Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Z: Playing on my Wife's Account

This may become a more common thing. I think I may play more on my main account when I am with the group I play with and go more lone ranger on my wife's character.

I played a decent chunk yesterday and ran all over the map.

I started out where I left her off near Elektro. With no map, I used my compass to head into the woods. My plans were to head North. Soon, I found myself back at Elektro. Yay, another circle.

Not wanting to be near the city, I strike back into the wilderness. At one point, I find a barn. While I am trying to drop the MP5 from my pack, I apparently lost the one that is equipped as well as all of the ammo....dammit.

So now I am down a primary weapon. I head back into the wilderness, and after a short time, I spot a broken down castle in the distance. I have been there before on my own character and decided to check it out and see if there is anything of use. I do obtain a can of food, which is much needed.

As I am coming down the stairs, I come face to face with a survivor wielding a hatchet. I see him first and keep my M1911 trained on him. I then hear him say "Oh Shit" over direct chat. He is with another friend with a hatchet. I keep my gun trained on them. They say "Friendly" and back out of the castle. I creep out carefully, and not seeing them, I sprint off down the hill. Friendly usually means "Lucky I dont have a gun". I could have killed them, but let them go on their way.

In my grand adventures, I find several deer stands, which yields absolutely fuckall. I am up near green mountain judging by the giant radio tower, but whenever I look in that direction, my graphics seem to act up. I would like to thing that it is just a part of the legend of Green Mountain. You can't look directly at it.

I check with Fett to see where the NW airfield is in relation to my location. He says directly North, so I head that way. I find a barn along the way that provides an Enfield and some ammo. Probably a good thing since I am heading to one of the most dangerous places in the game.

I get sidetracked a bit to the West before finally making my way back towards the airfield. I log off not far from the area and will hit it up on my next play session. I am also in need of some food. I don't know if it spawns at the Airfield, but we will find out.

During the entire session, I did not kill a player or Zombie. I didn't even aggro a zombie, and this character is still at no zombie kills.

My character is at around Day 10 of survival, and my wife's is at Day 7.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update: Wow and DayZ

I played a bit of DayZ this weekend, but most of it was spent trying to find the server everyone else was on because it was not showing up. When we were on, it was mostly either running around or waiting for other people.

There was one "firefight" where Swad, Dane, and Fett fired on someone from the trees somewhat near Cherno. They then found a camping tent that had all kinds of awesome stuff in it including an AS550 Sniper Rifle, a Ghille Suit, and Night Vision goggles. Swad got the rifle while Fett got Swad's DMR and the other two items.

We went and raided the clan camp we had found previously and I ended up getting an M-16 with an ACOG scope that replaced my CZ 550 sniper rifle. That rifle did very well for me, but I have two other guys with Sniper Rifles in my group.

On the WoW front, we actually did a few differnt runs. We ended up running Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon for some transmog gear. I got some pants and legs for my rogue.

We then decided to run a few of the Twilight Dungeons that did not start out too well. I wanted to bring my Rogue, so Fett decided to give tanking a shot on his Warrior. It did not go too well. We wiped 3-4 times on the first boss besides the two or three trash wipes where one person accidentally pulled when we were not prepared for it. I think his gear is just a tad low as the fight seemed to go pretty well until suddenly he was getting gibbed towards the end.

I hopped on Darraxus and he switched to his DPS spec and we ended up completing the second and third end time instances with no issues.

I think I am going to use my justice points to turn them into honor and get some transmog pvp gear. I am just not sure which ones I want to get yet.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Z: Getting Wifey Ready to Play

My own playing adventure didnt have much going on yesterday. I basically just ran S/W to meet up with Fett outside of Cherno. He crawled over there with a broken leg, looted the hospital, and got out without being shot. Impressive.

Here is his post leading up to that point (I am sure he will explain later how exactly he ended up back at Cherno) Never Give Up.

In the meantime, I decided that I would hop onto my wife's account and try to get here headed in our diection. She was in the small town just East of Elektro, so I decided to move her at least outside of Elektro which is not far from where we were.

I start to head West out of Komyshovo (or something like that). It is getting quite dark, but I can see pretty well. As I am creeping along the outskirts, I see another Survivor up on the hill about 50 meters away creeping around with a rifle of some short. I think that he see's me, so duck behind a building and then run my ass out of town ASAP.

