Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tis the season.....

To be sick apparently. Being sick is horrible. You know you are not feeling well when you dont even really want to play WoW.

Last night I farted around on my DK a little bit and got him to level 72. This was probably the activity that I could put the least amount of thought into and still actually play.

Rotations and thinking make my head hurt, and not in a Paris Hilton way.

I guess that my sick past time is leveling alts. It really doesnt take too much effort and when else am I going to find the time to do it?

It is currently maintenance time.......which means I am going to try to have something to eat. Cup O Noodles FTW!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I had quite the busy weekend in WoW. I did a lot of instancing, especially on my Warlock. Here is a the rundown on what went down.

Raiding/Instances: I ran a ton of instances on my Warlock trying to get him caught up on gear. I ran enough to get him the T 8.5 helm. I also did my first raid on him. I got into a pretty good VoA 25 PuG......and I lost my T 9.5 legs to the only other Warlock.....who was wearing all blues and greens. I did manage to pick up my T 7.5 chest in that run however.

Playing my Warlock is actually very fun. My DPS in 5 mans is now sitting at around 2.5k. It is certainly a lot different than the old shadowmage style from BC. One thing I have noticed is that my AOE is lacking. I seem to do higher DPS while doing a single target boss rather than an AOE pull. I actually put out 4k dps on one of the bosses in a 5 man. Did I mention that I LOVE grouping with Shaman on my Warlock?

My sister is playing again now that I got her a pre-paid game card. Pocket healer for the win.

PvP/Questing: I didnt do any questing over the weekend unless it was the wintergrasp quests on my Warlock. I am slowly building up a nice PvP set for him as that is one of my favorite things to do with my Warlock. I will probably be doing the wintergrasp dailies every week. Alliance almost always wins on my server and it gets you tons of Honor.

Auction House: The glyph market is still pretty low, but I am still pulling in a decent amount of gold. Thankfully, it seems that many of the competition has grown bored with the constant reposting required to "win". I was making a decent chunk of money selling crystallized fire, but my stock has run out.

Miscellaneous: I got my Sinister Squashling from the Headless Horseman last night. Makes me wonder if I should go ahead and do all the damn trick or treat things now. My wife actually did all of the trick or treating in the easter kingdom while I was at work last Friday.

Anyways, how was your weekend?

Friday, October 23, 2009

WoW: The Movie

By now we all know that there is going to be a WoW movie directed by Mr. Raimi. I though it would be fun to think of some actors to play some of our main characters in a movie (even though I am sure they won't be using many of these characters).
Heath Ledger (R.I.P) as Arthas: Ledger showed that he could turn himself into a man while playing the Joker. He has also had his share of nice guy roles. A guy that could have played Arthas at any stage.

Mickey Rourke as Garrosh: Mickey Rourke has made a nice comback lately and plays a perfect badass. Plus he is fugly in real life which means less makeup to play an Orc.

Brendan Gleeson as Magni: He seems to be a perfect fit to play the stout Dwarver Warrior. They would obviously have to do something about his size, but it has all been done before.

Hugh Jackman as Varian Wrynn: I thought he had a good look for the part and has played Wolverine, yet another emo kid.

Ron Perlman as anyone who needs a part. Seriously. I love this guy. He is ugly as shit and plays awesome parts.

Megan Fox as Sylvanas: She just needs to look pretty. Speaking parts not needed.

The Rock as Thrall: Lok Tar Okar. The Rock would be a good look for Thrall, but I am not entirely sure about the acting part.
Anyways, what would be your choices for parts in the WoW movie?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Theme Song

Everything would be cooler if you had a theme song for it. This could be in real life or in WoW, but nothing can make you feel more leet than a bad ass song to go with whatever you are doing. So, here is some good suggestions for the soundtrack to your World......of Warcraft.

Auctionhouse: As I have posted many times, I do a lot of auctioneering. You have to have a nice song to go along with it. I would suggest something that has to do with money.....or gold.....or something. My personal choices would be "Money" by Pink Floyd and "Mo Money Mo Problems" - Notorious BIG. There are tons of songs you could throw in here. How bout the Million Dollar Man song from back in the WWE days?

PvP: Now this really depends on what kind of mood you are in while PvPing. Are you a calculated cold blooded killer? Or a joker just having a good time? If you are the first, I recommend "If you want Blood" by AC/DC or maybe "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica. If you are the latter, then something light and funny will work. Maybe the Benny Hill theme song......or perhaps some Tenacious D.

