Monday, December 26, 2011


Good god. I originally typed good I bought over 200 stacks of elementium.....unfortunately, that means that I have to prospect all of that and then process it!

I spent three plus hours doing the shuffle on Saturday while watching football. I feel like I barely got anything done. I cut and vendored around 1000 zephyrite. I still have about 3k of the damn things. I should see if anyone wants to buy in bulk.

I have not been doing much in WoW thanks to the new Star Wars game, but I try to keep up with this....I am thinking about buying more guild bank tabs to store all of the crap.....and just vendoring all of the Zephyrite.

I will never have the time to turn all of those gems into jewelry and disenchant them.

I am considering spending this evening shuffling, but then I also want to play Star Wars.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Not a lot going on for me in WoW at the moment due to my playing TOR. However, I still need to shuffle.....a lot. I have so many stacks of uncommon gems that need to be turned into jewelry and disenchanted. I already have a ton of mails to disenchant. I have a little bit of ore to shuffle which means more of both.

Bah. Ore prices are still ridiculously high, which is fine I guess since inferno rubies are still ridiculous. When I have Inferno Rubies, they are selling for between 400-600 gold each. I just cringe at buying ore at 150 gold per stack. At least other gems sell pretty well.

I have not run any instances since TOR came out. I probably wont for quite some time. If TOR doesnt fit the loading screen issues, at least I know that I will have something to do.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, I have not been playing a ton of WoW lately, but I am still playing a bit.

It mostly consists of doing the Kaluak dailies for my wife and then doing some auction house things.

Today is the official open for SW:TOR, so I am considering skipping playing TOR today when all of the masses are going online.

I have had some serious issues with TOR that is making my game time almost unplayable. Check out
Today I may just catch up of processing shuffling materials. I need to prospect a bunch of ore, transmute some gems, create some jewelry and disenchant it. Not the most fun thing ever, but something that I can do while semi AFK.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Blog:

I will be creating a new blog to blog my exploits in SW:TOR to keep them seperate. I will still continue with this blog as well since I am currently still playing.

The new blog will be called Blood of Mandalore, which is also the name of out friends guild on our ToR server (although we initially spelled it wrong).

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Balancing WoW and TOR

Got my early invite for ToR today...which means I am going to have to balance ToR and WoW at the same time.

I plan on playing both. My WoW time will be cut back dramatically, but I would still like to run some Heroics for Valor points and I will certainly be doing my auction house thing.

I am hoping that the game is running a bit less choppy on my computer than it did in Beta.

I am going to be rolling a Bounty Hunter to start with.

Let the games begin.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Why has WoW lost subs? I have a reason for you.....

Some of the player base are complete and utter asshats. People play at different levels. Some are hardcore raiders. Some are just casual players who like to run the occasional instance.

I got to see first hand why some people probably quit this game. People can be complete douchebags.

The other day, my wife, a buddy, and queued up for the new Heroics. My wife was bringing along her Paladin who had not been in them yet.

We get Sylvanas for the first boss. She has never done that fight before.

We end up wiping because the tank goes to a differnt ghoul than he said he would and we get exploded.

We run back in and the Warlock is complaining about my wife's and my friend's DPS. "You aren't even above the tank".

I reply...."Neither are you."

Then he goes on a rant linking a few of the blue items my wife is wearing. Last I checked, you do not need full epics to get into the instance.

He just kept going and going. Unforunately, the vote to kick was on cooldown because we had to kick a tank who DCed immediately after we zoned it.

It is not like they were doing terrible DPS. They were both doin between 12 and 13.5k DPS, which is more than enough for these instances.

The whole situation literally made my wife cry. In real life. This is the reason why I never had her do LFG instances. People can be douchebags. It was a new encounter, her gear and DPS was plenty sufficient, and some asshat decided that it was his mission to make someone feel like shit.

If it was real life, I would have punched the motherfucker in the mouth.

This is the reason why we cant have nice things. What if someone gets into their first ever instance...YAY!!!! Part way through, someone starts talking shit and saying nasty things to them despite there being no problems clearing the instance. That person may say...."Fuck it, Im going to play Skyrim". Not only do you lose a WoW lose a potential future MMO player.

One of my buddies who is hardened to it had a situation that seemed somewhat similar. Tanking an instance on his 50 something warrior, a mage is running ahead and pulling mobs. He asks for the mage to stop. Mage continues to pull. Friend says "I hate impatient DPS who dont wait for the tank". The DPS replied "I hate slow ass tanks". My friend did what I would do. Vote to kick for being a douche. He was out and the instance goes on. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour my spell the end for players who don't feel the need to be insulted by 15 year old boys who are alt tabbed playing CoD and calling people faggots.