I somehow end up running in a complete circle. I figure out my bearings and head towards Elektro. On the way, I found some painkillers, some soda, and a couple of other small items. I then hit the eastern edge of Elektro and head in. I see the church for a distance off and decide that I would head in that direction.

I end up popping up right next to the hospital. I grab some medical supplies since the windows are already broken and head to the apartment building just down the street. I find a decent bounty of gear here. A new backpack, binoculars, a compass, an M-1911 pistol, and a double barrel shotgun as well as a can of food.

I am on the way out of town when I notice that the supermarket is nearby. There is a red chemlight lit inside, and the front in barbwired. I head in through the back door (thats what she said) and start to rummage around the back room. Judging by the volume of zombies there, I think that there were several in the front of the store, so I just skipped out and headed North.

As I got to the outskirt, I found what appeared to be a powerplant with a firehouse.

I go inside and end up with a full waterbottle and two MP5s and three clips of silenced ammo.

With that bounty, I run her character out into the wilderness to meet up with us on our next adventures. Quite a haul, and she will not be defenseless.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mists of Pandaria: September 25th

The date is official. Get ready for Pandas. You thought I was going to say Pandamonium. Too cliche!

I am very much looking forward to Pandaria for many reasons. I am excited to see the new content.

I will be glad to visit all of the beautiful new zones, levels a Panda, do pet battles etc.

I am a super casual WoW player at this point, and this expansion seems to be just the thing.


Last night I logged onto DayZ and found that most of the group I usually run with was not very far off. They were just to my west as I was directly south of Staroye.

I headed their direction, but they got into a bit of a situation.

They encounter a survivor and his buddy at the town they were in. Swad identifieds the group (with Dane and James) as friendly. The others also say they are friendly. As they look at each other, Swad apparently sees one of the players (know as Shane) switch to his rifle. That doesnt look good. They both open fire. Swad is badly injured and Shane is killed. Dane then takes out Shane's friend in a wild west shootout.

Afterwards, they patch Swad up and head back in my direction. We meet by a pond and decide to head to Staroye to perhaps find some more loot (and a better backpack for James).

As we arrive, we hear gunshots. We keep an eye on the town. There are at least two players running around down there....maybe more.

I spot Shane.....the little bastard who opened fire on our group earlier. We think he may know we are here. He creeps to to edge of a building to get a better look. BOOM HEADSHOT! Blood spurts up and Shane is dead once again.

Swad and Dane head down hill while James provides ghoster backup a ways behind me (incase someone ghosts up on me to get an unfair advantage).

I see a second player crawling throught the buildings and facing us. I take a shot. I am pretty sure I hit, but it wasnt a head shot apparently. He is not exactly visible, but I know exactly where he is. My second shot kills him.

In the meantime, Swad and Dane make his way to the second guy's body. They end up getting ambushed. Both of the parish in the ensuing fight, but they take down their opponent as well.

Seconds later, I come under fire. I am hit and have falled unconscious with about 3k health. Just as I expected may happen, a player ghosted to my location, but we thought ahead. James blasted him in the back and killed his cheating ass.

James bandaged me up and gave me a blood pack, but I still had to wait to regain my senses. It seemed like it took days. We made our way back South a ways and waited in the forrest until Swad and Dane made their way back up.

They eventually got most of their stuff although some of it seemed to have been looted. Fett logged on, but he was still over in Kamenka with a broken leg. He will be one of our next missions.

Overall, it was a very entertaining series of events. Our group took down six that night, while we lost two.

My player stats are actually quite funny at this point, since I mostly provide sniper overwatch. I have 4 murders.....and 3 zombie kills. I really need to find a ghilli suit.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Z: Wifey getting involved

My wife is terrified of zombies in real life. However, she thought that watching me play Day Z was very interesting and would like to play.

My issue was that I didnt want to lose my character.

The solution....get it for her as well at 40 percent off during the Steam sale.

I really look forward to playing with her. It is just too bad that I dont have fraps or something to record it. I think it would be hilarious.

If we are lucky, we will get on tonight and I will be heading South to rescue friends and such.

WoW: Original Cata Heroics and Wrath Raids

The title is what I have been up to recently in WoW.