Raiding: Raiding is supposed to feel epic and grand. You should have some music that makes it feel that way. Especially on boss fights. I like "Blood of Heroes" by Megadeth. Check it out and see why.

Miscellaneous: There are so many other times in the game where a good theme song will fit so perfectly. "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats goes perfectly with the Heigan fight in Naxx. "Baby got back" is a perfect song for if you see Jong running around Dalaran in his no longer Blood Elf form. "Friend in Low Places" is perfect for that failpug of the week. "The Final Countdown" by Europe is perfect for starting boss fights of any kind.

In real life it is fun to walk around with an I-Pod on and see how much you end up moving to the beat. What would your theme songs be?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Internet Toughguys

Last weekend I had the wonderful experience of dealing with and Internet Toughguy. I had just got invited to my first Heroic on my Warlock. It was Heroic VH. Unfortunately, I was in IF with my hearth on cooldown. I contacted the mage in the party to see if he could port me to Dalaran from SW. He said no problem. I hopped into the deeprun tram and this is where Mr. Tough Guy came in.

Tree Druid: "Please tell me you aren't taking the tram, the boat, and then flying to Dalaran."

Me: "My hearth is on cooldown."

Druid: "You are lucky im not the group leader. I would kick you for wasting my time".

Mage: "Its cool, im going to go get him."

Druid: " You shouldnt be in looking for group if you can't get there quickly. You are wasting our time".

Warrior (tank from Druid's guild): :"Come on Druid, you are making us look bad"

Me (to Warrior in party chat): "I did't know you guys let dickheads in you guild now"

Warrior: "Me either".

The run went fine, but was all of that really needed? Obviously he is an internet tough guy. Being anonymous with no fear of retribution will do that. I can guarantee that they would not talk like that to someone's face.

I don't really see the point of acting like that. I had run with many people from that guild previously. They are generally a very cool group. One internet toughguy can spoil that for the rest. Internet Toughguy then went on to complain about being called a dickhead. I always say....if the shoe fits.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 3)

Darraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. Annoying Trade Chat Spammer Guy

(Mr. Annoying Trade Chat Spammer!)

You have the maturity of a 12 year old and want everyone to know it. You put the Barren's Chat to shame with your magnificent leet speak.

(Lrn to play noob lulz nao)

And just like you, I too love Chuck Norris.

(Has a third fist under his beard yeah!)

So, don't bother raiding or PvPing.....your destiny is Anal and Saving Private Murloc.

(Almost as bad as gold spammers!)

So Mr. Annoying Trade Chat Spammer, have a Bud on me and enjoy your stay on my ignore list. It will be a long, long stay.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Return of the Warlock....

So, this weekend was all about my Warlock. A little history on my lock. Theladon was the third toon that I ever created, and the second one to level cap. He was my main PvP toon (getting to 1800 in season 4, not bad for a clicker with a bad team comp). I also raided with him from time to time and would normally be in the top 3 of our 25 mans for DPS. Shadowbolt spam FTW. Since Wrath came out, he has taken a back seat to two of my other alts. Now, finally, he is level 80.
The last level and a half went by very quickly over the weekend. I started the grind by heading out to Scholazar Basin to do the Nessingwary quests. This is a very nice place to smash out some XP due to the fact that there are tons of kill quests that are pretty closely clustered together. You are getting nice XP from the mobs you kill and then a nice chunk once you turn in the quest. I went through all of the quests up until I got the Complete Nessingwary Works achievement and the headed off the Zul'Drak.
I used to not care for ZD, but it also has a lot of juicy kill quests and quests that are more or less clumped up. I did the Argent Strand and then started doing all of the troll quests. Part way through helping the captured Troll God's I dinged 80. I purchased a Titansteel Spellblade and got ready to hit the Heroics.
In my first day at 80, I hit Heroic ToC where I got a fancy new pair of boots, Heroic VH where I got the hit trinket, Regular ToC where I picked up some bracers, and Heroic UP where I got some decent legs. I am not sitting at exactly 300 hit. I went from about 1200 or so DPS to 2100 DPS in no time at all.
I also took my Warlock into Scarlet Monastery where I bashed the HH's face in multiple times and got both of the caster rings. I know that one of them has MP5 on it, but it was a nice upgrade over my level 70 stuff.
While I was waiting in queue for instance, I did a bit of PvP. I don't really care to PVP as destruction unless people ignore me. If not, I am entirely too squishy. I got into my very first wintergrasp which was a win. I am going to do my best to get a nice PVE and PVP set for my lock. The PVE portion should not take very long at all. The PVP will probably take a little bit longer.
So far, I have noticed that it the new destro rotation is at least a little more interesting than the old fashioned shadowbolt spam. I have also yet to find a very interesting minor glyph for my lock. I will probably just end up using the craptastic ones that are provided :(
Overall, not a bad weekend. How was yours?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Milestone

Another gold milestone on my way to the gold cap. I am nearly there.