WoW needs and occupy movement....Occupy asshats. Do not put up with them. Flex the vote kick.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Has capping valor points ever been this easy?

Well, yes it has, but not since the days of Wrath.

The new Heroics are loot Pinatas and I love it. I have basically capped or will have capped my Warrior, Druid, Paladin, and Shaman as of today. I may work on some of the others this weekend.

I am having a great time. The instances are short and sweet, and there are worthwhile rewards.

I did a couple of regular Heroics on my Shaman to get of appropriate gear level for the new Heroics. The old ones took longer and in some cases were harded.

I am now rocking all kinds of shiny gear.

Everyone in our friends group is having a good time too. We have gotten the instances down to a science and take about 20 minutes per instance. And with the upgrades, our DPS continues to go up.

This is a win for a group such as ours. We have time to do a couple of Heroics in the evenings and get actual upgrades, rather than maybe finishing one and probably getting nothing.

Capping valor is easy....and I am glad for it.

With LFD now being something I do quite often, I have seen a few douchebags come out of the blue.

First was a DK tank. I was on my mostly blue geared ret paladin. We are doing End Time. While doing the Sylvanas encounter, we wipe. We ask if he can mark which target we are going to kill. He replies "Just hit what I am hitting...its not hard". He refuses to mark the target. I can tell this guy is a major douchebag.

Then we get the Baine encounter. We take it down and the two handed axe drops. Mr DK tank types "THAT IS MINE". I roll need and win it. He proceeds to call me a blue geared retard or some such and leave group. Since when are you entitled to loot? Oh, since never, that is when.

The next one was a priest healer with Pwn in his name. First, he was letting people die on bosses while he still had basically a full mana bar. I was constantly sitting at 30 percent health with him rocking a full mana bar. After the Tyrande fight in End Time, he says "Would help if you interrupted the Star thing."

To which I replied "We interrupted every one of those except for the last one you dipshit". I linked the recount showing a total of 10 interrupts. He didn't say shit.

After we killed the last boss, he says "Have fun at school tomorrow" and leaves group. Someone with pwn in their name and not paying attention accused us of being the little kids.

Mostly LFD has been good, but the asshats are out there as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family and Friends Group: First New Instance a Success.

Last night we ran a regular heroic, then decided to give the new heroics a go with our group. Our DPS is lower than the average pug, but we have people who are generally pretty good at

1) Not standing in bad
2) Interrupting bad
3) Using CC when it is needed

We go into the instance, and the first Echo we get is Tyrande. We clear all of the trash with no problem. We get to Tyrande and get her down quite a bit before we wipe. I believe we took her down on the next attempt....with just our ret paladin still standing. Keep in mind that for two of us, this was the first time in the instance, and one was in there healing for the first time.

Next up we got Echo of Baine. I think that it took us three tries to take him down, and at least two of the tries, we had very unlucky experiences with the totems ending up in the lava.

We had a bit of trouble of Murond, but took him down on the third or 4th try....which was not that bad considering that on the first attempt we ran out of hour glasses and only got him half dead.

My wife on her Boomkin ended up on hour glass duty. Unfortunately, she did not get to spend much time DPSing as she was too busy dodging yellow crap. For some reason it gravitated to her. Melee barely had to move. She was running for her life all night.

Overall, I was very happy with completing it. I also thing that the first instance is the hardest of the three, so we are looking forward to the next two.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The New Heroics......they are FUN! (Darkmoon Faire too!)

As the title says, I got to play all of the new instances this weekend, and I must say....FUCK YEAH.

This is what I like in an instance. They don't take forever. I think I did all three in succession in about the same ammount of time to clear a troll instance. There are legit upgrades in them. I finally got some epic shoulders on my Warrior, which was all that was holding me back from getting Cataclysmically epic. There is an interesting story. It was pretty awesome to fight alongside Illidan and see some of those lore figures.

Auction House news....Holy crap I am selling a lot of gems and enchants. The new instances means more upgrades which means more people buying consumables. I made 50k on both Saturday and Sunday. The only problem, as Illidan would put it was, I WAS NOT PREPARED!!!! Red gems have been selling between 300-500 gold and I have had to buy stacks of ore for 150 plus a stack. What a pain in my ass.

The third big thing for the weekend was the Darkmoon Faire. We went right after it opened on midnight and did all of the dailies before the reset. I must say that I liked this...alot. The dailies are short and fun circus games. No problems. I LOVED the profession quests. Really a great opportunity to get 5 points in your profession if they are not maxed out yet.

