Friday, January 27, 2012

Choice of F2P/Subscription model are the way to go.....

for all future MMOs.

This is my opinion. You get people who want to pay a subscription because they want to really play the game and see everything it has to offer. You get others who want to check it out and maybe buy a thing here or there.

The problem with having just a sub based game is that it is often hard to justify paying 15 bucks a month for a game you only "kinda" like.

If you buy the box, I think that you should have an option of which way you want to play. I would probably continue to play SWTOR if it were free to play. I will not however pay monthly for it.

WoW on the other hand, I do not mind paying for. I like the game, and I think if there were a free to play model as well, I would still pay for the "premium" service.

The thing about having both is that it gives you a lot more options. People who dont want to pay a sub, can play. They can then get a sub later if they want to see additional content. Same goes for players who decide to cancel their sub. If they can come back and play and randomly buy items, it keeps a customer they would have lost otherwise.

I like F2P. I like subscription. I just think it is a better idea if games have both.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hitting Instances

Last night I hit all three of the new intances on my Paladin as DPS. The main reason was that my sister got a week pass for the game and has not seen the new instances and did not want to just muddle through.

So away we go. The first thing that happens? A wipe on trash in the first instance lol. We get in and some dps pulls a group of trash. We try to run away. The DPS leave the group to survive. The tank picks the trash up while we are across the map. Tank dies. We die. YAY! Great start.

The rest of everything went incredibly easy from there. We breezed through it with no issues.

The best part is that I think it took around and hour to do all three. Easy peasy.

It was also a nice little change of pace from the AH grind.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I have cancelled SWTOR

First, I want to say that I do not hate the game. I dont love it either. I will go over my reasons why I decided to cancel, and there are a few. Keep in mind that the reasons are not in order of why I cancelled.

1) Poor Customer Service: I have never seen worse GMs. Ever. I put in a ticket a few days after early release. I have never gotten anything but a generic response about two weeks later. Really? This is how your GMs are going to work. By giving a generic we are looking into it and never following up. That is terrible.

2)System Requirements: I admit that I dont have a top of the line computer at this point. However, I am still able to play a lot of games with better graphics than TOR without nearly as many FPS issues. PvP is unplayable for me. Ilum is pretty rough as well. Load screens seem to take forever. This also means that my wife will be unable to play at all without significant upgrades.

3)You go from being the CEO of Microsoft to a dude in a cubicle: Basically, you are a complete badass in your storyline. You are saving the Empire. After that? You are just another fucking dude running around the Imperial fleet doing some inconsequential bullshit. MMOs can not have a game over. Finishing my story line feels like game over. The story was great, but I think that it hurt the end game for me.

4) Same quests over and over: There are not nearly enough paths to advance down. You always have to follow the same exact planet order. In middle of leveling some more character, I had a feeling of "whats the point". The class quests are only a small part of the quests. Everything else is the same thing.

5) No LFG or LFD: This was a pretty big one for me. I dont feel like sitting in the Imperial Fleet for hours at a time looking for Flashpoints. Then if you get into one and it falls apart, that is it. There is no signing up for another flashpoint. You have to hope that someone else is running something.

6) Too many fucking load screens: Seriously. WAY too many. As I mentioned before, load screens are fairly slow for me. So, I get a load screen to get onto my ship. A load screen to get off of my ship at an interplanetary space station, and a load screen to get onto the planet. Then the same thing all the way back to the fleet. Seriously. Too many load screens.

7) Everything is the same: All of the classes on both sides are exact mirrors. I know that they do it for balance, but it makes it a bit boring.

8) You get Pigeonholed: You have to pretty much choose light or dark side. Once you do, choosing the other option is detrimental to your chance to get cool items from light or dark side vendors. Not to mention that you want to play one way and your dumb ass companion doesnt like it.

9) Crappy Everything Interface: There are no mods. I am used to mods. I like making gold in WoW. I hate posting shit in TOR because the system is so clunky. It is time consuming, and usually pointless as many people do not even bother buying off of the galactic market.

I am sure that this is not everything, but it is a list that is long enough for me.

Overall, it is a decent game. I may come back at some point when they polish it up and add some of the features they need. Continuing the class story would also be important to me. I dont care if they even add levels. In fact I would prefer they not. TOR was a good RPG experience, but I found it severly lacking as an MMO.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Magic Rooster Egg

My server is terrible for trading card mounts. I have seen a single spectral tiger in Cataclysm. It was going for just under a million gold. Lol, I think I will pass.

The Magic Rooster Egg has long been the mount that I wanted. I just love the ridiculousness of riding around on a large chicken.

Then, the other day, I finally saw one on the AH. You can bet I snapped that bad boy up with the quickness. 300k was well worth it.

Friday, January 20, 2012


There have been a couple of things going on in the World of Warcraft for me.