What am I going to do once I hit it? Spend it of course!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things not to do.......

So, I previously wrote an article on how to get your significant other to play WoW. What I didnt talk about are the things that you should not do...unless you want an angry significant other NOT playing WoW with you.

1) Never make fun of there noobness: They know that they are not really aware of what is going on. You pointing it out or even *gulp* laughing at it is like pouring salt on the wound....if the wound were on your penis.....DONT DO IT. Nobody wants to feel dumb

2) Them playing with you is enough: Don't go and make other ridiculous requests of them. This means that you should not be asking for

a) Any kind of oral pleasure while playing. You may get slapped. Hard. In the case that they do agree.....WTF ARE YOU DOING!!! You are getting pleasured while playing A VIDEO GAME!!!! GO HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS

b) Making them fetch things for you. If you keep having them run off to fetch your beer and red vines....well you probably desereve the kick to the groin that may infact be coming your way

c) Hang out with you while you are dropping a deuce and playing on the lap top. That is just kinda sad.....and gross. Do you want to be around them while they are dropping the darkness? No. They probably dont want to smell last nights burger either.

3) Don't be Selfish: Dont be hoarding everything just because you know what is of value. They will eventually discover what you are doing....and not want to play with a liar. "Oh that blue item isn't worth anything! Here give it to me." Would you gip a handicapped kid out of a fudge sickle? No. Don't do it to your significant other

4) Don't be a dirty bird: You may think it is funny to type /e give you a Dirty Sanchez......but they may not. Emoting can be funny at times, but not if it embarrasses them (too much at least :)

5) Don't be a douchebag: Kinda the universal rule. If you ditch them to play with your friends. You are a douchebag. If they are getting ganked and you wont help, you are a douche. If you laugh at them when PvP frustrates them to tears....you are a douchebag.

So.....I hope none of you have not actually done any of these things. This is not so much a guide as it is common sense I guess. You dont get them to play with you by doing these things....unless you are Jong......because frosted tips.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 2)

Darraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes
(Real Azeroth Heroes)
Today we salute you Mr. I Got my Mammoth Mount so I can stand on the mailbox guy
(Mr. I Go my Mammoth Mount so I can stand on the mailbox guy)
Your mount is huge and you want everyone to know it. Without you, we would never want to punch a puppy in the face IRL.

(Really getting pissed-off now)
And just like you, I want to get my mail and RE-post my auctions.
(So get your fat ass out of the way yeah!)

So, get back on that Mammoth....and invite your friends
(Really didnt want to check my mail now anyway)
So Mr. I Got My Mammoth Mount so I can stand on the mailbox guy. Have a Bud Light....and a baby spice on me....and if that dont work, a GM ticket will.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fail Tank Strikes Again.....more at 11!!!!!

Last night was Return of the Failtank. Much like Luke in Empire Strikes Back, he did not finish his training....and HE WAS NOT PREPARED!!!!!

I was questing on my Warlock sitting in LFG for regular ToC when I get a whisper to pew pew for some free epix. Hells yeah I thought. Once the group gets going, it is a 80 prot paladin, 80 ret paladin, 79 Hunter, 80 Holy Priest, and me, the 78 Warlock.

As soon as we get in, the tank tells us that he has never tanked the instance before. Meh, no big deal. If you have done it in any other role, you should be able to do it with no problem.

What he really meant was "I have never tanked anything ever." During the first boss fight, we were pulling aggro like a paparazzi at Brittney Spears house. Which is really stange considering that I was doing like 1400-1500 dps and the Hunter was doing 1200ish.

There turned out to be two reasons why. Number one. The guy didnt have righteous fury on. To which he responded "Lol I forgot". Second....in the immortal words of the Onyxia Wipe guy....HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO. Rotations? Who needs them. 969 rotation? Who needs it! He did 500 dps on the first boss encounter.....yes, you read that correctly. 5 fucking hundred dee pee ess. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?