We got a group together to do a regular Cata Heroic. One of our group has started healing for the first time on her Paladin and is rather enjoying it. She just doesnt quite have the gear yet to do the Twilight Heroics.

We ended up getting Lost City of Tol'vir, which I always found to be quite a pain. It actually ended up being quite painless. We did not wipe, and the only close call we had was at the very last boss where the tank died, healer was out of mana, and we had to DPS him down before he killed us. I got a trinket on my rogue.

That was two days ago. Last night, we decided to run through a couple of Wrath raids. We did Sarth 10 3D, and our Healing Paladin (who is the luckiest ever when it comes to mount and pet drops) got the drake. I did not want it on my Rogue as mounts will be account bound come MoP, and I already have it on Darraxus. I did get a nifty title however. We are planning on going back and running it tonight.

We also decided that since we had started quite late, we would to Trial of the Crusader on 10 man. We wiped on the first bosses when our tank got paralyzed by green poison, and nobody was able to break it.

After that, we one shot all the bosses, and even got an achievement for taking down the Valkyries in under 3 minutes.

I am hoping to do some more transmog/achievment runs this week. Black Temple is on my list as I still have not gotten the Bulwark of Azzinoth. I also want to go all the way through Ulduar as we have never done it before.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Z: Murder Dayz

Well, there was a lot that happened over the weekend in DayZ, which made it very difficult to write it up in story for without writing a novel, so hear are some of the goings on.

On Friday, I met up with Fett and three other friends to explore the world. We logged on at the airfield near Balota and decided to check it out.

While we were there another survivor started following us around. I was quite worried that he would be stealing out of our packs since he was unarmed.

We told him to go away several times, and finally, I capped him once the show him that we mean business.

A minute later, we were under fire from a random person from over at the airfield. I was hit a couple of times and managed to bandage up.

We spotted the shooter, when all of a sudden the other guy who I capped runs into our midst with a gun. He freezes.....we arent nearly as nice this time around. Dead. The kill belongs to Dane.

We check out the other set of hangars and decided to head down to the military medical camp.

While down there, James is shot and killed by another player, but Dane and Swad take down the shooter.

Fett and I are in the treeline watching the airfield when I am hit by sniper fire. Dead in one shot.

Fett notices that there is someone ghosting around our location. As I am making my way back, I see what appears to be a sniper in the control tower of the air field. Fett comes under fire and hits the ground, but he fires back at the tower and the shots stop coming.

Both James and I recover our gear luckily, and we move on.

Check out much of the action in bulletpoints here: http://theindecisivegamer.blogspot.com/

As we move out, we head north and find a tent camp that probably belongs to a clan. We take advantage of the situation and fill up on ammo and medical supplies before continuing North into the wilderness.

While running around the area, we find a small barn that is apparently nothing more than a zombie trap. A bunch spawn on top of us and Swad is injured by Fett from a bit of crossfire....which didnt hurt too bad thanks to that tent camp we had just stopped at.

We ended up logging for the night after some annoying rubberbanding issues.

When we logged back on, it was just Swad, Dane, and I. We decided that we should go check out Stary Sobor which is well known for it's PvP.

We creep all the way there and I set up as an overwatch inside a big metal building overlooking a military camp. They look through, and while there were plenty of weapons, none was better than what we already have.

Swad logged for a quick dinner, and I stayed in the building to keep an eye out. By this time, Fett was logging on and making his way there. I see someone running towards my building across a field.

"Fett, is that you?"

"No, I am a ways away still."


The unknown guys runs into the building and looks around. He doesn't see me. My heart is beating like crazy.

I hit him with three shots as he climbs the ladder. He isn't dead....wtf is this dude a cyborg? He makes it to the top. It appears his legs are broken. He tries to bandage. I end his life. Shortly after, Swad logs back in. We take everything of use and leave his bloody corpse laying on a catwalk. My first murder. Kill or be killed.

We loot the city and head out to the tree line just west of the city. As we are figuring out where we are going to go, we see contact from the west. Someone is sprinting through a field straight at our location. I lock on to my target. A shot rings out. He falls to the ground dead. His beans tasted delicious. I decide to log off here.

