Friday, June 27, 2008

Mount Hyjal last night

Well, we did Mount Hyjal last night. Killed Rage again, but didnt get Anetheron down this week due some lacking focus. Anyways, it was still pretty fun as most of our runs can be. We had our Guild Leader/Druid tank running around in his ugly red Michael Jackson from beat it fire gear.

We also had our typical shenanigans. One of our mages completly naked during the first trash pull. Teabagging the dead (and for me the Dwarven tea bag dance as the Dwarf dance is absolutely perfect for the occasion). We had people singing in vent as well as people drunk in vent (last day of work for two months FTW). Oh yeah and we had like 7 priests, 5 Warriors, and 5 mages in the group. A somewhat odd group composition, but it was fun as usual.

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