So, we move on to the next boss. Unlucky for us, we get the priest bitch. We wipe. Our DPS is a bit low overall. The tank has shot up to a massive.....600 DPS!!!! We get back in and start buffing up.

Then the other Paladin says "Lol seal of light". Yes, he was actually tanking with seal of light. Instead of smashing his head in with a fireplace poker, I decided that I would help Corky out. I let him know what he should probably be using vengeance. Using light instead of vengeance is like using a nerf bat instead of a real bat. You could theoretically beat someone to death....but it would take a REALLY FUCKING LONG TIME. I also told him about Maintankadin.com for all of his pally tanking needs. I also told him to judge more. It was his lowest damage damage ability in the run.

With a few more tools in his toolbelt, he actually did a respectable 1500 dps on the Black Knight. We turned that Fail Tank into a real tank with just a little bit of guidance. I am sure he has a long way to go, but actually helping people works a lot better than just laughing at them. Although the laughing part is good for blogging, it wont make him suck less.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with wonderful WoW goodness. I got a good chunk of crap done with fairly minimal headaches. The only bad part is that the weekend ended too soon....as it always does. Now, lets get down to the crap you probably dont care about :)

Raiding/Instancing: I did a very nice amount of raiding over this weekend...all of it on my Druid and Paladin. I actually dont think I played my Warrior at all this weekend. I am more or less just waiting for the next content patch on Darraxus. I ventured into Onyxia 10 and ToC 10 on my Druid this weekend. Onyxia was downed with no trouble at all. The fight really is easy as long as people know what they need to do. It also helps having tanks who know how to pick up Whelps.

The ToC 10 I went to was my second time there. The first time was a few tries on Jord Jaraxxus in a 25 man. This one was a guild run for another guild on the server, but they needed two healers. I brought along my Druid. The raid leader was also a Resto Druid who outgeared me. The other pug was a Paladin healer.

For being a guild run, it seemed to have a good amount of fail. We wiped on the damn worms like 5-6 times before we finally got them down during the Beasts of Northrend encounter. Once we were able to get people to stop standing in the dumb, we got to Icehowl and one shotted him. Icehowl is actually the easiest of the Northrend beast in my opinion. Then we moved onto Jaraxxus.....and had more fail. I ended up leaving after about 3 wipes on Jaraxxus. I was tired and not really that into it at that point. Despite being less geared that the other two healers, I still managed to outheal them.

One thing that really bothered me about the run. There was a ret paladin there being played by a female. This pally was barely doing 3k dps (about 3006 actually). The sad thing is that she was in all ilvl 219-245 gear. Most of it was 232 or 245 including her weapon. If there is one thing that annoys me, it is someone who gets extra slack because of what is between their legs. That is not an acceptable figure for someone rocking that gear. My ret pally can do more than that in mostly ilvl 200 gear and even a few greens. In similar gear, the Ret Paladins in my guild do 5-6k dps. I looked at the recount, and it looked like a bit of laziness. Her top damage ability was plain as melee...and her lowest was divine storm. I think there was just not nearly enough button mashing going on.

On my Paladin, I started the weekend in an Ony 25. It actually went very well. I think we two or three shotted her. We only used 5 healers for the encounter. The thing that made me lol a bit was our two Druid tanks. One was rocking 52k health and the other had 50k health. I didnt get any phat purplz, but I did get a few Triumph Emblems and a good time.

I also got into a Naxx 25 on a whim. I saw someone advertising in trade chat that they needed 2 more for Naxx 25. I still need gear from there on my Paladin, so I shot out a whisper and got invited. This was a "guild" run, but it actually had quite a few pugs. It was freeroll main spec. The only provision was that people that came every week would have priority on the t 7.5 helms if they needed it. To me, this is exactly how a pug should be. We one shotted every boss except Thaddius, who was two shotted. The first try saw too many DPS die on the first shift and he enraged at about 5 percent.

I got a new Ret belt, but that was really the only upgrade that dropped or me for my DPS set. I really hoped for a new weapon, but was not quite so lucky. I also picked up a new Holy neck and belt to sit and rot in my bank. I actually did pretty decently as far as DPS. I finished the run in 7th for damage and doing about 3500 dps. I did a bit over 4k on Patchwerk. I am really hoping to get a weapon to replace my trusty titansteel destroyer. I have had zero luck with the axe off of the first boss in Heroic ToC.

