearing a Haloween mask from last Haloween. It is the male Goblin mask and it looks ridiculous, however it has been almost a year that my Hunter has gone without dying (thank you feign death).

We ended up doing the second half of the isntance first, and wouldnt you know, we one shot everything.

Then in the first half, we do the same. It went very well. I had a couple of very close calls, but made it through.

Most of our group actually got some loot to show for it too.

My wife got a pair of bracers on her Druid.

I got a new Bow (WOOHOO) and a belt on my Hunter.

Kev got two new spell power trinkets on his mage.

Fett got several upgrades including some tier shoulders.

The only ones who did not get anything were the Paladins. I guess thats just how it goes sometimes.

I am looking forward to doing the LFR raids in MoP.

Speaking of MoP, I decided to start a new little monk just to muck around a bit. It is nice to be able to play without a huge crush of people standing on all of the quest items. I am also happy to see that the Pandaren got the shuffle as their dance, which is what I wanted them to have from the beginning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WoW: What is your "Holy Grail?"

I think I have done a topic like this before, but I can't help but think of mine.

I ran Black Temple again last night, and I have still yet to see the Bulwark of Azzinoth drop. It is rather irritating. I have seen the Cursed Vision of Sargeras at least 4-5 times, and everything else (baring the Warglaives) at least a couple of times.

I want that damn spiked car door.

Back in Vanilla WoW, it was the Dreadnaught set for T3. I knew I would never have it, but it looked so damn badass. I have always prefered the t3 version to either of the t7 versions.

In BC, it was the King's Defender. I have run Karazhan countless times and have only seen it drop a handful of times. I did finally get it, but even when I run Kara now, I rarely see it drop.

In Wrath I went back to coveting the Dreadnaught set, which I did eventually get. I also really wanted the shield from the blue dragon boss. I eventually got that as well.

Another thing I have never seen drop that I have attempted to get for ages is Rivendare's Deathcharger. I hate that fucking thing. Never seen it drop. My sister has two of them.

What items or things have been your WoW Holy Grail? A mount? Pet?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Z: A Weekend of Adventure!

I really did quite a lot of Day Z over the weekend and went all over the place. I have been playing on two accounts, so I will do a recap of one, and a more detailed explanation of the other.

On my main account, I met up with Fett, and we decided to head to Zelenogorsk. We hit a couple of small towns on the way and killed a few zombies. We ended up looting the grocery store in Zelenogorsk, and I provided overwatch of the area while he got a new backpack and some other supplies. After looting, he came up the tree with me and we logged off.

Many of the real adventures recently have been on my second (wife's) account.

First thing first, I was over near Elektro and really needed a weapon after my previous death. I ran to the grocery store, picked up a 1911 and some other supplies, and decided to hit up the power plant. I got there and looted an M-16. As I wasclimbing the stairs, I see another survivor enter the building. I run to the top of the tower and wait with my weapon pointed at the stairs. He comes up with an AK, and I open fire on him. He is injured and manages to miss every shot back. As he is on the ground, and I am trying to finish him, he disconnects. Damn.

About 5 seconds later, he reconnects. I blast him with my pistol and end up taking the AK. I doesnt show up as a murder for whatever reason. The server says it was "friendly fire".

I decide to get the hell out of dodge and meet up with Fett. We run all over the place and end up finding a downed chopper. Fett gets a few items, and I pick up a Bison (unfotunately, it did not have any ammo).

The server is laggy and we decided to try another.We have some difficulties getting in, and I find that I am back on the coast near Elektro, although I have everything still on me.

I decide to check the powerplant again. As I am running up, I notice a dead player in a Ghille Suite right outside the door. I open the door and say "Friendy" as I am walking in. There are two people in there. I am instantly hit with a round and drop unconscious and am bleeding out.

The person who shot me actually feels bad that they shot a friendly and bandages me up. When I regain consciousness, I eat enough food to get me back over 3k blood, but I am still in pretty bad shape. I decide to hang around with them for a bit. The stairs are blocked by barbed wire, so that is a no go.

We go outside and two of us decide to check the ladder up. As I am climbing the ladder, I get shot in the back. The one who felt bad for shooting me gets killed as well. I am not sure if it was a sniper or if it was the second silent guy that was with us.

Next time I log in, I respawn at Elektro again. I hit the supermarket and get some nice supplies, a backpack, and a pistol. I dont however get a primary immediately. I head out to the power station again, but nothing spawned. I ran back twice with no luck.

I head out into the wilderness and eventually find a barn where I pick up an Enfield.