I log on the next day, and Dane is the only one on. He is way up in the N/E area of the map. I am south of Stary Sobor. He gets into a couple of fights with zombies and is down to around 6000 life. We run towards each other and after a good amount of time meet up in the Black Forrest. I give him a transfusion, and I make a fire so we can cook up some steaks.

We decide to hit up a near by deer stand, and while it is empty, he does get a broken leg from a random zombie for his troubles.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Day Z now!!!!! CO on sale for 17.99

It is on sale for 40 percent off. Get it while its hot!

Friday, July 20, 2012

WoW and DayZ

Well, I actually did some real honest to goodness playing in WoW after a nice little adventure in Day Z. I will get to the DayZ part after WoW.

I finally dinged 85 on my Rogue. He was the third character I ever created and he spent most of his days as my bank toon. As a matter of fact he still is. Two instances, the CoC, and a couple of additional quests later I hit the magic number.....and immediately decked myself out in PvP blues so that I could get into the new dungeons.

That leaves just my Mage without being as level cap. He is sitting at level 83 I believe.

Now, onto DayZ. I normally do it in story mode, but will just do a narrative this time as it would be a bit too complicated to write a story about.

One of my friends from highschool recently told me that he is also playing DayZ with a couple of co-workers.

I decided that it would be a good idea to meet up with them. I was to the far left of the map, and we decided that the balota airfield would be a good place to meet up.

Along the way, I found a deer stand with an Ak-74 or some such weapon, which I decided against picking up. I then made my way further East where I saw a barn in the distance. Inside, I found a Sniper rifle. Woohoo.

As I left the barn, I was attacked by another player. I was down to 3500 blood and had a broken leg. I crawled into a bush and waited......nothing. I then did a bitch quit and hopped onto another server to patch myself up. I ran a ways towards my destination then switched back to the server I was on. With the airfield in sight I started running towards it. I aggroed a zombie, and while I killed him, I took some more damage. I bandaged up and started to run again....only to aggro another one. He incapacitated me with one hit, and commenced eating my ass.

At this point, my team was not far away.

I respawned and was quite lucky to be in Kamenka. Fett had gotten turned around, so was nearby. We both started on our journey east.

The team at the Airfield all grabbed bits of my gear and held it for me while I made my way back. After a while running, we finally came withing view of the airfield. Holy crap there were a lot of zombies about. I crawled my way through the area and made it back where I retrieved all of my gear.

This game is so much more fun with a small squad. While I was re-gearing, we managed to look incredibly ridiculous. There were 4 or 5 of us proned on the ground in a circle swapping out gear.

There was also another survivor in the area, but he seemed to be busy aggroing zombies. I dont even know if he had any weapons.

At this point, I crawled off into the trees where I decided to log off.

Even though a zombie finished me off in that first life, I feel like it was the player that shot me that really did it. Had I not already been badly injured, I would not have dropped unconcious.

I had fun and plan on doing more of the same this weekend (and maybe tonight)!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Z: To the End of the Road

Fett and I start our day in the same pub that we ended the previous night. We make our way out of the building and head outside. It is getting rather dark, which will provide some cover from Zombies in the area....and other survivors.

We creep around and look through a couple of other locations including a firehouse. I replace my double barreled shotgun with a remington equpped with a flashlight. This should come in handy. We also decide to make a quick trip over to the hospital to find additional medical supplies. On the roof I find a medical supply box and fill my bag. By this time, we have received communication from Kev. He is at our base of operations and ready to go. We slowly make our way through the creeping darkness. We are surrounded by the walking dead. Moans come from all around. We can barely see.

Fett decides to illuminate the area and throws a flare. It also doubles to draw zombie eyes. Over comms, Kev remarks at just how bright those flares are. We slowly creep towards the building and eventually get there unscathed. We decide to wait out the night there.

It is morning, and we receive a communication from a friend named Joey. He is holed up just west of Kamenka. That is a fair walk, but we decide to go and get him. He is armed with a shotgun, but not much else.

We take to the tree lines and head west. Before long, we come to large stable like structure and decide to check it out. While creeping down we end up pissing off the zombie population. We dispatch half a dozen or so of the walking dead and find very little in the building. I get a full water bottle and a can of beans.