Leveling/Questing: I continued working on my Warlock over the weekend and got him to level 78. I gained most of that level by doing the Argent Tournament dailies as well as starting out the Hodir quest line. I am now Honored with Sons of Hodir, so they can kiss my ass. I can get a shoulder enchant, and that is all that matters. I respecced my lock from affliction to destro so that I could get used to the rotation for when he hits 80. Survivability is not as good with multiple mobs on you and mana gets sucked up very quickly....but things go down hard.

As I posted yesterday, I ran a regular Gundrak on my lock and had a great run. On the last boss I did like 2400 dps....as a level 77....in level 70 pvp gear. I can only imagine how it will be once I hit level 80 and get some decent gear. Once my lock hits 80, my DK will be next up. He has been gathering dust at level 71 for a while now.

I also played a character I had not played since Feburary. My Rogue. He was sitting at level 60 and I decided to run around on him a bit. I picked up two heirlooms out of wintergrasp and sent them his way. He is only a few bubble from 61, and should see a bit more playing time in the near future.

Auction House: I have been making a bit more money with incription. I appears that many of the new people got bored and left. I am still dealing with about 3x as many insciprtionists as I was before the MMO champion article. I made about 1400 gold per day over the weekend. The only thing stopping me from more is the constant undercutting. I have also been making a nice chunk of change selling crystallized fire. Some dummy bought several stacks of two crystallized fire for 20 gold a stack. I am now sitting at 197k and that much closer to the gold cap. I want to hit the gold cap and will be relieved when I do. Then I am going to spread much of it around on my other toons and start all over again.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sometimes you feel a bit overpowered.....

That was the DPS of my 77 Warlock on the last boss of Regular Gundrak. I am wearing pretty much 100 percent level 70 pvp gear and some heirloom shoulders. The Druid is an 80 boomkin, the pally was our 80 tank, and the Shaman was level 78.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gold Making Made Easy: Thanks Morons :)

Do you ever sell something and think....>WTF were they thinking....well I had that thought this morning. Selling stacks of 2 crsytallized fire.....for 20 gold. And some guy bought ALL of them. An eternal fire goes for about ten gold more that what I was selling 2 crystallized for.

People just fail at economics sometimes :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Screenshot Friday

Woot. I got my first auction house hate mail! I also sent a copy to Gevlon to post on his "Moron's of the Week" post. I dont know why people do this. Is it out of desperation? You either compete with the competition or you get run over. By the way I sold 40 snowfall ink at my price almost immediately after he messaged me. Then I put up some more.
I buy herbs for 9-12 gold per stack. I usually get AT LEAST 1 snowfall ink per stack of herbs. Selling the snowfall basically pays for the herbs and the glyphs are pretty much pure profit. I make money. He doesnt. That isnt my problem. Perhaps I should have offered to sell the all to him?
Have you gotten any in game hate mail?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know you are in a pug when......

You have to greed everything or else lose out on some cash......

DPS think it is a wise idea to make the pull instead of the tank......

They ask you for mana biscuits...when you are a Warlock......

They ask you to tank.....when you are playing a rouge......

They think you can tank just because you are wearing plate......

They stand in green/red/fire and die....then tell you "Lrn to heal noob".....

You wait 15 minutes at the summoning stone....and nobody arrives.......

You have to constantly ask for buffs or rebuffs.......

The tank pulls without regard to healer mana or who is even alive........

The healer drinks after every pull despite having 90 percent mana already.....

They mysteriously disconnect after one wipe.......

AOE starts before the tank grabs aggro....and they blame the tank for dying.....

People fight over who gets to herb or mine or skin mobs........

The Guildless Hunter is wearing spirit leather.......

And he runs out of ammo half through the instance......

And he melees the rest of the way.......

With 200 weapon skill in polearms.........

The Deathknight is doing 800 DPS...........

And in Frost Presence while not tanking.......

Your healer is rocking hit gear.................

Somebody in the party is wearing a stamina trinket....and they arent the tank.....

The Paladin healer Ninjas a spell power dagger....that he cant even use......

The Hunter is using a level 76 pet......in a raid...........

Someone has every single point poured into a single tree......

It is probably a Hunter or a DK............

Your tank has 20k health and is not defense capped.......