Then I ran and ran and ran. I ended up somwhere around Stary without really realizing it. I did not know Stary was nearby, so I skipped going there. I eventually found a small town where I was finally able to pick up a map and a pair of binoculars. WOOHOO. As I am heading back South, I see something in the distance....a downed chopper...SWEET!

I make my way over, and it spawns a metric shit ton of zombies. I pick a bunch of them off from distance with master marksmanship and make my way gear.

I crawl away and wait for a bit then head back over. Another huge zombie spawn. They are all over the damn place. I very carefully crawl my way along the the perimeter of the helicopter. I dont find and weapons, but I find something else awesome....Night Vision Goggles.

After this, I decide to make my way to Zelenogorsk so that I can meet up with Fett on this character later.

On the way, I find a barn and decide that perhaps I can find some more Enfield rounds here. I make my way over, and the server seems to be very laggy at this point. I go in the bar and nothing has spawned. Great. As I try to make my way down the stairs, I apparently sprint off the edge, break my leg, and fall unconscious.

As I am laying there on the ground, a zombie spawns on top of me. What the fuck.

So, the zombie eats me from about 9k health down to 3k health before I wake up and shoot him in the face. I then have to shoot the same zombie in the face a minute later as it respawned. I try to bandage, but it is incredibly laggy. I somehow dupe like 5 bandages thanks to the lag. Lovely. After bandaging, I try to use my morphine over and over. I tried both of my morphines. A minute later, it uses both of my damn morphines. AWESOME!!!!

So, I eat all of the cooked meat I have and head back on my way. As I get to the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, I creep through the trees. I get the supermarket in my sights and use the binoculars to check it out. There is a survivor in there. He appears to have a rifle of some sort. Eventually, he is looking out the door and aims it at my direction. I hide behind a tree and decide to fight another day. I am in no condition to fight.

I log onto a night server and use my awesome NVGs. I run down into town and loot the market. I end up with zome extra Enfield bullets and I grab a map for Fett. With that done, I run out of town and log off in the trees where we logged out earlier.

I somehow survived.

WoW: A New Healer...and Pug Douchery

So, I have a Day Z post that I am going to be writing shortly, but first I wanted to get to this.

Last night, one of our group decided that she wanted to heal the Twilight Heroics for the first time on her Paladin. We get a group together of four of us. We end up bringing the 3 dps (plus the heals obviously).

We get the third instance to start, and it goes incredibly well. No problems and everything is a one shot. AWESOME!!!! First instance healed was no problem.

Then the assfuckery began. I really should have brought my tank along and we could have avoided it.

We get End Time for the next instance. We take down Baine with a couple of casualties (including the tank) as our healer is still getting the hang of things (aka healing, moving, cleansing at the same time etc.)

Those who died run back in. Tank pulls the first Sylvanas trash mob. Afterwards, our healer is at less that 1/4 mana and sits down to drink. Tank pulls the next group and we end up wiping. Tank immediately says "WTF". What the fuck do you mean WTF? Your dumb ass pulled the group when the healer had no mana and was drinking. He complains that the healer shouldnt have been out of mana before the second pull, however he pulled the first group without letting her get mana either. AND kicked.

We get the next tank, and clear that trash and then kill Sylvanas.

Then we get more dumbfuckery on Murozond. Tank pulls. Still has the dragon facing the hourglass. Fucking idiot. Then turns him so that the dragons tail is right on the hour glass. Fucking idiot. Then continues turning the boss around in circles, making us not only dodge yellow shit all over the place, but making us dodge breath weapons and tail swipes. Fucking idiot. Then with two hour glasses left, we hit the hourglass. We start pew pewing again, and the tank hits the hourglass about 3 second later. Fucking idiot. Why are you hitting the glass as the tank, and why the fuck are you tanking the  boss next to the hour glass.

After the fight, I ask the tank if he had ever tanked that fight. He responds that we are shit DPS....huh?

You are the fucking retard who doesnt know how to position a boss. I then kindly told him that it is quite unfortunate that it is probably too late for his mom to get a late term abortion of him.

By this point, I am fucking sick of these dumb ass pug tanks, but we decide to do one more. Oh how lovely it went.......

We ended up running the third instance two other times. The first of those included a tank who was purposely fucking with us on the second boss getting us silenced constantly. Then the healing cloak dropped, and the dipshit rolled need, won it, and dropped the instance. We finished that instance without any problems.

The third time we got it took the cake though.

We had a pretty decent tank and cleared the first boss no problem. He DCed right on the second boss and we wiped. He came back and we took down the boss.

