Thursday, July 25, 2013

BO2 Double XP weekend, and something clicked.

As the title says, this weekend will be double XP, so get in and play it if you have it and want to! I hope that I get to play a bit over the weekend. I still wish they would give you 24 hr XP tokens instead.

As the second part says, I guess playing quite a bit has helped with my aim. I have started using a couple of different SMGs and find that I am doing well with them. Instead of having 6 percent accuracy with them, I am at over 10 percent. It took a while, but I can now play as a rusher.

I even had a 55-19 game yesterday running around with the MP7. It feels good man.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playing BO2 with a friend, and leveling up the Hordies

As the title says, I finally got my buddy Kev to play some Blackops with me again. Kev is a pretty good objective oriented player. We played Hardcore Domination, and he was one of the top guys for captures each game. I am more of a defender and often times stay back. If that is not working however, I will switch classes and get up in the mix.

We had a pretty decent run where I think we won more than we lost. My K/D ratio is up to 1.45 now and I had a couple of very decent games including a 27-2 game on carrier. I should probably change to at least one higher scorestreak, but I love the setup I have. UAV is awesome, care package is great when I am using Engineer, and the Sentry Gun is a beast in Hardcore game modes.

In WoW news, we have our little Goblins up above leve 20 and are now able to ride mounts. YAY. Walking sucks, and I remember when you didnt get your first mount until level 40 and it was a ton more expensive.

We ran two instances of Shadowfang keep yesterday. The first had a pair of douchenozzels, while the second one went awesomely. I am a Prot Warrior (of course). In the first instance, the Ret Paladin kept pulling entire a fucking DPS. Apparently he did this because the healer told him we were taking too long. We vote kicked the Paladin only to find out that the Healer was a bigger douchebag. Unfotunately, we could not kick him out afterwards.

The second one went by very quickly and I even got a compliment on my tanking from the healer. Take that douche Druid!

Overall, we are enjoying our new characters.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leveling Horde and the words I never thought I would hear.....

Last night, my wife and I decided to dust off a couple of low level Horde characters that we were leveling on Muradin. They were both Goblins, mine being a Warrior named Gurblebobble and hers being a Priest named

We got through the starting area, and our friend Kev also logged on to his low level Horde on the server. While he was catching up to our progress point, I asked my wife if she wanted to play a bit of PvP. She was a little bit hesitant, but said OK.

We got into an Arathi Basin, which we won and she was second in overall healing. And then the words I never thought I would hear...."That was actually pretty fun!"


Yes, she enjoyed PvP that she wanted to queue up for another, so we did Warsong Gulch. We ended up winning that game as well, and she was second in healing.

She was actually a pretty awesome little pocket healer. I was running around as a prot warrior shield slamming the crap out of guys, and she was keeping me alive.

By the end of the evening, we got out toons to level 15, so we should be able to run some instances next time we log on.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to WoW

I have resubbed to WoW. Watching my wife play made me kinda want to play. Now I am enjoying it again. Yay for breaks!

I have been leveling my Shaman a bit (I was surprised by the nerfed Pandaria XP.....pleasantly surprised). He is 87 and currently just got to Kun Lai Summit.

I have also been doing some raids with my wife (who has become the more hardcore WoW player lol).

We finished the Klaxxi raid for the first time last night, and I got like three upgrades on my Druid. For some reason, I have gravitated towards healing in Raids because I dont really need to know what is going on. As a tank, I have to absolutely know the encounter. When I am healing, I can mostly just muddle through it.

Overall, I am glad to be back playing and look forwards to leveling some more toons to 90 (since I only have three and my wife has 5 WTF?).

In Black-Ops news, I have my K/D ration in BO2 above 1.4. That is the highest it has been in any of the CoD games for me. I have been getting better not only at aim, but anticipating where opponents are going to show up, which has really helped when I occasionally decided to run around with a SMG.

Monday, July 1, 2013

BO2 Double XP weekend

Apparently, this last weekend was a double XP weekend in BO2. I did not know about it until Saturday evening, as I was busy will real life stuff.

Overall, I ended up going from level 51 (prestige zero) to level 23 or so (prestige 1). There also must have been a ton of noobs playing over the weekend because I raised my K/D by a decent chunk.

My K/D started out at around 1.08 and finished at 1.22 after several very good games. I played HC Domination and mostly did my camping thing unless the map would not allow, then I ran around with an AR instead of the LMG. One thing I have noticed is that laser sight on the AR and LMG is awesome.

For the most part, I had a lot of fun playing, but there was one douche nozzel who decided that he didnt like me camping.....and he was on my own team. He talked shit and killed me three times, so he got kicked. I got two care packages in that game which had the dogs and Swarm in them.

I don't know why anyone cares how someone else plays. I camp for the most part, but still spend tome capturing points and defending flags.

The bad thing about HC is that people on your own team can grief you if they want. The good thing is that they get killed after a few times being a dick head.

I hope some of the noobs decide to stick around.