I love me some pugs. They can be obviously annoying and quite ridiculous at times. They also make for good stories down the road. One of the other nice things about a pug is that you have a chance to meet new people. These people can develope into long time online friends.....or even despised enemies. You will have a hard time getting either if you dont pug from time to time.....unless of course you are a guild hopper.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes, Guild runs can be worse than pugs

There have been times in my WoW career that I would much rather play in a group of pugs while listening to Celine Dion and snorting wassabe than play with a few of my guildies.

Pugs are temporary. If the people suck you never really have to see them again. They are disposable. Guildies are not the same. If you are in a guild you enjoy, you have to tolerate the "baddies".

I have been in my fair share of failpugs. When I hit 60, I put the fail into fail pug. I was told that I should tank and I thought.....what the hell is tanking? I have told the story of my first pug where my weapon broke part way through and I used a gray item in my bag.....that I had not leveled my weapon skill on. I learned from there and got much better over time.

I got into my first serious guild through pugging. I used to pug with the same people pretty much every night. Stratholme and Scholomance were usually on the agenda. I loved playing with these people and still play from them from time to time until this day.

There were a few in guild who were....well below what I was used to. One day, a friend from a former guild and I decided that we would run Scholomance.....me as tank and he as a healer. I brought along a few guildies. Two of them were bad beyond belief. One of them was a Mage that I previously mentioned that did 200 dps....at level70.......in epics. The other was a Hunter who was controlled by two people. A father and son. The son was pretty decent...the father was...not. Guess who I ended up with?

We basically wiped 5 times in the first and second room and decided that it as enought. The Hunter was pulling additional mobs with bad targeting and an agressive pet. The Mage was pulling other mobs as well. It was just embarrassing that I had invited a friend from the guild I left and we wiped 5 times in the very first part of the instance.

That is one of the reasons that I often choose to pug. If they suck, oh well. I dont have to see then chatter in green text and I dont have to deal with them. If a guildy is a retard, then you pretty much have to deal with it unless you want to find a new place to call home.

Enjoy your guild....but be sure to appreciate the value of a pug as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real Azeroth Heroes

Darraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. Overgeared and cocky so I pull everything and wipe you guy

(Mr. Overgeared and cocky so I pull everything and wipe you guy)

Never has a tank killed so many....allies. Without you, we would never know the term "Lulz my bad ;D".

(Gonna make us wipe now)

And just like you, I love a good repair bill or failpug.

(So I can bitch about something on my blog yeah!)

So get back in that instance and pull the other half

(Really want to tank the whole instance)

So Mr. Overgeared and cocky so I pull everything and wipe you guy. Have a Bud Light....and a repair bill on me....I will be hearthing this time around.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Another weekend come and gone. There was plenty of WoW time to be had. I just wish it wasnt monday..../shudder. Anyways, here are my goings on for the weekend.

Raids/Instances: I actually did a decent amount of instancing this weekend on several different characters. On my Ret Pally, I did Heroic ToC and picked up a nice new pair of DPS pants. I also got the achivement ToC achivement for killing both of the second bosses. Yes, that was only actually my second time in Heroic ToC on that character. I also did Heroic ToC a few times on my tank....and still zero luck on picking up that tanking sword.

As far as raids go, I basically did two. The first was a Naxx 25 run on my healer. The tank was a pally from the top raiding guild on our server and was doing the second most damage in the raid...about 3500 dps....and we wiped on Anub. Yes. We wiped on Anub. The stupid ass melee obviously thought they could all stand in the locust swarm (or at least most of them thought they could). About 9 of them died and caused corpse scarabs to wipe the rest of the raid. I was surprised that nobody left right then and there. We then one shotted the rest of the wing (I got a new pair of healing bracers!).

Then we headed over to construct where the real problems began...we wiped on the slime room....twice. Apparently, people have no clue how to AOE. The whole time, the tank is pulling like a madman. Not waiting for mobs to die before grabbing the next, not paying attention to healer mana. In Faerlina's room, he caused several deaths by pulling too many of the acolytes who do the AOE. Needless to say, he was reckless.

We get to Patchwerk and myself and the other healers are asking for Healing assignment. Someone says "just go". I say "I you pull right now, Im hearthing". They pulled, I hearthed. Enjoy your wipe fest guys. Just because it is Naxx doesnt mean you can play like a retard.