We head back out and take to the treeline again. Fett kills a boar and harvests it for food. A bit later he cooks it up so that we may have a tasty feast down the road. While fidgeting with my gear, I accidentally discharge a shot. There is panic in the group. Shots fired. It was just me thankfully.

We continue up a hill and stay in the trees. We see movement in the distance. Survivors. One. Two. Three of them. We decide to keep and eye on them and see what they will do. Two have M-16s and one has a shotgun. One of the assault rifles appears to have a scope. We watch with binoculars, hoping they do not spot us......luck is not with us this evening.

Shots ring out in the distance, and we can hear the impact in the trees and ground around us. We are no match for them at this point being in the wide open with two shotguns and one rifle. We dash into the woods, hoping that they do not follow.

We continue West. We have a mission to complete, but we are still wary that the bandits may follow us. We stay in cover and don't stop for a good amount of time. We spot a small city in the distance and go around it. According to Fett, our destination is a bit further down the road.

Into the wilderness yet again, we lost all sight of civilization. Fett says that we should find the city once we are able to find the road again. We come over a ridge and find the road.....the end of the road. We have ventured to the western border of Chernarus. We went too far. The journey has been rough, and we decide that Joey will need to stick it out one more day. Being in the wilderness, we bed down for the night. No shamblers will bother us this far from "civilization". One more day alive.....with a couple of close calls.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Z: Scavenging to Survive

After many days holed up in a multi story construction building (which has become our home base), Fett and I decided to head out into Cherno. Not only was it dark, but the rain began to pour like a monsoon.

We slowly made our way through town, avoiding zombies along the way. We creep our way into a Pub. We find a few supplies, but not a lot of it is worth while. Grabbing what we can, we head back into the driving rain, looking to augment our gear in any way possible. I am armed with a hatchet and a makarov pistol. Fett is armed with a Remington shotgun and an M1911 pistol.

We slowly creep around, trying to avoid the lit barrels around town. We creep up to a hotel lobby. We hear flies. A dead body is near. Suddenly, I am under attack. I can barely see the zombie trying to chomp down on me. Fett ends him with a single shotgun blast. There was nothing of value in the hotel anyways. We decide to head just down the street to another pub.

On the first floor, I aquire a double barrell shotgun and some ammo. I place my axe on my toolbelt. We decide perhaps we should head back to our base of operations. We see a flare in the distance. Human activity. Humans are the most dangerous Hunters. We decide that with another person around, and the rain pouring so hard, we should seek shelter in one of the pubs. I stumble upon some binoculars and a compass in the dark. Fett grabs me a 1911.

We bed down for the night. One more day alive.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life is too short.

The lack of posting is due to a sad loss of life.

My wife lost her mother and best friend after a year long battle with Kidney cancer. She was only 51.

Life is too short, and you never know when it will be taken from you. Make the best of what you have. Life is too short to be angry and hold grudges.

I am thinking about doing a Cancer Awareness race on Scarlet Crusade US with level 1 Gnomes. I would supply orange mageweave shirts and would likely give away gold prizes. If my wife would like for me to organize a race, I will put the details up on my blog.

I love my wife.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence day!

Have a safe holliday.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Gaming Update

This is a gaming update because I played a bit of everything this weekend.

In Day Z, you can see what was going on from my previous post. As it stands, Fett, Kev, and I are all in a building on the outskirts of Chernogorsk with nothing but hatchets for weapons. I have yet to kill a single zombie on this life.

I Diablo 3, I am up to 19.00 made from the RMAH, but I only did about one Act I Inferno Run on my Barbarian over the weekend. I worked on my Wizard a little bit and got him to about level 20.

I also played some MW 3 and had a very successful weekend by my standards. I finished with a K/D ration over 1.5 and I had a Win-Loss ration near 2. There was much pwnage going on. P-90 to the face.

Then there was WoW, which I seemed to play more than anything over the weekend. Both my mage and Rogue are now 83, and I have been running instances with my wife and friends. Kev's wife has been learning healing on her 85 Paladin, my wife has been leveling her second Druid (83), and Fett has his Hunter to 83 as well. He has been trying for a while to get the Hunter to 85 because he is tired of seeing cool tameable pets that he is unable to tame.

I am going to have extra days of this week, so I am looking forward to some more Dayz. Hopefully, I can finally make it out of a major city alive.