First thing is that I have been trying to keep the gem market from sinking. There has been an idiot posting gems at about 1/3 the normal price....and even bigger idiots undercutting it. I guess it isnt all that bad since I have a large stock of cut gems now. Elementium Ore is still expensive and not a lot on the auction house. This means that I have not had an inferno ruby for quite some time.

I have been leveling my Rogue and Mage a bit as well. I got my mage from 78 to 81 pretty quickly. The faster leveling in Northrend is outstanding. The quests being inside the instances is even better. One instance would net me about half of a level. VERY NICE.

I got my Rogue to 73. I got into an Old Kingdom run with a huge douchebag of a healer. He was constantly spouting "GOGOGO" and pulling shit. The said something rude to our tank, who had done a good job, that pissed him off enough to pull the last boss and another mob and leave group.

Needless to say we died. I told the healer in my not so nice words, that he needs to work on his fucking manners and quit being such a douchebag.

I think he was a bit taken aback. I will purge these asshats from Azeroth as best I can. If you are going to be a dick for no reason, I will demolish you until you cry and quit or I get vote kicked.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did something besides the Shuffle!

Thats right. I actually did something that was non shuffle related, although I did do some shuffly stuff (mostly DEing crap_.

I ran a Wrath dungeon on my Rogue while watching Netflix. We got into the Nexus....first thing I noticed was that there were a bunch of quest gives at the entrance now. Pretty cool. This was a good change for Wrath content.

I think we were all pretty evenly matched on DPS despite me having zero AOE. That is a major disadvantage as a rogue at that level.

I also do not really care for Energy as I hate waiting for it to charge back up. Feels like it takes forever.

The good thing is that I can do this while semi AFK. I also noticed that significant experience spike. I think I gained close to half of a level in that instance. I had rested XP, but that is pretty significant.

Maybe leveling my toons under level 85 can be something to do to pass the time while I watch movies and shows on Netflix.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Days of Meh

I have been playing WoW a bit, and have not logged onto TOR at all. I am getting closer and closer to cancelling my subscription to TOR as the days go on. My wife will not be able to play it, so that is strike one. I dont really want to give up WoW so that is strike two.

On the WoW front, I have been doing Auction House stuff, which is boring, but it is something I can do while semi AFK and finally watching the rest of Battlestar Gallactice (a couple of episodes into the final season at this point). Did you know that Cylon number 6 also does the voice of Kerrigan in SC2? She must have been at the Blizzcon voice panel that went on when I was there, but I was not interested at all in SC2.

As far as gold goes, I am at more than 2.6 million currently. I cannot get enough ore to keep up with the shuffle at this point. I run out of inferno rubies on a daily basis. I suppose that is a decent problem to have.

Anyways, what have you been up to?

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am Shuffleupagus....

I have actually been playing a bit more WoW than I have SW:TOR since I hit level 50 in TOR. I have been spending much of that time shuffling ore. It is a nice little activity to do while I watch television or music videos on Youtube.

I am now finally fully invested in TSM. I found out that my big problem with auto posting was not was QuickAuctions3, which I have used ever since it came out.

TSM can do so much more. I regret not doing it earlier. The auto mail feature alone makes everything so much easier. I can now mail uncommon gems to my DK and I can mail jewelry to DE to my Warlock with a single click of a button. AWESOME.

I still have some more ore to shuffle, and I am now dealing with a couple of new competitors in my gem market. I will try to force them out if I can.

I started to do a Heroic last night on my Druid just for shits and giggles. Got into Well of Eternity, and noticed that the tank was already dead....on the first mob.

So, we kill the mob (barely, thanks in part to the rogue not doing anything until the mob was already at half health). Then we move on the the first boss and take him down easily. Afterwards, I tell them hold on because I need to go get some water.

I am in Stormwind and I see that the tank dies....idiot. He leaves group. Shortly after, two of the DPS die. DOES ANYONE FUCKING PAY ATTENTION? One of the DPS left, and as it was getting late, I decided that I did not have time to deal with that kind of BS. No thank you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Belated New Years

I have been a bit busy with SW:TOR, but I must say there is a lot of hope for WoW. I really enjoy ToR. Unfortunately, I am about .5 levels from cap and don't know what to do next. I cant PvP because it gets way too laggy to handle. I have finished my class quest line. Illum is too choppy to play. I dont feel like going through the long slog og leveling another character immediately after leveling this one.

All of this points back at WoW. I even played a tiny bit of WoW. I did some Darkmoon dailies on Darraxus and posted some auctions. I also bought a crap ton of ore that needs to be prospected.

I have enjoued SW:TOR, but do not know how long it will last. The stories are amazing. There are also a lot of annoying bugs, and with my lower end rig, the game does not run as well as it could.