The second raid I did was Onyxia 10 finally. I was originally going to go on my tank, but some douche who was saved was in the party and I got saved to his cleared instance. I was not a happy boy. My Guild leader was in that group and did not get saved, so we reformed with me on my Druid. Onyxia is actually very easy if you know what you are doing. We had a two healer, two tank, 6 dps setup. It may as well have been a 5 dps setup as we had a Hunter doing 900 dps.

It took us two trys, but we took it down relatively easy. The first wipe came because the elite add tank kept running the opposite direction of the healers on Deep Breath. Otherwise, it was very simple. I didn't get any phat lootz, but my guild leader got both Judgement Helms for his off specs.

Questing/Leveling: I did a fair amount of leveling on my Warlock over the weekend. I started Dragonblight with my buddy who just started playing again after about a year off. We are currently working our way down the Wrathgate questline. I tied up a few loose ends in Howling Fjorde and then decided to hit the Argent Tournament shortly after I hit 77. Next up for my Warlock is starting the Hodir dailies....at least to Honored. Between Hodir and the Tournament, he should be level 80 in no-time. I am getting tired of leveling toons, but I want them at level cap, so I will just have to stick at it.

Auction House: The Glyph industry is tanked for the most part. Most of the glyph prices are sitting at around 3-4 gold each. When you post a batch, you are undercut pretty quickly. If you dont have time to play the game, you will lose out on the money. I made a measly 1400 gold on Sunday by reposting about 5-6 times throughout the day. I am possibly going to start looking at some other markets to help supplement the glyph income. Hopefully it wont be long before the MMOChampion copy cats decide that it is too much work for too little profit and hit the road.

That is my weekend in a nutshell. Did you do anything terribly exciting?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Over Exposure is BAD for Business

So.....the glyph industry has sucked ass lately on my server. It has been very bad. I made about 400 gold yesterday.....which is my lowest total in months. Why do I think the glyph market is tanking recently. Over exposure from websites and a recent influx of "goblins" is the most likely reason.

Gevlon made Glyph selling popular among people trying to make tons of money. MMO Champion just brought it to the masses. Their guide was not really good, but it did get people interested.

I imagine that it will fall off after they realize there are already far more wealthy investors in the market who are willing to undercut down to nothing. Unfortunately until that time, I either have to repost ten times a day (not an option) or just accept that my profits are going to be lower.

Hopefully it will all go back to how it was so that I can hurry up and get the the damn gold cap. I am only about 24k away, but it will take even longer if the market stays as is.

Have any of you other glyph sellers been affected by the ton of information now being spewed out about glyph making?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who wants a Muthaf@ckin Uppercut?

We seriously need an invention....one that can uppercut punk asses through the computer screen. This would be so awesome in so many ways. It would be practical for all online use....especially games.

Obviously there would have to be a Muthaf@cking Uppercut filter that decided if the person on the other end deserver the Muthaf@cking Uppercut. Maybe a program where you can type in a reason and it will decided if the person does inded need a Muthaf@cking Uppercut and at what force the uppercut will be delivered.

For example, if you type in "Annoying belf dancing naked in Dalaran". That would deliver a light uppercut just to say..."Hey...knock that shit off."

If you type "Dumb Cow on a Mammoth sitting on the mailbox" it could deliver a Mike Tyson like uppercut.

The Muthaf@cking Uppercut would make it so people would stop being douchebags on the internet. Don't worry though. Darraxus has a product for all age groups. For those 12 and under, we have the Muthaf@cking Belt Strap. It will bring back memories of the beating they got from their Grandpappy all those years ago.

Perhaps someday, the Muthaf@cking Uppercut could expand to the real world as well. Waitress has an attitude? Muthaf@cking Uppercut. Mother-in-Law won't stop calling? Muthaf@cking Uppercut! Meter maid gives you a ticket? Say it with me....Muthaf@cking Uppercut!!!

It slices, it dices, it makes mincemeat out of punk asses. Call now and I will also throw in Muthaf@cking Pepperspray. Specially made for those perves who keep trying to ERP with you! Never be harrased to ERP again. One facefull of Muthaf@cking Pepperspray will do the trick.

How much does a package like this cost? $99.99? NO! $59.99? NO! For a limited time you can get Muthaf@cking Uppercut, Muthaf@cking Belt Strap, and Muthaf@cking Pepperspray for the low low introductory price of free-ninety free!!

All Muthaf@cking products are intellectual property of Muthaf@cking Darraxus. Copying with out express written consent of the NFL is prohibited.