The only daily that really annoyed me was the cannon. Mostly because of the fact that I had to run back to the cannon every time. Pro-tip. There is a gnome wearing green next to the water. He will teleport you back for 30 silver. Facepalm.

I have yet to pick up any of the random Darkmoon Faire quest items that you can turn in for rep and tickets. The cheapest ones on the AH are sitting at 1500 gold each. I do not want to pay that much.

My wife was on a pet kick this weekend as she is trying to get to 150 (think she made it to 146). She got the Clockwork bot form the Gnome guy (no idea why she did not have it already), the Black Tabby Cat (I footed half of the bill which was much too expensive), and a friend bought her Lil KT. She got the Fox kit after a few hours of farming (and skinning the mobs). This is her new favorite pet I think. Then we did the quest chain that leads up to ZG to get the little raptor pet. We killed the first boss and then moved on to Mandokir where we killed him in one shot and got the pet. Then we killed the Archaeology boss and kept moving forward. On the way there, my wife died several times in the spouting tiki faces. Much hilarity ensued.

We had a wipe on the whirlwinding mobs inside the temple and went back. We almost wiped once again. The only two remaining were our Rogue and my wife on her Boomkin. She books it for the exit. Rogue dies and the chase is on. She get thru the fire spouts without dying, and about 5 minutes runs out of the instance. We were cracking up the entire time. Unfortunately for our group, I was the only one who got to see it as we were sitting next to each other.

All in all, a great weekend of fun with my wife and friends.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Heroic Night

Last night, we got out friend group together to run some random Heroics. I was of course tanking on Darraxus. Our group also consisted of a Boomkin, Resto Druid, Elemental Shaman, and Ret Paladin.

The first instance we got into was the Lost City of Tol'vir. I noticed immediately that I seemed to have gotten a significant DPS buff on my Prot Warrior. I did something like 23k DPS on the first trash pack and ended up at around 12k for the entire instance.

This instance actually went very well. I don't think we lost a single person on any of the bosses. Our group is generally not the highest DPS around (everyone is generally under 10k overall DPS), but everyone knows how to stay out of bad and interrupt bad spells.

Aferwards, we decided to head into another one. And we got Zul'Gurub. I was a bit weary about doing it, but we decided to give it a go. We wiped on the first boss as I expected we would. I think that I was the only one in the group to ever complete the instance. We ended up taking the boss down on the second try I think. It was all about staying out of green goo.

Then we moved along and got a little bit lost. We eneded up taking out a couple of the quest mobs we needed then went and took on the optional Archaeology boss. We got the guy that does a lighting charge thing. We took him down in one shot.

Then we headed over to the Blood Lord Mandokir or whatever his name was. We ended up taking him down on the first try despite the newness of the group to the instance. After that we decided that we were going to give the last boss a go. I did not go too wonderfully. On the first pull, we died in the first phase. We were not staying in the bubbles long enough.

On the second attempt, we made it to the second phase, but did not know to pull the big troll dude up to break the spirit chains.

On the third attempt, we did get him up there, but our healer was basically OOM at that point and we wiped again. We decided not to continue with the instance, but it was very encouraging for me. Once again, our DPS was not spectacular, but our group showed the ability to adapt and overcome.

I forsee more Heroics on the Horizon.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions.

It is hard to decide what to do. First, I really want to run the new Heroics. Unfortunately, I dont think that will be possible with our group of friends. Second, I wasnt to just run some Heroics for Valor and Justice points. Third, I want to run old raids to get some transmog gear.

Last night, we decided to go with the third option. We went to the Hyjal raid, and everything went well for the most part. We were defeated by the glitch boss on the way from the Alliance camp to the Horde camp. While going over a bridge, it would show a loading screen and then we were suddenly plummeting from the cliff. Not fun.

The only other issue we had was that we did not pick up our Tears of the Goddess before facing Archimonde the first time. We ended up wiping because of the air bursts, but came back and killed him on the next go.

I did not pick up any transmog gear, but I did get the achievement. I had done the first several bosses in BC, but we never got Archimonde down during that time.

In other news, I made about 65k in sales last night and am officially out of inferno rubies. That is over 100k in the first two days of the patch for someone that did not stockpile at all.

I really need to get some more ore to prospect.

I think that this evening, we will run some Heroics. And sometime soon, I think I will teach my wife to heal on her Druid.

Also, Deathwing is already dead on my realm. We are not really an amazing raiding realm. What a joke. And I cant even watch the damn cutscene yet.