Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sixth Picture of the Sixth Folder

My Hunter with my fiance standing at the Portal to Outland

I was tagged by Doc over at WTF Spaghetti to post the sixth picture of my sixth folder. Seeing as I am at work, I can only access the screenshots that I have saved to my photobucket account. As part of this I have to tag 6 other bloggers, so here we go:

Yakra at Mirror Shield

Miss Elf

Herc at Purplz 4 my Warrior

Kadomi at Tank Like a Girl

Occeleta the Altaholic

Fish at Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron

Now that I have that out of the way, on to my night in WoW. Last night ended up being very busy for me in a way I did not expect. I logged onto my warrior and put myself into LFG for 25 man versions of Naxx, OS, and VoA. I headed out to Hodir and knocked out all of their dailies. After that I was in flight to Moaki Harbor to start my Kaluak dailies when I got a whisper if I wanted to start on a fresh clear of Naxx. I of course said yes and headed over to the instance. It was a mostly one guild with around 5-7 pugs sprinkled in (including a Warlock from my guild). We wiped on the very first boss in the Arachnid Quarter which got me thinking "Uh-Oh, here we go".

The problem on that wipe was the way they were kiting the boss. They ended up hitting people with the swarm and caused people to die which caused a chain of scarabs that killed everyone. They had apparently never heard of healing through the swarm on the tank, but we did it the next try with the tank not moving and easily took it down.

From there, we one shot every boss that we faced with no real problems. The loot rolls were one need main spec until everyone got something for their main spec, then main spec greeds after followed by offspec rolls. Well, lucky me, everyone who could have rolled on my 7.5 shoulders got something earlier, which left me the only person who could roll on them lol. I finally have me some the coolest looking shoulders EVER (I just wish the glow was still blue).

They called it at that point, and I headed back out to do my dailies. I finished two of the three Kaluak dailies when a guild buddy said I should start my own VoA 25 run. I figured what the hell. Invited him and another couple of guildies, then started grabbing people out of LFG. Before long we were all filled up and ready to go. We one shotted Archavon the Loot Pinata and the Druids made out like bandits. 3 Druid pieces and 1 Pally pvp piece dropped. Once we got going the instance we were done in around 10 minutes.

Afterwards, I headed towards my last daily and got a whisper if I wanted to tank Heroic HoL. I said "Of course, but I have never gone". I grabbed a DK from guild and we headed to HoL. Despite having never done the instance, I had two quests for it from the Hodir guys, and I had saved the regular and Heroic Dailies in the past so that I would be motivated to go.

I must say that I really enjoyed the instance.....except for the trash mobs. There were several annying trash mobs with stupid knock backs and charges and hunter mobs that would annoyingly dis-engage. The first boss (General Bjargin...or something like that) was very easy. He is basically a Warrior that switches stances and has a couple of adds with him. We took him down while he was charged with lightning and got and achievement for it! Next boss we took on was an Archavon wannabe who shatters gnomes or some such. We killed him super fast and got an achievement for not letting him shatter 4 gnomes.

The next boss was an interesting fight. It was a big elemental guy that would turn into some forked lightning spiders that you had to run away from. The fight was not incredibly hard, just a bit long with all the running back and forth. Then there came Loken. Loken really was not that hard, but we had people keep getting killed by the Nova. We wiped a few times as we got it down and then took him down to China Town.

There are now only two Heroics I have not done or completed. Heroic Occulus and Heroic Nexus. Occulus has not been done on Normal either.

I had originally planned for the evening to try and get into a raid and do my dailies. If there were no raids, I was going to either go ore farming or hit up Stratholm to try for the Baron's Deathcharger AGAIN. Nice change of plans if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Alot of people like to do the running back and forth on Loken to avoid the nova, but honestly it can probably just be healed through, as long as your group is decently geared. I did that as a holy paladin (which makes it even a bit more difficult cause of lack-of strong aoe heals), and I was wearing a mix of heroic blue drops and a few epic rep rewards....of course, our tank was packing 32k hp and I had to pop a soulstone after I died at about 20pct. Not sure which strat you used, but just an F.Y.I.

Unknown said...

I accept your chalange : )

I'll probably make that post tomorrow, or later today.

Darraxus said...

We tried healing thru it, but having some very squishy mages with like 15k health didnt help.

Fettsbounty said...

I honestly like HoL. I was afraid of even trying it based on how much bad rap it got ooib trade and lfg chat. Everyone kept spouting how hard Loken was. But when I finally ran it we oneshotted all the bosses. Personally I find some of the trash to be more annoying when the group doesn't pay attention. Like when tank doesn't face the frontal cone aoe mob away from group. Or when someone goes to top of stairs pulling move from up top on the run through the fire room.

Darraxus said...

The problem we were having was dumb melee not getting out of whirlwinds.

WTFspaghetti said...

"The problem we were having was dumb melee not getting out of whirlwinds."

Yup, that will one shot them most of the time lol. Especially rogues, those silly goofs.

Gratz on the shoulders. Dwarf shoulders by far look the best out of any race in the game.