We ended up wiping on the third trash pack on the way to Benedictus as the tank was tanking with his back down the hill. He got knocked way the fuck down the hill and behind a small fence where he got killed leading us to the wipe. He left the group. Then we got some real lovely fucking idiots.

Next tank comes in and has around 180k healt completely buffed including his 20 percent extra from being in a random. We clear the trash and take to the boss. Our healer is having a bit of trouble with the boss this time, and we end up wiping. Our healer explains that she is new at healing, and the tank was fairly first.

We end up wiping again at sub 10 percent on the boss, and the tank tells us that are shitty dps. We are all around 13-15k, which is plenty for these instances. I explain that I am also wearing PvP gear and he calls me a scrub.

World War 3 ensues. My wife asks "Dont you notice we are all in the same guild dipshit?"

He replies by saying we are a "Bunch of fags and must be in a guild because we dont know how to play our characters."

Being as classy as I am, I tell him "No, that is why your Dad's anus is so stretched. BYE!!!"

And he is vote kicked. We end up getting another 180k health tank and having a 3 percent wipe before we decide that we have had enough for the evening.

I have gone full on intolerant for pugs. Pug tanks are the fucking worst. We had a couple of decent ones, but for the most part they were absolute dick faces.

So ends my swear word laden rant. We will probably give it another shot today. This time, I will probably bring my tank.

Edit: And with all my anger for this, I forgot to mention that a friend who had not been on since mid Wrath returned to the game. I always really enjoy catching up with people I have talked to in a long time. Good times.

Friday, August 17, 2012

WoW: Transmog Thursday

Yesterday ended up being all about transmog runs.

We started out with BWL. That run went as expected with no problems with 4 of us clearing it. I brought my rogue along, so the annoying slow room was not much of an issue. It seemed like a lot tier stuff dropped for other classes. Not the luckiest of runs.

After that, we decided that we would run the T5 raids. We figured we would run the Eye first. We went in and one shotted the first three bosses without any issues. We did have a few issues on Kael'thas.

That guy can still be a little bitch. On our first try, we didnt even quite get him down to 50 percent before we wiped. There was just way too much fearing, cc, and MC going on. It sucked ass.

The second time, we kicked the living shit out of him. I didnt really need anything on my warrior except the achivement.

Then we headed over to SSC to complete the t5 raids. That one went quite well also. We one shotted everything, but had some annoyance with Lady Vashj as the tainted elementals seemed to depawn many times before we could get to them. The fight ended up lasting more than ten minutes because of that.

I ended up getting a Pally t5 lookalike helm and nothing else, but I still enjoyed the run.

I am hoping that we will be able to do the T6 ones today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

WoW: Dragonsoul Part 2

Last night we decided to hit up the Dragonsoul raid again. First, I just wanted to say thanks for the tip on pausing recount. It made a great deal of difference. Once again, there was little issue with the first half of the raid.

We wiped once on Zonozz or whatever his name is because we lost some dps and could not kill the slimes in an appropriate amount of time. Other than that, we one shotted all of the bosses in the first half. Continuing the general trend, I did not get anything. Kev got some gloves or something on his Hunter. His wife got a healy Paladin shield later. My wife got a pair of healy shoes.

After finishing the first half, we decided to queue up for the second half. That one went pretty well too! Well, for the most part.

We one shotted the first boss, who had given us a load of problems on our first ventures into the raid. We then ended up two shotting the Shaman boss. Apparently everyone forgot how to kill the totems with lightning after doing it previously and we ended up wiping at that point. After taking the Shaman down, we did the boat boss (I think that it the order it went). He was a one shot.

Then we had a bit of trouble on Deathwing's Spine. On the first attempt, there was just a bunch of general fuckery going on. Tanks not bring bloods to the Amalgation. Then the other tank holding the amalgation too far away from the plate, then having to start that part over. After that, the plate closed again before we could kill the tendon. We ended up wiping on the second plate when somehow both tanks died. On our next attempt, we had the worst wipe of the night. We were at the third plate killing the final tendon. Apparently there were too many people standing on Deathwing's right side. He rolled. We wiped. That one sucked balls. We took it down on the next run through and ended up one shotting the final boss.

 Like I said, I didnt get anything, but I did roll on about 20 items throughout the run. Not great odds on my part.

Overall, it was quite fun.

On a side note, the next big patch will be on 08/28 apparently. Make sure you are ready. My wife has been milling my Herbs and I am already over 4k ink. Once that is done I will turn them into glyphs. Looking forward to making a killing.